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Chapter 10

23rd April: Limousine:  11:30 pm.

I just got off the plane. Lars is talking on his mobile. I'm back in New York, but I don't know where to start looking for Michael.

Lars just told the driver to head towards Albert Einstein High School. When I asked him why he just said,

"That is where Michael is."

"How do you know?"

"Trust me."

Oh my god, what am I going to say? When I see Michael, I mean. What if he just turns me down?

I'm feeling slightly nauseous.

Lars is smiling to himself and it's totally annoying. Why can't he just tell me what's going on? I hate not knowing.

It was slightly suspicious though. There was no press at the airport. But then, they probably didn't know I was coming. I tried to call Tina when I got to the airport, but the housekeeper said she had gone out. I didn't call Lilly yet.

Lars just asked me if I brought any other clothes with me.

"No, I didn't. Why?"

"No reason." He replied, eyeing my combats and Greenpeace shirt. Not to mention that my hair was sort of standing up in weird spikes because I slept on it funny. He looked concerned. When I mentioned this he said he didn't.

"Yes you do! You totally look as if something is wrong."

"Nothing is wrong. I am just concerned that if the press get a picture you should look good. Because the Parliament is already less than pleased."

"Lars, I am here to win back the love of my life, my soul mate. Not to go clothes shopping."

But he did have a point. My reputation is hardly the best it could be. Then Lars reached into the back and handed me this big box.

"Change into this. I will sit in the front." So we had to stop the car, let Lars into the front, then start going again.

The dress is so nice though. I think it's one of Sebastiano's. It's white. Perfectly straight and with these tiny diamonds studded all over it. So at least I'll look nice when my heart is torn to shreds.

It's gone midnight now. It's going to be so late by the time I get there. The driver just said it'll be another quarter of an hour.

The nauseous feeling is back.

24th April: 4:30 am.

You may be asking yourself why I am writing in my diary at 4:30 in the morning. Hee is what has happened.

When we got into Manhattan the driver just set off to AEHS. I was feeling kind of nervous. No scratch that. Totally nervous. Then we were there I saw Michael outside the doors to the main hall. Lars practically had to drag me out of the car.

"Michael." I said, in a voice that sounded like my throat had turned to sandpaper. Michael turned to look at me and I instantly started talking, not giving him a chance to protest.

"Michael, I am so, so sorry. I am the most terrible person to have ever walked on the planet. I just flew out of here, not even thinking about you. I don't know how you were feeling, because I never bothered to ask. And I should have, I mean it was your baby too. And then I just went back to Genovia, all prepared to never see you again and I couldn't do it. I just kept thinking about you and Lars kept telling me to call you, and I so totally should have instead of just turning up. But I just had to see you again, to say I'm sorry. And now that I have I just want you to know that I have never, ever felt the same way about anyone. And if you want me to just fly back to Genovia and never come back I'll do it. Just, please. Tell me what you want and I'll do it. I'll do anything, because I love you."

And Michael just kept staring at me, and it was really cold and I felt like crying in my nice dress.  Then, after a few minutes Michael said,



"What I want… is for you to come here. I want you to come here and marry me."

No, seriously! That is exactly what he said! And then I ran over to him, and he started hugging me. Then he said,

"And this time, I'm not letting you get away."

And before I can move, the doors to the hall are thrown open and I see everyone in there! All my family, my friends, everyone! And right down the middle is this aisle. And at the end is a priest. I stared at Michael.


Tina, Lilly and Danae came over, in identical dresses. Michael smiled.

"Why waste time? I'm not giving you a chance to run off again. Tina called me when you told her you were coming back. So I got to work. I had to invite everyone, organise some decorations, get a priest."

"We helped. When you got engaged the first time Sebastiano made that dress. He had left in Genovia when he came out here to do some work, so we called Lars and asked him to get you to change into it. He made these dresses for us." Tina said, turning to show me her pink dress. Sebastiano came out of the hall. He smiled.

"You look brill! It suits you perfect!" He clapped his hand, and then took something out of a bag. It was a matching veil to go with my dress. He started attaching it to my head, and I was in complete shock, unable to move or speak. Then Michael smiled at me.

"Is this OK?"

"It's perfect." I whispered.

So we got married. Right there in AEHS. Principal Gupta was in the congregation, because Mr G had asked her if we could use the school. She said yes, but only if she could come.

Michael had it all worked out. He organised the reception, food, a band (Skinner Box, of course) and everything!

When we got to the reception, over at the Plaza, Michael insisted that we made speeches. Well, as I pointed out for him, he had had time to practise his! I had to make mine up on the spot! But I think I managed pretty well.

"Um… hi. Well, I think I can say that this was probably the quickest wedding to ever have been organized. I have to thank everyone who has done this for me. Tina, for getting me into the country for a start. Principal Gupta, for letting us use the school. Sebastiano, for the dress. Everyone else for turning up. And last, quite obviously, Michael. For letting me marry him. Because I was totally convinced that he was going to tell me where to go when I showed up." There was a bit of laughter there. Michael was holding my hand. I continued,

"So… thank you. To everyone here. This is the best day of my entire life. I cannot imagine a more perfect day. Or night, looking at the time. Thank you."

