Season 1

Episode 0 : PRE PILOT

The top of a blonde head bobbed right behind the office desk. A small scuffle with the swiveling chair and a few seconds and muttered euphemisms later, the five year old sat in front of the laptop computer.

Dear Lex Luthor,

I think it's okay that you lost all your hair. Don't feel bad. Mr. Luthor says you won't come out of your room because your classmates teased you. I heard him tell my dad. I saw your old pictures. Your hair wasn't that nice. It was so bright it hurt my eyes. I think you look cuter bald.

Yours truly,


Chloe jumped when the phone on the desk rang. She reached for it, but the swivel chair slid backwards, sending her sprawling on the floor. Her lower lip trembled when she stood up. Her chin was throbbing so much.

Mrs. Watson, her daddy's assistant, came rushing into the office and knelt before her. "Are you okay, sweetie?" When the phone kept ringing, she turned around and picked up the receiver. "Hello. Oh hello sir. No he's not here at the moment. Oh yes I'm so sorry for the delay. I was assisting Chloe because she fell. Okay." Mrs. Watson turned to her and handed her the phone. "Sweetie, Lex wants to talk to you. I think he wants to know if you're okay."

Chloe blushed and teared up at the same time. She was still hurting after all. "Hello," she whispered.

"You okay?" the voice on the other line inquired quietly.

Chloe turned around to see Mrs. Watson smiling down at her, watching her as she conducted her conversation. "Would you excuse me, Mrs. Watson?" she piped up. Mrs. Watson's lips formed an Oh before she retreated from the office. Chloe climbed up the chair again. "No thanks to you!" she retorted. "You got me surprised when you called and I fell."

"Oh really? Well who told you to email me anyway."

"I didn't email you!" she protested indignantly. "Why would I email you? I got better things to do waiting for my dad than email you. Besides Anonymous emailed you."

"Chloe, you sent it through your dad's account."

"Oh! Grrrrr. Bye bye now."

"Fine. Don't flood my inbox. And… well… thanks. You're not such a bad little girl. I didn't even know you already knew how to write, let alone type. You're going to be smart."

"Ugh. Pffffft. You're only eleven. Don't try sounding like one of the grow ups. And I'll see you at the party."


Dear Mr. Luthor,

I think you suck. Why did you go to university today? You know tomorrow's my birthday.


Dear Ms. Sullivan,

Stop grinning. I know you think being called that makes you older but you're just twelve. As for going to boarding school, you can blame it on my dad.

By the way, you think I forgot? I am offended.


Chloe looked up from the screen at the knock on the door. "Come in," she called out. Mrs. Watson stepped into the room with a bright smile.

"Hi, sweetie. I forgot to give this to you when you came in. My, you are very stealthy I almost didn't notice. It's a good thing young Mr. Luthor reminded me just now." She handed her an exquisitely wrapped gift." He left this for you before the chauffeur picked him up.

Chloe accepted the gift with a grateful smile. She waited until Mrs. Watson left the room before tearing the paper. With an awestruck expression, she took out the digital camera from the box. A note fell out that said, 'I know your dad can't afford one, but mine can. Happy birthday.'

Dear Lex,

I forgive you.


Dear Chloe,

I think my heart soared. Note the sarcasm.


Dear Lex,



Dear Chloe,

Not a very intellectual reply. I must teach you the fine art of the verbal judo.


Dear Lex,

I cannot wait to learn from the master. So when are you returning to Metropolis?


Dear Chloe,

All in good time. Stay in school.



"No! What do you mean you're not letting me come there? I'm going to grab the keys and drive to Metropolis now!" she yelled over the phone.

"Please," he bit out. "I knew I shouldn't have told you."

"Well you told me, so I'm going! Why did we have to move to Smallville? It makes the trip longer." Chloe grabbed her overnight bag and started stuffing it with necessities. "I swear I'm going to murder him."

"Chloe, I'm fine. And I need you to stay away. Nobody knows about this and I just told you because you'll find out anyway. With my luck, we'll see each other when you and your dad come over for the annual report, and you're going to slap me in the shoulder and make the wound bleed again."

There was a long pause and Chloe released her breath. "Okay. And trash the with any luck nonsense," she commanded. "If I don't see you this weekend I'm going to hunt you down."

"Yeah, yeah," he repeated tiredly. "My shoulder stings so I'm putting the phone down."

"Okay. And I hope now you know that there is nothing in the world with zero consequences. Stay safe."

"Sure. And Chloe?"


"Who were you fooling about driving to Metropolis immediately? You're in eighth grade. You can't drive. At least you better not be driving yet."

"Nothing escapes you," she snarked.

"I would say bravo but this brings up another concern about how you were thinking of rushing to Metropolis. I swear, Chloe, if I find out you've been hitchhiking I would personally search all recently arrived drivers and having them arrested by the PD."

"Oh shut up."

"Oh shut up?" he drawled out. "I think I just won this judo round."

"Oh yes, Lex. Relish this victory for the day will come when I will be queen of this."

Lex considered her remark. "All right, Chloe. That was a good parry. Let's call this round a tie."

Chloe put down the phone, still concerned about her friend's injury. She would cancel her movie date with her two new friends Clark and Pete so she can tag along with her dad on his business trip.