Summary: Ann Possible, loving mother and wife, sadly finds her marriage slowly becoming more monotonous. Her husband rarely makes love with her let alone kiss her except for the kiss on the cheek when leaving for work. Her world gets turned around as the new prodigy doctor comes to work at her hospital and she slowly finds herself having an affair with him, something that scares her as deep down she loves it.

Naruto x Ann Possible

Not So Impossible

Chapter 1

Contributor: DragonPony022

Ann Possible let out a tired sigh as she got ready for work without so much of a glance from her husband. She remembered how he use to playfully stare at her while she changed, which always led to them having some fun before work but for the last few months for whatever reason he hadn't so much as kissed her except for the light kiss on the cheek while heading out the door for work.

'Am I not attractive anymore?' Ann thought with a frown as she stared at herself in the mirror. She might be the mother of three children but according to many of her friends she didn't look it. She still had a bit of stretch marks on her stomach but they were faint and could only really be seen if you looked close due to the completion of her soft tan skin that was proof that she liked to relax and tan under the sun.

Her body, even at her mid-30's wasn't succumbing to gravity much if at all as her C cup breasts and plump rear were still perky and firm as they have always been. She might have gained some weight on her butt and stomach but that wasn't enough to call her fat as she was still in great shape.

'Is it because I haven't lost this weight yet? Cause I've been trying' she thought with a frown as she turned around in the mirror, looking herself over as she wore a light blue pair of bra and underwear with a matching garter belt and stockings that she had started to wear commonly to maybe entice James but to no avail.

She sighed in minor exhaustion as she moved her thoughts off the sore subject and started to get ready for work.

Today was a unique day from her usual day as today her hospital was gaining a medical prodigy. His name was Naruto Uzumaki who had graduated medical school at 18 and finished his residency at his current age of 22.

He did this all in his hometown in Japan before deciding to move to America. She wasn't sure what his reason since with his credentials he could get hired in near any hospital around the world but she was thankful that he chose her hospital since she had heard only great things about his skill.

She smiled to her daughter as she walked out into the kitchen as her twin boys ran past her. "Slow down boys, there's no need to run like that in the house" she chided them as they just kept running making her sigh and wonder if any male in this family that paid attention to her.

"What's wrong mom? You look tired" Kim asked as Ann sighed and kissed her daughter's forehead.

"Just stressed about today going well since today the hospital is getting a new doctor" she said as she sat down at the table for a second as Kim furrowed her brow in thought.

"Oh that Naruto Uzumaki that you mentioned is coming today?" Kim asked as Ann nodded and showed her a picture of Naruto that the hospital had given her so that she could know what he looks like.

"Wow he is a major hottie" Kim said surprised as she expected him to be much more adult and older instead of how young he actually looked in the photograph.

Ann chuckled slightly with a smirk as she saw her daughter basically drool over the picture. "Yeah he's only 22 years old and I have to do everything to make sure his welcome is warm since he brings a lot of skill to our hospital" Ann said as Kim's 'Kimmunicator' started beeping.

"Oh dang, that's Wade. Sorry mom, I hope everything goes good for you today at work, I love you. Bye!" Kim said hurriedly as she left the house quickly for school leaving her alone in the house as she heard James's car start and drive off, most likely with the twins in tow.

'Well I guess I'll just head to work without a kiss...nothing new' she thought with sigh before she left for work to greet the new doctor.

-Upperton Medical Center-

Ann groaned as she weaved through the traffic of doctors and nurses to make sure she was where she needed to be by the time he arrived at the hospital.

She couldn't be late since she was the Chief of Surgery for the hospital so she needed to be there with the Chief of Medicine in time.

"Ann, just in time he just arrived and is coming here" he said as Ann nodded and dusted off her coat before composing herself as they both watched Naruto Uzumaki walk into their hospital.

He was tall, at least six feet tall, wearing a light grey dress shirt and black jeans as his hands were inside of the pockets of his doctor's coat. He looked a bit intimidating as his strong blue eyes stared ahead of him behind the almost mane of spiky dark red hair that went down to the end of his back and spiked out in every direction, unaffected by gravity.

His red was different from hers as his was the actual red color, like blood as that was the first thing that came to mind. When she had first seen a picture of him his nickname of 'Life's Blood' made sense as the red hair really did have the color of blood.

She couldn't help but stare at his cheeks as each one had three lines on them like whiskers, something he apparently inherited from his mother's side of the family.

"Doctor Naruto Uzumaki, we here at Upperton are welcome to have you here" the Chief of Medicine said as Naruto pulled his hand out of his pocket and accepted the out stretched hand.

"Happy to be here. I have heard nothing but great things with the advancements made here" he said before he turned to her and she felt herself inhale sharply as the blue eyes pierced through her from behind his mane of hair.

"And you must be Doctor Ann Possible, the brain surgeon and great doctor that has brought this hospital so much praise. I have read all your papers and I really enjoy the one you wrote about the effects of damage on the parietal lobe and how to tend to it when healing" he said with a large smile as she swore she could feel her cheeks heating up.

"Why thank you Dr. Uzumaki, I a-" she said before he held up his hand.

"Please, call me Naruto, I've never been one for people I work with calling me titles and since as a surgeon under your employment it feels odd" he said with chuckle as she nodded and chuckled along.

"Fine as long as you call me Ann, but as I was saying I have heard great things about you and look forward to working with you a lot" she said as he smiled and accepted her hand, shaking it as she felt his strong hand wrap around hers.

"Sounds like a deal, I can honestly say I am going to really like it here. I can feel it" he said as he looked at the hospital with a smile, an infectious one as Ann couldn't help but agree.

-Two Weeks Later-

Ann could only smile as she sat down at her usual lunch table with Naruto, who had quickly became her work friend. Working with him was very interesting and fun as he was an interesting man.

He was great doctor that was very serious when it came to helping people, especially children as he thought they shouldn't be in hospitals and instead being children like they were supposed to. He was also quick to defend them as she once had to calm him down when a deadbeat refused to give bone marrow to his daughter.

Of course she wanted to punch him as well but couldn't as they were doctors but was happy to look the other way as he frightened the father to change his mind.

