Hey everyone, I'm sorry I've been gone so long. I had a lot of things going on in life that put me in a bad place and the influx of negative comments on a couple of my stories made me take a break from writing. But I'm back now and raring to go. All your comments really helped me come back to this story. I couldn't leave it hanging when so many were reaching out to me and asking for the next chapter.

Just a reminder to the readers, in the side story I mentioned that I recast Damian (Fady Elsayed).


"Knock, knock!" I announced, pouncing on the guy nearest to me.

Boomer and Mama quickly took out the other security guards. Deadshot and Rick nonchalantly waltzed over the unconscious bodies to the computer monitors. June looked positively ill from the display of violence.

"You'll get used to these things eventually, specially when Wall-Block is involved." I patted June on the arm.

"I'll never get used to this life." She promised. Her trembling hands let go of the gun holstered on her side. She was the only one that hadn't drawn a weapon.

It looks like she's going to be the Diablo of our group. Rest in peace you beautiful fire demon.

"We took it, that's what. Now we grab the cane." Rick hissed into his ear piece, reporting to his overbearing boss. He started messing with the security cameras. By his furious typing, Waller's response annoyed the hell out of him.

"That gas explosion put the whole asylum on bloody yellow alert. If the security cameras spot us, we're toast." Boomer lamented.

Mama hopped on top of a table and crossed her legs, at ease with the situation. "So? Just shut down all the security cams."

"That's a surefire way to alert the Bat." Deadshot turned that suggestion down, wearily eyeing what Rick was doing.

"What then? Let them watch us run around like idiots?" Boomer inquired sarcastically.

"Flag?" Deadshot prompted to which Rick gruffly replied.

"I'm replaying yesterday's footage."

"Aw, Flag had his first good idea. Besides shacking up with the witch." Boomer clapped Rick on the shoulder.

"Shut it, Boomer." Deadshot growled, shoving the Aussie back before he got punched. "Do you know what you're doing, Flag?"

"I've got this." The colonel's frustration was obvious. He continued hitting buttons and pulling up files, but nothing he did seemed to get the result he wanted.

"You know nothing, Rick Flag." I said in a deep voice. The others got a chuckle out of that.

"Flag, you clearly don't know how to play yesterday's footage." Deadshot stated.

"I can do that!" Mama excitedly raised her hand in the air.

"I said-" Rick was cut by the irate hitman.

"Do it, Harley."

Mama sprung off the table. Rick refused to vacate the chair for her. He ignored our protests until June pleaded for him to step back. Rick let Mama have a go at the computer, but hovered over her out of paranoia.

"Now we can operate without eyes on us." Deadshot cocked his wrist guns.

"You mean Batman's or Waller's?" Boomer sharpened his boomerangs.


"They're both such voyeurs, aren't they?" I commented. Deadshot's expression was hidden by his mask, but Boomer was smirking from the insult.

"The intensive treatment building is there, right across from the yard." Deadshot pointed to a map displayed on the computer. "Let's move."

"Low profile." Rick reminded the group. Once Mama finished looping the feed, the group marched out.

A screen caught my attention. It was a live feed of the Riddler. He was chilling in his cell without a care.

"Lucy move your ass." Rick grabbed my arm and forced me out the room.

It didn't take us long to reach our next destination. The only hitch was that were outside and it was drizzling. We all hid behind the bushes and observed the area. Watch posts lined the yard to the intensive unit and the guard were flashing giant lights all over.

"Top priority is on those towers." Rick ducked as the light got close to his position.

"What do you expect us to do about it? Scale the towers?" I asked in disbelief. Those towers were tall and there were too many of them. Infiltrating the place wasn't looking like a good idea.

"No. There's no time for that." He flicked his head at Deadshot. "Can you tell how many guys are up there?"

Deadshot twisted his monocle, scanning the enemy lines. "Four."

"How about Lawton does two and I'll do two?" Boomer eagerly whipped out his boomerangs.

"No!" Rick hissed. "That'll draw too much attention. June will incapacitate them."

