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Ranma mentally held back a sigh as he dodged a fast paw swipe from his father. The old man's attacks in panda form had gotten real old and predictable real fast. There was once a time when the thought of fighting a giant panda that knew martial arts would have completely shocked the cocky sixteen year old. Unknown to Genma that time for Ranma was back when he was twelve before Ranma had a multi month long adventure in the time Genma spent one day at a bar.

That adventure was why Ranma was able to cope so well with all of the bizarre shit he dealt with in Nerima was because it all was tame compared to the shit he had to deal with on his adventure. The one time Ranma had been freaked out about magical or bizarre had been when his dad had been cursed and that was because he didn't think things like that could happen in the real world. It was a good thing that Ranma didn't usually freak out about weird things considering that his one freak out had landed him with a curse that caused him to switch genders.

Ranma weaved around an attempt at a kick and gave his father an irritating grin. "Is that all Old Man? I've seen sentient snot that could throw an attack faster than that." Mentally, Ranma was willing to admit that the creatures he was thinking of with that insult were technically mollusks. However, Numemon looked like snot and were about as useful. Ranma had found dodging their shit throwing attacks to be somewhat useful as a dodging exercise. But, there were better and less stinking ways of developing dodging skills than fighting with those embarrassments for champions.

Genma was about to pull out a sign to insult Ranma. However, Ranma interrupted that distraction by grabbing the sign and hitting his father over the head with it. The young martial artist followed this up with a kick that sent his furry father flying into the koi pond. Despite Genma's constant protests and insults, Ranma had long surpassed his obese father in the field of martial arts. Ranma had been the one dealing with all of the insane martial arts challenges since getting to the dojo. He had been the one constantly training to deal with a rival with a potentially deadly new technique.

To Genma's credit, the older Saotome did keep in good physical shape even with his girth. He also kept his martial arts skills up which put him far ahead of his buddy and fellow master Soun. Ranma usually played along when the master of the Tendo branch of Anything Goes started to cause a scene to keep the peace around the dojo. The young boy could read Soun's movements and knew that Soun had lost his edge and some of his skill. Soun's abilities were nothing to sneeze at and the rusty martial arts master could still floor most masters in the martial arts world. It was just that Soun didn't put in the effort to recover to the level that Genma maintained.

Usually, Ranma would play along with his father since he offered a good spar without any serious consequences. Who else was he supposed to spar with to keep up his skills around Nerima? Akane was a decent martial artist. Ranma could admit that in the privacy of his mind. She just wasn't up to his level in skill or abilities. The only time Akane could get the drop on him was when she got mad at him and blindsided him for something that got her upset for some bizarre reason. He could help her get better in martial arts, but she couldn't help him get better practicing martial arts. Soun might have some old skills from his branch of Anything Goes that would be useful to learn. But, Ranma figured that Soun would either be too emotional to teach or would insist that such skills only be passed after Ranma married Akane. Happosai had the skill and ability, but there was no way that Ranma was going to give the old leach any ammo to claim to be his teacher. Besides, the old leach would probably try to spend most of the spar fondling Ranma's girl side.

Finding a regular sparring partner outside the Tendo Dojo was very unlikely for Ranma. Ukyo was slightly better in a more specialize way skill wise to Akane so going to her to train his skills was just as pointless. Both Kunos were out of the question since they were crazy and didn't have the skill to make sparing with them useful for Ranma. Ryoga might be a viable choice if the little pork butt could be counted on to regularly be in town and didn't cause so much property destruction. The Amazons were a possibility, but the chaos that would bring into his life would just be too much. Ranma could handle chaos, but he also liked some peace and quiet every so often.

However, today was not a day that Ranma could afford to spar with his father as he had places to go and an old friend to see. Ranma shouted out, "Good spar Pops, but I've got to leave." He then entered the house and made his way to the kitchen where Kasumi was cooking a big breakfast. The gender cursed martial artist ducked out of Kasumi's way and said, "Breakfast smells wonderful Kasumi. I won't be joining everyone for it today because I've got to head out to see an old pal of mine." Ranma opened the refrigerator and pulled out several bagels and a small square of cheese for his breakfast.

