Not So Impossible

Chapter 2

Contributor: DragonPony022

Ann frowned as she stared up at the ceiling of her bedroom as it was the night after she had gotten back from Vegas and she had all but forced her husband to have sex with her, feeling she had to have sex with him to get her last time out of her head.

The reason for her frown was the fact that her husband wasn't nearly as good as she remembered. She even tried her best to make it even more intimate with some dirty talk but he just finished on his own and rolled over like he had done his job, leaving her extremely unsatisfied.

He didn't even give her a kiss or even an 'I love you' after he finished. It was like he was just using her to get his release and that was it. It made her curl up on her side of the bed as James smiled at his release.

The fact that this was her married love life saddened her a bit. Tried as she might she tried to keep the memories of her time with Naruto resurfaced and how entirely different it was from the lackluster pumps of her husband.

As she tried to get the thoughts of the powerful night she had with Naruto out of her head her hand subconsciously snaked its way down to between her legs. The second she realized it she quickly pulled it away and beat herself up for it mentally.

She wasn't supposed to feel like this. She was a married woman, she was supposed to only be with her husband and yet the memories of the night with Naruto replayed in her head.

'I-I just want this out of my head' she thought with a tired sigh as she hoped that this would stop, she didn't want her marriage to fade away because of one drunken night, no matter how passionate and utterly pleasurable it was in her drunken state.

Once again as her head was busy reminiscing her hand made its way down and started to play with the hard bundle of nerves in between her legs. In the daze of her thoughts it took her until she pinched it for her to once again realize what her body was doing.

'Ugh! I need to stop this' Ann thought with a groan as she rolled over and buried her face in her pillow, stuffing her hands under the pillow in hope that her body would stop betraying her and let her sleep.

-One Month Later-

Ann groaned as she threw her pillow at her alarm clock as for the nearly the whole month she hadn't been getting well enough sleep, causing her to take naps during lunch and a lot during her days off.

Ever since Vegas her dreams were full of various situations of her having sex with a faceless figure, though the mane of red hair was a clear give away to who her dreams were giving her.

She frowned as she looked over to her husband who was rushing to get ready for work, not even caring that she most likely broke the alarm clock. "Why are you in such a rush?" she asked with a frown, deepening it as James didn't even turn around to tell her 'good morning'.

"I have to head to work fast, they called me a bit ago to call me in. They said I might have to work into the late of night so don't wait up" James said as he quickly ran by her and gave her a kiss on the cheek that was more of just a grazing of his lips against her cheek.

She let out a tired sigh as she hadn't been able to get her husband to try and make love with her ever since the time she forced him after her Vegas trip. He had been 'busy' nearly every day, leaving her at home alone and it was starting to pay its toll on her.

Especially when she no longer really could go to the person she normally vented to since Vegas.

Her body just seemed to go through the motions as she made breakfast for her children, dropped them off at school until she had to pick up the twins and cook dinner.

It wasn't until she fell back on the bed that she snapped out of it and let out a tired and sad sigh, burying her face in her hands. 'T-This is sad' she thought as she felt an empty pain in her chest.

'You know what!' she thought as she sat up on her bed with narrowed eyes. 'It has been a month! It was a singular mistake, as long as I make sure it never happens again I think I deserve to have my friend back' she thought as she quickly grabbed for her cellphone and dialed Naruto's number, a bit nervous to hear his voice.

She felt her heart pound in her chest as she found herself sitting up against the headboard of her bed as the phone rang in her ear. She had to force herself not to look at the id picture that she had set for Naruto as it was displayed on her smartphone.

Her picture for him was one of him smiling at her as he was eating ramen at one of their lunches with a few noodles hanging out of the corner of his mouth.

She also knew that the picture he had for her in his phone was her famous puppy dog pout that he had gotten her to do again. He said the reason for it was that he wanted to make sure he didn't miss a call from her and found he couldn't do anything but answer with her pout staring at him.

Ann quickly was brought out of her thoughts as the phone clicked, signaling he answered the call. Her voice froze a bit as she couldn't get the words out of her mouth.

"Ann? Is that you?" Naruto's voice asked out as she swallowed her nerves.

"Y-Yeah it's me Naruto…" she said as she almost felt a chill down her spine as he said her name in almost shock. But then again they hadn't talked or really hung out in over a month so it made sense. "I-I just needed someone to talk to and you're the only one I could think of" she added as she heard a soft chuckle on his end of the line.

"Well I'm glad I can still be here for you. It means a lot" he said in a soft tone as Ann felt another shiver go down her spine as the sound of hearing his voice in her ear as for the last month her dreams had been torturing her. There wasn't a day that her dreams didn't include a red haired man that was clearly Naruto in it.

It wasn't that the dreams were all sex, some of them were just pure romance like picnics or dates. They all did still torture her as she was supposed to be a loyal wife and not have reoccurring dreams of another man.

Ann shook her head with a frown as she cleared her throat "Well I don't have anyone else to really talk to so you are the only one. How have you been?" she asked as she frowned a bit.

