So this was just something I came up with, not very original, but what the heck. I wanted to do this at least once.

And some of the facts I list here about myself...some of them are true.

I'm not sure if I will turn this into an actual fic or not. Considering I was drunk again.


"Are you guys sure we are doing this right?" Ruby said as they were doing a team dust project.

"I'm Certain this is how its supposed to be." Weiss said as she was an expert on dust.

She didn't even realize that she had added a little too much of a sample of white dust to the mixture.

"So what is this stuff supposed to do?" Jaune asked as he couldn't actually figure out what they were doing.

"It's supposed to be a high grade explosive." Pyrrha said as he looked back at her.

"And we are messing with this in class because?" He said as Nora spoke up.

"Because the author needed something to move the plot along!" She said as everyone just looked at her.

"She ate too much sugar at breakfast again." Ren said trying to justify her behavior.

"I ONLY HAD A COUPLE OF BOTTLES OF SYRUP!" She said as she didn't have a problem.

"Anyways, just one little sample left and we should be good to go..." Weiss said as she added a bit more.


An explosion rang throughout the classroom, the entire place was suddenly covered in a thick fog. With Teams JNPR and RWBY right in the middle of it.

"DANG IT WEISS!" Yang yelled out as she was coughing up flem.

"I SWEAR I HAD IT RIGHT!" She said as she was coughing back.

"I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!" Nora yelled as she didn't know what to do.

"Can someone please try and clear this?!" Ren yelled out.

"Weiss can't you use a glyph to blow this out of the way!" Ruby said as Weiss nodded.

"Just give me a second! It's hard to focus with all this dust around!" She said as she started to concentrate.

Thank god she could use her semblance without her weapon.

"And here we go!" She said as her glyph created a great gust of wind.

"Ah there we go! Now lets apologize to...Goodwitch..." Ruby said as everyone looked around.

"Uh, where are we?" Jaune said as they were not in the classroom anymore.

Instead they were in some sort of small living room with a couch and a TV.

"That's a good question." Weiss said as she was embarrassed that she messed up the project.

"TEAM RWBY! JNPR!" They looked up at the ceiling.

"Professor goodwitch?!" They yelled as she was looking at them through a portal on the ceiling.


"Uhm, actually I just added a bit too much dust to the project." Weiss said looking away.

"Either way! It seems like you somehow have transported yourself to another part of Remnant! It could take us forever to track you down! You're lucky there is still a sample of dust here we can replicate to understand what you did. Until then, stay put until we find you!" She said as the portal closed.

"Well...crap..." Nora said as this was not good.

"We're in some stranger's house, man this is not going to look good if they think we're trespassing." Jaune said as everyone looked around.

"Doesn't look like anyone's home..." Pyrrha said as she looked out the window.

"Guys...I think we may have really screwd up this time..." She said as they all went over to the window.

Instead of the familiar cites of Remnant, all they saw as far as the eye could see was...Corn.

Corn. Corn. CORN. CORN!

Nothing but Corn!

"Where the heck did you blast us to Weiss?!" Blake yelled as she was not liking this.

"Well, looks like we may have been blasted to the countryside..." She said as she can't believe she made a teleportation dust.

"Why is there so much corn?" Ruby asked as she looked over it all.

"I don't know, but at least there are a few buildings here and there." Ren said as he stuck his head outside.

"And we appear to be in some sort of community." He said as he came back inside.

"Hey look at this!" Nora said as she held up a sword.

"Apparently the owner likes to collect swords!" She said as she held up a cavalry saber.

"NORA! Is it really appropriate to go through people's stuff?!" Pyrrha said as Nora paused.

"Nope! But it's okay, we'll just get out of here before they come back!" She said as she picked up a tomahawk.

While the two teams knew better. They had to admit. Nora had a point. What was the harm in looking around just a little bit. Besides, the owner seemed to keep a lot of this stuff within reach, apparently they didn't have any kids. Nora and Ruby were now geeking out at the weapon collection. They found axes, swords, tomahawks, knives, a bow and arrow, and some other weird weapons.

Ren had found a kettle and decided to boil some water for tea, luckily whoever was here seemed to have an avid supply of Green Tea of all kinds. He figured a nice relaxing cup of tea would be nice after what just happened. Besides, surely the owner wouldn't mind one tea bag going missing? So he set about to making tea.

Blake in the meantime had found a book shelf in one of the rooms and was looking over the titles of books. Some which she had never heard of.

"Rise of Theodore Roosevelt...1776...The fighting tomahawk guide...The Way of the fight...Saga of the icelanders...oh what is this one?" She thought as she found a book hiding under the others.

"The Viking and the shinobi: A love across two worlds." She read the title to herself as she opened it up. (1)

She needed something to hold her off since she didn't have her copy of Ninjas of love on her.

Yang found some basic workout equipment, which literally was a pair of dumbbells and a barbell with a few weight plates. So not much to look at. She did however find a selection of movies that interested her.

"Hmm...Warrior? A movie about two brothers fighting in a MMA tournament? Sounds awesome! But why have I never heard of this til now?" She said as she was surprised that she had only just heard of this movie.

Especially since she was always on the lookout for fighting movies.

Weiss was trying to find some music to listen to. But some of the selections were indeed odd.

"What the heck are disney songs? Bagpipes? Mozart? Willie Nelson? Does this person not have anything I know?" She said as she had been used to fancy hoity toity music.

She decided to just listen to Mozart, that sounded fancy.

