Chapter 6:

In the forest we find Sonic and Pikachu battling Shadow and Umbreon while Alexa, Sky, Eon, The Mane Six, and Golden watched.

"Now Pikachu! Use ThunderShock!" Sonic called out. Pikachu then jumped into the air and let out bolts of lighting to go and strike down on Umbreon.

"Umbreon! Dodge Pikachu's attack!" Shadow called out to Umbreon. Umbreon shifted left before he could get hit. "Alright Umbreon! Use Quick Attack!" Umbreon started charging towards Pikachu at full speed and managed to hit Pikachu at full force.

Sonic was shocked, but tried to stay determined, as well as Pikachu. "Oh so that's how you want to play this game huh Shadow?" Sonic said to Shadow, "Well how about this? Pikachu! Use Tackle!"

Pikachu charged at Umbreon managing to hit him. Umbreon looked a bit exhausted but refused to give up, as well as Pikachu.

While the Mane 6 and the rest of the gang was sitting watching the battle, Pinkie sat with a bucket of popcorn and said, "This Pokémon battle gets better and better!" She then stuffed her face in the popcorn as she continued to watch. Some of her other friends began to roll their eyes and continued to watch as well.

"Don't think you've won yet hedgehog!" Shadow urged to Sonic, "Umbreon still stands and will continue to strike down your Pikachu!"

"Oh yeah faker?" Sonic would reply, "Try me."

"Umbreon, time for a new move, Shadow Shutdown!"

As Umbreon began to use Shadow Shutdown on Pikachu, Pikachu suddenly felt weird.

"What the-?!" Sonic exclaimed, "Pikachu, use Tackle on Umbreon!" Pikachu just stood there not doing anything. "What kind of move was that to use on Pikachu, Shadow?"

"It's called Shadow Shutdown, with this, your Pokémon won't be able to use one of it's moves," Shadow replied smiling with his arms crossed, "Now you're Pokémon will be worthless now that you can't command it to do anything until I make a move on your Pikachu."

"Wha- That's not fair!" Sonic urges anxiously.

Shadow smirked, "Let's finish this Umbreon, use Quick Attack!" Umbreon used Quick Attack on Pikachu, causing Pikachu to faint and unable to battle.

"Pikachu!" Sonic ran to Pikachu to see if he was alright, "Pikachu, can you hear me buddy?"

Pikachu tries speaking to Sonic, but felt a little weak, "pika.. pika pi.."

Shadow and Umbreon both were proud of themselves and high-fived each other.

Sky then came in and announced, "Pikachu is unable to fight, which leaves Umbreon and Shadow, the winners!" The rest of the gang and the other Pokémon just clapped and some cheered.

Rainbow Dash flew in the air cheering more for Shadow, "Yeah! You've got it Shadow! Woo hoo!"

Jolteon watched Rainbow Dash cheering for Shadow and decided to play along with her. Jolteon started to jump around and act excited, "Jolte Jolt Jolt!"

Alexa just smirked. "Wow your pokemon sure acts like you RD" She said while chuckling.

RD smirked. "Well yeah cause he's as awesome as tank"

Alexa just shook her head and went up to the two hedgehogs, "Great battle you two. You're definitely getting better." She said.

RD then stood. "Ok next is my jolteon vs your emolga Tails" She said.

Tails then stood. "Alrigĥt just prepare to lose."

Sky smiled at the two and their pokemon as they looked ready to battle but then he felt something. He turned around to look up at the trees and heard rustling.

"That can't be good" Sky said to himself.

Sky walked toward the trees looking around for whatever made the rustling noise. As he drew closer, something shot out water at his face. "Agh! Hey what the!" Sky exclaimed trying to wipe off water from self.

Everyone turned to Sky confused and saw that he got wet from something. Applejack walked towards him and asked, "What happened to you?"

Sky pointed at the trees, "Something just splashed water at me from up there. I have a feeling it's another Pokemon of some sort."

Rainbow Dash flew to the tree trying to get a closer look, but got splashed right in the face and flew back. She screamed a bit trying to shake water off, "Yep, there's definitely something up there."