The villains all turned their heads at June. She flinched under the scrutiny.

"Hey mate, I don't think that's a good idea."

"Not at all. Homegirl may be a witch but she has no experience at all. Can she even use that gun?" Deadshot added to the incredulity going around.

"Now boys, if Flagy wants to give his girlfriend a chance who are we to turn him down? Let the mouse prove her worth." Mama nudged June encouragingly despite the maliciousness of her smile. She was expecting June to screw up and get a laugh out of it.

I was conflicted. Part of me agreed that June was a liability, the other part had faith in the girl from the time I spent around her and saw her doing her best to control the Enchantress. Decisions, decisions.

"I can do it." June picked up on the duplicity of Mama's encouragement and grimly pursed her lips.

"All you have to do is knock them out, just like I showed you." Rick pulled up his mask, displaying his eyes that softened in concern for June.

"I remember." They were clearly having a moment. It was cute, but also annoying. We all were still sitting in the rain.

"Any day now." I said with a hint of irritation.

They broke their trance and June stood up. In an instant she was gone, laving behind black smoke.

"I still think this is a bad idea." Deadshot stood, using his monocle to track June and raised his guns in preparation.

The rest of us waited and listened to the hitman's commentary on June.

"Shit! She got caught." He cocked his gun. "Boomer, take out the one on the right."

Rick jumped up to get a visual on his girlfriend. Boomer lobbed his weapon in the direction of the right tower. Deadshot groaned as he tried to get a clear shot without hitting June.

"I knew she'd screw up. Little mouse doesn't have what it takes to be in the big league." Mama blew a bubble with her gum.


Where did she get that? Does she keep packs of stale gum in all her pants?

"Boomer, you missed!" Deadshot carped.

"Wait for it." The Aussie calmly refuted, pointing at the boomerang that was coming back around. Deadshot fired at his target and then scoffed as the Boomer's weapon hit the guard in the head and returned to its owner. "Boom! In your face!"

Deadshot harshly shoved the thief. "He still got to his walkie! I'd score that a miss, you stupid two-bit c-lister."

"That's it!" Boomer shrieked, tackling Deadshot.

"USA!" I cheered and cackled as the two grown men started brawling. Rick sighed heavily and moved to stop them but June suddenly appeared in the middle of the fight, waving her hands and tossing the men back with telepathy.

"Stop fighting! There are guards coming." Her eyes flashed golden and black smoke surrounded her hands.

"Woah…that's still creepy." I ogled at the mist. June realized what she had done and dropped her hands in a panic. The bizarre effects of June's powers vanished.

"She's right boys, we've got company." Mama gestured at the barrage of guards running in our direction.

"Finally, some real action." I pulled my weapon out my knives and twirled them in my hands. "Here I come!"

I dashed ahead and began the assault on the enemy.

"So much for low-profile!" Deadshot shouted over the noise, shooting away.

I heard Mama's laugh and saw her cartwheel onto a guard. Boomer slashed a guard that got behind me and I tossed a knife into one that came for him. June looked out of place and was hesitating to fight, looking back and forth from her hands and the gun on her holster. Rick was forced to cover his girl and pushed her into a bush when she proved unable to fight. We tore the yard up in minutes.

"Yahtzee!" Mama stepped on a downed guard and posed. I flashed her a thumbs up for the pose and she giggled.


I turned my head towards Rick. "My captain, my captain?"

"Don't break cover in the middle of an operation unless I say so. This isn't a playground and I don't need you showing off."

"Yes, sir." I mockingly saluted him.

"Don't mock me. You think any of you have a shot at getting out alive without me?"

I rolled my eyes at the obvious show of wounded pride. If anyone was to blame for this debacle, it was him and June. She's the one that failed to take out her targets and put us at risk. Since I like June, I won't throw her under the bus…even though she needs it. Woman was totally useless. I see now that June certainly is the Diablo of the group. All that power of hers os being wasted on her.

"We're lucky this contained. Start following orders, all of you!"

"Why don't you just calm down, Flagy?" Mama jumped to my defense, poking him in the chest.