It was sometime after that patient they had started to get closer.

She never spent time with him outside of work due to their own lives but they spent a majority of their work day together, often talking about a variety of topics and even spent almost every lunch together.

"So how was your day Naruto?" Ann asked as she set down the tray of cafeteria food down on the table they often shared.

"I've had a good day, stuck with clinic duty but it all is going good enough" he said with a chuckle as Ann patted his back consolingly.

"We all have to log our clinic hours" she said as he chuckled.

"What about you Ann? How's your day been?" he asked as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Normal day of normal stuff" she said before she set down her cup as she saw her daughter wander into the cafeteria. "Kim what are you doing here?" she asked and stood up so her daughter could see her.

"Well school ended early today and I wanted to drop by and visit you" Kim said as she looked at the red head that she remembered seeing a picture of. "You must be my mom's new colleague she told me about a while ago. Nice to meet you, my name's Kim" she added as he smiled at Ann before standing up and holding out his hand.

"Nice to meet you too Kim, your mom has talked about you and the twins a lot. And finally meeting you I am assured that Ann's beauty was passed onto you" he said with a soft smile as he shook Kim's hand while she and Ann both softly blushed at his compliment.

"Well thanks Doctor Uzumaki" Kim said with a soft giggle as he chuckled and shook his head.

"Please, just call me Naruto" he said with a smile as Kim was thankful for a relaxed doctor for once as she grew curious of how his mom was at work.

Ann couldn't help but smile and chuckle as she saw her daughter interact with her work friend. She knew he was great with kids as all the children down in pediatrics loved him but to see him get along with her daughter made him seem even better.

She smiled somewhat mischievously as she cleared her throat "Okay, enough flirting with my daughter mister" she teased as she watched Kim blush furiously as Naruto chuckled.

"Oh my, I didn't know that counted as flirting. I should though be careful since I act like this with you and I wouldn't want people to think badly" he teased back as Ann's cheeks heated up as her daughter smiled at her smugly.

Ann couldn't meet her daughter's or Naruto's eyes as she didn't expect it to be turned around on her "Our lunch break is almost over Kim, you should probably head back home or something" Ann said as Kim chuckled and stood up.

"Okay Mom, have fun at work" Kim said sending a teasing look to her mom before leaving.

"Well your daughter sure is interesting. Especially since she is the globetrotting super hero" Naruto said with a smile as he and Ann waved to Kim as she turned around to wave one last time before exiting the cafeteria.

"Yeah, sometimes I have to remember she is still a teenager, hence her mischievous personality" Ann said as he chuckled.

"Another thing she inherited from you?" he asked as Ann looked down at the table before taking a drink from her cup, essentially answering his question with her refusal to answer.

He laughed as he took a drink from his cup before he snapped his fingers, remembering something he had almost forgotten. "Hey, odd question but I was wondering you could help me get some stuff for my place. It's just I don't have too many female friends and knowing me I'd pick something gaudy and awful. I mean my last couch was bright orange so that kind of proves it" he said with nervous frown as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I mean I can repay you, maybe get you some food or something" he said nervously before Ann stopped him with a chuckle.

"Well I can't let you make another mistake like that, the mother in me won't let me so sure, I can help you after work" she said with a smile as he let out a relieved sigh.

"Oh good, cause my mom said if I get another couch like that she'd knock some sense into my head and trust me, my mom hits hard" he said with a chuckle as Ann smiled at him.

"Well now I really can't refuse if it is to help clear the mind of another mother. She probably worries about you getting a good meal doesn't she?" Ann asked as he chuckled dryly which only made Ann giggle.

"That's what I figured. Tell your mom you are fine because you are going to enjoy a homemade meal at least once a week at my house" she said as he widened his eyes slightly.

"You don't have to do that Ann, I don't want to be a bother" he said as she shook her head.

"No bother, you're my friend aren't you? So it isn't any bother" Ann said as he frowned and was about to reply before he saw something that shocked him into silence.

Ann had turned to him, pouted her lips and made her eyes glisten as she gave him a look that reminded him instantly of a puppy. "W-What is that?" he asked as he couldn't look away as her lip started to quiver.

He felt his resolve quickly break as he sighed. "Fine just stop that look, it's torture to look at me that cute and think I can say no." he said as Ann's look stopped and she pumped her fist in victory. "So should I drop by your house to pick you up or what?" he asked as Ann smiled.

"That sounds fine" she said as she silently cheered in her head that her puppy dog pout still had power.

"What was that look anyways?" he asked as he was still shaking off how cute she looked.

"Oh my trademark puppy dog pout, it's a powerful tool me and my daughter know" Ann said with a wink as she got up to put her tray away, making Naruto sigh as he could feel that he would be manipulated by that pout many more times in the future if he continued to hang out with Ann.

-Possible Household-

Ann sighed as she put the dishes from dinner into the sink as Kim helped put the leftovers. "Thanks for the help Kim, can you maybe do some of the dishes, I need to get ready cause a friend of mine is taking me to help them shop" she said as Kim smiled.

"Is this friend Naruto?" Kim asked as Ann rolled her eyes.

"Yes, he needs help picking out furniture for his new place and I don't want him to pick out a bright orange couch again" Ann said as they both shivered at how bad that would be.

"Go, I got this mom" Kim said with a chuckle as Ann kissed her daughter on the forehead and went to tell James about it.

"James? You in here?" Ann asked out as she walked into the garage which was mainly James's little workshop.

"Yeah, come on in" James replied while he kept his head down in whatever he was working on.

"I was just coming to warn you that I have to leave for a bit to go shopping with a work friend of mine so I'll be back home late" she said as she crossed her arms under chest a bit annoyed as he didn't even look up.

"Yeah that's fine, have fun" James said as he nodded and waved at her while he continued to tinker with his project.

Ann frowned slightly as she recognized the tone he was using as the 'I'm not actually listening to what you are saying and just responding to your voice' tone. "Yeah and I plan to help him break in his bed, you know with some fun activities" she said with a frown as she tested to see if he was listening.