"Let's not try to scare whatever's in that tree," Twilight suggested, "if, by any chance, it is a Pokemon, we should show that we mean no harm, and that we're trying to be nice and gentle with it."

"Well, maybe I can try convince it this time," Sky said and walked towards the tree. He looked up in the tree and tried to talk with whatever's hiding from inside it. "Hello? Hey you still in there? Look we don't mean any harm, so why don't you come out, and you can see that we're just friends?"

The creature from in the tree hopped from the tree but crouched down cautiously as he landed on the ground. It hid in the shadows trying to hide self, but slowly and anxiously started walking towards Sky and the rest of the gang. The creature had a long tongue wrapped around its face like a scarf, and looked like a blue, and yellow frog-like Pokemon.

The blue frog Pokemon stood up and in front of Sky. "Greninja," the frog-like Pokemon would speak out to Sky, as it kneeled down showing some respect and in response of saying 'Hello.'

"Re re! Umbreon," Umbreon would speak out loud.

Shadow turned to Umbreon, "what is it Umbreon?"

Umbreon turned to Shadow, talking to him about the frog-like Pokemon.

"Umbreon says he once saw this kind of Pokemon," Shadow announced to everyone, "He says this Pokemon is Greninja, the Ninja Pokemon."

"Whoa, a Greninja," Rainbow Dash's jaw dropped for a second as she gazed upon Greninja. However when Greninja looked back it wasn't happy.
"Gre, Greninja!" It called out. Sky then went wide eyed. "What? What do you mean?" He asked.

Twilight spoke, "Sky you understood him?" She asked.

Sky nodded. "Yeah… I think, but if I did it's not good." He said.

Greninja then jumped down and landed with its hand on the ground like it was ready to strike. Sky then gave a narrow eyes.

"Greni, Greninja" It said. Everyone then turned to Sky for a quick translation.

"He said to us to leave our pokemon here and leave the forest or else big trouble," Sky would say. The others then turned to the Greninja as it crossed its arms.

Alexa then stepped forward. "Why do you want us to do that? We have done nothing wrong"

However Greninja just growled a bit and then lowered its hands to its sides and then clapped them together. Once it did that a water shuriken started to form. Right before it laughed the huge thing Sky ran up.

"Alexa watch out!" He exclaimed as he pushed her out of the way.

The two landed with Sky on Alexa for a sec before he quickly got up trying not to make things look embarrassing for them. Sky then looked at Greninja as it gave a stare.

"Greninja" it said.

"Sky? What did he say?" Golden Star asked.

Sky then grunted. "He said that was a warning shot."

"We weren't trying to hurt him," Alexa added, "Maybe you can ask this Greninja what's wrong or something Sky?"

"I can try," Sky replied. He then walked up to Greninja. "Listen Greninja. I can see something is bothering you… maybe if you tell me what's wrong, we can somehow help."

However Greninja wasn't in a talking mood and was about to launch another attack when a noise was heard.

"Vul…. Vulpix" It said. Everyone then turned to see a small red fox walk out of the bushes.

"Whoa what is that thing?" Sky asked.

Just then, some more Pokemon came from the bushes behind the small fox. It was Meowth, Sylveon, Eevee, Leafeon, and Vaporeon.

"Pika pika," Pikachu spoke as he saw Meowth with the other Pokemon.

"Oh hey Pikachu," Meowth said to Pikachu. Meowth looked around to see Sonic and the rest of the gang. Meowth jumped. "Whoa, so these must be your other friends, huh Pikachu?"

Pikachu nodded.

"More Pokemon," Fluttershy exclaimed.

"One of them can also talk?" Rainbow Dash added.

"I've been able to talk for a while now," Meowth replied, "Not like other Pokemon, but I get that a lot of them ask, talk, or maybe brag about me talking. Oh yeah, before I forget, allow me to introduce myself and the rest of my group. My name is Meowth, the scratch cat Pokemon. That's Sylveon, the intertwining Pokemon, Vaporeon, the bubble jet Pokemon, Eevee, the evolution Pokemon, Leafeon, the verdant Pokemon, and Vulpix, the fox Pokemon."