Kasumi blinked her eyes in surprise at the fact that Ranma was skipping breakfast. She then shrugged her shoulders slightly and continued to work on breakfast. It must be important for Ranma to meet this old pal if he was willing to skip one of her breakfasts to go see this person. Usually it took a major adventure to keep Ranma from being at the dinner table at meal times. She saw Ranma walking out of the kitchen and called out, "Have fun visiting your friend."

Ranma nodded his head and said, "Will do." He then proceeded to bite into a bagel as he headed towards the front door. The young man finished his first bagel just as he reached the front door and started eating the next one as he walked through the door. Ranma jumped onto the nearby fence and started running down the street in his usual manner. When Ranma got to the end of the fence he took a running jump to effortlessly get onto a nearby roof. He pulled an empty trash bag out of his meager hidden weapons pocket while in mid jump and started to clean the gutters of the houses as he ran on them. This little trick had proven to be a great idea for Ranma. He got to practice his hand speed and coordination while running and people stopped complaining about him running on the roofs.

The trash bag was filled up just as Ranma finished cleaning the roof of Ucchan's. Ranma casually dumped the filled up trashcan in the big dumpster Uyko kept behind her restaurant and he pulled out another trash bag. With a change of direction Ranma continued his rooftop run until he reached another spot in town where he could drop off his bundle of garbage. The young man completed this pattern three more times to throw off any possible followers until he reached his true destination.

Furinkan High School was not a place anyone expected Ranma to be on a Sunday. Ranma landed on the roof of the school and made his way to the access door. The principle had locked the door so he needed to chuck the pineapple bomb into the pool to get into the school. He could have thrown the bomb into the air, but then it would explode and cause people to wonder what was going on at Furinkan.

Walking through Furinkan when the school was closed was not for the faint hearted. Principle Kuno loved to leave all sorts of traps for those who would dare to enter his school after hours. There were pressure plates hidden in the floor that triggered dart shooters loaded with knockout poison. Fire breathing statues of the principle in Hawaiian shirts were randomly placed in corners. Occasionally a hula hoop with razor edges would be thrown out of a random locker. Parts of the floor had actually been replaced with coal pits to walk across. To top the insanity off, Principle Kuno actually had a giant boulder set to chase someone down the longest hallway in the school.

There was a bored look and Ranma's face as he ran down the hallway from the boulder with his arms calmly folded behind his back. He could have destroyed the boulder if he wanted to do so. However, that would let everyone know that a major martial artist had been in the school after hours that letting that knowledge out was unacceptable. Ranma spotted his destination and ducked in. The boulder harmlessly rolled by the one room in school that almost everyone thought Ranma would never be in: the computer lab.

A cheerful smile appeared on Ranma's face as he walked towards one specific computer, sat down in its accompanying chair, and booted up the computer. The teen pulled out his digivice from his pocket and put it down on the table as he anxiously waited for everything to load. It had been over a month since a digiport last opened in Nerima for any real length of time and Ranma really wanted to see his friend and partner again. Hell, Ranma had been considering risking getting stuck with one of those brief digiportals if his partner hadn't sent the pulses to his digivice yesterday letting him know that a digiport would be opening for a real length of time soon.

Getting stuck in the Digital World for a few days actually didn't sound so bad now that the teen thought about it. He wouldn't have any fathers annoying him, no fiancées to risk annoying, and no rivals out to attack him at odd hours of the night. Once he got back he could claim that he just went on a private training trip and no one could dispute it. They'd all grippe about it and there would almost certainly be some shouting. However, no one could really complain since Ranma knew his skills would improve from such a trip and it had been a while since he left for a week or so for heavy duty training.

Those thoughts flew to the back of Ranma's mind when he saw the digiport load up and that it was open. He grabbed his digivice and stood up. Ranma then held his digivice to the computer monitor activating the digiport. The computer monitor started to glow and a brilliant blue light filled the computer lab as Ranma vanished from the regular world.

