Hmmm... Hi guys it's been a while. Normally I would say it's time to update 0, Survive or DaF... but certain problems made me unable to do those. However I am thinking of restarting 0 again and rewriting Survive. DaF is on hold until I finish playing the recent games. Until then I'm gonna post my DxD snippets from SB... enjoy:

xGundam G

He was bored. Really he was. His parents left him at the park to play while they left for something. They would return he knew. They always do. And heck, it's not like he's always like this when they do. It's just that his normal playmate went off somewhere...

"Come here kids and let me tell you something grand!"

Oh there was man over there that look he's going to tell the kids something.

"What are you gonna tell us oji-san?" the children nodded, expecting something great from him.

"Oh! Why about the greatness of Oppai of course!" he said before laughing out loud.

Oppai? What was that? It sounded very interesting! He though, and with it he began to slowly walk to the man who began his tale... however.

"Hmph! What a distasteful fool! Surely that idiot would realize that he would get nothing but trouble for trying to corrupt small children who barely know what he's spouting."The words were corse and gruff but in those words were wisdom one cannot discard.

"Eh? Why is that... ummm... ojii-san?" He asked the speaker who after he turned around was an old man wearing a purple chinese dress and black pants that reminded him what a karate master wears and had small round glasses worn (which look really weird but cool to him, but hey what did he know? He was just a kid). He was also pretty old judging but his gray long gray hair tied into a ponytail... He also had one cool moustache! (He though that maybe he should grow one too when he was older)

"Child. Because that man is spouting nothing but nonsense. I been visiting this park for a while and had found that distasteful idiot spouting his peverseness to anyone young or old he encounters. It's not long before he gets arrested for his stupidity." Again what said was grinding to hear yet spoke of wisdom. He could deny the old man's words even if wanted to. This person was someone worthy of respect! He was someone to look up to!

'This ojii-san is really really cool!' he thought. And this was just seeing his bearing and hearing his words. He wondered if the old man would do something then it would be cooler...

"Ojii-san how can be as cool as you!" He blurted earing him a laugh as the old man heard him.

"Child, you call me... cool while you barely know me. You heard me speak at best and come to this conclusion! You're very amusing."

"Eh but you are!" he insisted getting another laugh.

"Very well! Then child for you to become like you must learn how to be strong! Strong enough to earn whatever you want your own hands! Powerful enough to sieze victory even from the very jaws of defeat! That is how you become like child! Can you do all that! Can you!" while he practically shouted it. Only he and the child before him heard his shout as everyone else was busy with drama of the police finally arresting the pervert that was plauging the park for days now. And thus nobody saw how fate swayed one child from his path...

"Wow! I can do that! I will do anything!"

"Can you?! The path is the road to hell and back! Can you endure it! Will you surpass it!"


"Very well. What is your name child?"

"Hyoudou, Issei!"

"Good! For I am Master Asia! And for the next few years I will be your master!"

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xSMT: Devil Children

Rarely did Vali did something out of curiosity, but considering his eagerness to gain power it was not surprising. What surprising was to his comrades and acquaintances was his interest in a specific girl. Something in which the keeper of Draig the owner of Boosted Gear Hyoudou Issei congratulated him on. Saying things like 'It was about time' and 'It would have happened sooner or later' then began to ask... things... That honestly made both Kuroka and Bikou laugh. Still while the wielder of the power of Boosted Gear confused him greatly it still did not distract him at the task at hand. Something his more serious comrades/followers/acquaintances noted greatly. Azazel even asked:

"What is so special about this girl that had managed to catch your attention? Knowing you it's not what Issei said is it?"

"It is not."


"Ah... I found something... special... She is... a secret existence."

Intrigued Azazel asked no more but held his curiosity in check. After all he could learn later.

Bright red hair, a deadly figure and a noble bearing. When one in the know would say those one would immediately say that one was talking about Rias Gremory of the devils... But in this case it was wrong. Standing rigid in a battle stance carrying a unique pink gun and a weary look, Vali confronted the girl he had been studying for weeks.

"Ah so it is true."

Leveling the gun towards the ground surprisingly it shot out a bright light and a magic circle erupted. And from it came an odd beast. For one it was pink and second it looked liked an over sized bird... But Vali knew this creature...

"Ahh... the Griffon, yet one that bears not the same look as it's brethren. While intriguing, believe me when I say that I did not came here to fight."

Honest words, but the girl did not relent. Nor did her guard who growled ferociously, weary of any attack.

"Oh? Then what are you here for... Devil."

Her sneer was honestly painful but he did not pay no mind.

"Ah... I just wanted to see if it was true... I just wanted to confirm the most inane story I ever heard."


"Ah. I just wanted to meet the other child of the true satan, the true Lucifer... I just wanted to meet you miss Kaname Mirai..."

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xThe World Only God Knows

"I'm ho- Eri?"

"Nii-sama! Uh... there's someone to see you..."

"Is it one one of the girls?" *pinches nose* "I though we-"



"He is... Nii-sama you should just go look..."

"Eri? Ah... all right."

'Who's this guy?' "Hello, mister...? Who might you be?"

"Ah! You must Katsuragi, Keima. Am I correct."

"Indeed and who might you be." 'I have a bad feeling about this.'

"I am Sirechs Lucifer. And I'm here... to inquire about your relation to us... to the devils..."

"So you don't know why he's in our databanks?" Sirechs asked with a hint of annoyance. The databases of hell were maintained and checked regularly, so it was why something like this was completely surprising. And seeing the confounded look on Ajuka's face, it looked like he wasn't the only one.

"Honestly, I don't know what to make of him. This Keima character is not someone on our surveillance nor is he some reincarnated devil in someone's peerage. It does not help that he is in one of the most oldest records..." Ajuka told his fellow Maou who was shocked some more.

"Wait! One of the most oldest ones! Which ones?!" Ajuka paused then looked at his friend seriously.

"The one from the from the war."


"I see... So you are here because my name was inexplicable in a record that would have been dated in... what you say the great war?" Keima asked, while hiding his irritation successfully from his already foolproof pokerface. It was not surprising after all, he has already ended that story... finished that route but.

'I may be a fan of sequels. But I don't think I would enjoy this one.' He know while he cautiously looked at the side wherein Eri his sister was shivering. Hi teeth grinding, he may forced to be involved in something much worse than spirit capturing... or the weiss.

"Indeed. However from the way you talk you do not know yourself." He nods. It was best to take whatever openings this... Sirechs gave him. The last thing he needed was to be involved in something greater than he could handle...

"Very well. I'm sorry to bother you then." Saying his apologizes, the man stood up and walked away. Eri leading him out.

A few minutes later the girl came in and dropped to her knees in weariness...

"Where was mother?" "She was shopping. Nii-san?" Keima still had that look. Something the girl was very familiar with.

"Get ready Eri. Because I cannot see the ending on this one."

"Sirechs." "Grayfia."

"So. Did you get anything on the boy?" The maid/wife asked. The Maou shook his head.

"No... he is just a normal human boy." "So do we-" "No" The man interrupted his wife. "That boy... just like the Seryukutei... who was just some assuming boy... that kid, also had something..."

"Like a sacred gear?" "No." "Then?" "Secrets Grayfia... secrets... Secrets that may have something to do with our society today... And that is why...

... Well have him shadowed..."