Who is Vykk?

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After returning from a successful mission, Leia decided to do some research. She had the means to do so, and ignorance could cost more than the time it took to find out what you needed, so she contacted a friend in the archives, and arrangements were set.

Three days later, she visited her friend, Mindreda, from Dantooine, a fair skinned, blond woman with short hair. She could not be called beautiful, but was certainly beyond ugly.

"Greetings Min. You've got my information?" She asked, sitting down in an empty chair. "I most certainly have." She smiled. "You have a way of picking interesting people to gather info about." "What have you got?" Leia said, trying to sound as if it did not matter, like it was just the ordinary day to day research.

"This Vykk sounds like a real hero, if you ask me. The earliest records he has is about ten years old. He was a pilot on Ylesia.." She didn't get further before Leia interrupted her.

"Ylesia? iThe/i Ylesia? The one with the spice factory running with the help of slave labor?"

"The very one." Min smiled. How she could smile at something like that was beyond Leia. "But it seems our friend wasn't too fond of slavery. He saved a couple of slaves, among them Bria Tharen. Without this guy, we would never have had the plans of the death star, and that ithing/i," she filled the word with as much disgust as human possible. "would still be around, blowing up planets. But that's not all. As you know, there was Hutts mixed into the economic part of the Ylesian factories, and they didn't like the fact that he saved the girl, and blew up parts of the factory, so a bounty was set for his head. A couple of months later, he was killed by a man named Shrike, but Shrike was also killed in the confrontation." iSo he was dead,/i Leia thought. To her surprise, it saddened her. A man she had hardly known, but he had done a lot of good in his short life. He had been no older than she when he died.

"There is more. When I tried to look up some info, I came across someone else who had tried to as well. It is a girl from the rebellion, and she is stationed in this base. She might know something more." Min said, dead serious. Why, Leia didn't know, but as always, knowledge you never thought you'd need might come handy when you least expected it.


"Hey, I'm Avia, you must be princess Leia. It's an honor to meet you." The tiny woman shook her hand, obviously nervous, as she didn't know what this meeting was about.

"Good day, Avia. Why don't you take a seat?" Leia offered, trying to make her feel at ease. "Now, the reason for this meeting is that I discovered that you have been searching for information about a man called Vykk Draygo. There is nothing wrong with that, but I've been trying to gather information about this man myself, and I couldn't find anything about him from when he was younger than 19, and I wondered if you knew anything." She finished, looking straight at Avia, who seemed to be rather relived."

"The reason for you nothing finding anything about him from before he was 19, is that he didn't exist until then." Before Leia managed to say anything, she continued. "You see, Vykk wasn't his real name, and I wanted to make sure he was who I thought he was. Maybe I should start at the beginning?" Leia nodded, and she continued. "You see, when I was young, no more then 4, I was a beggar. I sat on the streets of Corellia, trying to get a meal, and somewhere to sleep, because if you fall asleep on those streets, you might not wake up." Leia looked horrified, but she didn't say anything. "One day, a man walked up to me, and offered me a place to live. His name was Garret Shrike, and he was captain of the iTraders Luck/i. Even now, I fear the ship, but then it was my only home. Shrike had lots children on that ship, and they were all working for him. He trained them, the youngest to be beggars, and the older kids was trained to be thieves. When I was 10, a young boy was brought in. He was no more then 5. I can remember how terrified he was, but how he refused to cry. How I remember it, I don't know, 'cause there were so many kids brought onboard, but somehow, that moment still lingers. And when he grew older, he grew though. He was among the few who stood up to Shrike, and he paid dearly for it, every time. I don't think any other kid on that ship took as much beating as he did. But he was lucky. A wookiee named Dewlanna was on that ship, because her husband, who was then dead, had been in debt to Shrike. She could have gone home, but she stayed to protect the kid. She turned out to ba a substitute mother for him, and he wouldn't have made it without her. I remember once, when he was 17, he had been in a race. You see, Shrike discovered that he was a great pilot, so instead of steeling, Shrike signed him up on lots of very dangerous races. Something very much like pod racing, if you've ever heard of that." Leia nodded. She had heard of pod racing, and it was supposed to be very fast, and very dangerous. It was a wonder this Vykk had survived for as long as he did.

"The thing is, he was good at it, very good. And it made him arrogant. After one race he had won, he went to far when talking to Shrike. He couldn't walk for a week." Avia took a deep breath." And finally, he decided to escape. From what I heard, he was caught, but Dewlanna showed up, and a fight emerged. Dewlanna sacrificed her life for him, and he went to Ylesia." Leia couldn't help but feel sorry for Vykk. He had had such a rough life, and when he had tried to help her out, she had yelled at him! And half a year later, he was dead. There was nothing she could do about it.

"I know the story from here. About the Ylesian spice factories, and the bounty hunter, and how he and Shrike killed each other. And Bria Tharen." Leia was even fighting back tears, but she didn't know why. She had hardly know the man, why did it matter so much to her? She couldn't even remember his face! She did remember that he had a soothing voice, but she couldn't recall it.

"You think you know the story, but it doesn't end there. You see, Shrike knew what his real name was, and when the bounty was set for Vykk Draygo, who no longer excited, he knew where to find him. He checked records, and found out that Vykk had enrolled in the imperial academy. There, he tried to kill Vykk, but somehow, it was someone else who ended up dead, with Vykk's identification papers. Who I don't know but Vykk still lives." This made quite an impression on Leia. Vykk was alive, but an imperial?

"I know what you're thinking, but don't worry. He's not an imperial anymore. He was thrown out for saving a wookiee, and turned to another profession."

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