Ranma arrived in the Digital World in a sector of the Great Wastelands of the Server Continent. More specifically, he arrived at an oasis about three days from the hidden entrance to the former Piximon's home. The digiport for this sector was thankfully in the oasis instead of in the surrounding desert. Ranma didn't particularly care for the heat of the desert; especially, this desert given the problems he had faced at the other end of the Great Wastelands. Still, Ranma was more than willing to put up with the heat and the occasional bad memories for the chance to be with his partner.

A voice called out from the desert, "Ranma! You were able to make it!" The martial artist whipped his head around and smirked as he saw his partner Flamemon running towards him. Digimon and human embraced as Flamemon jumped up to hug Ranma. A full grin was on Flamemon's face as he gave Ranma a hug that would have injured a regular human. Ranma wrapped his arms around his partner and returned the hug with equal fervor. "I'm never going to miss a chance to spend time with you Flamemon." After a moment, the duo ended their hug and Flamemon casually jumped down to the ground. A trained martial artist would have noticed that Flamemon's jump showed that he had some training in the Saotome branch of Anything Goes.

Flamemon and Ranma then headed for the digimon's 'home' within the Oasis. In reality, what Flamemon called home was a dense cluster of trees with a hammock near a section of the Oasis's pond that was almost split off into another pond. There was a mini-fridge near the one of the trees holding the hammock that the digimon used to keep his food cold and as a step into his hammock bed. Flamemon opened his fridge and grabbed a soda before jumping onto the mini-fridge and then onto the hammock. He motioned for Ranma to grab a soda of his own as he carefully opened the can in his hand. The digimon waited until Ranma had his soda and then raised his can in the direction of Piximon's house. He then said, "To friends that we haven't seen again yet."

Ranma raised his can to join in the toast for friends and allies the duo hadn't seen since their holding actions against the Dark Masters. He then took a deep gulp of the soda and turned to look at his partner. Fighting the Dark Masters had forced Ranma to mature very quickly for a twelve year old as he witnessed the deaths of many good digimon during his holding action. What made everything worse for Ranma was that for every evil digimon he and his partner along with young Ken and Wormmon put down another three seemed to appear in the fallen evil digimon's place.

Ranma Saotome and Ken Ichijouji had not been selected as digidestined by the Agents who served the Four Guardian Beast members of the Digimon Sovereigns. Instead, Ranma and Ken had been chosen by Huanglongmon, the leader of the Digimon Sovereigns, who had discovered that the boys were additional Crest bearers. Huanglongmon created the boys' partners, gave physical form to the duo's Crests, and created their digivices before calling the duo to the digital world. Ranma as the bearer of the Crest of Duty and Ken as the bearer of the Crest of Kindness had to hold the line in the Digital World until the eight other Chosen Children returned.

The duo had run into other digidestined several times in the months they fought against the Dark Master's agents. However, none of those digidestined had a Crest limiting their digimons to the Champion level. Every Chosen Child was a digidestined, but not every digidestined was a Chosen Child. The power that the forces of the Dark Masters commanded was too much for a regular digidestined to do much more than be an annoyance. It had just been Ranma and Ken during the last month of their adventure before the other Chosen Children returned. Huanglongmon had deemed it too dangerous for the digidestined to stay and so as the only remaining free Digimon Sovereign he sent all but his chosen back to the Real World.

Still, not everything was terrible about that time. Aldamon and JewelBeemon had managed with some help to separate Ghoulmon from the other Dark Masters and deleted the Lord of the Swamps. Ranma and Ken also got something of a break while the other eight Chosen Children fought the remaining four Dark Masters. Huanglongmon had his chosen protecting all of the regular digidestineds' digimon and acting as specters to keep the Dark Masters distracted while the others picked them off one by one. Well, mostly Ranma since he tried to keep his eight year old honorary younger brother safe as much as he could. Huanglongmon had kept Ranma, Ken, and all the partnered digimons safe in his own pocket dimension when Apocalymon showed up in order to protect them and the Digital World's Kernel. Ranma and Ken had sentry duty at that time so that Huanglongmon could focus on insuring that there was a Digital World once the battle was over.