"Sounds fun, hope you have a good time" James said as he waved her off making her grit her teeth to resist getting angry at him as she felt her phone buzz, alerting her of a text.

'Hey, I'm almost there, a few seconds away. I feel slightly awkward going bed shopping with my boss but hey, you insisted. Just don't think I am doing this for a promotion.' it read as she let out a giggle as she could almost hear his sarcastic tone speak it out.

"Well whatever James, I'll be back around nine at the latest" she said as she looked at her watch to see it was only six.

"Kim you're in charge of the twins while I am away. Keep them from burning down the house!" Ann yelled out as she grabbed her jacket and slipped out of the house quickly. She smiled as she saw Naruto's sleek black Mercedes pull up to her house.

"Hey Ann, hope I didn't like make you end dinner early or anything" he said with a slight frown as he slid across the hood of his car and opened the door for her.

"You didn't, we always end around this time" she said as she got into the car, smiling at him as he closed the door and slid back across the hood.

"Oh that's good. So for furniture I was thinking this one local place off Main Street" he said as she shook her head.

"I know somewhere much better with even better pieces, the owner owes my daughter for saving his business from being destroyed by robot debris so it'll be best to go there" she said as smiled, actually enjoying this little excuse to get out of the house and relax, thankful that Naruto asked her out to help him.

"Well if the boss says so then I'm inclined to listen since I don't want to lose my job" he joked with a smirk as Ann chuckled at the joke.

"Well if you do end up getting another gaudy orange couch I'd have to start poking around in your head to see what is wrong with it" she said as he held his hand to his chest as if the comment hurt him.

"Well keep those hands off me or I might have to go to HR" he said in a clearly joking and fake hurt tone as she jokingly shoved him before they laughed and pulled out of her driveway.

-Four Months Later-

Ann let out a sigh as she hurriedly packed for an out of town medical conference that she and Naruto were being sent to. It was only for a week but was very important for her hospital, hence why they were sending two of their best doctors to it.

She was very thankful that Naruto was being sent with her since over the few months they had gotten even closer friends, to the point he was often over at their house for dinner or she was out with him around the town to grab some food after a very late shift at the hospital.

They had gotten so close that Kim teasingly called him her 'Ron' as they were almost always spending time together.

Her head looked up as she saw James walk into their bedroom in a rush of his own almost. "James, can we talk for a second?" she asked as he frowned and looked up to her.

"Can't Ann, I have to hurry back to work, they need my help on the big project we are working on" he said as Ann frowned at him.

"James, I'm leaving for a week on a conference and I was maybe hoping we could make love like we always use to whenever one of us goes out of town" Ann said with a slight pleading tone.

"Ann I don't have the time to talk right now, we can figure this out later" James said as if he didn't even hear what she had asked.

"We never have time to talk James or be like husband and wife. Please, let us talk about this" Ann whined out as James had given her the habitual kiss on the cheek and was already walking out of the bedroom, leaving Ann alone in the room.

She was always torn up by how in public and in front of the kids he would actually pay attention to her slightly but the second they were alone his communication and overall interest in her would plummet. It increased more so once his workload increased.

Of course it use to be that he would always be able notice when she needed him and tear himself away but ever since their marriage started to disintegrate he never seemed to be able to, even getting to the point that he sometimes phased her out in front of the kids.

Ann was about to storm after him but stopped as she noticed the time and felt her phone buzz before she answered it. "Yes? What is it?" she asked in a slightly snippy tone that she didn't mean to let out.

"Oh, sorry if I called at a bad time. I was just calling to tell you I am almost there to pick you up so we can get to the airport" Naruto said with a worried tone. "Is everything okay with you?" he asked as she sighed.

"Sorry, you did nothing wrong. My packing is just annoying as it always is" she lied with a frown. "I'll be ready by the time you get her, just come inside as the door is unlocked" she said with a sigh.

"Okay, I'll see you then I guess" he said before hanging up to let her get back to packing.

Ann could only groan as she stared back at her suitcase before shaking it off. 'You know what, I'm tired of being tired. I'm going to have fun on this trip for once and forget about all this drama' she thought with a determined look as she went fully into packing and since their hotel had a great pool she even decided to pack her bathing suit.

"Ann? You ready?" Naruto's voice called out as she was thankfully just zipping up her suitcase and grabbed her carry on to meet him at the door of her bedroom.

"Yeah, all ready to go" she said with a smile as he picked up her bag and walked with her out of the house. She had already said goodbye to Kim and the twins when they left for school and James had already left so they made quick work to the airport.

Ann was kind of stuck in her head, thinking of everything that was happening with her, so she kind of just walked aimlessly, making Naruto lead her through the airport and set everything up.

It wasn't until she sat down in the first class seat next to Naruto and felt him grab her hand did she snap out of it.

"Ann? What's wrong? You've been out of it the whole drive to the airport as well as the walk through it" Naruto asked with a frown as Ann shook her head.

"It's nothing Naruto, don't worry yourself over it" she said as Naruto's frown deepened.

"I can't you're my friend Ann and I don't like it when you frown, you look much more beautiful when you smile" he said with a caring smile as she couldn't help but blush.

Being called beautiful by a younger man really seemed to fluster her as well as the feeling of his hand linked with hers. "Thank you, that really means a lot but it's just problems between married people, nothing to worry yourself about" she said with a happy smile as the compliment was a massive confidence boost and with how she hadn't been getting any from her home life it meant even more to her.

"Okay but this is a business trip vacation Ann, enjoy yourself and forget about home life" he said as he gave her hand a squeeze.

"It's hard to forget about it all" she said as he chuckled.

"Well allow me to take your mind off of it" he said before she rose an eyebrow at him. "Not like that you perv, I swear you are worse than my teenage patients" he said with a smirk as her blush grew and she used her free hand to smack him in the chest.

She couldn't help but chuckle with a smile on her face as she could always count on Naruto to cheer her up. He always did have a way of cheering her up, whether it be just because she was having a bad day or because she lost a patient.

Of course with them being the close friends they were it went both ways. Though she was oddly able to cheer him up much easier it seemed.

