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Chapter 1:

Rubeus Hagrid currently had a very good idea as to what Harry Potter always felt when he fell into one of his troubling adventures. He had just gone to Diagon Alley to buy a few books on creatures for his godson, Albus, when he had seen a group of children being dragged into Knockturn Alley. None of the other shoppers were paying any attention to the scene, which meant there was magic at work, that his half-giant heritage was negating.

Rushing to save the children, Rubeus had attacked the kidnappers, forcing them to release the kids an fight him. The shoppers, noticing the fight, were quick to contact the Aurors, even as a few of them joined the foray and started to help Rubeus protect the children, all of whom were crying and scared of the event happening around them.

Magic flowing left, right and centre, the Aurors arrived and added to the chaos. Amidst the flying spells, a few joined together in a quirky manner and targeted the children hiding behind their protectors. Rubeus jumped in front of the spells, even as a few protective spells were sent to shield the children. A combination of offensive, protective and Rubeus' own heritage came together and created a blast that hurled Rubeus through time, and left him in 1925, Britain.

At least, that was what Rubeus believed. This was the kind of luck and trouble that Harry boasted of. Not Rubeus. And yet, here he was, in a time when he wasn't even born yet. How troubling.

Rubeus did not care about the how's and whys. It lead to heartbreak and depression. Not something he wanted to experience. He had always been pragmatic that way. Instead he focused on living to the best of his abilities, something he had planned on doing anyways, only in a different time.

The first order of business was food and shelter, for which he needed money. Thankfully, he still had his money pouch, with which he had been shopping. Considering the time, and the difference in economy, he had enough to sustain him till he found a job. He knew that there was a vacancy as a groundskeeper at Hogwarts soon, so he planned on applying for it. Or maybe he could something with the knowledge he had about Magical Beasts, he had always wanted to work with them. Regardless, till then he would see about getting a house in Hogsmeade.

He mourned for what could have been, the life that he had to leave behind. A god son he loved, a family he had become a part of, the proving of his innocence in Chamber of secrets debacle, buying a wand, learning magic in the open, getting his certificate to become a full-fledged Magical Creatures Professor, all that and more, gone. He could, and would, build a new life here, but it would not be the same, just a different continuation of the life that he had lost. He would remember them, move on and live.

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