Bennett and Salvatore: Murder on the Atlantic

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Bonnie and Damon were still in shock that Tyler and the first victim were war criminals. Bonnie felt sorry for that poor family. They both asked Stefan to telegram Enzo's letter are to decipher it. That evening it was very warm. Bonnie was fanning herself as they ordered a much needed drink. The bar was crowded with people taking advantage of their last chance of legal booze.

Damon even heard two young women saying that drinking this way was no fun!

"Let's think and list those with a motive" Bonnie suggested.

"Good idea" Damon nodded.

"Caroline and Klaus didn't want their scandal made public and it was probably them who ripped that letter"

"I'd say that's almost certain"

"However, now we know about their war crimes" Bonnie reminded him.

"That doesn't mean that's why they were murdered" he pointed out.


After their drink they decide to go for a walk. On their way they discovered Elena and Elijah walking together on the other side. Damon had an idea…

"Maybe we should update them" Damon suggested.

"Not yet" Bonnie answered, "Let's wait until later"

Katherine has a gramophone playing relaxing music on deck and she was on one of the chairs with a magazine. A member of staff handed her a telegram. She anxiously looked left and right.

"You should not have delivered this to me here" Katherine complained in a hushed whisper, "And next time deliver it to my room"

The member of staff apologized and left.

"The plot thickens my dear Watson" Damon grinned.

"So it does Sherlock, so it does" Bonnie smiled back.

Katherine put the telegram in her bag and left.

"But how do we get it?" Damon wondered.

Bonnie smiled as a plan formed in her mind.

"We ask Stefan to get it from the person who wrote down for her"

"Knowing the boss definitely has its perks" Damon beamed.

"I got Charlie to tell me what he told her" Stefan announced, "I got him to write it down again"

They were in Damon's cabin for privacy. The bed was made of expensive leather and the sheets and pillows were very fine. The drinks draw was almost empty and there was two pictures on the side. One of Damon and Stefan as kids and the other of him and Bonnie at the beach. Bonnie and Damon were sitting on his bed and Stefan on one of the chairs. He'd offered his brother and friend drinks but they refused.

Bonnie couldn't take it anymore… she had to know!

"Please don't keep us in suspense Stefan" Bonnie begged.

He gave them the note to read:

My love,

I was most disheartened to hear of you returning to the States. How am I to live without you? You just left without saying goodbye. You know that publically I cannot acknowledge you. Please come back.

From someone who will love you forever,


"Who is SB?" Bonnie wondered.

They all shrugged having no idea.

"Let's think" Bonnie said, "In the letter he is clearly someone of importance"

"Someone who would be greatly affected by a scandal" Demon mentioned.

"Perhaps someone in government?" Stefan joined in.

"Or the royal family, they still have them over there" Bonnie reminded them.

Bonnie was muttered S.B repeatedly under her breath. One of the staff knocked and asked if anyone was in, she was filling up his alcohol draw. The lady sounded English. When she came in she looked like a friendly woman in her late forties.

"Does anyone high up have the initials S.B?" Bonnie asked her.

"Well of course Miss" she said it like it was obvious, "The Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin"

Oh of course! Bonnie felt stupid not thinking of it. When the lady was finished they continued with their conversation.

"Katherine was having an affair with the PM?" Damon said in disbelief, "Kol must have known about it"

"Ew! He's 58-yearsold!" Stefan looked disgusted.

"Of course he knew" Bonnie responded, "If the story came out then Katherine and the PM would suffer"

"That is why she decided to go home" Damon guessed, "It's safe to say that the first victim didn't know because everyone would know by now"

The other nodded.

"We need to speak to Katherine" Bonnie suggested.

Katherine was in the almost deserted lounge, reading a Sherlock Holmes novel. She was drinking a bee's knees cocktail. Bonnie and Damon went straight over to her.

"Good evening Katherine" Damon greeted.

"Can we sit down?" Bonnie smiled.

"Do I have a choice detectives?" she asked with a hint of sarcasm.

The two detectives sat down in front of her. She placed a lace bookmark where she was and put it down on the table.

"What do you want?"

"We know about you and the PM" Damon whispered.

Katherine looked completely and utterly panicked. She couldn't speak for a few moments as she was in such a state of shock. Katherine quickly looked around to see if there- nobody was.

"You read my mail didn't you?" Katherine whispered in an angry tone.

"Yes" Bonnie told her honesty.

"You had no right-"

"Yes we did" Damon interrupted smugly (slightly too much).

Katherine glared at him for a few seconds before speaking.

"Your right. Kol found out somehow and he has the letters as proof. He's been blackmailing me for a while. That is one reason why I came to the USA, not just because of the baby"

"However" Katherine continued, "He followed me, Kol wasn't letting me go that easy"

"There is a record of the money he took from you and we can be your witnesses" Bonnie offered.

"NO!" Katherine refused looking panicked, "If you do that it becomes public"

"We have to arrest him anyway" Bonnie replied, "It's our job"

Katherine looked conflicted at what they'd said. Suddenly a waitress came by giving her a plate of nuts. After she'd thanked her and the waitress had moved away.

"Your family certainly loves those" Damon commented.

"What do you mean?" Katherine looked confused.

"I've seen Elena eat them all the time"

"That's impossible!"

"I've seen her snacking on nuts"

"You don't understand, Elena is highly allergic to nuts!"

Damon and Bonnie felt like they'd just had the wind knocked out of them.

"My criminal sister Tatia on the other hand loves them"