"See, your smiling now so it seems I'm helping" he said as she chuckled and smiled. "So now just relax and enjoy the first class flight that the hospital sent us on. Plus when we get to the hotel we only have one day of meeting, so the rest we can use to relax" he added as Ann nodded.

'He's right, I can relax here. I don't have to worry about my marriage for a week. This will be good for me, I can feel it' she thought as she didn't even care that she was still holding Naruto's hand as she was too caught up in the fact that she could actually relax for once.

-Next Day-

Ann so far was loving the hotel.

She and Naruto had been given conjoined rooms, a single door separating them, which remained open unless one was changing or in the shower. She had always felt being alone in hotel rooms to have a disconcerting feeling to her so keeping the door open made it feel she wasn't alone in the room.

They had spent the first day when they had arrived at the hotel, which was connected to the convention center in Las Vegas, getting settled and relaxing as the plane trip tired them out more than they thought it would.

Ann smiled as she looked out her window, glad that the early summer weather was warm and clear. "You know what Naruto, I think we should visit the pool" she said loud enough for him to hear in his room as he rested on his bed, reading a book.

"Hmmm, well it is nice outside. Why not" Naruto said as he walked over to the door of their connected rooms. "Do you want to go now?" he asked as she nodded.

"No better time so just close the door and I'll meet you down there" she said with a smile as he chuckled and gave her a salute before closing the door.

Ann, while feeling a bit weird wearing a bikini in front of her friend, figured he wouldn't mind. He did tell her to relax as they were on a mini-vacation so she figured it would be fine.

She was thankful she didn't grab one of her more revealing bikinis that she normally packed instinctively for James.

This bikini was a soft orange one with a tube top style top with thin straps to keep it in place and her bottoms were usual style. They were both orange color but she could tell they were of different sets as she remembered this top and was thankful she only had the top of it and not the bottom as the bottom was very revealing.

The fact that it was orange, Naruto's favorite color, was a coincidence as orange was her best color as it accented her hair and tan skin tone.

She smiled as she adjusted her bikini before she grabbed her towel, tan lotion and sunglasses before she left her room for the pool.

Ann was a bit surprised as she got to the pool by how little people were there at it while she looked around for Naruto.

"Wow, you look like a fox" Naruto's voice teased behind as she turned around and was shocked by the appearance of her young friend.

He wore a pair of red shorts that had a black chain design around the left leg but that wasn't what shocked her. She knew he worked out but the definition of his abs and muscles were much more than she had expected.

"Yeah and you look like a lion" she teased back as she tore her eyes away from his abs and smirked up at him as he rolled his eyes.

"How original" he said with a smirk. "So what are you going to do first? Maybe take a quick lap?" he asked as she shook her head.

"Nope, maybe going to tan a bit" she said as he rolled his eyes. She let out a loud squeak as suddenly she was picked up in a bridal carry by Naruto, who smiled down at her. She struggled not to blush as she felt his strong arms under her and his hands on her legs and thighs.

Being this close to Naruto, leaning against his chest, was the closest she had been to a man since James started not paying attention to her. It was also the closest she had ever been another man since marrying James.

"That is no fun Ann, you got to enjoy the water" he said as he started to walk nearer to the pool.

"No, no, no! Set me down" she squealed out as he smiled and shook his head.

"No can do!" he yelled as he jumped into pool as she had to close her eyes as she quickly found herself plunged in the water.

Ann rose to the water first as she couldn't help but laugh at the situation before she saw Naruto burst up a few feet from her, his red hair matted down by the water, making it look straight instead of the usual spikiness of it. "I can't believe you did that!" she yelled in between laughs as she tried her best to frown at him only for him to smile under his wet mane of hair, his mouth being the only part of his face visible.

"Well you need to have some fun and I consider it my duty to make sure you do" he said as he smirked and shook his hair, spraying her with water as she laughed and tried to swim away.

"You aren't getting away that easily Ann" Naruto said with a large smile as he splashed a wave of water at her making her giggle.

"Come on, stop! I'm too old for this!" she squealed as he rolled his eyes and splashed her again.

"Stop with this 'you're old' excuse, you are no way old. Also you are never old enough to have some fun" he said as she laughed and nodded.

"Fine, I'll have some fun!" she said as she splashed him back with a smile. Her smile couldn't help but grow as for once she felt like she was an actual teenager again due to Naruto. He always had a way of making her feel young again.

They continued their splash fight until the lifeguard forced them to stop, though their laughter continued while they got out of the pool.

"That really was fun" Ann admitted as she used her towel to dry off.

"Well I'm glad I was able to get you to relax" Naruto said with a smile before he froze as he looked Ann over, just now noticing the bikini she was wearing.

Ann slightly blushed as she noticed Naruto looking her over. "What? Is this too revealing for an old lady like me? I knew I should've packed a one piece" she said a bit self-conscious before he quickly shook his head.

"N-No you look really great in it" he said as he took a step closer to her with a nervous smile.

"You're just flattering an old woman" she said dismissing him before she stopped as Naruto stepped closer to her, to the point they were nearly right up against each other.

"I'm not doing that. You truly are beautiful and nowhere near old in any meaning of the word" he said unknowingly cupping and stroking her cheek as her face grew beet red.

They continued to stare at each other before Naruto widened his eyes and took a step back, moving his hand away and making Ann realize he had been stroking her cheek.

"I-I have to go do...I just got to go" Naruto stuttered out slightly as he quickly walked away, leaving behind a blushing and confused Ann as the seriousness of his compliment had caught her completely off guard.

'What was that all about?' Ann thought with a frown as her blush died off while she watched her friend basically run off.

-Last Day of the Convention-

Things had gone well since the pool incident. They hadn't spoken about it, settling on it being just an odd situation that came with being friends.

The convention had flown by rather quickly. They hadn't need to do much during it except go to a few presentations and for Ann's case present one. It of course went without any problems and it was even easier for her as Naruto was sitting in the front row to provide moral support.

Ann though wasn't having too good a time as she was on the phone with James and for the last five minutes he had been talking to someone else at his work. "James, can you please listen to me?" Ann said with a frown.

"Sorry 'bout that Ann, work is just crazy" James said in a tone that told her he was only half paying attention, but it was better than nothing.

