Arthur Note: So I finally came to my sense to do a second part of my story Under Universe Tales. So this comes after Pearl and Steven had free the monsters from the Underground. Also comes after the sequel story of Double Dating Tales. I think in the summery may summons the whole story up a little. Yet I may change some things.

I'll add two character from Undertale that haven't been uh... mention in the story. One is Chara and the other I won't say but if you guess it right then I'll give you a happy prize. Just kidding! I won't do that but I think you may know who's the other character is. If not you'll have to wait and see.

Like I always have to remind everyone. I may have screw up on either spelling or my grammar. But if I did I'm sorry. Can't be all perfect, right? We are humans and we all do make mistakes. So without further to do. Hope you all enjoy this second part of the story!

P.S. You may want to read the first sequel of Under Universe Tales before reading this one to get a better understanding. Along with Double Dating Tales. If you want to but I highly recommend you to.


Flames began to burn down the doughnut shop. Sadie and Lars both ran out along with Steven, Frisk, and Undyne. Sadie brush her curly blonde hair and then brush her purple T shirt and black pants. Lars shook his head and brush his brown shirt and pants. He look at Undyne.

"What the heck fish head?"

Undyne growls at Lars. She push her long red hair back as she summon her blue spear.

"You wanna try me, punk?!"

Lars gulp, "ah… no um… all is good."

Sadie sighs, "well looks like I'll be out of business for a while."

Lars shrugs as he walk away fast before Undyne would do something to him.

Steven looks at Sadie, "I'm so sorry I uh… wanted them to feel at home here."

Sadie sighs, "that's fine Steven, maybe you could take Undyne and Frisk back to your home for a bit."

Steven nods as he, Frisk and Undyne walk towards the beach.

Undyne sighs, "didn't mean to ya know burn that place down. But that stupid bag wouldn't open."

Frisk look up at Undyne, "you were suppose to not open it up all the way."

Undyne sighs, "oh well it's just stupid!"

Steven and Frisk both shook their heads at each other.

Once they made up the long wooden stairs leading to a white house with a brown table and two chairs at the end of the balcony.

Frisk and Undyne waited outside as Steven offer the two for a drink. Both girl nods as they sat in the chairs near the table.

Once Steven was inside the house there he saw Sans and Pearl flirting one another. Steven smiled as he stood there watching them. Steven turn to see Amethyst was doing the same thing watching the two. Amethyst saw Steven and walk up to him putting her long lavender hair back. She came up beside Steven put her hand on Steven's black curly hair.

"Look at those two. It's obvious that they are in love…" she put up her two finger and move them a little.

Steven chuckles, "I know since that date that me and Frisk set up. It made them fall in love."

Amethyst nods, "yup, I got an idea."

Amethyst began to sneak up behind the two. Steven tilts his head wondering what Amethyst is up to. Steven scratch his red T shirt that has a golden star on it. Amethyst smiles at Steven and wink as she got up real close to Sans and Pearl.

Steven had no idea at all what Amethyst is up to. He watch as she took a long deep breath then began to sing.

"Sans and Pearl sitting in the tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G"

"Amethyst" cried Pearl as she turn to face Amethyst.

Sans cheek bones began to turn blue. He zip up his blue jacket and put his hood over his skull head.

Amethyst smile, "come on Pearl, get a sense of humor."

Pearl rolls her blue eyes as she cross her arms. She turn and when she spotted Steven she fell backwards and fell on the floor. She almost hit her head on the table.

Sans ran up to her and ask if she was alright. Pearl nods as she let Sans help her up. Pearl look to see Steven came up to her with worry expression written all over his face.

Pearl ask, "Steven, how long were you standing there?"

Sans turn and was shocked to see Steven.

Steven answer, "uh… long enough to see you two flirting."

Pearl and Sans both look at each other with embarrassment. Amethyst laugh like she had just heard a joke.

"Oh man you two should have seen your faces! That was so funny!"

Amethyst fell to the floor and kept on laughing away. Pearl put her hand on her hips.

"I hope you're happy now?"