"I've been okay. Work is still the same as you know boss. I've been going to the gym a lot, I just got back from a workout session and got out of the shower a bit ago, now I'm just watching tv and eating pizza" he said as Ann slightly bit her lip as her head visualized him sitting on his couch in his boxers before she very quickly shook the thought out of her head. "What about you?" he asked as she frowned.

"You know...same as always. James being the same" she said with a frown as she had already told him about everything involving her marriage back in Vegas.

"I'm sorry Ann, I've never been married or anything so I can't understand your pain but I do wish I could help more" he said as Ann clenched her fist with a frown as she wanted to say 'You already are, just by talking' but felt that would be inappropriate.

She forced herself to smile as they slowly returned to their normal flow. She even found herself laughing at a story of what happened to him at work last week. Before she even realized it she was laying on her stomach smiling as she talked with him for over two hours.

She was slightly surprised that she was acting like she did when she was a teenager and on long calls with James back when they were kids. Though despite how much she was enjoying it she didn't mind the nagging feeling that was stirring in her chest of 'This is how it should be'.

Naruto chuckled as she could almost hear the smile on his face through his laugh "You don't know how much I have missed hearing your beautiful voice every day, even if it's just a call" he said in a saddened tone as Ann felt her face heat up while she bit her lip.

She was caught off guard by how sweet and sincere it sounded and how sad he sounded. She closed her eyes as she could almost imagine his face before she clenched her fist "I've missed you as well Naruto as well and all you do for me" she said in a slightly sad tone.

Their talking continued but only now had a melancholy feel to it as they started to say the things they were missing. From things like their morning coffee that he always brought her to their lunches at the hospital and the dinners that she often invited him to over to her house.

Eventually their talk moved onto Vegas, only this time it didn't have the torn up feeling to it.

"You know I...I still can't believe how beautiful you looked in that evening dress" he said in a genuine tone with a hint of fear as if he almost was afraid to mention it

She couldn't stop herself from blushing and smiling as it had been a very long time since she dressed up and got complimented for her looks. Vegas was the first in a long time since she had done so.

"Thanks Naruto that means a lot" she said in a soft whisper as their talk slowly turned to the topic of Vegas.

They were both smiling as they reminisced about the fun they had at the pool, in the casinos and even the party they crashed.

Silence quickly filled the call as they awkwardly reached the end of Vegas, which was the night of their deed.

As Ann replayed it in her head she felt her cheeks heat up before she replayed the 'I love you Ann' that Naruto had whispered to her before they had passed out.

"Naruto?" she asked as Naruto nervously cleared his throat.

"Yes Ann?" he asked as she bit her lip as he wondered if she should ask him this or leave it be. Her curiosity won as she tried to wetten her dry mouth.

"What was with that I love you that you said to me at the end of it?" he asked as she could hear him coughing as if she had shocked him while he was trying to drink something.

"W-What?'t know what you're talking about. So how was your flight back?" he asked completely avoiding the question.

"You do know what I am talking about, your way of avoiding it is terrible. Just tell me what you meant by it" she pushed as that line was the thing that was eating her up the most.

Naruto was silent for what felt like a few minutes before he cleared his throat. "I really don't want to talk about that Ann…" he said in an almost torn up tone. "It was really great talking with you again Ann, honestly, you are the only one that can make me smile like this" he said in a new warm tone that made her blush madly and even make her swear her heart skipped a beat for a quick second.

"I'll talk to you later, maybe at work again?" he asked before he hung up, leaving her lying on the bed.

She frowned and let out a sigh as she didn't get the answer she wanted or needed. She stayed on the bed, still laying on her stomach as she contemplated how adamantly Naruto refused to talk about what he said to her it only made her want an answer even more.

With how her life had become a mess and the recent event in Vegas it only stirred things up even more.

Her frown lessened as she went to her pictures of her phone flipped through them, smiling a bit at all the ones of her and Naruto, even a few drunken ones that they had taken during their last night in Vegas.

The smile fell a bit as she realized that in the whole year or so since James had started to stop showing her attention there were no new pictures of her and James. Naruto seemed to be the main filling of her photo album in her phone.

They had grown so close ever since he started working at her hospital, to the point where they even went out to eat as friends during their off times.

'That's it!' she thought as she rolled over onto her back and sat up on her bed. 'I need this answer and I will get it' she thought as a fire lit in her eyes. The 'I love you' had caused her too much strife and she needed to know if it was just a drunken muttering or…

She didn't continue that train of thought as she shook it off and skipped over it. 'I need to know, I'll talk to him tomorrow and get my answer' she thought as she fell back onto the bed and decided tomorrow would get her the answers she needed.

Setting her phone down on her nightstand she sighed as she decided it was getting late and to go to bed, hoping that maybe listening to Naruto would calm down her dreams a bit since he always appeared in them.

-Next Morning-

Ann's eyes shot open as she sat up on her bed, sweaty and panting as she was shocked by her dream, only just being woken up by the alarm she set on her phone and somewhat thankful that it did wake her up.

Last night's dream was her most sexual and kinkiest dream she has had yet.

She frowned slightly as she threw off her blanket and could see how drenched her panties were, even through her nightgown. 'Ugh, my stupid head must have gotten even worse since I talked with Naruto immediately before going to bed' she thought as she slid out of her soaked panties and decided to take a shower.

