Later on in the evening, Steven went to check up on Frisk. When he had returned home, he brings Sans and Papyrus with him. Both skeleton brothers were greeted by the gems as they walk into the living room.

"It's good to see you two back," said Garnet.

Amethyst nods, "hey you guys, wanna play video games with me and Steven?"

Papyrus nods, "I sure do! Let's go!"

"Nah," said Sans, "I rather go outside for a bit."

Sans began to walk outside while Amethyst, Steven, and Papyrus ran up to Steven's room to play video games. Garnet look at Pearl.

"Pearl, why don't you go see Sans for a bit?"

Pearl nods as she headed out the door. Garnet went upstairs to watch the three play video games.

As Pearl got outside she looks to see Sans looking up at the water with his arms over the railing. Pearl walk up beside him as she put her hand on the railing. She gave a long deep sigh as she too looks at the water.

"Isn't this nice, Sans?"

Sans nods, "yeah, it's sure is. I'm just glad that deal with Chara is all over."

There was something else bothering Sans. Pearl began to notice.

"Sans, why do you seem so sad?"

Sans looks up at Pearl and then looks down.

"I just… I can't help but watch her try to kill you. I mean she actually poofed you. I… I can't stand to lose you too. I can't afford to not care anymore!"

"Oh, Sans."

Pearl place her hand around Sans' shoulder as she put his fur gray hood over his skull head.

"You know we both have the exact same fear. Yet we can't let that bring us down. Even I sometimes forget and Steven has to remind me that everything is alright."

Sans nods understanding yet he stays silent.

"Sans, you know when I first met you. I didn't quite know what to expect from you at all. But as time gone by and you help me and Steven through the Underground. I realized how lucky I am to have a smart, funny, and lovable skeleton I've ever met."

Sans looks up at Pearl, "you're just saying that to cheer me up."

"No, I'm not Sans. It's true."

"Heh.." Sans thought a moment, "you know that's exactly what I think of you too."

Pearl begins to blush, "oh you do."

"Y… yeah, I do."

Pearl looks down as she took his hood back off. He looks up at her knowing that she's up to something.

"What are you…"

Before he could finish Pearl gave Sans a quick kiss on the cheek bones. Sans gasp for a bit but then felt ease. Sans look up at Pearl and then he threw Pearl down as he looks down at her.

"Well since you put it that way."

Sans sticks his blue tongue out and touch her mouth with his tongue. Pearl eyes widened in shock as she pushes Sans off of her.

"Sans skeleton, what on earth were you doing?!"

Sans looks at Pearl, "uh… that's the way our skeletons would kiss."

Pearl look at Sans with surprise but then smile, "well then let me show you how we kiss someone."

"Um… okay," said Sans nervously.

With that Pearl pull Sans close and soon kisses Sans' teeth. Sans eyes socket lit up like there were actual stars in his eyes sockets.

"Wow, I uh… that felt really sweet. Just like you."

Pearl giggle as she place Sans on her lap. Just then they both heard the door slam open to see Papyrus looking for Sans.

"Brother, Pearl, what are you two doing?"

Sans and Pearl look at each other worryingly.

"Um… nothing bro. Just uh… hangin out."

"Were two kissing?!"

Sans and Pearl spotted Steven standing behind Papyrus excitedly looking at them.

Sans looks down and nod slowly, "yup we were."

Papyrus eyes sockets lit up, "oh my word, my brother has finally has his first kiss!"

Papyrus ran in telling the other two gems that Sans has his first kiss with Pearl. Amethyst ran out and began to sing that silly song.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes love, second comes marriage, and third comes a baby!"

Pearl hissed, "Amethyst, will you stop it!"

Amethyst laughs, "he,he,he, you know that I couldn't help it!"

Sans and Pearl both sigh a bit upset. They really wanted to be alone yet they got distracted.

Everyone even Sans and Pearl went back inside. Papyrus and Sans had to leave so Pearl and Steven were the ones to take them back.

Once they got to Mt. Ebott once again, there Sans and Pearl gave each other long look before Papyrus pick Sans up and carry him down the mountain.

"Goodbye human, human's friend! We'll see you again soon!"

Steven yell out, "goodbye Papyrus, bye Sans!"

Steven looks up to see Pearl waving and looks to be in her dreams.

"Pearl? Pearl!"

Pearl looks down at Steven and apologize for not responding soon. Steven smiles knowing that Sans and Pearl's relationship are getting stronger.

Steven took Pearl's hand and the two of them step up on the warp pad and soon they return back home.

The End.

Arthur Notes: Well decide to do two chapter at once. So I finish both on the same day. Whew... at least I got it done. Thanks everyone for enjoying this story. Appreciate it a whole lot. Anyways have a nice day!