Just then the blue flash of light came straight down on the blue ward pad. Steven smiled when he saw Garnet holding a pink bubble has a green and blue gem inside.

"Hey Garnet" call Steven.

Garnet smiles, "hello Steven, I see Sans has return."

Steven nods, "yeah, him, Frisk, Undyne, Papyrus, and Toriel wanted to come see Beach City. Toriel and Papyrus are with my dad right now. Undyne and Frisk are outside um… oh I almost forgot to get them a drink."

Garnet nods, "I know Lars and Sadie aren't too happy about what Undyne did."

Steven turn, "how did you… oh wait future vision."

Garnet nods, "I'm sure Undyne is going to hear of this."

Steven sighs, "yeah me and Frisk told her not to but… uh… she didn't listen."

Amethyst stop laughing as she began to joke around with Sans and Pearl again. Making them both embarrassed than before.

Garnet turn to the door that has a round circle with a huge star that has five different gems on it.

"I have to attend to my business. And Steven, make sure to remind Undyne to not open a bag and leave it on the stove."

Pearl, Sans, and Amethyst look at Garnet with shock and confusing. Steven nods.

"I think Undyne had found that out the hard way."

Garnet nods, "I do too."

Once Garnet use her two pink gems on each of her hand to open the door. She went inside along with the bubble in her hand. Once she was inside the door shut right behind her.

Pearl look at Steven with concerned, "what did Garnet mean?"

Steven gulp as he answer, "well Undyne got a bit upset when she couldn't open the um… potato chips. So she got really mad that she open the bag and drop it on the stove fire and burn up the doughnut shop where Lars and Sadie works.

Pearl freaked out when she heard that. Amethyst again laugh to hear that. Sans only rolls his white eye pupils not too surprised to hear that about Undyne.

Sans spoke, "heh… at least you guys didn't get hurt."

Pearl then added in, "or even worse!"

Once Steven grab two juice box, he was about to take it outside when they all heard Undyne yelling at someone and could hear the spear crashing on the roof.

"What is she even doing?!"

Pearl ran outside with Sans trying to stop her. Amethyst smiles as she ran out behind the two. Steven also ran not far from Amethyst.

Once they all got outside they look to see Undyne and Frisk were both gone. Pearl began to freak out and wondering where in the world Frisk went. Sans try to calm Pearl down. Steven happen to look up on the roof to see Undyne was fighting with one of the corrupted gems.

The creature was large with wide teeth the gem was inside of it's mouth. It's white hair stick out with anger and it's green droul drip down from it's large mouth.

Steven yell, "up there!"

They all turn and were shock to see the creature with Undyne. Undyne growl as she threw her blue spears at the creature but the creature dodge each one.

"Oh come on! I'm the most strongest one around!"

Pearl was going to help Undyne but Sans stop her. He didn't want her to get hurt by that creature. Amethyst jump high and landed on her feet right next to Undyne. She pull out her long black whip from her dark purple gem on her chest.

Undyne smiles, "great timing pal!"

Amethyst smiles, "ha, anytime! Let's get this baby!"

Undyne nods and the two of them began to attack the creature. But the creature was too strong for them both. Soon Garnet came out of the house and jump up on the roof to help.

Steven turn around to see Frisk was trying to get away by something or someone? He look to where Frisk was running from. He was shocked to see a yellow flower with fangs sticking out from his mouth trying to grab Frisk with his green vines.

Steven's eyes widened, "Flowey…"

Steven remember doing his and Pearl's time in the Underground that Flowey had cause a lot of trouble for the two of them. Yet turns out Flowey is actually Asriel. Steven turn to see Pearl watching in horror where Garnet, Amethyst, and Undyne are at.

Steven ran to Pearl and pull her blue shirt.

Pearl look down at Steven and ask "what's wrong, Steven?"

Steven point to where Frisk is running. Pearl look and when she seen Flowey she was shocked and confused of how Flowey made it to Beach City.

She didn't waste any time. She got on the railing and jump down perfectly on the ground. She ran to Flowey and pull out her blue spear from her white gem on her forehead. Flowey turn and growls when he saw Pearl running towards him.