Over the last month she had gotten to the point where waking up like this wasn't too surprising. She didn't deny that her body was still reacting from the Vegas incident but she still knew it was wrong and she did all she could to remember that.

She let out a relaxed sigh as she turned on the hot water, allowing it to relax her stiff muscles as well as wash away to proof of her arousal. 'That dream was really intense' she thought as she bit her lip and how intense it was.

The more she thought of it the more her body reacted and she found herself rubbing herself as her wetness, the kind different from the water, refused to die down. She didn't know if it was from the dream or the fact that she brought up the Vegas incident with Naruto last night or even the fact that she had gone a month without any kinds of sex made her arousal grow to the point that she was caught up in it all.

She almost couldn't stop herself as she found herself pleasuring herself to it and surprisingly was already near her limit, something that slightly worried her. She was just starting to get past this all and one powerful dream was enough for her to lose all progress.

She bit her lip as she was just about to reach her point but before she could she was startled out of it as James burst into the bathroom, getting ready for work again, not even caring that she was in the bathroom already.

Ann groaned as she let out a noise that was a mix between a whine and a growl as she had been refused this little bit of pleasure by James again. "Honey," she said in a strained voice "couldn't you have knocked or something?" she asked as James didn't look at her as he focused on shaving.

"Sorry there Ann but I really have to get ready fast, we are close to this really major breakthrough at work" he said not noticing the slight glare in Ann's eyes before she sighed and shook it off.

"Fine, I'm just taking a shower," she said as she smirked and opened the shower door slightly "maybe you want to come join me?" she asked with a seductive tone before she frowned as he had already rushed out of the bathroom, done with whatever he had to do.

'Don't know what I was expecting there but can't blame a girl for trying' she thought with a sigh as she finished up with her shower as she still had to cook breakfast for the kids.

She frowned as she continued to wash herself, avoiding between her legs as she was more than sure she had 'washed' it enough already. 'Of course even if James did come in here I doubt he could really satisfy me anymore' she thought before her eyes widened and she quickly shook her head, using the hot water to snap her out of it.

'Where in the world did that come from...that was strange' she thought with a frown as she should be wanting contact with her husband, not putting it down. 'I really got to get over all this and get back to being a wife. Today I will get my answer and this will all be in the past' she thought as she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to dry off and get dressed.

She frowned slightly, still shaking the thoughts out of her head as she started to get breakfast ready for her kids. She was surprised that James hadn't left already as he ran down the stairs, flew by her and gave her his textbook kiss on the cheek, which only served to make her frown more.

She wanted a real kiss, not this chaste barely even a kiss on the cheek that James always gave her. She bit her lip softly as she looked at the door that went to the garage that James just let out of as her mind recalled the powerful kiss she received in Vegas where she was pinned against a door.

The kiss where Naruto had her pinned to the door, pressing his lips against hers and tongue invading her mouth as if he was savoring her taste, which as much as she felt bad for admitting it, she was savoring his taste during it as well.

She almost could still feel the way his hands roamed on her body to the point it made their make out session so intense that neither cared that her panties were exposed for all to see.

That was passion and romance she hadn't felt in a long time. The last time she did anything even remotely 'intense' in public was in college where James stroked her butt during a light make out session on campus. That time couldn't weigh up to the intensity and passion he showed her in that public hallway.

She couldn't help but feel a moan creep up in her throat as she was reliving the moment of their tongues crashing. She almost slid her hand down between her legs before two voices snapped her out of it and doused her arousal as if a bucket of ice water was dumped on her.

"Mom! Is breakfast ready?!" Jim and Tim yelled out as she quickly fanned her hot face and turned towards the twins.

"Just finished," she said, steadying her voice as she cleared her throat "go sit down and I'll bring it to the table" she added as they nodded and ran to the table. She was a bit thankful that the twins showed up as her head this morning was having a bad habit of drifting off.

"Hey Mom, do you know when Naruto is going to come over again? He's been gone for a month and we still have to go see that action movie he promised us" Jim said as Tim nodded along.

"Yeah and we need to beat him at our new video game for payback from when he beat us at the racing one" Tim said with a smile as Ann frowned slightly but shook it off.

"Well, if all goes well today at work then he should be coming back up very soon. He should be done with his medical study" Ann said as she had came up with that lie to cover up the fact that he was giving her space after everything that had happened in Vegas.

"Sweet! We are so going to beat him at our game!" Jim said as Tim rose his hand.

"Hicka-Bicka-Boo?" Tim said as Jim gave his brother a high five.

"Hoo-Sha!" Jim said as Ann chuckled and started setting the food on the table for them to plate up.

She did hope everything went well with Naruto today because he wasn't just her friend, he was also a friend to her kids and they also seemed to miss him. Almost as much as she missed him with honestly stirred some fear in her from missing a man this much that wasn't her husband.

She really needed to get to work to clear this up, maybe she could finally get some peace of mind for once.

-Upperton Medical Center-

Ann was slightly nervous as she walked into the hospital. She had sent Naruto a text asking if they could have lunches like they always use to since today they were working at different parts of the hospital until after lunch.

