Been a long time, huh. Especially after that "I think you guys have waited long enough" speech I gave in the last update. Well, I was all prepped to go, until a little thing called Hurricane Irma decided to make its way along the Florida coast.

Good and bad news on that front. Bad news: my hometown was directly hit by the eye of the storm. They only got back power yesterday, but they are also facing a sewage leak so people can't take showers. There was a massive storm surge, and as it traveled up the state, my university was heavily hit and lost power.

Good news: while it was certainly bad, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. What had been project as a Cat 5 landfall degraded into a Cat 3 that still did some damage, but not as severely as we had feared. Thankfully, my family all headed up to Orlando a few days earlier and no one is harmed. The house is mostly fine. The pond about 200 feet from the backyard had risen so high it was practically an inch away from the back door. Some trees did fall over and damage the house, but that can be repaired with time.

I was mostly dealing with flooding and a lack of power, while trying to keep in contact with my family.

So again, sorry for this INCREDIBLY long delay. It's partly me, but also partly the weather.

Finally getting back into school today, so I have to get readjusted to the semester all over again after a week off. I am incredibly thankful for your patience, and I look forward to bringing you the next chapter (eventually).

(Don't worry. Will never be dropped. Too far invested to. Worst case scenario? i just type up the entire plot line which is several pages long and just post that. Again, that's worst-worst case scenario.)