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The Queen Diaries!

By Queen Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo

Aged 26 years and 9 months.

February 15th: The throne room.

I can't believe I found my old diary! I was just sorting through some old stuff that Mom sent over and I found it. Mom's still in Manhattan.  She refused to move to Genovia after Dad died.

Yes, he died when I was just eighteen. Grandmere had died the year before and he went into this whole depressant thing. Then the cancer came back and they couldn't do anything about it. So when he died I was made queen. I never thought I'd cry when Grandma died but I did. For days. I guess we'd gotten quite close in a weird reluctant kinda way. And dad? I never told him how much I love him. I should have when I had a chance. At eighteen years old I had to rule an entire country. I had to move to Genovia and rule. I never even got to say goodbye to my friends. We've lost contact completely now. I would ask mom if she's seen them but I daren't. I guess I'm too scared.

What else is new? Oh yes! My little sister, Danae. Danae's twelve now. I haven't seen her in like, three years. We e-mail each other occasionally, but that's it. My life as it was has completely collapsed around me.

And Michael? I don't know. We were thinking about living together when I left school and went to college.  I haven't spoken to him since I left for Genovia. 8 years without contacting the love of my previous life or my best friends. How pathetic am I?

Lars is still here, my faithful bodyguard. He's playing chess with one of the footmen

right now. He's addicted to that game, totally now! I can't beat him at all. 

Mr Gianini wrote to me the other day. I still can't call him Frank. Weird, huh? He suggested I come over for a visit. I don't know what to do. I could always go. I don't have anything to do. Genovia does get a lot of tourists during the winter months and they all want to come and look at the palace. If I look out of the window I can see them standing taking pictures of themselves with the palace in the background.

Genovia is a well-known country now. Tons of tourists. I even managed to get the law about the scissors in the docks. Much to the surprise of the Genovian parliament. There are lots of animal shelters and I still donate my daily one hundred dollars to Greenpeace.

I guess that's about all really. I just asked Lars if he thought it was a good idea to visit New York. He said it was, because I should never let go of my family. He said it really sadly though, as if he was talking to himself as well.

I think I will go. I'll just go and phone Mom and thank her for the stuff.

Tuesday 16th February: My bedroom.

I'm going. I was talking to Mom last night here's our conversation

Mia: Um, hi Mom? It's me, Mia.

Mom: OH MY GOD! MIA! Why haven't you called? Never mind, just talk to me!

Mia: Um, ok. I got my old stuff, thanks for sending it. How are you all?

Mom: we're great! Danae got her period last week

Danae: (in the background) Mom! You don't tell people that over the phone!

Mom: Sorry, sweetie. Anyway, Mia, how are you?

Mia: I'm fine Mom. Opened a new animal care centre last week.

Mom: That's great honey.

Mia: Mom, I might be coming to New York soon. I could do with a holiday. Would I be able to stay with you guys?

Mom: (weeping) Oh, Mia, honey that'd be great! Just like old times!

Mia: Ok! I'll call the pilots and see when they're free. Bonus of having a private jet.

Mom: That's wonderful honey. Frank will be SO excited!

Mia: I'll ring tomorrow Mom. Love you.

Mom: Love you too baby. Bye.

And then I hung up. I love my Mom. Anyway I'm leaving the day after tomorrow. It's really short notice and the parliament isn't happy about it but who cares?

Not me! I'm finally going home.

Wednesday 18th February: Royal Jet.

I can only write quickly because we'll be landing soon.  Lars's is going to take me to the loft and then stay at a hotel nearby. The loft isn't too big. I can't believe it looking down at all the tiny lights. Manhattan. New York. Home.

I'm getting way too sentimental about this.

Oops, we're landing now. Gotta go.

The Limo. 7:45pm

I'm on my way to the loft now. I'm so scared, but I can't turn back now. When I got of the plane there were all these reporters waiting. Some things never change. They were all

"Your Majesty! How long are you staying here?" But Lars did his thing and got me through.

Uh oh. We're here. I'm excited and want to throw up at the same time,

The Loft: 11: 15 pm.