"Most of them looks quite adorable," Rarity complemented.

Sylveon would turn back to the bushes a little sad, while everyone glanced at her confused.

"..Sylveon" Sylveon sighed, as she sat with her ears down and looking down.

"Hey, is uh.. Sylveon doing alright?" Sonic would ask.

Meowth walked in to comfort Sylveon. "Sylveon's just worried about her home," Meowth would reply to Sonic, "We had to abandon it knowing there was something out there trying to hurt other Pokemon, and got worried that they might have been after us as well. There were some other people we met that went out to investigate what it was, while I led the group away from Sylveon's home to somewhere else safe."

Eevee and the rest of the Pokemon would look worried and sad as well.

"Wait.. who were these other people that was investigating what was out there?" Sonic asked Meowth. Before Meowth could answer Greninja just spoke up.

"Gre- Greninja" He said to meowth. Meowth was surprised by what he said.

The others turned to Sky for an answer. "He said that meowth doesn't have to tell trappers like us anything." He said. This left the others confused.

"What does he mean by that?" AJ asked.

"Greninja...Gre...Greninja" Greninja said as it turned to and pointed at her.

AJ and the others turn to Sky. "He said don't play dumb. I know it was you and your allies that have been trapping pokemon in this forest."

"What? But we would never do that," Alexa urged.

"Re Re, Umbre- Umbreon," Umbreon would speak.

"Umbreon has a point," Shadow would say to translate for Umbreon, "We've been helping other Pokemon ever since we've been sent here. The only we know that would be trapping Pokemon in this forest is a certain somepony, named Thunder Lapiz."

"Yeah, that artificial pony has been wanting revenge on us ever since we've defeated Nazo a while back, and yet she's still trying to find ways to bring us down," Rainbow Dash would add.

"My sister would do anything to get people out of her way on what she's planning to do, so the only one who could cause harm to these creatures and other people is Lapiz," Golden Star added afterward.

Sylveon and the others looked more concerned, unsure of who's wrong or right.

"Eevee, Eeveevee Eevee," Eevee would speak.

Meowth turned to Eevee, listening to her trying to talk.

The others looked at Meowth and Eevee. As Eevee was talking, Meowth kept looking back at the others and to Eevee.

"But whatever Greninja says is usually true, what if they are the trappers?" Meowth asked Eevee as they continued talking. Greninja then crossed his arms until the Vulpix walked up to Greninja.

"Vul-Vulpix" It said to the Greninja.

Greninja though turned and spoke back.

Of course no one understood what they were saying until Alexa spoke. "The vulpix was asking Greninja why he thought like that."

"And from what Greninja says. He saying somebody that's not a pokemon has been going around trapping other pokemon and well seeing us that's what it believes." Sky says. The two Pokemon argued for a bit until Vulpix spoke.

"Vulpix, Vul" It said.

Everyone turned to Alexa for a translation. "Vulpix is saying we should have a chance to prove Greninja wrong," She announced.

Greninja just stood there, until he spoke. "Gre-greninja, Gre."

"Greninja can give us a chance, if we explain exactly what we've been doing to prove we weren't the trappers," Sky translated for Greninja.

"Well, with that being said, maybe I should explain everything to Greninja," Sonic came in and said.

Pikachu hopped on Sonic's shoulder, "Pika Pikachu," he said to Sonic.

"Thanks buddy," Sonic turned to Greninja. "In the beginning, Thunder Lapiz tried creating a machine to bring a certain someone back to life, but me and the rest of my friends had to stop her. Eventually, Eon managed to take out the Chaos Emeralds that were supposed to give the machine extra support, but what we didn't see coming, the machine started to malfunction. When all of a sudden, everything for us turned white, until we got thrown out of portals to this world. That's when we met Pikachu, and when he led us to the rest of his Pokemon friends. Some of them were saying something was starting to hurt and trap other Pokemon, while they made an escape before they could be next. Then we all were setting out to help the other Pokemon, and stop who or what was causing all of this. In conclusion, we believe it was Thunder Lapiz that was trapping and hurting other Pokemon, so there was no way we would have done it."