The day almost flew by as one second she had just walked into the hospital and she felt like the next minute it was her time for lunch. Her nervousness only grew as she got closer to the lunchroom.

With how the day flew by she hadn't had time to steel her nerves for the conversation she was planning to have with him.

She felt her heart speed up as she saw him sitting at their usual table as he was looking around for her. She felt a pang in her heart as she saw the sad look in his eyes, as if he was afraid that she had changed her mind about them spending time together as friends.

The pang went away as she noticed how he looked at her and blushed at the happiness and something she thought looked like love in his eyes. It reminded her of how he looked at her during that night, how his eyes were full of lust and love.

Her blush increased as she noticed that while he didn't realize she was looking at him he was looking at her. He looked at her with a look of love but also noticed him checking her out. It was quick, as if he was almost forcing himself not to look at her in that way but it was very clear he was looking at every inch of her figure.

The blush only grew as she realized it wasn't just lust and love in his eyes but also appreciation and admiration, as if he was truly captivated by her.

She smiled nervously as she waved at him and started to walk over, watching his eyes travel up her legs to her hips, all the way up her body before reaching her eyes as he gave her his trademark large smile.

"It's good to see you Ann" Naruto said as he nervously stood up, unsure of what to do.

"Yeah it's good to see you too" Ann said as she too was unsure of what to do. She frowned before she remembered that she was here to get past the event in Vegas and hopefully go back to how they use to be. With that in mind she quickly walked over and wrapped him in a hug, almost shocking him as it took him a second to return it.

Naruto's instincts reacted the second he felt Ann's body pressed against his, causing him to wrap his arms around her lower back and hug her back.

Ann's head was swimming as she was sent into a slight daze as she felt his warm body pressed against hers as well as the familiar scent that while not as strong as that night was potent enough to make her bury her face in the crook of his neck.

She didn't even notice how tight their embrace was and how long they were spending, standing in the cafeteria before both of them realized what they were doing and pulled away from each other, blushing softly.

"How has your day been?" Naruto asked, trying to move the conversation along so they weren't just awkwardly standing.

"Exhausting, and that was before I got to work" Ann said with a slight frown but shook it off and smiled at him. "But don't worry about that, how have you been over this last month?" she asked with a soft smile as they sat down and talked, just like they used to.

Ann blushed softly as while she talked she noticed how Naruto was looking at her while he listened to her story. Even while just sitting down he was looking at her lips and peering over her figure. She could feel his eyes almost tracing every inch of her while he was still paying attention to her by the way he responded to her story and added to it.

As much as she didn't want to admit it she didn't find herself minding it much at all. She was almost too stuck in her thoughts that she didn't notice the photo he brought out.

"Ann? You okay?" he asked as she blushed she nodded.

"Yeah, sorry I spaced out for a second" she said as he chuckled at her with a smile that made her blush darken a bit.

"Well I was saying I took this picture of my pet fox because she reminded me of you" he said as he slid his phone across the table to her.

"Aww, that is adorable!" Ann squealed out as she saw the picture of a red fox looking up at the camera with a pout that looked almost exactly like her puppy dog pout.

"I don't know where Koyumi learnt this from but I am blaming you" he teased as she giggled.

"Is she a girl?" Ann asked as he nodded. "Well that makes sense, all girls have to have some way to get what they want" Ann teased as he rolled his eyes and chuckled,

"Well that is true, you both seem to have those large expressive and beautiful eyes" he said as he looked her in the eyes with a soft smile on his face.

Ann quickly had to look away as she felt her heart skip a beat and her face heat up "Thank you" she whispered out as she didn't quite trust her voice. This had been the first time in a very very long time that anyone complimented her on her eyes.

She couldn't help but smile softly as she realized Naruto didn't just look at her body but at all of her. She felt her cheeks heat up as she unconsciously moved her legs out from under the table and crossed them.

Her smile grew as she saw how Naruto looked over to see what she had done and how quickly his eyes were drawn to her legs, trailing up them slowly, as if he was admiring them all the way from her ankles to the rim of her skirt. She felt a bit proud of how just showing a bit of skin was able to draw his eyes so quickly.

She had to bite her lip slightly as the look in his eyes as they met hers again. The look in his eyes sent a powerful shiver through her spine as for just a second she recognized the same lust, hunger and desire that had she kept remembering every time she thought back to Vegas.

It was the jolt she needed to remember her main topic that she wanted to bring up to him. "Naruto, I know this is a sore subject but can I ask you something about Vegas?" she asked as he frowned slightly.

"Ann if it is what I said just drop it" he said as she shook her head.

"I can't drop it Naruto. I want to know what you meant when you said you loved me. Was it just a drunken mumbling or what" she asked as he ran his hand through his hair with a groan.

"I really don't want to talk about it" he said as he pushed himself back from the table and stood up, looking her in the eyes, giving her a pleading look before rushing off.

Once he was gone Ann let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding and held her hands up to her cheeks to feel how hot her cheeks were from all of that. The look on his face from after he checked out her legs reminded her too much of that night and as much as she tried to deny it she couldn't bring herself to and had to admit that it was a turn on to her to be looked at like that by him.