I can't believe it. I was so nervous. I went up to the door and sort of knocked all nervously. Then the door burst open and Mom was standing there. She looked so beautiful, as always. She stared at me for a moment and then she threw her arms around me and hugged me real tight

"Oh my god, you're here, you're really here!" she kept repeating over and over again. Then Mr G came out and he started hugging me too and then Danae joined in and we were all talking and laughing, and mom was crying.

Once Lars had left we all sat down and started talking all over again. Danae's got her first boyfriend apparently. No fair! It took me until I was fourteen, and I haven't had another one since! Mr G is still teaching. I'm going to go and visit AEHS tomorrow. I wonder if it's changed at all. Principal Gupta's still there and everything. Mr G and Danae went out then, to buy some food so Mom and I could talk properly. And I asked


"Yes, Sweetie?"

"What… Do you know anything about Lily, or Tina, or Michael or anyone?" Then she looked at me all sadly

"I'm sorry Mia, I don't. But you should definitely try and find them while you're here."

"I will. Thanks Mom." I stroked Fat Louie gently. I hadn't been allowed to take him with me to Genovia. He would have destroyed the entire palace with those claws! I love him so much. He's all purry and cute. Then Mom said

"Mia, I wish you'd called more often."

"I'm so sorry Mom. I meant to but… I don't know." I finished lamely. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Ronnie, from next door. She'd seen me come back and gave me a big hug and asked me how I was doing and everything. So then I had to start all over again.

Anyway I'm really tired now, so I'll write some more tomorrow.

* Things to do! *

1. Buy presents for Family to say sorry for loss of contact.

2. Hug Fat Louie some more.

3. Buy some pants. Cannot go out in dresses. Way too embarrassing.

4. Find friends. Will try Tina first, since she probably still lives at home.

Thursday 19th February: Limo.

Albert Einstein's hasn't changed AT ALL! Principal Gupta invited me into her office and was so friendly and made me a cup of tea. Felt slightly nervous as though had smashed Lana Weinberger's mobile phone again. Never mind. She said to eel free to explore the school. I think she was somewhat disappointed at my lack of crown or fancy dresses as she eyed me in a shirt and pants.

So I explored the school. All my old teachers said high and I saw the Gifted and talented room again. Mrs Hill wasn't there, as usual. I felt tears prick my eyes as I saw the supply closet where we would shut in Boris Pelkowski. Ah, memories! Also saw dreaded Algebra classroom. So many bad thoughts. Still, I watched Mr Gianini teach and was quite pleased when I found I could actually answer some of the questions! I left the school at lunchtime. I'm on my way to Tina's house now. Even if she isn't there here parents might be able to tell me where to go.

Back at the Loft. 6:31pm

When I got to Tina's I pressed the intercom button and this voice said

"Hello, Hakim Baba residence?"

"Yeah, hi. Is Tina there?"

"May I ask who that is?"

"Tell her its Mia." There was a silence and then a beep as I got into the elevator. When the door to the foyer opened Tina was standing there, looking sort of excited. She's gotten quite tall now, and lost a lot of weight. She looked fantastic.

"Mia! Oh my god, Mia!" And she hugged me. It seems everyone is doing that now!

We started talking and Tina said

"Lars, Wahim is through that door." Lars went of to talk with his old friend. Leaving me to talk to mine. Tina still lives with her parents and has a boyfriend called Adam. She seems really happy. Eventually I brought up the subject of Lily. Tina grinned

"I'm going to see her now. Why don't you come?"

"Really? Wow, that would be great!" I said, really meaning it.

Anyway, we got to Lily's apartment and Tina looked suddenly worried

"Oh no! I said I'd bring some wine. Hang on, I'll just go to the store and buy some." And she ran off. Leaving me alone in front of a door, which she had already pressed the doorbell to. There was some screaming of little kids and the door opened. Boris Pelkowski stood in front of me. He looked sort of confused and said

"Can I help you miss?"