Ranma took another sip of his soda and leaned back against the shady tree next to the hammock. All the pain and hardship he experience on his adventure were definitely worth it to Ranma. He had the best friend a man could hope for in Flamemon and he had helped to save two worlds. Ranma glanced over at his partner and watched as Flamemon crushed his empty can and lay back in the hammock without a care in the world. "Hey Flamemon, have you seen Wormmon recently? I was wondering if he's heard anything from Kenny recently."

A small smile appeared on the digimon's face as he heard Ranma's nickname for Ken. The smile disappeared as Flamemon mentally counted how long it had been since he last seen or even heard from his old partner in crime Wormmon. "I haven't heard from Wormmon for some time. When we last spoke he said that he felt a pull to the east like Ken was trying to reach him. However, that didn't make a lot of sense to me. Ken didn't have lots of chi or training in martial arts like you do Ranma. Wouldn't Ken need to send Wormmon a message via one of the digiport monitors if he can't manipulate his chi? None of the destined digimon I've heard about can communicate with their partners across worlds like you and I can."

Ever since their original adventure ended, Flamemon and Ranma learned to communicate by sending pulses of energy across their bond in Morse Code. It was tricky to do as both of them needed to be meditating at the same time, Ranma's digivice was needed as a medium, and the conversations could only last a few minutes each time. However, it was something both of them cherished and was a special means of communicating born from necessity. Genma had kept Ranma out in the woods so often for training that email had not been a reliable means of communication until Ranma moved to the Tendo Dojo.

Ranma's face hardened slightly as he thought about what Flamemon told him. "Maybe Ken found an open digiport in his home town and came to the Digital World wanting to spend time with Wormmon? Every digidestined I've ever met always wants to spend time with their partner and digimon never have trouble finding their partner if it is physically possible to find one's partner. It might also have something to with the fact that Ken is a Chosen Child like me and everyone else we've heard about is simply a regular digidestined. The Boss was rather vague in the differences between a regular digidestined and a Chosen Child other than the fact that Chosen Children are born with Crests that help their partners achieve higher levels of digivolution."

A melodious female voice cut in to the boys' conversation. "You are so lucky you're cute Ranma or I'd have to give you a nasty scar for disrespecting Lord Huanglongmon by referring to him so casually." Both Ranma and Flamemon turned to see Darcmon floating a couple of feet away and in the air. A playful look was on the champion level female angel digimon as she gazed upon the duo. Darcmon floated down and landed next to Ranma. She then patted Ranma's check once and said, "It would be such a shame to mess up such a handsome face; especially, one belonging to a digidestined who can challenge many champion level digimon to an even fight."

Darcmon took a step back, twirled another step back allowing Ranma to get a complete look at her, and then winked at him as she held her staff in a charming manner. "I don't doubt that you'd fight me if I tried to do anything to you Ranma. However, I am just too much mon for you to handle at your current abilities. Maybe in the future your strength will have to tame me on the battlefield." Darcmon ended her little speech by moving her arms to help accentuate her bust line.

Flamemon got in Darcmon's face with a twitch in his eye as he yelled at the angelic digimon. "Okay cut it out Pinupmon. If you're here to say something from the Digital Sovereigns then say it and leave. Otherwise, leave me and my partner alone! I don't get enough time with him as it is and I don't need you eating into Ranma's limited time here." It seemed to Flamemon like every other female humanoid digimon wanted to be with Ranma. However, Darcmon was the worst and most persistent digimon after his partner. Ranma was his digidestined partner and by the Sovereigns, Flamemon refused to get replaced as Ranma's digimon!

The angel digimon picked up the rookie by the scruff of his neck and held him out at arm's length. Darcmon gave Flamemon a smug and condescending look as she replied, "You may be a rookie digimon, but there's no reason to be so childish Flamemon. I came here because Lord Huanglongmon wishes to speak to you two about something." Darcmon had a slight twinkle in her eye as she turned to look at Ranma. "I can give you a lift if you want Ranma."

Ranma nervously shook his head and replied, "That will be okay Darcmon. Flamemon can take me to wherever The Boss wants to meet us. Besides, my partner needs to get some training in at the higher levels.