'That didn't go quite as planned' she thought as she moved her legs back under the table and frowned as she laid her head down on the table. 'If anything that just made things worse for my head...I'll just have to corner him in his office' she thought as she sat back up with a nod, determined to get the answers she needed.

This time the day couldn't have gone slower as every time she looked at the time it seemed to be creeping by incredibly slow. By the time she was officially off work she felt like she had been stuck there for several days.

She frowned slightly as she got a quick text from James. 'Hey Ann, I'm going to be late coming home tonight, I know it's my day to cook but can you take care of dinner tonight. Thanks' it read as Ann sighed at the lack of any form of 'I love you' in it.

Ann quickly dialed up Kim's number as she hurried off towards Naruto's office. "Hey sweetie, your dad just texted me saying he's going to be late again and since it's his day to cook and I have something I need to take care of real quick at the hospital can you order pizza for you and the boys?" she asked in a hopeful tone.

"Sure thing Mom, you won't be later as well right?" she asked as Ann smiled.

"Hopefully not if this thing goes well. An hour or so, don't wait up. Love you sweetie" she said as her daughter hung up just as she got to the door of Naruto's office just as he was about to leave.

"Not so fast lion boy, you are going to answer my question" Ann said as she poked him in the chest, making him take a step back.

"Ann please can you just let this go" Naruto said as he watched Ann close the blinds to his office and even go as far to lock the door.

"No, I need an answer. Just tell me what you meant by it. Was it a drunken mistake or not" she said as she crossed her arms, unintentionally pushing up her breasts as she gave him her 'mom stare'.

"I honestly don't know what you are talking about. I was drunk then and my memory isn't too clear on the end" he said with a sigh as he leaned back against his desk, resting on it as he stared at her with a frown.

Ann narrowed her eyes as she stepped closer to him until they were merely inches apart "You and I both know that isn't true Naruto, plus I'm a mother, I can tell when someone lies" she said as she poked his chest again. "Just answer me, how hard is that" Ann said as Naruto's eyes narrowed before he stood up, surprising her slightly.

"I'm not one of your children Ann, even if I am younger than you, you don't get to play the mother card" he said as she frowned.

"I know you aren't my child, I don't and can't see you like that but I just want the truth...please" she said as he sighed.

"Why? Why is it so important for you to know this Ann?" he asked as Ann could see the storm of emotions in his eyes as he clenched his fists with a frown.

"It just is Naruto, please just tell me what you meant!" Ann said before she felt Naruto's hands grab her sides, making her look at him in the eyes, allowing her to see even more emotions whirring through them.

"I meant it! I love you Ann! I fell for you so freaking quick when we became friends but I have used every ounce of self-control to keep it bottled up! The one night in Vegas was when it all poured out! I wanted to just settle for that one night, not hurt you even more like this! This is why I kept this hidden!" he said, getting louder and louder as her eyes grew wider.

She could see all the love, fear and passion stirring around in his eyes as he stared down at her and in all honesty it shocked her to her core, freezing her in place. As she was about to say something she felt a jolt go through her as his lips pressed against hers.

They stood in his office as he gave her a long drawn out passionate kiss that to her seemed to go on forever, not that she minded it deep down.

"What you felt in Vegas may have been because of liquor but these are my feelings, my desires and my love for you, something that has been around long before the first drink touched my lips" he said softly as he stroked her cheek, trailing soft kisses along her jawline.

"I know I can never have you Ann and I know how loving you will only bring you pain, which is the last thing I want. I would rather have a heartache like this than see you be anything but happy" he said as he started to make his way towards the door.

It was then his turn to be surprised next as he felt Ann's hands grab his hand and pull him back and kiss him.

Ann was so swept up in everything, the seriousness and emotion in his confession as well as the sacrifice he was willing to put himself through because of her. She continued to kiss him, trying to return the passion he was giving her before they had to stop, resting their foreheads against the other's as she looked up at him.

"This is wrong" she whispered out before she kissed him again softly. "We can't do this Naruto, no matter how good this feels" she muttered before he tilted her head up and kissed her deeply, deeper than any of the other kisses she has had with him.

They continued to kiss and make out with one another before Naruto fell back onto his couch, leaving Ann panting as she stood in front of the couch, trying to get her head together as all the great feelings Naruto's kisses were giving her were becoming too much for her head.

Ann bit her lip as she felt Naruto's hands stroking her legs, going up her calves until he reached her thighs but never went past her skirt. The jolts that she felt with each brush of his hands made her push his chest back against the couch before she slid up her pencil skirt a bit and sat on his lap, straddling it with her legs on either side of him.

She felt herself melt as her body was against his while she ran her hands through his hair. She felt a smile creep onto her face as she looked down at him as he was panting with a smile on his face while he continued to stroke her thighs.

"Did you mean what you said...about loving me and not wanting to hurt me?" she asked as he nodded and cupped her cheek, stroking it softly.

"I meant every word but if you continue I don't think I'll be able to bottle these feelings up anymore. I won't be able to act like I don't truly love you or contain myself from kissing those soft, full lips every chance I get" he said as he traced his thumb over her lower lip.

