Hotsuma's Bad Decision

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((Before the Game: Hotsuma, Ageha, and Moritsune standing by a tree))

"I don't really think we should be doing this.... I mean won't Master Kobushi-sama get angry?" A young Hotsuma said in a almost fearful tone. Moritsune shook his head. "No brother. I've seen Kobushi-sama do this many a time." Ageha looked quietly toward the ground as Moritsune began to search his pockets. He pulled out a small jar which had been filled with weeds. He laid the weeds down and took out a pipe that he had stolen from Kobushi. Moritsune handed it to his younger brother.

Hotsuma gulped and then held a small stick beside a nearby torch. The flames engulfed the end and Hotsuma held the end to the pipe which was now in his mouth. He sucked in a breath and he felt a choking feeling. He coughed and then he noticed shapes were becoming less vivid and images were appearing.

Out of fear Hotsuma drew a dagger and began to slash around like a madman. He cut off a lock of Ageha's hair. Once he realized what he had done he gulped a painfully gulp. Ageha's expression changed from calm to furious. "YOU DARE TO EVEN TOUCH MY HAIR WITH THAT GOD-FORSAKEN, RUSTY PIECE OF CRAP YOU CALL A DAGGER?!" The young girl yelled causing Moritsune to back up and vanish into the woods and Hotsuma to fall on the ground.

Ageha then changed emotion agian, but to sadness. She held up the small lock of hair and began to cry as if it were her child and it had died. Hotsuma cursed his brother slightly. A strong hand gripped Hotsuma's shoulder causing Hotsuma to sigh with a bit of fear.

Kobushi glanced at Hotsuma's dazed expression and then at the pipe. Hotsuma noticed the small cup of sake in Kobushi's hands. Kobushi was even more hurtful and strict when drunk. Hotsuma expected then punch to come, but instead a slight pat on the back was received. Kobushi began to laugh and smile. "Your taken after me, which is good boy! Here have some sake!" Kobushi said literally shoving the drink and almost the cup into Hotsuma's mouth.

Oh no...this weird feeling...not agian. Hotsuma thought with a sigh.

((Around five hours later))

Hotsuma woke in a soft and comfortable bed. " head...I don't remember anything...." Two soft hands stroked him. "Good job sexy. Boy that was fun." Ageha said seductively. Hotsuma glanced at himself and then at her. He quickly grabbed the quilts and covered himself up. He began to realize what had happened. "First I almost become deaf after getting the feeling after smoking the pipe, then I drink so much sake I don't know what I missed, and finally I know I had sex, but I'm not able to remember it?! This is Satan's work! GRRRRRR!" Hotsuma yelled furiously.

Ageha smiled and whispered in a lustful voice, "Well I can show you what happened." Hotsuma quickly pulled her under the covers.

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