A frown briefly appeared on Darcmon's face before she said, "Okay Ranma. I don't mind you watching my six as we fly." She then suddenly released Flamemon so that he fell to the ground. The angel took a step back with an innocent look on her face as Flamemon looked up and glared at her while he rubbed his rump.

Flamemon got to his feet and said, "One of these days I'm going to dedigivolve you into a Salamon and then I'll dropkick you into Mihirashi Mountain." He then turned to Ranma and said, "Give me the fuel to turn up the heat Partner."

Ranma nodded his head and infused some of his chi into his digivice. Thanks to his training, Ranma didn't need to tell his partner to digivolve in order to mentally focus his chi into the digivice. Flamemon felt the power coming from his partner and cheerfully shouted out, "Flamemon digivolve to Agunimon! Agunimon digivolve to Vritramon!" Seconds later, the light of digivolution faded to reveal Flamemon's draconic ultimate level.

Vritramon gave Ranma a quiet nod and then walked over so that he could grab his partner. Ranma allowed Vritramon to hold him in his partner's arms in a hold similarly to how someone would hold a baby. One of Ranma's arms was slung around the Rudriya Darpana on Vritramon's right arm for support. Of course, Ranma and Vritramon would beat up anyone who said what Vritramon's grip looked like.

As Vritramon stood up, Darcmon smiled and said, "All right then. We're off to see Lord Huanglongmon. Just keep your eyes on me and we'll get there in no time!" Both digimon then took off into the sky leaving the oasis empty.

Even at top speeds, it took Darcmon and Vritramon almost an hour to arrive at the hidden backdoor portal floating in the sky where they could gain access to Huanglongmon's separate digital plane. The desert vanished when the trio entered the portal. Ranma, Darcmon, and Vritramon now found themselves floating in a tunnel composed of glowing green digiscrpts that were shifting far too fast for any human and most digimon to read. Beyond the green code was an almost mind numbing infinity of darkness.

Darcmon floated down and a clear ripple stopped her about a foot away from the digiscrpt underneath her feet. She turned to look at Ranma and Vritramon as she spoke to them. "Now that we're in the Backdoor Zone its best if we walk. It's faster here for us to walk then it is for us to fly."

Vritramon floated down to the ground of the tunnel stopping a foot away from the code underneath his feet. "I never understood that about this realm. Why do you have to travel in different ways to get to different locations faster?"

Darcmon shrugged as she glanced at the walls of the tunnel the trio was in. "I am not too sure why that is the case either. However, I do know that it acts as an excellent additional security for the Backdoor Zone. Remember, with the portals the Backdoor Zone can take you almost anywhere in the Digital World faster than any other form of transportation that keeps you in this dimension. We've got some decent security systems to protect the portals to this zone. But, if the forces of Darkness ever got access to and learned the secrets of this zone we'd have complete chaos in the Digital World."

As soon as Darcmon finished speaking she stopped walked and started taping several seemingly random points on the wall of the tunnel. Several symbols of digiscript started to glow yellow even though the angel digimon's finger was stopped several inches from the symbols by the hidden boundaries of the tunnel. The now yellow symbols glowed for a few seconds before a new corridor appeared in front of the trio. Darcmon led the trio into the new corridor and the tunnel closed behind them once they were all in the new tunnel.

This process was repeated several times until the trio arrived at Huanglongmon's little corner of the digital world. Vritramon dedigivolved as soon as he left the Backdoor Zone. The area that the trio found themselves in was a large zen garden with the utterly massive Huanglongmon regally resting in the distant center. Dozens of various holy digimon could be seen in the distance tending to one thing or another that the visitors couldn't clearly see. High in the sky floated the Digital World's Kernal acting like the sun in this pocket dimension. The trio had a brisk walk through the zen garden for a length of time until they reach the center where the Sovereign resided.

Floating in front of Huanglongmon was a Klein Bottle shaped map of the Digital world and its various sub dimensions. Ranma and the now Flamemon deliberately did not at one of the most accurate representation of the Digital World and its sub-realms. The Digital World's geography was something that could only truly be appreciated by someone who had an intrinsic understanding of very high level mathematics. Anyone else should content themselves with a local map and an acceptance that bizarre land features were part of this world.