"I also wouldn't be able to contain myself from giving you all the passion and pleasure you have been missing and deserve" he whispered out as Ann bit her lip. "You have all the power Ann, if you decide to get off me I swear I will act like this never happened, this or Vegas" he said as Ann frowned.

"Will you still be my friend?" Ann asked as she resisted the urge to suck on his finger.

"I'll try...but with everything it would be hard and painful but if it makes you happy I can live with it. The only thing I care about is you" he said as he stroked her cheek.

-Light Lime Start-

Ann bit her lip as she looked down at him, setting her hands on his chest. She had come here to clear everything up but was blown away by his confession and how genuine and serious it was. A part of her wanted to say no and leave but an immensely bigger part of her wanted this.

To be with a man who looked at her like she was a beautiful woman, not a mother of three. A man who gave her such passion and love like she was addictive.

She also found herself loving the way he touched her, the way his fingers ignited flames under her skin and sent jolts and shivers through her body. And his kisses, they were powerful enough to send her to a daze by how her body reacted to his lips.

She knew it was wrong but everything in her body and the majority of her head told her to do this, to be happy and give into the feelings that she had felt stirring in the background of her mind until now where they showed even more.

Before she knew it her lips were crashing against his, kissing him deeply as she couldn't help but moan as she felt his tongue enter her mouth, the familiar taste entering her mouth again. Her whole body was igniting like it had back in Vegas, only this time she was sober and could feel it for all that it was worth.

Something she was quite glad for as the alcohol only seemed to dull the sensations as now it was much more powerful. Even the feeling of him running his hands through her hair was enough to send jolts down her spine.

Naruto was also in heaven with all of this, the feeling of Ann's supple lips against his, her body straddling his, and everything in between was absolute heaven to him. Plus the view of Ann's hiked up pencil skirt and light blue panties and the feel of her ass sitting on him was even better.

Ann let out a very loud moan, momentarily breaking the kiss as she felt Naruto's hands slide down her back and rub her ass, sending a jolt of pleasure straight through her that made her feel like she had been hit by electricity.

She widened her eyes as she clutched his shirt for support as she felt his fingers trace over her ass, giving it soft squeezes that were so tender yet passionate enough to give her pushes towards the edge.

"O-Oh god~ This is already feeling better than Vegas" she whispered out as he kissed her neck and continued to pet her ass.

"Especially since we are sober" he said as she nodded and started to kiss him again, snaking her tongue into his mouth as he continued to show her ass and her thighs attention.

"More," Ann moaned out in between kisses "please give me more" she almost begged as all of this attention he was giving her was mouthwatering. She was so into it all she didn't even realize she had started to grind up against Naruto, pressing her wet panties against the bulge in the front of his pants.

Naruto, starting to feel the wet sensation of her panties as she grinded against him, even started to softly thrust up at her causing her to moan into their kisses. He couldn't help but smile as Ann's moans grew louder and louder, gaining volume the more she grinded against him and felt him thrust against her.

"Looks like someone is getting awfully turned on" he whispered into her ear as he grabbed her ass hard, sinking his fingers into the fabric of the blue panties as he pushed her up against him and kept her still as he thrusted against her softly.

Ann could only nod shakily as all that was coming from her mouth were moans. "Do you really want it that badly Ann? Do you want to feel my throbbing hard dick fill you to your breaking point like in Vegas, all the passion I showed you last time only sober?" he asked as he teased her with kisses on her neck and ear, even going as far to nibble on her earlobe.

"Y-Yes, oh god yes! I've needed this all month!" Ann panted out breathlessly as she melted in his hands. "Please, give this to me" she begged as he smiled and gripped her hips before she let out a squeak as she found herself under him.

She couldn't help but feel herself dampen in between her legs as she felt the hard bulge in his pants press against her and grind against it. "Oh I will give it to you, all month I couldn't stop thinking about this sexy body of yours" he said as he trailed his hand over her curves, brushing the tips of his fingers against her breasts, down her stomach before he gave her ass a hard squeeze.

"I couldn't stop thinking about your beautiful body all month and how much I wanted to ravish it" he whispered to her as Ann blushed and he smirked from the growing dampness in between her legs.

Ann couldn't hold back her arousal as she felt how much Naruto wanted her, the desire clear in his eyes. She found she loved this feeling, the feeling of being wanted and as much as she tried to dismiss it she wanted this, she wanted him to claim her body again.

She let more moans out of her mouth as she continued to feel him thrust and grind against her, their clothes being the only barrier to stop them from actually doing what she has been craving. Her lust quickly became too much for her as she slid her hands down his chest until she got to his pants and frantically started to pull off his belt and unzip his pants.

"Oh, someone seems impatient. You must really want it" he whispered to her as he kissed down her neck before he started to unbutton her top, placing soft kisses on her chest and her cleavage.

"Like your one to talk mister, you seem awfully hurried to get to my breasts" she panted out as she crossed her arms under her breasts, pushing them up with a smirk. "I wonder if you like these as much as you seem to like my ass. You do seem to have been groping it a lot" she said as he smirked and trailed his finger from her neck down to her breast, going up their curves before hooking onto the front cup of her bra.

"Have you also been staring at my breasts as much as you have my ass?" she teased as she let out a soft moan as she felt his finger brush up against her hardened nipple.