"Well I was wanting to call and say my trip has gone pretty good so far and that I'll be back soon. I've missed you" she said with a frown.

"Yeah, that's great. I've really got to go back to work they need me" James said before he quickly hung up before she could say anything.

She had to calm herself down so she didn't throw the phone against the wall in frustration and just settled for a loud groan into the pillow of her bed. She frowned as she sat up on her bed, deciding she was not going to let this ruin her last day on the trip when everything else had been going great.

'You know what I am not going to spend the last day sulking, I am going to relax and maybe even get a drink' she thought with a smile as she remembered that Naruto had went down to the bar to relax for a bit.

'Yeah, I can relax with Naruto! He'll make me forget all my stress like he always does' she thought with a warm smile as she quickly grabbed her purse and lab coat while she left her room, heading towards the bar near the first floor of the hotel.

Thankfully Naruto was never hard to miss with his mane of hair as she noticed him instantly the second she walked into the bar. "Naruto, mind if I join you?" Ann asked with a giggle as she sat down next to him as he turned and smiled at her.

"Well Ms. Possible, I didn't think you would try to pick up little ol' me in a bar?" Naruto told her with clear amusement in his voice as he batted his eyelashes at her.

Ann couldn't help but laugh at his silly nature. He could be so serious at work but when it was just the two of them he showed a far more joyful and silly side. She couldn't help but feel special that Naruto can open up with her so much to show this side of himself.

"Well I've decided to use this last day to relax! Gamble a bit, drink and have fun. I was wanting to know if you wanted to come with" she said with a smile as he smirked and nodded.

"Sounds perfect but if we are going to have a night on the town you need to change your clothes" he said as she frowned.

"Why? What's wrong with my outfit?" she asked as she looked down at her clothes.

"They scream doctor and responsibility. Lose the lab coat and change into some more 'party' style clothes" he said as he made her stood up as he started to take off her lab coat.

"But I-" she started to say before he stopped her with a 'tsk' of his tongue.

"But nothing. You want to relax and cut loose right?" he asked as she nodded. "Then lose the stuff that reminds you all your responsibilities for the night" he said as she frowned but nodded as she let him take off her coat before he folded it up and handed it to her.

"Now go back to the room and get changed, I'll stay here and wait for you" he said as she smiled warmly.

"Okay, I'll be right back" Ann said as he gave her a playful salute.

"Sounds good and no coat or else" he threatened playfully as she saluted him back before leaving to change in her room again.

Naruto didn't know how long she took as he wasn't keeping track but for him it felt like only a minute as he heard Ann clear her throat behind him as he swiveled around on his chair and froze as he saw her and her new outfit.

Ann had ditched all of her usual clothes as she walked down the steps of the bar towards him in a sleek somewhat short black cocktail dress. The dress did little to hide her figure as it squeezed her breasts to enhance them, even with the modest neckline.

Her hair was straightened, adding a few inches to her short style as he noticed her eyeshadow and makeup made her light blue eyes turn many shades darker.

Watching her step down the stairs, giving a slight sway to her hips, he noticed how well she looked in heels that did a lot to make her rear look even more firm from the bit he could see of it. They even worked to make her already long toned legs look even more stunning.

"W-Wow, I am a believer" he muttered out as Ann smirked confused at him.

"Believer of what?" she asked as he gently took her hand and bowed slightly.

"That I am in the presence of a stunning goddess of beauty" he said as her cheeks quickly turned dark before she covered her cheeks with her small black purse that she had moved to for special occasions.

"Shush you, now what is first of our night of relaxation?" Ann said as Naruto cleared his throat and stood up.

"Well how does a drink to go and a bit of gambling sound?" he asked with a smirk while offering her his arm.

"That sounds like a great start" she said as she linked her arm with his as he motioned to the bartender for two drinks, who quickly delivered, as they shot down their drinks and started their night.

Their night after that was somewhat of a blur due to the number of drinks they consumed.

All in all they had drunk several drinks, gambled which was something Naruto was great at, saw some shows around the strip, and he even took her shopping at some of the stores around the strip as he wouldn't let her pay for any of it. Thankfully they were able to deliver everything to their hotel room.

There was even a party that Naruto was able to get them to slip into, which turned out to be full of rich and famous people. The entire party was fun as for the entire time there everyone mistook them for husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, which due to their buzz, they played along with.

Ann couldn't help but laugh loudly as Naruto carried her on his back and was running through the crowd of people while she held onto him with one hand and her heels in the other. "Slow down Naruto, you're going too fast" she giggled out as she rested her head on top of his.

"Fine, if the lady wants it then the lady gets it" he said with a laugh as he carefully set her down on a bench as she smiled at the sight of the fountain out front of the Bellagio fountains.

"So Ann, what to tell me what brought along this whole 'go wild last night' situation?" Naruto asked as she leaned against him for support.

"I don't want to talk about it" she muttered with a deep frown as in her drunken state her emotions weren't easily hidden.

"Ann, what's wrong?" he asked with a frown as he stroked her cheeks, wiping away the tears that were slowly escaping and sliding down her cheeks. "Tears don't suit your beautiful face at all" he whispered out as that seemed to be the last bit of nudging as a second later she buried her face in his chest and started to cry.

"I-It's everything Naruto" she sobbed out. "My marriage is crumbling to the point where James hasn't even kissed me in almost a year. The most I get of him is a stupid kiss on the cheek and a good bye! He rarely even really talks to me except for the few minutes I get when we are out of the house" she choked out in between sobs as Naruto frowned deeply at all the sadness she was holding inside.

"It's okay Ann, let it out" he said with a frown as he let Ann cry into his chest before he frowned at all the looks they were getting. "On second hand, let's get back to the hotel room" he said as he let Ann climb back onto his back, still crying as she held onto his neck.

"Why has this happened to me? I use to have a perfect marriage but everything just fell apart so suddenly" Ann cried out as she buried her face in the crook of his neck.

Naruto frowned as he couldn't offer much in the terms of advice so he settled on being a shoulder to cry on and vent to. His frown worsened as he set her down on her feet in front of her room door.