Huanglongmon turned one of its eight eyes to look at the Trio. Darcmon immediately fell to her knees and prostrated herself in homage to the leader of the Digimon Sovereigns. Ranma and Flamemon gave the dragon a low bow at the waist and then looked up at their superior. Huanglongmon's mouth never moved, but it's powerful and wisdom laded voice filled the minds of the trio. "I am pleased that you completed your mission so quickly Darcmon."

The champion angel digimon's face became a red as a cherry from her pride at Huanglongmon's words and her nervous fear of embarrassing herself by showing how happy she was at the news. The divine mega read Darcmon's thoughts and was amused at what it saw. These young digimon really needed to learn how to balance propriety, etiquette, and being themselves. The sovereign honestly found the excessive ceremony a little annoying given how so many digimon seem to dance around on eggshells around it. That made Ranma and Flamemon's attitudes rather refreshing.

Ranma looked at the one authority figure he could unquestionably respect and asked, "So why did you call us into your office Boss?" Almost every digimon in the pocket dimension seemed to stop and stare in shock towards where Ranma was standing. Darcmon felt a sweat drop form on the back of her head and wondered how the hell she was supposed to apologize for her love's faux pas. Flamemon was lazily standing with his hands resting behind his head wondering why everyone seemed to get annoyed at his partner when they visited Huanglongmon.

A chuckle filled the minds of everyone else in the garden as Huanglongmon replied to Ranma's question. "Straight to the point as always Ranma, I suppose that's fitting since one cannot be delayed by excessive formalities if one is to do their duty. Chosen of Duty, you and your partner have been called here because a dark threat is looming on the horizon for the Digital World. The precise nature and source of this threat is hidden from me at this time. What is important at the moment is that this threat seems to be secretly using a front man to attack at this time. The threat's front man is a Chosen Child that has been corrupted somehow into wanting to enslave the Digital World as the self-styled Digimon Emperor."

Ranma hands tighted into fists as Huanglongmon continued to inform him of the situation. "Details are still rather vague at this time about the Digimon Emperor as he has captured and enslaved many digimon to his will. I do know that he is somehow creating a field in his ever growing territory that blocks the transfer of energy between digidestined and partner preventing digivolution as you know it in his lands."

Both Ranma and Flamemon were shocked when they heard about this Digimon Emperor having the ability to stop digivolution. The duo turned to look at each other with grim resolve. Flamemon was almost as strong as most champion level digimon and Ranma was on the same level. However, two pseudo-champions could not stand up to an entire army on their own. Aldamon had been lost to the duo ever since Ranma was cursed at Jusenkyo. Something about the curse unbalanced Ranma's spirit to the point that he couldn't harness the Crest of Duty to the level needed to digivolve Flamemon to mega. Not being able to call on Vritramon or even Agunimon would leave the duo up shit creek without a paddle.

A thought crossed Flamemon's mind and he called out to Huanglongmon. "Hey, you said that this Digimon Impotent can prevent digivolution as we know it. Does that mean there's a way to digivolve that we don't know about?" Like partner, like digimon Flamemon had little sense of tact and even less desire to use it. Some of the digimon in the garden were wondering how these two disrespectful ingrates could dare talk to Huanglongmon in such a way.

The bootlickers' self-righteous indignation was like a cool refreshing drink to Huanglongmon. The divine dragon digimon then stated, "That is correct Flamemon. There is a way to bypass the so called Digimon Emperor's anti-digivolution fields. This way involves and archaic and inferior method of digivolution known as Armor Digivolution."

Ranma blinked his eyes in confusion and asked, "What is Armor Digivolution and how does it work while regular digivolving doesn't?" Ranma and Flamemon had done some research into digivolving ever since they found out about the curse's little side effect and neither of them had ever heard about Armor Digivolving before.

Darcmon nervously spoke up, "I have heard about Armor Digivolution before. Would it be acceptable for me to explain Lord Huanglongmon?" The angel felt a reassuring and supportive presence from the mega causing her to nervously stand up. Darcmon diliberatly stood so that she could see Ranma and not have her back face Huanglongmon. She then spoke with a little more confidence in her tone. "Armor Digivolution was a method of digivolving that developed in the ancient past of the Digital World. Going by the flow of time before the Great Reset, this would be the equivalent of the early 1970s in your world Ranma."