"I can't get them out of my head, just how soft and perky they are and just how, gorgeous, they, are" he said breaking up the last bit in between kisses that he placed on some of the freckles that were across her chest and breasts.

She let out a gasp as she felt him take off her button up shirt and bra, exposing her breasts to him as he softly groped them. She watched him with a dark blush as she watched him trail kisses all over her breasts and whined as he almost purposefully avoided her nipples.

"Naruto, don't tease me~" she said with a frown before it evolved into a moan as he sucked on her right breast, but not her nipple. She pouted slightly as she saw him pull back and the beginning of what she knew was a hickey started to form.

"Naruto, what was that!" Ann asked in slight shock before he silenced her by flicking her nipple with his tongue.

"I had to mark what is mine now, a lion is very territorial over what is his, especially even more so with his foxy lioness that he is going to have some fun with until she can't feel her legs" he whispered to her before he latched his mouth around her nipples, surprising her as he started to suck on her nipples. He decided to make up for the fact he hadn't shown her breasts much attention back in Vegas and it was a shame but now he could do it while he was sober.

Ann felt massive jolts of pleasure with each suck and even nibble he gave to her nipples, giving her an almost entirely new sensation as James never really played with her breasts so this was the first time her breasts had been sucked on other than her children when they were breastfeeding.

She bit her lip softly as she saw him pull away from her breasts as he reached down to pull off his pants but before he could take them off they were both startled by the sound of Ann's cell phone ringing in her pencil skirt that was now around her stomach, completely exposing her blue panties.

She quickly reached for her phone and frowned as the caller id showed that her daughter was calling her. "I've got to answer this" she said with a frown as he nodded with a smile.

"Go ahead" he said as she smiled and answered the phone. She smiled as she felt him flip her over so she was sitting down on his lap again, resting her back against his chest while his arms were wrapped around her waist.

She smiled happily as she enjoyed the feeling of being cuddled as even just cuddling was something she had been refused by James. She also couldn't deny she loved the feeling of Naruto's warmth against her.

She quickly composed herself before she answered the phone. "Yes Kim? What's wrong?" she asked as she felt his hands rub her thighs.

"I was just wondering when you are getting home, you called me an hour and a half ago and I was a bit worried since you normally aren't home this later" Kim said as Ann frowned.

"I just got a bit held up at work, I shouldn't be much longer" she said with a slight frown as she was so close and her daughter had to be the one to block her by checking up on her. She wasn't 12 and Kim wasn't the mother.

Her frown faded as she felt Naruto's hand stroke the front of her panties getting some of her juices on his fingers through her panties. Which she was a little embarrassed that she was that wet from their time together, it made her feel like a teen again with her first real boyfriend. She blushed slightly as she watched him pull his hand away and spread his fingers, showing just how wet she was by the strands of juices that connected the two fingers.

Her blush grew as she watched his hand move away back behind her as she could hear him sucking on his fingers. "You taste so delicious and sweet. I can't wait to get a direct tasting' he whispered into her ear as Ann's cheeks went dark red.

"Mom? You there?" Kim asked as Ann held in her groan.

"Yes I'm here, I'll be home soon" she said as she half-heartedly listened to Kim tell her about her day while she watched his hands slide under her panties before she felt his fingers run through the slight bush of hair she had down there.

She felt a bit embarrassed as normally she kept it trimmed up and shaved down there but with the lack of sex she has been having she has gotten lazy with it. The fact that Naruto was literally petting her was very embarrassing.

Her embarrassment turned to arousal as she had to bite her lip to hold back a moan as she felt his fingers brush up against her pussy, teasing her as he only slipped the tips of his fingers into her. She couldn't hold in her moan as she felt two of his fingers slide all the way into her in one quick motion.

"Mom? What was that?" Kim asked as Ann almost forgot she was on the phone with her daughter.

"O-Oh it was just a yawn, you know from a tiring day at work" she quickly lied as she bit her lip to hold in more moans as she felt his fingers pump in and out of her, even faster as if he was teasing her as he knew she couldn't moan.

Her surprise increased as she felt his other hand snake down and with two fingers squeeze her clit softly, making her quickly cover her mouth with her free hand to muffle and silence her loud moan to keep Kim from hearing it.

A part of her couldn't believe she was doing this, cheating on her husband but also doing all of this while on the phone with Kim while Naruto was doing whatever he wanted to her pussy. She knew it was wrong and that she could easily stop him if she wanted to but she honestly couldn't admit how turned on by how wrong it was.

She had always done the right thing, the proper thing but here she was, at work, being fingered to the point she knew she was about to cum any second by a man who wasn't her husband while on the phone with her daughter.

Ann knew she had gone from 0 to 60 but with how things were going she honestly didn't see herself slowing down anytime soon. It was a massive thrill but also one that slightly scared her, but in a good way.

"K-Kim, I'm really busy right now, I'll be home soon, see you then" she said quickly before she quickly hung up and threw back her head as she came hard. She bit her lip as she felt herself squirted juices onto his hands as her legs spasmed out, soaking his fingers and her panties with her cum as she fell back against him, looking up at him as she panted in exhaustion.