He let out a tired sigh as the sight of Ann crying tore him up inside before he put his hands on her shoulders as he looked her in the eyes "Ann, I wish I could be more help, I really do but I hope you take solace that I will always be here for you no matter what happens, I promise" he said as he stroked her cheek softly. "And you know I never break my promises" he added with a smile as Ann looked up at him.

Ann, even in her drunken state could clearly see the seriousness in his eyes as he continued. "I will stay by your side and be here for you Ann, you're important to me. I'll do my best to help you get through whatever troubles you have to deal with" he finished before she did something that surprised the both of them.

She kissed him.

It started out as a light peck but she ended up holding the kiss linger longer than she originally planned.

Naruto, even in his drunken haze could feel her soft warm lips against his. He widened his eyes in moderate shock as he was slightly frozen by the fact that Ann, the woman who was his close friend was kissing him. The one reason he didn't push her away was because for a while now he has had a massive crush on Ann.

Of course with her being married he knew it would be an unrequited crush but he had settled for just being there for her as a friend if she needed it. Hence why his body was struggling come to terms with Ann's lips against his.

When his body did catch up it beat out his head, which was telling him this was wrong, and made him put his hands around her hips, pulling her in close as he applied more force to the kiss, moving his lips into it and essentially kissing her back.

Ann was next to be surprised as she expected for the kiss to be a friendly peck though a part of her in the back of her mind told her that was a lie from how she had started the kiss. 'I-I have to is wrong' she thought with a blush as the thought of kissing another man went against her vows. Though as much as she hated to admit the feeling of his soft lips against hers sent shivers of pure excitement through her body, causing her mind to take the back seat when coupled with the alcohol in her system.

She was honestly a bit shocked and overcome by the amount of love and passion that was in the kisses that Naruto was giving her, a feeling she had longed for and missed for nearly a year. The strength of her due to the absence of it for so long in her life, along with the generous amount of alcohol consumed, made her self-restraint shut down completely as her eyes slid shut and started to kiss back.

As Naruto felt Ann start to kiss him back with mirroring the passion he was giving into their embrace. It filled his head with a haze of wanting to feel her lips even more, causing him to intensify the kiss more before he found himself pushing Ann against the door of her room.

Ann arched her back as the thrill of being pressed up against the door and kissed by Naruto. She felt her body heat up even more as she pressed herself against Naruto's chest, feeling the firm muscles of it from even under his shirt. She felt her legs get weak as she lifted her arms up and wrapped them around his neck, stroking her fingers through his long red hair, as she felt his strong hands stroke her lower back.

She let out a slight gasp as she felt his warm tongue stroke against her lips, asking for entry as she nearly started to part her lips and turn this into an even more passionate kiss between new lovers. She knew she was going to give in, the feeling of his tongue stroking her lips was too powerful for her as it started to make her legs quiver even more.

She had missed this feeling of being treated like an attractive woman, something Naruto always seemed to do, making her part her lips. She held on tightly as she felt his tongue enter her mouth almost the second she parted her lips and felt it tangle and stroke itself against her own tongue.

The intensity and way Naruto was exploring her mouth in the kiss was something Ann hadn't felt in so long. She couldn't even remember the last time she had been kissed like this, which caused her to want more.

She surprised Naruto and even herself a bit as she moved her hands to his face and pushed him against her so that he could slide his tongue deeper into her mouth, wrestling their tongues against each other as she started to kiss him back even more.

Ann found herself slowly getting addicted as she tasted the taste of her friend's mouth, the flavor of the bourbon he had been drinking as well as the sweetness of his saliva. She couldn't deny to herself that she was enjoying the taste of another person on her lips and how Naruto was kissing her and showing attention to her tongue, going so far as to suck on it every once in a while whenever she was winning their clash of tongues and invaded his mouth.

Naruto was slightly in shock as his body acted on instincts as the pleasure of the kiss and the feeling of Ann's body pressed against him was too much for him to handle. His mind did everything it could to avoid how wrong it was to make out with his married friend as the thoughts were overshadowed by how much his body was enjoying it.

He knew he couldn't pull himself away as his mind realized this could be the only chance to be somewhat with the woman he had been starting to have feelings for, feelings he was starting to figure out were becoming love.

Ann was completely lost in the pleasure of the passionate kiss but was able to feel one of Naruto's hands start to trace up her thigh. The feeling of his hands stroking her thighs made her feel even more ablaze as every inch he touched on her body sent a shiver of pleasure through her.

For so long she had been wanting to be touched like this, to feel someone take pleasure in her body, to make her feel sensual.

She moaned softly into the kiss as she felt him press her against the door even more as her dress slowly got hiked up to the point she was sure that her panties were clearly visible to Naruto but with how caught up in the pleasure she was she honestly didn't care.

Ann fell her eyes roll back from behind her closed eyelids as she felt his leg go in between hers as her body acted on pure impulse and started to grind against it. The feeling of the fabric of his pants on her inner thigh and against her panties was too much for her as she soon basically became sitting on it as she dry humped against it.

She felt even more jolts of pleasure as she felt one of his hands slide down to her now exposed ass and start to grope it gently and stroke it through her panties. She could feel his fingers squeeze and rub against her ass as he seemed to be encouraging her hip gyrations by pushing her against his leg as she felt him start to bounce his leg up and down causing him to stimulate her even more through the thin fabric.

This continued until the point she thought she would seriously reach her limit on his leg before she heard the click of the door opening behind her as, while not breaking the kiss, he guided her into the room before slamming it shut behind him.

Due to neither party wanting to end the kiss and being so caught up in the pleasure of their acts they hurriedly threw off their clothes, leaving them scattered around the room, before Ann found herself on her back on her bed in only her bra and panties with Naruto above her in his boxers, pinning her to the bed.

-Lemon Start-

Ann moaned into the kiss as she felt his hands trace up her thighs and stomach before it was silenced by his tongue stroking against hers. She forced herself, as much as she hated it, to break the kiss and let out a moan as she felt his strong hands cup her C cup breasts and squeeze them softly.

