Chapter 1

Jack sat back in his boat and sighed with contentment. Yep, he thought, this is the life. I could do this for a long, long time. "Sir, I got one! I got one!"

Jack raised an eyebrow and looked over at the other end of the boat, where Carter was sitting. He looked at the end of the rod, and saw a very large shape thrashing around in the water. He raised an eyebrow. "Nice catch Carter, get it close to the boat, and I'll get it in the net."

After a few minutes of struggling, they managed to get the fish into the net and into the boat. Jack inspected the impressive fish, "Carter, and on your first trip out! Nice job. This thing must be at least 10 pounds."

Carter smiled, "thank you sir, beginners luck I guess."

Jack looked over at Carter with a somewhat puzzled expression on his face. "Carter, there's something I've been meaning to ask you. I've invited you fishing tons of times, I never actually expected you to say yes. How come you did this time?"

Carter smiled, and batted her eyes playfully, "Why sir, how could I turn down an offer to get to know my CO better?"

Jack snorted, "Jonas driving you nuts?"

Carter exhaled rather sharply, "He took over my lab, sir! He's nice, and he's a smart guy, but there's only so much I could take. I figured spending the weekend drifting around a lake with you all weekend would be better than analyzing that artifact we found on P3X759."

Jack smiled vindictively, "Oh, so all I am is an excuse eh? Carter, I am shocked and appalled. This kind of behavior must not go unpunished!" With that, Jack reached over and shoved Carter into the lake. Carter shrieked and hit the water with a huge splash. Jack chuckled quietly to himself as Carter head broke the surface.

"Haha, sir. Very funny. Now can you please help me out?"

"Now Carter," Jack said with a smile, still chuckling to himself a bit, "how gullible do you think I am? If I give you my hand you'll just yank me over the side."

Jack and Sam stopped talking abruptly as they heard the strange sound that approached. It sounded like a plane, but a plane that was in low gear or something. "What the hell is that?" Jack asked Sam, "You recognize it?"

"Yes sir," Sam replied, "It's a V-22 Osprey."

"Ah," Jack said, "are those standard issue aircraft yet?"

"No sir, not that I have heard."

"Damn, that means it is probably here to get us."

The strange looking plane flew low overhead, then circled back. When the plane was about 1000 feet away, the engine nacelles on the end of the wings rotated so that the propellers were facing straight up. The plane turned helicopter dropped down and landed on the water, then cut the engines and drifted over to the boat.

Jack looked over at the soaking Sam now sitting beside him, "Sorry Carter, looks like this vacation is ending early."