Jane and Pyrrha decided to read a book they found on the table labeled 'The Iliad.'

"Hey Pyrrha, is it just me, or does this Achilles guy seemed to remind you of yourself? Only you're a lot nicer, and this guy is kind of a jerk." He said as Pyrrha responded.

"He's still an interesting character, I hope there are more books about him." She said as she felt strange connection to this character.

"Hey Jaune! Check this out!" Blake said as she threw a book at him.

"The trial of Jeanne d'arc? What the? That sounds a lot like my name." He said as he decided to take a closer look.

"What the heck is this place?" Blake said as she was finding a lot of stuff that was unfamiliar to her.

She found a flag with stars and stripes on it. As well as another flag that seemed to be made up of Stars and Bars, except it was in a glass case like it was a history display or something. She also found some strange statues of bearded men with swords and armor. In a way, they reminded her a bit of Nora. She had no idea why.

"Apparently they like booze..." Yang said as she found bottles upon bottles of Mead, Whiskey, More Mead, something called Guinness, and even more Mead. Geez, either they party a lot, or they just really liked the taste of alcohol.

"Seriously? Does Uncle Qrow even have this much?" Ruby said as she saw the bottle upon bottle.

"I think they may have a problem." Blake said as she was enamored in the book she was reading.

Such a powerful, powerful beast of a man ravaging the delicate but deadly frame of this kunoichi, it was BREATHTAKING.

"OH I WISH I WAS IN DIXIE!" They heard a man singing very drunkily.

"Well...that answers that question." Weiss said as they heard a doorknob turning.

"Wait! Crap we aren't supposed to be in here!" Nora said as she suddenly remembered why they were there.

"We got to-" Yang was cut off as they saw a man enter the fray.

He had a shaved head and a red beard that was a bit scraggly with a shaved neck area. He was fairly small, he was only about as tall as Yang. And while had some semblance of muscle. He looked to be fairly slim. He was wearing a sleeveless shirt with a picture of crescent rose on it.

"Hey how did he get a shirt with crescent r-" Ruby said as the man froze as he saw them.

"Uh oh...he's pissed." They all thought as they were trying to think of a way to explain their situation.

"OH JOYFUL HAPPY DAY!" He yelled as he did a drunken twirl.

"Uh...sir?" Ren asked.

"Oh you have made my day! Oh I am the happiest man on the planet!" He said as everyone felt a little creeped out by this eccentric home owner.

"Uh, You're welcome I guess?" Jaune said as the man picked up the cavalry saber.

"You have fulfilled my dream of fighting off intruders in my home! HAVE AT THEE!" He yelled as he took a swing at Jaune.

"WOAH! WOAH! WOAH!" Jaune yelled as he dodged a swing.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?!" He yelled as Nora threw something at him.

"JAUNE! CATCH!" She yelled as she threw a broadsword and shield to him.

"Huh, hey this remind me of Croceo-" He said as he felt a lock of hair fall from his head.

"HA! HA! FIRST BLOOD!" He yelled as Jaune brought his shield up.

"WILL YOU JUST LET US EXPLAIN YOU CRAZY BASTARD?!" He said as he bashed the man in the head. Which made him drop the sword.

"Ugh! AH! I'm bleeding! YES! This is real! HA HA!" He said as he picked up a sword that was labeled 'Ulfberht'

"Oh god, what is wrong with this guy?!" He said as the man suddenly looked at Ren.

"Well helllooooo Gorgeous.." He said as Ren suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

"Uh...what?" He said as Yang stepped up.

"Uh, was he referring to me?" She said as the man shook his head in a drunken stupor.

"Oh hello no Pretty Lady. I was referring to the green garbed beast over there." He said as he charged at Jaune again.

"Okay, its official, this guy is too drunk to function." Yang said as Jaune was surprisingly having an easy time fending him off.

*BAM* Suddenly the man fell down to the ground. Knocked unconscious. Everyone turned to see Nora with a warhammer.

"What? He was flirting with Ren!" She said as she was growling overprotectively.

"Uh..Nora...he's bleeding out." Ren said as he saw there was blood pooling out onto the carpet.

"OH MY GOD! That shouldn't have done that! His Aura should have protected him!" She said as suddenly felt very guilty.

"Well we got to stop the bleeding!" Jaune said as he really didn't want to get charged with murder.

The guys in prison would love a pretty boy like him.

"Good thing I always keep some dust balm." Weiss said as she pulled her personal first aid kit out of nowhere.

"How is that going to repair the hole in his head?!" Ruby said as she didn't like the thought of being an accessory to murder.

"Hello? I'm a Schnee, this is specialized healing dust ointment, usually meant to cure small wounds, all we got to do is pull this piece of bone out of the skull anddddddd." She said as she applied it to the man's head and wrapped it up in a bandage.

"Wait, what just happened?" Jaune said as he blinked and he missed it.

"Quick fix...although he may have brain damage." She said as Yang spoke up.

"He may have had brain damage already..." She said as they all sighed.

"The point a way he was right." Ruby said as they all looked at her.

"Well we did invade his home." She said as Weiss scoffed.

"I hardly think trying to kill us was the appropriate solution!" She yelled.

"Yeesssss it wasssssss.." The man drunkenly said in his sleep.

"Maybe we should wait for him to sober up...we might be able to be civil then." Blake said as she was still reading the book she had found.

(1) I couldn't find a good smut novel, so I just made one up.