"O-Oh god Naruto~" Ann moaned out as she felt him trail kisses up and down her neck, sending jolts through her body. "More please, don't stop" Ann quivered out as she didn't want this to stop, all these feelings she had missed for so long were too powerful for her.

Naruto smiled as he nipped lightly at her neck as he slid his hands around to her back and unclasped her bra before with her approval, given in the form of her raising her hands for easy removal, he slid her black and lacy bra off her chest.

He found himself frozen as he stared down at Ann's tan and lightly freckled breasts, her nipples stiff and almost begging to be licked and sucked on.

"W-What's wrong?" Ann asked with a slight whine as she stared up at Naruto, confused as why he stopped.

"Nothing's wrong" he said with a smirk as Ann's eyes widened and she let out a moan as she felt him kiss her breasts before he started to suck on her breast while squeezing them both.

The pleasure of him showing her breasts attention was almost too much for her as she felt a massive jolt of pleasure quickly shoot through her, making her arch her back. The way he worked his tongue around her nipple and softly suck on it was amazing.

"Mmmh~! M-More Naruto! Don't stop. It feels so fucking good!" Ann moaned out with a yell as Naruto had his lips wrapped around her hardened nipples while his hands were stroking the other.

This was what she had been missing, the feeling sexual release that wasn't caused by her own fingers. Ann smiled as she took one of her hands and start to run it back through Naruto's red frazzled hair as the other kept gripping the sheets for support.

Naruto wasn't sure he could stop as the taste of her bare skin and the feeling her nipple to his tongue was too much, especially as she slightly pushed his head against her breasts. He started to squeeze them more as he heard Ann's ragged pants of pleasure as she started to buck her hips, grinding herself against his boxers as his member threatened to burst out of his boxers.

"I want it~" Ann moaned out as she ran her hand down his back. "Please, I need this" Ann whispered out in her drunken haze from both pleasure and alcohol before Naruto pulled his head away from her breast, giving her nipple a flick with his tongue while he pulled away.

Naruto's brain nearly shut down as he felt Ann's hands grip at the hem of his boxer shorts before they slowly were pulled down all the way, causing his member to spring out and hit against her panties and making her gasp.

Ann couldn't help but widen her eyes as she saw just how big and hard he was. 'It has to be at least a foot long' she thought in shock as his size dwarfed James' in length and girth. She bit her lip as she found herself stroking it softly, trailing her hand up and down it as she rubbed her palm against the head. A smile came to her lips as she heard Naruto groan from the attention she was showing it.

Naruto kissed her deeply as he slowly slid down her panties, exposing her mature pussy that was glistening wet that had a thin bush of red hair over it before she gasped into the kiss as she felt his tip prod against her entrance.

Her mind didn't even register or care that he wasn't wearing a condom due to ever since she had the twins she had kept on birth control to keep out any surprises, even if she hadn't had any sex in nearly a full year.

He on the other hand was mainly stuck in a haze of alcohol and pleasure fueled lust that none of that was on his mind as he put his hands on her hips and thrust his member into her wet womanhood.

Ann's eyes widened as she let out a moan as she felt his member thrust into her. It had been so long she had anything in her that wasn't a toy or her fingers that to have a man inside her sent her over the edge, causing her to cum and clamp down on his member while she squirted lightly from it all.

"O-Oh god~ I-I forgot what it was like to be filled like this" Ann moaned out softly as she stroked his cheek. "Don't stop because of me, keep going. I want more" she said with a smile as Naruto rested his forehead against hers.

Naruto, in the daze of seeing Ann cum from only putting it in her, could only think of fucking Ann, his crush, until he was sure she couldn't stand straight. He gripped her hips as he started to thrust in and out of her, pummeling deep into her.

As he thrusted into her he knew that Ann might not have been the tightest women he had been in but that was to be expected since she was a mother of three and for being a mother she was still tighter than he expected by far. She was though by far the wettest he had ever been in as her pussy only got wetter and wetter the more he thrusted into her. It got to the point that he could clearly hear the loud smacking sounds of him thrusting into her and her moans and uncharacteristic pleads to keep being fucked.

"M-More! Please, make me feel like a woman again!" she moaned out as she felt Naruto pick up the pace even more, hitting all of the right spots that had been neglected for too long. She even felt her eyes roll back as his member 'knocked' against the entrance to her womb and almost push its way through.

She knew he was holding himself back as with his length he should be filling every inch of her and still have some inches to spare but it was most likely 'training' he did to make sure he didn't hurt his partner.

"I want it all, don't hold back. Fuck me" Ann whispered out as she held him close to her, pressing her breasts against his chest and smiling as she kissed him deeply and passionately to show how much she wanted it. She even tightened herself around his dick, squeezing him tightly as Naruto stimulated her better than even she was able to do with her own hands. She even dared to think for a second that he was doing better than James before the 'loyal wife' part of her brain, which was all but dead in this situation squashed that thought.

Her eyes widened as she smiled with some drool leaking out as she felt him thrust into her, to the head of his dick went into her womb and hit the very end of it, a place that was being touched for the first time as the pleasure almost made her pass out, the black spots in her vision being proof of it.

"Oh god! More! Fuck me just like this! Destroy my p-pussy!" Ann screamed out as she dug her nails into his back, hoping she wasn't hurting him as she felt him thrust in and out of her harder and deeper than anything she had ever felt. His dick was filling up every inch of her, even going into and filling her womb, which was easy due to the girth and length of it.

"F-Fuck! Your pussy feels so good Ann. I-I can't stop, it feels so damn good" Naruto panted out either from his constant pumping of his his or from the liquor catching up to him but either way they didn't do anything to slow him down.

Naruto smirked as he gripped her soft but still toned stomach and used it to lift her up and pull her on top of him. He groaned out as he pulled her down, feeling his fingers sink into her stomach as he lowered her down with all her weight dropping her onto his erect dick. They both feel it shoot through her and collide with her womb much harder than he had a few moments ago.

Ann had to hold onto him for any sense of stability as he felt his hands slide down to her ass as he gripped it hard and used it as leverage to pump herself up and down on his dick, almost making sure the thrust in her was hard enough to hit the end of her womb just as hard over and over again.