"You don't recognise me?" I asked, sort of enjoying this opportunity to tease him. He shook his head and I sighed

"What? You don't recognise me? After all that time the gifted and talented class spent trying to lock you in the supply closet?" Then he sort of started at me and grinned

"Mia? Mia Thermopolis?"

"That's right!" Boris hugged me and as we pulled apart I noticed something.

His sweater was tucked in.

Anyway, a little girl ran to Boris and said

"Daddy! Mommy wants you." She was cute. She had a little pug-face and hair just like Lily's. Boris said

"Come in Mia. Where's Tina?"

"She had to go to the store quickly. She'll be back in a moment." I stepped in to the apartment. It was neat and tidy and completely Lily. Then Lily stepped out of the kitchen saying

"Tina. You're late! If the dinner burns, I swear I'll-"

And then she stopped when she saw me. I grinned and said

"Hey Lily." She didn't reply but her hands on her hips and said

"Oh it's Miss-I'm-too-good-to-contact-my-friends-in-eight-years!" Then she smiled and we hugged too. I'm completely hugged out now! We all had dinner and started talking. I asked Lily about our old friends and enemies.

"Well, Shameeka is a model now. She always wanted to be one, but she helps out at a children's home in her spare time. Ling Su is an artist. We always knew she would be. But she's had some stuff put up in the Mary Boone Gallery. Boris is still a musician and I'm a television presenter. Lana moved away, so I don't know about her. And Josh Richter works for a bank somewhere. You?" she said. I'm shrugged

"Queen of a small European country. Nothing much.  Opened a few animal shelters donate stuff to Greenpeace. Make public speeches. Pretty boring stuff really." Tina looked at Lily and said

"What she really wants to know is how Michael is."

"Tina!" I yelled. Lily laughed

"He's fine. Works with computers and still plays with his band in the meantime. He never grew up."

"That's… nice." I sorta said all lamely. Lily looked down at her daughter

"This is Michelle by the way." I smiled at the baby then my eyes strayed across these old photographs. Us all at the cultural diversity dance, the Non-denominational Winter dance, Lily's wedding… I've missed so much over the past eight years. Tina stood up

"I'd better go. I'll see you all later!"  Boris showed her out and then went to put Michelle to bed. Lily looked at me and said

"Mia, why didn't you call?"

"I was too scared. Well, the first two years were so frantic and busy and then I felt afraid to call after two years."

"You could have called at anytime you know."

"I know." Lily decided to change the subject

"So are you seeing anyone?"

"Nope. Well, Rene visits the palace occasionally and tries to get somewhere but it never works out. I don't give it a chance to."

"Michael still single too. He never dated anyone after you, you know?"

"He didn't?"

"Nope. He said he didn't think he could love anyone the way he loved you."

Way to make me feel guilty Lily. Anyway, we started off home. When I got back to the loft I told Mom about my day. Danae asked if we could spend Saturday together and go Ice-Skating or something. I said sure, of course. I'm hanging out with Mom tomorrow.

Saturday 21st February. The Loft. 5:30pm

Oh my god. I cannot believe it. I went ice-skating with Danae today. I was kinda looking forward to it, I haven't ice-skated in ages. I could still do it, thankfully. Lars kept making jokes about me cutting open my tongue. Oh yes. How hilarious. I SO wanted to remember that trip.  Danae wanted to get a hot dog so I said I'd get them. Lars wanted one too so he stayed to watch Danae to some tricks while I queued up for food. A veggie-burger for me obviously. Anyway, as I was coming back, carrying the food I walked straight into this guy and dropped it all. We both knelt to pick it up and he said

"I'm really sorry."

"No, it was my fault. I walked straight into you!"

"Let me pay for some more."

"No it's ok, I've got plenty of money."

"No, I insist!" And then I looked up at him. He was staring at me all peculiar and I asked

"What's wrong?"

"N-nothing," Then he thought about something and said "Kid, I've been from one side of this galaxy to the other..." And I felt myself go all weird and whispered all shakily

"I… I happen to like nice men." Then he grinned and said

"I'm nice."

My jaw dropped and I stared at him. He said

"Hey Mia."



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