"Don't call me that!" Rick snarled and shoved her back. Catching Mama stopped me from pushing that dick in the face.

"Rick." June sprinted after the retreating colonel.

"Crikey! Is he an asshole or what? You'd think the guy would've warmed up to us by now." Boomer glared ahead.

"A goody two-shoes like him never will." Deadshot finished checking the guards for ammo.

"I don't know…" I muttered. "Something is really fishy about them. In fact, this whole mission is fishy."

"I think the rain is making us all crabby. Let's get inside before my hair gets wet." Mama skipped ahead.

"You're wearing that jester hat. How would your hair get wet?" I enviously stared at the head ornament. My hair was sticking to me uncomfortably.

"Water still gets in here, ya know."

"Sure it does, Mama."

When we got to the entrance to the building, June and Rick ceased arguing. Rick lead the group inside to the deeper levels that were sealed off. He tried inputting codes into the keypad but they kept reading as denied.


Ricky doesn't have his shit together at all. Waller must have really thrown him into this mission with no intel. Maybe this is her low-key trying to kill off a subordinate. Why would she want Rick dead though?

"Now that's just pathetic. I thought you were the man with the plan, Flag? The only one that could get us in and out?" Boomer ribbed.

Mama decided she had enough of Rick's posturing and sauntered up to the keypad. "The warden uses his birthday backwards for practically all of his passwords."

"And how would you know that?" Rick was skeptical.

Really, dude? Weren't you debriefed forever ago on Mama's history? My opinion of him is steadily decreasing.

"I sued to work here. Didn't I mention that?"

"C'mon, as what?" Boomer was even more skeptical.

"As a psychiatrist, silly. And pal, anyone who throws boomerangs has some real issues letting go." Mama sneered.

"That was free of charge." I snickered. "If you want to set up an appointment to talk about the pink unicorn it'll cost extra, Boomer."

"You two two jokesters…" Boomer's mouth snapped shut as the door opened.

"Voila!" Mama raised her arms in triumph.

"Where do we even begin?" I whined. The room was a huge storage unit. The cane could be in any of the crates.

"Everyone take a section. Start looking." Rick ordered.

We all split up to search for the cane. Dozens of crates were opened and we still hadn't found the cane. I gave up searching and tagged along with Mama. She had found a section of crates with Papa's name on it.

"My acid playing cards, I knew I left them here." Mama shoved the cards into her pockets and pulled a Batman styled shirt out. "Here's that Batman costume Puddin used for the train heist." She buried her nose in the shirt and sighed dreamily.

Something at the bottom stuck out to me. I pulled out one of Mama's mallets. How many of these things does she have?

"I've been looking all over for that. Here's where it went." She accepted the mallet from me and twirled it around.

"Quit playing around." Deadshot grouched, digging into a crate. "Bingo!" He pulled a gaudy green and gold cane out.

"Thank goodness you found it. I thought we never would." I hopped off the crate. A shout almost made me trip.

"It's Batman!" June screamed.

"Freaking great." I groaned. Deadshot and Mama ran in the direction of the fight. I was delayed in joining by something crashing into me and sending me flying. The crate I crashed into became a makeshift chair that I momentarily lounged in.

"Clown." Robin's tall handsome figure loomed over me.

"If you wanted my attention, all you had to do was ask, honey. I'd make time for you." I casually flirted.

Robin tugged me up by my collar. "Where is it?"

"Ask me nicely and I might tell you." I kneed him in the gut and flipped backwards.

The adults were going in on Batman, but weren't gaining any ground from the sound of it. How the hell did one man stand up to four trained combatants?

"This isn't a game, there are thousands of lives at stake here!" Robin lunged at me with his sword.

"I know that already!" I dodged the swing and withdrew my secret weapon, a rapier that I had taken lesson for specifically to keep up with Damian's savage swordplay. The lessons were more fruitful than my guns lessons. "And like my Mom told your father, we don't have any idea about where it is."

Robin paused his attack, gauging the truth of my words. I held my arms out in a gesture of peace.