They both grabbed the other tighter as they both started to reach their limits.

"I-I-I'm going to cum! Cum Naruto, fill me up!" Ann moaned out as she bounced up and down on his dick while he continued to move her with his hands, making the pleasure rise faster and faster.

"C-Can I really?" he asked as his body was telling him he was close to doing it with or without her telling him so.

"Yes! Fill me up! Give me the feeling I've missed!" she screamed out before she let out a gasp as he started to pump her up and down faster and harder than she thought he was able to, making her tongue hang out of her mouth as the pleasure was numbing her face.

"Then take it Ann, take my hard dick in your wet pussy until you pass out. Feel it as I fill you up" Naruto said in between thrusts as he kept up the pace that he had surprised Ann with as he leaned closer to her ear as he continued to pump with the full intent to flood her already drenched womanhood.

"Feel the cum of a man that truly loves you paint your insides!" Naruto shouted as he gripped her ass tighter while he started to thrust in her with all his strength as she slammed her down. He could feel it rattle her insides and he couldn't help but love the sounds of her pleasure filled screams.

Both of them reached their edge as Ann let out a loud quivering moan as she felt scorching hot liquid shoot, burst after burst into her. She panted breathlessly as she felt her insides get filled to the near brim while squirting down onto Naruto's abs and chest as she felt Naruto lay down with herself still on top of him as he gave slight thrusts into her as he finished his orgasm.

She watched Naruto smiled up at her, wrapping his arms around her, giving her ass a squeeze with his member still inside her and just as hard as her vision started to go black from all the intense pleasure. "I love you Ann" he whispered out softly as he kissed her cheek before they both passed out.

-Lemon End-

-The Next Morning-

Ann's head hurt as she tried to wake up, the light of the open blinds almost blinding her as she could feel the hangover attacking her.

She groaned as she could barely remember anything past the Bellagio fountain. Her eyes widened and shot open as she felt something throb in her before she slowly looked down to see a naked Naruto that she was laying on top of and equally as naked.

Her face went pale as she sat up and moaned as she looked down to see that they were connected. Her body reacted before she could gather her thoughts as she quickly slapped him and backed off him, pressing her back up against the wall as flashes of their acts last night flooded her head.

Tears poured from her eyes as she blamed herself for it since she did kiss him first as her body slid down to the floor, letting her hug her knees close to her chest.

Naruto woke up with a groan as he felt a strong slap to his face before the source of warmth he had been holding onto ran off. He drowned lightly as he looked around the room, noticing he was butt naked before he noticed a crying naked Ann crying on the floor.

His eyes widened as his mind put the dots together faster than his memories could, which came a second later as his face went pale and took the blanket off the bed, using the sheet to cover himself, as he set the blanket over Ann to cover herself, who showed no signs of reacting besides crying.

"Did last night really happen?" he asked with a frown as Ann barely nodded her head. "Ann I am so sorry, it's all my fault. I'm the one that got you drunk and took advantage of you" he said in a hurt tone as she looked up, showing her tear stricken face as she shook her head.

"Naruto we were both drunk and I'm the one that initiated it with the kiss. I'm the terrible cheating wife" she cried out as she buried her face back into her legs that she hugged closer to her. "I cheated on James, my husband, I'm a terrible wife" she cried as she felt Naruto gingerly rub her back as if he wasn't allowed to touch her. As she looked up she could even see the hurt in his eyes as if he was blaming himself for it all.

"Ann, it was one night of drunken weakness. We can forget about this, pretend it never happened and never mention it. I don't want to make you hurt like this" he said as Ann frowned.

"You didn't do this, I did" she said before he shook his head with a deep frown.

"I made you go out drinking with me, which led to all of this. If I didn't then none of this would have happened" he said as Ann could see that he was clutching his fists tight enough to draw blood from his palms. "Please Ann, just forget about it so you don't eat yourself up over it. I don't want to be the reason why you are so hurt" he choked out as Ann frowned and grabbed his hands, making him stop clenching them.

"I'll forget as long as you stop beating yourself up as well. It was a moment of our weakness" Ann said with dry laugh as Naruto frowned and nodded.

"I should probably stay away from you for a while so I don't remind you of this...mistake" he said as Ann frowned about to protest before she realized it's probably for the best.

"Okay" she said weakly as he nodded with a sad smile.

"Just remember that this was a one time mistake and you are still great loving and caring wife. Repeat it to yourself if you are in doubt" he said before he slipped his hands out of hers.

Ann nodded weakly as she saw Naruto walk towards his door. A part of her felt a ping of pain and more guilt shoot through her as she felt like she was losing an important part of herself and that she was putting all of this on Naruto before she shook it off as he had to go away for a bit. It was the only way they could recover.

She waited until the conjoining room door shut before she stood up, and bit her lip as she felt what was most likely his cum seep out of her, slowly going down her inner thighs.

'I need a shower' she thought with a frown as she grabbed a change of clothes out of her suitcase before going into the shower.

She calmed herself as best as she could as she felt his seed trickle out of her with help of the shower head. During the shower her mind kept wandering back to the last minutes before she passed out.

'I love you Ann' she heard as Naruto's voice said the line while it repeated in her head over and over again. She frowned before she shook the words out of her head before she focused on getting clean.

She spent a good ten minutes in the shower before she stepped out and started packing as she had to get to the airport in a few hours.

She frowned as she noticed a note near the conjoining door as she picked it up.


I thought it would be best for me to move my flight back to a later one as not to force you to be near me after everything that has happened. I set up a paid for taxi to take you home when you return to the Upperton airport. I'll still be at work tomorrow so I guess I'll see you then

Naruto' she read as she frowned but nodded as she felt it was for the best.

She knew she would recover from this, she had to. This was a mistake that was causing her to lose her friend. She hoped it would get better since her friend meant a lot to her.

It didn't take long for her to pack her bags as she stood at the door of her room. She frowned as she looked back at the room, at the bed where she cheated on her husband and has an intense night with a good friend of hers that was a few years younger than her.

It was the room that started the chain of events that would change Ann and her life forever.

-Chapter End-

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