Chlexville Season 3


The emergency room doors flew open and Lex's pale stunned face turned to stop when he saw his brother sitting bloody on one of the white plastic chairs. Lex stumbled towards Lucas, whose lips were still blue from shock. He fell onto the chair beside his. Lex's eyes were captivated by the morbid horror of Lucas' stained arms.

Lex felt the tremors racking his body. Lucas did not need to say the words. With the short statement over the phone, Lex had known to expect that life would deal him the same unjust blow it had been dealing him for the past year. Once more, the guilt that ate him before all this began, threatened to suffocate him.

"Go to the hospital. Now," was Lucas' message. The context was clear. Lex had to break all traffic laws to make it.

She had been so young and fun-loving, carefree in a way that he had never been all his life. Consciously he had taken it away from her. Now here she was; so was he.

"Who was it, Lucas?" Lex rasped.

Lucas remembered the promise Chloe had made him give as she was wheeled away on the gurney. He shook his head.

Cold steel eyes regarded him in anger that hid most of the grief. "You owe me," Lex said, playing a card that he had sworn he was too noble to use with his brother.

The younger Luthor blinked for a few minutes. His gaze focused, then he answered, "I owe her too."

Lex took a deep breath. "You have to know that whether or not it comes from you, I will find out who did this."

"The last thing she asked me before they took her away," Lucas shared, "was to tell you not to hurt them."

Lex sucked in the tears that threatened, then covered his face with his hands. Every night he remembered a moment. Each hour he fought to relive the dreams and the nightmares he had tried so hard to forget. Nothing would be relegated to oblivion anymore. Not now. Not when he had a family waiting for him to remember.

He shot up from his seat, regarding his brother with red-rimmed eyes. "Stay with her."

"Where are you going?" Lucas demanded in a low growl. Chloe was inside, her life hanging in the balance. Lex was not going to walk out on her now.

"I'm going to make sure no one hurts my family again."

He knew where Summerholt was. He had learned enough from Clark. Maybe, Lex thought, maybe he could persuade him to infuse him with the lost memories once again. He might then be good enough to take care of her.

"Stay, Lex," Lucas bit out. "She's going to need you when she wakes up."

But that was what he avoided. Lex did not want to be sitting there helpless when the doctor stepped outside in his blood-spattered gown to tell him that the young woman who had waited in vain for the return of the man who promised to come back for her, would not wake up.

"I have to go," Lex said stiffly.

Clark was on his way to the Talon when he saw Pete running towards him with Jordan. Pete did not really hang around with the boy before, so Clark was curious about why the two seemed to be in such a hurry.

"Clark, we've been looking all over for you," Pete called out. He glanced at Jordan. "Who gets to do the honors?"

"What's going on?" Clark asked.

"Well it looks like Jordan has something to tell you."

Jordan swallowed heavily, then met Clark's gaze steadily. "Have you seen your friend—the editor of the Torch?"

Clark's eyes flew to Pete's. "As a matter of fact, I haven't. I haven't even heard from her. Pete?"

"Nope. She hasn't called me either."

"I heard there was a fight," Clark said. "Let her cool off."

"I was there," Jordan offered. "Her foot hit my arm when Lucas Luthor was carrying her out of the school. I see death, Clark. I'm pretty sure I saw death when we made contact."

"What?" Clark cried in disbelief. "What happened exactly?"

Lucas had fallen asleep on the chair, his chin resting on his chest. The moment he felt a weight on his shoulder, Lucas started and sat up. He looked up expecting the doctor. Lucas frowned when he saw Clark Kent leaning over him.

This was the boy who had almost run over Chloe.

"What are you doing here?"

"Lucas, is Chloe okay?" Clark asked urgently.

"I don't know, Clark. Where the hell were you when Lana Lang was beating her up?"

Clark flinched. "That wasn't within our control, Lucas. There was someone else controlling us."

"Why are you even here?" Lucas continued edgily, unwilling to soften towards Clark. "You know, I think Lex is looking for you."

The taller boy shook his head. "Listen, Lucas, you've gotta take Chloe away from here."

"She's still inside," Lucas told him. "She's probably going to have to stay here for some time after what happened."

Clark bit his lip, not knowing if he was supposed to divulge information that would label his new friend as a meteor freak. "Lucas, I know in good authority that Chloe's in danger here. You have to take her away for her own safety."

"News flash, Kent. She's already in danger. I'm in a hospital waiting room, for God's sake!"

"It's not that!" Clark exloded. "She's in another type of danger. People are working to kill her, Lucas. You probably blame Lana but she's not the one who's going to kill her. My friend saw an explosion, a big one at her house. Someone's planted a bomb there or is going to plant a bomb… I don't know exactly. What I know is you have to take her away."

From above Clark's shoulder, Lucas saw the doctor handling Chloe's case step out into the waiting room. He pushed Clark away and stood up. At the movement, the doctor looked towards him.

Lucas' heart flew to his throat when he saw the doctor's somber expression. He forced his legs to move. His hand slid inside his pocket to grip his phone. He was going to call Lex within the next five minutes.

He hoped to God it wasn't a call he would dread.

"Mr Luthor," the doctor began. "You came with Mss Sullivan, didn't you?" continued the man, although assessing Lucas' clothes ascertained the fact.

"What is it?" Lucas choked. He barely felt Clark brush by him when the farmboy stepped beside him.

The doctor sighed, tired eyes sullen and forehead creased. "We did everything we could..."

He was a caged animal as he searched the town for the two people he wanted to hurt the most. Clark had sent her to the hospital, and he had settled it with the boy. Lex would speak to him again. However, this time, he needed to see Lana. At first, Lex could not believe that the pretty girl would have enough strength in her to hurt Chloe as much as he had. He trusted his sources. He received eerie video taken from a student's videomail capable phone that attested to the fact.

Lana had endangered Chloe's and his baby's lives.

"They say music hath charms to soothe the savage breast," Lex drawled as he watched Adam playing the piano in the Talon.

Adam glanced up and read Lex's shuttered expression easily. "I wouldn't count on it. Looks like my music had no effect on your mood."

"I'm not that gullible," Lex answered, "unlike most people whose lives are swayed by the tinkle of a few keys and the thrum of guitar strings."

The pianist allowed the music to flow into his veins as he moved with the chords. "My parents would have killed for a piano like this." His fingers stopped on the keys. "You want to see Lana, don't you?"

"It's not about you at the moment. Don't worry," Lex assured him in a cool voice.

Adam nodded. "That's good to hear. Unfortunately, Mr Luthor, Lana's not around. You just missed her. I'll be sure to tell her you stopped by."

"Care to tell me where she's headed?" Lex would not let her go this time.

"Clark Kent called and she left because it was an emergency. She went to the hospital to meet him."

Lex turned on his feet, stalking towards the exit.

"Mr Luthor," Adam called.

Lex stopped at the door and turned his head.

"I heard what Clark told Lana. Please tell your brother I'm sorry to hear about that."

Chilled him to the very bone.