"There were far fewer digimon species during this time period and digivolving past the rookie stage back then was nearly impossible. A series of items known as digimentals were discovered to hold great power and could boost a digimon to the champion level. An extremely rare subset known as the golden digimentals could even digivolve a digimon to the ultimate level. That's actually why that level is known as the ultimate level; for hundreds of years it was seen as the peak of digivolution."

A frown appeared on Darcmon's face as she thought about the ancient records she had read as a Salamon. "Digimentals are very rare. It's estimated that there was 1 digimental for every thousand digimon back then and the fights over them were brutal. Even having a digimental didn't guarantee a digimon safety as the digimentals could only keep a digimon at a higher level for a limited amount of time before having to recharge. Holders of digmentals were often killed for their digimentals when they were tired or before their digimental had a chance to recharge. Those holders who weren't killed often went on murder sprees to try to prevent other digimon from attacking them. Whole species of digimon were driven to extinction during this time period."

"This period of suffering ended when normal digivolution to the champion and ultimate stages started to become more common. Since they weren't limited by a charge that took time to regenerate, the normal champions and ultimates were able to outlast and delete most of the armor and golden armor digimon. The rise of normal higher level digimon caused the demand for digimentals to plummet as digimon now knew of a way to digivolve on their own. New species of digimon started to appear at this time who were not compatible with digimentals causing them to be even less desired. Eventually, the digimentals faded into legend to most digimon and their purpose lost."

Huanglongmon's voice then filled to duo's minds as the divine dragon further explained things. "The Sovereigns decided to help speed up the Digital World's ignorance of Armor Digivolution by sealing away the digimentals. They were necessary for their age, but something that was better for the Digital World to move on from when it could. Now, it is necessary for Armor Digivolution to be used again do to the so called Emperor's actions."

A slight sigh could be heard in the tone of Huanglongmon's voice as he said, "But, bringing back Armor Digivolution will not be an easy task. The threat has managed to lock down the other Sovereigns in their temples greatly reducing their ability to help in fight this threat. Without my fellow Sovereigns' help, I cannot unseal all of the digimentals without causing serious problems for the Digital World. Furthermore, only 3 out of all 1297 digidestined have partners that are compatible with digimentals. One of those three is the one calling himself the Digimon Emperor. The digivices all digidestined have were not designed to use digimentals so the two uncorrupted digidestined could not use them if they came into possession of one."

Flamemon started to tap one of his feet and cut in, "Okay, I know all of this is really important information. However, can we please cut to the chase here? Am I one of those partnered digimon that can use a digimental? If so where can I get one and how would I use it?" Flamemon would have said more, but Darcmon firmly stepped on his tapping foot and shot him a glare the promised pain.

Huanglongmon turned another eye to Flamemon and said in everyone's mind. "You are a unique category Flamemon. You currently cannot use a digimental. However, your code is such that I can make you capable of using a digimental with a minor modification. This modification would have consequences. Your mind, memories, abilities, and normal digivolution line will remain unchanged. But, the modification I would be making would disrupt your core so that it would be weeks or perhaps even months before you could digivolve to ultimate again. The choice to have this modification is yours and yours alone."

Author's notes: Welcome everyone to my newest story. I know that many of you are going to be annoyed that this isn't the continuation of Hero of Heaven. Sorry, but my muse for Naruto needs a vacation and this idea has been bubbling in my brain for a while now.

Timeline wise, this is a few weeks to a month before the start of Adventure 02 for Digimon and after the Herb arc for Ranma. I have reworked Ken's backstory to fit Ranma into the story. I have also set it up so that digidestined refers to anyone with a partnered digimon. Chosen Child on the other hand for this story will refer to a special subset of digidestined that just contains Ranma, Ken, and the cast from Season 1. Digimon species names will typically be the Americanized version. I first watched Digimon as dubbed so that's what sticks to my mind. Vritramon is an exception because I honestly thought calling it BurningGreymon was more of poor excuse for brand recognition.