She was somewhat in shock of how skilled he was with his fingers due to the powerful orgasm he just made her experience. Her cheeks heated up as she saw him lick his fingers clean before kissing her deeply, giving her a taste of herself which only made her spasm slightly, giving her aftershocks of her orgasm.

-Light Lime End-

She could only smile up at him as her orgasm died down before he eyes widened and she shot up off his lap. 'I-I can't believe I went through with this' she thought as she started to pace around the office, slightly hyperventilating before she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her shoulders, almost instantly calming her down.

"Relax Ann, everything is okay" he whispered into her ear as he turned her around and kissed her soft and tenderly on the lips. "I'm sorry if I pushed you too far with that" he said as she shook her head.

"That's not it, I'm just still a bit in shock that I went through with this" she said as he smiled and stroked her cheek.

"Well I'm pretty sure a date, say next time you have a day off, will fix that. A whole day with you would be amazing, especially if I get you to show off that lovely smile of yours" he said as she bit her lip and looked up at him.

She knew, almost for a fact that if she spent a whole day with Naruto she would most likely sleep with him again. The gnawing feeling inside her that made her question, were these feelings worth having an affair for?

Ann felt her face heat up as she buried her face into his chest, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes as she was acting like a teenager, embarrassed to confess her feelings for him. She nodded as she smiled, feeling him pet her head as he felt his other hand go down her back before rubbing her ass.

She rolled her eyes with a smile as she looked up at him, a bit happy that he couldn't keep his hands off her. It made her feel desirable and like a woman again. Her smile grew as he tilted her head up and gave her a kiss.

Only this kiss was more powerful than the others, the way his tongue moved around in her mouth and stroked her tongue. She was caught up massively by the kiss as she ran her hands through his hair and grip it tightly for support.

The kiss lasted for what felt like hours before they broke apart with a smile. "You should probably get dressed again, I'll wait outside" he said as he motioned to her exposed breasts and panties, making her blush before she smiled and nodded.

She waited until Naruto left before she started to fix her skirt and put back on her bra and shirt. The second she was done she exited his office to see him leaning against the wall next to the door.

"Well? Ready to go home? I'll at least walk you to your car" he said as he offered his arm to her with a smile.

"That sounds wonderful" she said as she linked her arm with his, uncaring if people saw them since they already were known to be good friends and no one would think anything of it.

Her smile didn't falter as he opened her car door for her and closed it for her before she rolled down the window for him, letting him lean in it and smile at her.

"I'll see you tomorrow I guess since we are both on shift. I'll call you tomorrow if you want" he said with a smile as he stroked her cheek.

"Yeah, I'll see you tomorrow" she said with a smile as she felt his lips kiss hers in a deep loving kiss.

"I love you Ann" he said as she smiled, still in a slight daze from the kiss before she snapped out at him and looked at him nervously. She started to stammer a bit before he silenced her with another kiss.

"You don't have to say it back if it doesn't feel right to you just yet. This is new to you and you're still coming to terms with everything but don't think I won't do everything I can to earn it. A great and beautiful woman like you is worth the effort" he said with a warm smile, making her smile happily and nod, thankful he wasn't pushing her for her to say it back immediately.

"Thank you" she said as he smiled and kissed her cheek.

"Anything for you Ann, drive home safely" he said as she nodded and started the car, smiling as he watched her pull out of the parking lot.

The entire drive home her smile never left her face as the content feeling that was flooding her refused to go away, it even made the drive home go by even faster than normal. She couldn't help but let out a slight giggle as she could still feel his lips on hers.

"Well mom, what has you so happy? You seem happier than you have all month" Kim asked as Ann smiled at her and the twins as they sat on the couch in the living room eating pizza.

"Oh not much, just some good stuff happened at the hospital. Naruto has finished his project so we were able to have lunch together" she said as Kim smiled, glad her mom got her friend back as he had been very busy recently. "And he might be coming over for a visit soon" she added as the twins cheered and Ann smiled, ruffling her boy's hair as she was glad they liked him.

"I'm going to take a quick shower, work was a bit tiring" she said as she fanned herself, still a bit hot from her activities in Naruto's office.

"Go ahead mom, I got the twins covered" Kim said with a smirk as Ann smiled and walked to her room.

As she started to get undressed in her bathroom she stopped just as she got down to her bra and panties and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn't help but blush at the now clearly visible hickey that was on her right breast.

She bit her lip softly as a shiver ran through her spine as she ran her hand over it. A bit arousal pairing with it as the thought of being marked by another man and not see it as a mark of shame or betrayal made it feel even more powerful to her.

Ann frowned slightly as she noticed she was using her left hand to run over the hickey, the hand that had her wedding ring on it. It made her wonder a bit, even with how bad it sounded to her, which symbol meant more to her right now. The symbol of marriage to a man that has been completely neglecting her for a year or the new symbol of a relationship she started with a man that had so much passion and love for her

She continued to debate in her head before she looked back at the hickey and remembered the date with Naruto she had planned for their next day off. The thought of what would happen on that date made her smile and lick her lips in a sensual and excited manner, unknowingly making her decision as she stripped down for the shower, excited for tomorrow and her time with Naruto.

-Chapter End-

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