"Have I ever lied you, Dame?" Robin growled at my familiarity. "I swear, if I knew where it was I'd tell you. Nuking the city is outrageous even for Dad."

He exhaled deeply. "I believe you."

I smiled, overjoyed from that small admission. Now if only he'd confess his undying love for me like I know he wants to.

"Then what are you all doing here in Arkham?"

"Uhh…" I nervously twirled the rapier. He would trap me like this. Then again, I did set myself up for this with my earlier words.

"Cat got your tongue? Or were you about to lie?" Robin smirked. Were this any other situation I'd squeal from his attempt at flirting.

"Well, you see…" I trailed off as I saw a missile coming at us. "What the hell?!"

Robin and I jumped off the ledge to avoid the explosion.

"Are you freaking crazy, Deadshot?!" I screeched like a banshee. The man cursed at me before firing off another round from the RPG launcher at Batman. The shot missed and Batman kicked the launcher out of Deadshot's hands. For once, I applauded the Bat. Unfortunately, all the explosions had destroyed some of the beams and things began falling with the support system. A large chunk of ceiling fell above me and I had no choice but to jump off the high stack of crates.

Shit! At this distance I'll break my leg on the landing if I'm lucky.

I was grabbed by Robin in midair. We landed safely on the ground.

"Thanks." I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

Robin was shocked by my show off gratitude. I dashed away before he could respond or decide to take me into custody. The others were sprinting for the exit and I joined them. We made it out but the smoke made it hard to see. A figure emerged from the smoke. Weapons were drawn and pointed at the potential enemy.

"It's Flag." Deadshot informed us after using his monocle.

Rick held up Batman's utility belt. "A souvenir for the road."

June looked at Rick funny. None of us could see his face because of the army mask so we couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

"Flagy just kicked the Bat's ass?" Mama's jaw dropped.

"There's no way he did. I saw all you getting your asses handed to you." I refused to believe the bull I was being fed.

"Amazing. I'm a little choked up." Boomer crossed his arms and looked Rick up and down, reevaluating the soldier.

"I got the thumb drive." Deadshot presented the golden ball to Rick.

"Let me open it." I snatched the object out of Deadshot's hand before Rick could take it. The colonel's action were out of character. For all I know, he could have just made a deal with another devil, namely Batman. No way in hell was Rick able to single-handedly take Gotham's Knight down.

"What the hell?!" Boomer exclaimed. "The ball's empty!"

"We've been played." Deadshot snarled, looking at Rick for answers. The others started grilling the man. With them distracted, I slipped away to find the Riddler. That man was going to tell where the thumb drive was hidden and from there I'd decide whether or not to follow Waller's orders.

"Riddle me this, Riddler: will you die or live?"


"I knew Waller would send someone. I'm too clever for her to let me live." A middle-aged man jovially smiled at me. "I didn't expect her to send a child though. How sadistic of her."

"Nothing gets past passed you, genius." I unlocked the cell with the keys I'd stolen from the guard. Riddler backed up as I entered. "I'll make this fast."

"Do you even know why you're assassinating me?"

"Wall-Block says you screwed her and wants to make an example out of you."

"And that satiated your curiosity? I expect more from the daughter of the clown's." Riddler smirked. "I can't accept that. The human mind always wishes to know more. Youths of your age are full of questions."

I rolled my eyes. He was jabbering far too much. "My only question is why Waller didn't just blow your head off with the nano bomb."

"Why, it's the same reason she needs me dead." He paused for dramatic effect, tilting his head so his glasses caught the light. Are all villains like this? Do I act like this at times? "Because I know how to diffuse them."


"I can help you, but you have to let me live."

I crossed my arms, staring the man down to deter any trace of bullshit. Riddler didn't back down from my gaze, he smiled patiently.

"You better not be lying." I threatened.

"Oh, I know all too well not to cross a clown."

"Come with me, you get to live today." I walked out of the cell. Getting back to the others was my priority now. The thumb drive could wait.

