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A Strange Familiar Story

Book one of the Familiar Troubles Series


To believe in only one reality is to be not, but a fool for there exists a multitude of realities. Two of which seem to be parallel to one another and yet completely opposite at the same time. One reality is one whose faith lies in the belief in science while its counterpart has turned its faith to belief in the mystic arts. However, even when separated the boundary between these two still allows for the passage through the call of summons.

These summons can come from either reality and can range from simple animals to magical creatures. These summons are called familiars and are considered loyal companions to their summoners. Even in the reality of science there exists many of these creatures as evidence by the legends and lore found throughout its lands. These creature were either revered as deities and friendly spirits, or reviled as monsters and demons. The story about to unfold is of one summoner who succeeded in breaching the gap between the realities to summon just such a creature.

Chapter one: The dreams of a glassblower's son

"So we meet again young one" came the familiar voice of the being that has visited me in dreams for as long as I can recall. The voice has always sounded like that of a young woman, but carried with it the weight of many years giving it the feeling of patient wisdom. "How long are you going to keep calling me that I have a name you know!" I shouted at the voice. The next thing I knew the being from whence the voice came appeared before me in a shadowy silhouette.

The well-known form of the being with it's human-like shape, green eyes that faintly glow in the darkness, and long tendrils sprout from where I believe would be their back. Sometimes I could make out certain things about the beings appearance, but even then their image was still too distorted by the shadows to properly make out. From this being I could hear a soft chuckle before she responded, "yes you do have a name, but until the time you are able to speak mine I shall not speak yours". Indeed this was the agreement we had made when I first met her here in this dream world and for several years now I have tried more than once to guess it whenever she decided to visit me. However, seeing as all my attempts have gotten me no closer to finding her name I started to doubt that I would never know it.

Almost as if she sensed my doubt she reassured me, stating that "it will happen one day, perhaps sooner then you expect". As I was about to ask what she meant by that I could her my Mother's voice calling out to me from beyond the dream. "Until we meet again young one", and with that she left as I awoke from my dream to find the sun just risen from my beyond my bedroom window. "Cyrron, rise and shine, its time for breakfast!" came my Mother's cry up the stairs that led to the bedrooms.

After a few quick stretches I quickly, made my bed, dressed, and got ready for the day before finally heading down to the kitchen to eat breakfast. Having sat down at the table I greeted Mother and Father before proceeding to tuck in to the porridge and bread sat before me. We were the picture of your average summoner household with an emphasis on the average as that was the ranking of our abilities. As summoners we are ranked by our magical abilities with regards to the elements we can command and the power level we can use.

My Father Silic Forge a man with nut brown skin, onyx black eyes, and fiery red hair can command the normal amount of two elements, in his case they were fire and earth. Considering that he came from a family of blacksmiths and other craftsmen these elements would of course be useful. That being said he became a glassblower instead of continuing the family smithing business as a way to win my Mother's heart and the fact that he did not wish to go deaf at an early age from all the meatal hammering. It was also apparent that his dominant element was fire judging by his familiar Smelter. Smelter was a salamander with a stubborn attitude and fiery temper, not unlike my Father who can only hold his patience for so long before he explodes. And by explodes I mean like a volcanic eruption, hot and fast burning until it slowly simmers down to smoldering cinders.

My Mother Eve whose skin unlike my Father's is a pale off white, has deep blue eyes, and hair the color of silver is a nature and water magic user. So while my Father worked on his glass pieces she would mind the shop and even grow produce and flowers to eat and sell as well. Her familiar was also a mirror image of it's summoner as Father often told me that as a young girl my mother was the definition of a pretty flower with thorns. The Kelpie Equia had the look of a beautiful mare with aquatic features, but cross her the wrong way and there is not a crevice deep enough to hide you. Indeed my Mother was a kind woman, but she could hold grudges and should you be either skilled, or unlucky enough to raise her ire, well it will take more than a few fortnights before one should let their guard down. As for my elements and familiar that is yet to be determined as during the early years of our training we learn only the basic magics that do not require an element and other general knowledge.

However, soon that will change as I am now sixteen and therefore required to attend an academy to choose a possible career focus. This focus will depend on my elemental magic and its level. This is because only certain levels of magic can achieve certain tasks such as the powerful High Magus that are given only the most difficult of tasks. If one was not particularly blessed and had an unfortunately low level of magic power then the careers from which they could choose were normally limited to either simple crafting jobs that require little to no elemental control to handling documents in a governmental office. Not the most exciting professions, but they were a way to make a living none the less.

As I continue to ponder my possible future career choices my parents and I finish eating and start to clear the table before getting ready to open the shop for the day. Just as I opened the shop door to turn the sign plate from closed to open, in flew an incredibly fast bird which soon settled itself on the sales counter. The bird was the size of a large raven with yellow green feathers that would change between yellow and green as the bird shifted and powder blue eyes. This creature was known as a gust-tail grackle as they would cause strong gusts to follow in their wake due to their immense flight speed.

As a familiar they are often used as messengers due to their characteristically high flight speed and intelligence. This grackle appeared to be preforming that exact job judging from the parcel it carried in it's talons. However, when I went to grab said parcel the feisty feathered fiend seemed to have other ideas in mind. "Gahh! What in the blasted cinders was that for?" I exclaimed after reeling back my freshly pecked hand. In response the smug bird only replied with cawing laughter as my Mother had more luck retrieving the parcel then I.

With it's business concluded it quickly took wing and proceeded to fly towards where one would assume the bird's summoner was at the current time. After the pecking menace was no longer in sight I turn to my Mother to ask about the parcel only to find her in a state of what appeared to be shock judging from how she looked at parcel. "Mother what is wrong?" I asked while proceeding to stand at her side. As the question left my lips she shook out of it and turned to look at me while a rather large grin grew upon her face to replace the shock. Nothing could have prepared me for what she was about to say as I soon learned why in that instance she had worn not only a face full of shock, but of joy as well.