Greninja began to glare at Sonic with a suspicious look, unsure if he's telling the truth or not.

Pikachu jumped down from Sonic's shoulder and walked up to Greninja. "Pikachu, Pika Pi, Pikachu," he spoke in a more firm way to Greninja.

Sonic turned to the rest of his friends to translate for Pikachu, "Pikachu's telling Greninja that he and his Pokemon friends were there as well, so they should know that we aren't lying."

Everyone wanted to know what Greninja thought. However right before he could answer a huge boom was heard as rain began to pour.

"Oh perfect!" RD exclaimed.

"Over there!" Sonic yelled out. He pointed to a cave close by, "Let's take shelter over there."

The others nodded as they all started to walk over to the cave. However Greninja turned away from that direction. Sky noticed this. "Hey Sky! Come on!" Tails called to him.

Sky though looked in Greninja's direction and they both could see what looked like Spewpa stuck in a tree. There was then lightning which struck near the tree. "Oh no. Those pokemon are gonna get hurt." Greninja then just jumped and started leaping from branch to branch heading that direction. Sky decided to follow in suit. Alexa noticed this and called out to him "SKY WHERE ARE YOU GOING! COME BACK!" She shouted, but Sky was gone before anymore was said. She was about to go after Sky but somebody grabbed her before she had a chance. "Hold on partner." She turned around to see it was AJ who said that. "I think I know what Sky's up to. We need to let him do what he think is right."

Alexa looked out and knew she was right. Sky, in the meantime, continued following Greninja as they continued to the tree. Greninja looked down and spoke. "Gre, Greninja"

"Yeah i get it, You think I'm going to try and stop you, but that's not how I work. I want to help them as much as you do." Sky said, "Maybe if we can try work things out, we can probably work together on this."

Greninja glared at Sky, still unsure if he should trust Sky. It was a stare off for a sec until the lightning started getting worse. The two had arrived at the tree and looked up. The Spewpa Pokemon looked down from on the tree and saw Sky and Greninja below. Sky then hopped up and landed on the tree branch they were on.

He held out his hand "Come on Spewpa," Sky said to them the Spewpa though backed away a bit. "Don't worry Spewpa I'm here to help," the Spewpa looked to see Sky wink at them. "You can trust me."

The Spewpa shook a bit, but then stepped up a bit. Some got scared because of the lightning, others were ready to jump to Sky and Greninja. Before the lightning struck once again, the Spewpa hopped on Sky and Greninja. The lightning struck on the branch that the Spewpa jumped from.

"That was a close one," Sky said as he looked at the Spewpa with happy expressions. Then Sky looked up at Greninja. "We made a pretty good team huh Greninja?" Sky asked Greninja, trying to smile.

Greninja nodded but then they heard the another sound. It sounded like a cry. They looked to see a caterpie was holding onto a branch right above them. One more bolt of lightning had struck and spooked the caterpie so hard that it let go and started to fall. "OH NO!" Greninja then growled as it jumped from where it was and grabbed the caterpie that was falling. Though they then slid down the cliff.

Sky looked down but with the darkness of the clouds. However in some strange way he looked and could see what Greninja could see. He then shouts. "WATCH OUT! ON YOUR LEFT!" He called out to him. Greninja in a strange way heard him and looked to see a rock formation as it moved a little away. Sky then spoke again. "ON YOUR RIGHT!" Greninja then looked to its Right and dodged out of the way

"STRAIGHT DOWN!" He said. Greninja nodded and then landed on the ground. Sky sighed and then smirked. Greninja then smirked as well and as if they were linked they both gave a thumbs up. "Yeah! That's how we get it done!" He said.

Later Greninja came up with Caterpie still in his arm. He then set it down and approached Sky. Greninja then nodded as it help out a fist for Sky. Sky looked down and then back at Greninja. Sky then smiled and fistbumped Greninja.

"Like I said Greninja," Sky said to Greninja, "We make a pretty good team."

Greninja nodded as they both decided to head back to join the group.

To Be Continued...