"My, my. You really were going to kill, weren't you?" Riddler shadowed me. It was kinda funny since he was the adult here and was supposed to be in the role of protector.

"Hmm, I was undecided. I needed info about the thumb drive and after that it was touch and go." I freely admitted. "On one hand, I really wanted to be like 'screw you, Waller'. And on the other hand, I didn't want my head to explode."

I stopped running. This hallway didn't look familiar. Riddler panted behind me. He was painfully out of shape.

"Y-You look c-confused. I assume you know where you're going?"

"Of course I do." I jogged down a random hallway.


How did I get lost?! This not my finest hour.

"Extraordinary! The Princess has no sense of direction." Riddler hissed as we ended up in a decrepit chamber that soldiers were swarming. We hid behind a crumpled wall.

"This is the Special Crime Unit. Surrender yourselves." A soldier announced over a microphone.

"Not gonna happen!" I yelled.

"Light'em up." The soldier responded.

We both ducked from the rain of bullets hitting the wall.

"This worked out so well." I complained.

"Then like the hanged man, we are at the end of our rope." He mimicked being choked.

I incredulously gaped at him. "I think I hate you."

A bullet hit close to my ear and I groaned from the pain I felt as blood seeped out the cut on my ear.

We're toast.

"Lucy!" I looked up. Mama and the others were rushing to my defense. Boomer and Deadshot provided cover and were distracting the soldiers.

"You can thank me later, Princess!" Boomer shouted, rolling next to me and winking.

"If you weren't such a predator, I might've kissed you gratitude." I breathed out, relieved for the assistance.

"I'm up for that." He suggestively wiggled his eyebrows.

"Over my dead body!" Mama pushed Boomer out the way to hug me. "Oh, my baby! Are you alright?"

"Somewhat. I'm glad you're here." I hugged her back.

"Lucy, this detour better be for good reason." Deadshot barked nastily.

"Running off was very irresponsible and dangerous, Lucy." June was as ticked off as Deadshot, but for a different reason.

Rick was the only one that didn't express anger. He didn't say or do anything.

"Riddler knows how to turn off the bombs." I pointed at the man. He turned around to bare his neck.

"Look familiar?" An ugly red "x" was on his neck from where the bomb was inserted. "I can disable it, but you've got to get me to the medical center."

"We've got maybe five minutes before Waller figures out what's, what." Deadshot stated.

The soldiers continued to fire on us. The gunfire sounded like it was getting closer too.

"We get to that room or we're dead." Deadshot prepped his guns.

"We should've brought a tank." Boomer tossed another one of his boomerangs.

"We don't need one when we've got a witch." I grinned at June. She paled.

"W-What do you expect me to do?"

"Teleport over there and set this off." I held a purple grenade out to June. She flailed her hands in rejection of the idea and looked to Rick for support.

"Do it." He simply said. June's expression of betrayal was a tad pitiful to see.

"Not this again. The lass didn't do well on her first solo mission. How will this be any different?" Boomer protested.

"It's not like we've got any other option. The soldiers are closing in on us. If she fails then we die. If she doesn't do it then we still die." I tossed the explosive to June and she clumsily caught it. "I have complete faith in you, June."

"O-Okay." She took a few deep breaths.

"I'm crazy, but this seems nuts." Mama spoke up and Deadshot shushed her.

June muttered something under her breath and reached for Rick's hand. He allowed her to hold his hand for a moment before she vanished.

"Bollocks, they're almost on us!" Boomer yelped as a bullet went through his jacket.

An explosion went off behind the soldiers and it caused a pipe to burst, making them fall to the ground. The rest of us rushed in and took the attackers out.

"I knew you were awesome, June-Bug." I held my hand up for a high-five. She lightly slapped my hand. Congratulatory pants were given to her by everyone while Rick stood off to the side.

What is his deal?


If I find out he's double-crossed us then I'm gonna decapitate him. All of us bad guys are already in crappy situations. We don't need things to get worse.


But we're close to turning things in our favor. Once these bombs are out, we can blow this popsicle stand.

Bide your time, Lucy. xoxoxoxoxoxo