"Well, well, we meet again do we? I guess little old me have to remind you of how strong I am."

Flowey began to throw white pellets towards Pearl. She was able to destroy the pellets with her spear. Flowey growls but kept the pellets going and towards Pearl. Pearl kept swinging her spear to destroy the pellets.

Frisk watch as Pearl kept herself in balance and focus the whole time. Frisk didn't know what to do but watch in horror. Just then Frisk heard her mother crying out her name. She turn to see Toriel with her purple dress flowing with the wind running towards her.

Frisk smiles as she got up to hug her mother. Toriel check Frisk to make sure she isn't hurt. Just then Papyrus and Greg ran over to make sure everything is alright. They look up to see Pearl began to have trouble trying to stop Flowey. He was getting more powerful and stronger than she is. Pearl wouldn't back down and give up at all. But it seems Flowey is making her to.

"What's wrong Crystal Gem? Can't be able to stop me?"

Pearl fell on her knee as she look up at Flowey tiredly. She could feel her arms began to shake along with her legs. Flowey laughs evilly and violently.

Garnet was able to destroy the gem and bubble it up. The bubble disappear when Garnet use her magic to make the bubble go away. Garnet and Amethyst help Undyne to get down. Steven smiles as he hug Garnet and Amethyst. He was glad they and Undyne were alright.

Sans walk over and was too happy to see them alright. Just then they heard Frisk and Papyrus scream.


All five of them look over the railing of the banister to see Flowey had struck a pellet through Pearl. She is badly wounded. Pearl fell down as she held her stomach. Sans use his teleport magic to get near Pearl side. He saw the wound on Pearl.

Sans look up at Flowey and his white pupils disappear as his blue pupil appear on the right eye socket with flames forming out of it.

"You… You'll pay for this!"

Sans took off his jacket and put it over Pearl.

"Hang on Pearl, I'll be back."

Pearl look up at him, "Sans, please don't do it."

It was already too late. Sans was ready to attack Flowey with all his might. He was piss off.

"On days like these, flowers like you should be burning in hell!"

Soon a strange animal skull form above Sans' head as it open it's mouth and once Sans open his eye sockets it fired right at Flowey. It stuck Flowey making him go backwards some. Yet Flowey wasn't going to give up.

"Is that all you've got comedian, try me then."

Sans never heard Flowey call him that before. That was certainly new to him but right now he didn't care less. This stupid flower had hurt his girlfriend and that made him angry.

Steven ran to Pearl and he look up at Garnet then at Amethyst.

Garnet sighs, "if you use your healing magic she'll be fine but needs lots of rest. She's going to be weak even if you do use your healing power"

Pearl look at Garnet, "what about Sans?"

Garnet nods, "I'll help him. Steven, Amethyst, you two stay with Pearl while I'd go help Sans."

Amethyst and Steven both nods in agreement. Garnet ran off and began to help Sans fight Flowey. Toriel, Papyrus and Frisk ran towards Pearl.

Steven look up and said, "don't worry I have healing magic to heal her."

All three weren't too sure about that.

Steven take a deep breath and soon put his hand over his mouth and licked his hand. Once so, he place his hand on Pearl's stomach and soon the wound began to heal up. Frisk, Toriel, and Papyrus all stood shock to see what Steven had just done.

"See" said Steven, "I told you I can do it."

Pearl began to get back up but she was still weak as Garnet had said she would. Steven and Papyrus both ran over and held Pearl up.

"Sans" said Pearl weakly.

Amethyst sighs, "Steven, Paps, I think you two should uh… take her into the house."

Toriel nods, "yes, bring Frisk with you two as well."

Papyrus and Steven nods. Papyrus took Frisk's hand and held Pearl up with Steven on the other side doing the same.

All four walk up the stairs to the house. Toriel and Amethyst spotted Undyne running towards Flowey as she yelled with anger. Telling Flowey to leave them all alone. So Toriel and Amethyst both decided to help. With that they join in to fight Flowey.