Short, but I think it worked. Everyone started applauding and I felt myself go red. Then Michael stood up.

"Well, we finally made it to the altar. It took a bit of work, but we got there. Mia is the most amazing person in the world to me. I first fell in love with her when we were just tiny kids. Lilly had forgotten her project so I took it to her and she was playing with this adorable little blonde girl, called Amelia. And my feelings didn't stop, ever. When she got to high school. I took us a while. I thought I had completely blown it when I told Mia that it love her and she ran screaming from the room." More laughter. "But then she told me that she loved me. Those eight long years when she wasn't in New York, I kept thinking about her. And then she came back. And thus followed the happiest times in my life. And right now, this very minute, is the happiest."

"That's because you haven't been on the honeymoon yet!" Called one of the guys from Skinner Box. Everyone laughed and Michael saluted his friend. Then we ate. It was perfect, loads of vegetarian food. And then we started to dance. But before we had the first dance Michael went over to Skinner Box and they played my favourite song in the whole world.

Seeing you smile at me

Makes me want to say

That no matter where you go

Today is gonna be the day

It's hot outside

My throat is hurting

Because I'm trying to tell you now

That no one else means a thing

You're like a tall drink of water

On a hot summers day

You soothe my throat and heart in one

You really make my day

You're like a tall drink of water

And you really don't have a clue

That I don't think that anyone else

Can refresh me the way you do

I see you with your friends

The tallest of them all

Yours is the face I pick out first

Because you're the one I want to call

And you just don't seem to get

That it's you I'm crazy about

If only you knew the way I feel

From the rooftops I would shout

You're like a tall drink of water

On a hot summers day

You soothe my throat and heart in one

You really make my day

You're like a tall drink of water

And you really don't have a clue

That I don't think that anyone else

Can refresh me the way you do

Tall drink of water

Tall drink of water

You're like a tall drink of water

On a hot summers day

You soothe my throat and heart in one

You really make my day

You're like a tall drink of water

And you really don't have a clue

That I don't think that anyone else

Can refresh me the way you do

Could that song be any cooler? Then the band started playing some other stuff and Michael jumped off the stage to dance with me.

And it doesn't end there. Michael has organised a honeymoon in Iceland for us. Iceland! We're going to stay at the Ice Hotel, than travel around the country for a whole month, seeing all the sights and everything. He even made sure that we could visit the Greenpeace Base while we're there!

Mom was crying. She kept hugging me, saying, "I can't believe that you're married! I just can't believe it!" I kept assuring her that it was true.

Though I can hardly believe it myself. Michael and I sat a dance out and I said,

"Michael, you're just incredible."

"I know!"

"Seriously. I ran out on you, when you needed me. And you still took me back."

"That's because I love you." He said, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"But Michael… you're going to be King of Genovia."

"I'll handle it. I don't care, Mia, as long as I can be with you. I would jump of the Pont des Verges if it would make you happy."

"No, nothing that drastic. But are you sure? About the whole King deal."

"I said I'll handle it. None of that stuff matters to me."

"There'll be a coronation and everything in Genovia. I think you'll like the Palace. The Crystal Corridor is great for sock-sliding."

"Cool. Mia, you are the most wonderful person in the world. I cannot imagine loving anybody but you."


"Really really."

"That was a total Shrek rip-off." Lilly said, sitting down with us. I smiled and hugged her.

"This makes us sisters, you realise."

"I know. Cool, isn't it?" Lilly said, hugging me back. Michelle looked up at me, sucking on a chocolate lollipop.

"Auntie Mia? Can I come and see your palace?"

Auntie Mia? I'd only been her Aunt for a few hours!

"Sure you can, honey. Your parents can come too. If they want to." I said, looking at Lilly. She smiled.

"Try and stop us!"

Then Michael went to dance with Danae. I sat watching them, and Mr G asked me for a dance.

"Mia, your mother and I have been thinking…" he said as we danced.


"Two things actually. One, we were thinking of moving to Genovia. Danae's all for it and your Mom says she wants a change of scenery to fuel her artistic drive."

"Really? That's fantastic! Of course you must come!"

"And two…"

"What is it?"

"Call me Frank. I haven't been your algebra teacher for a very long time." I went totally red then. Mr G laughed and stepped away as the dance ended.

"Congratulations Mia. You deserve a little happiness."

And I really think I do. I feel fantastic. You know, apart from the whole broken arm thing. I felt as if the world could come crashing down around me and I wouldn't care a bit.

I really need to sleep now. We're heading off for Iceland tomorrow afternoon. On our honeymoon. Weird! It's strange even writing it. I get little shivers all over when I write it!

I am Mrs Michael Moscovitz. In America anyway. In Genovia Michael will be King Michael Renaldo. Or something like that.

Michael just asked me why I'm still writing in my diary. Because I'm so happy! That's why! Seriously, I'm going to sleep now.

24th April: Aeroplane to Iceland: 5:30 pm.

I'm only going to write a little bit, because I really need some sleep. I just wanted to point something out.

I've got absolutely nothing to complain about for once.

My life totally Rocks because I have:

1: My family

2: My friends

3: My husband (there go those shivers!)

4: My country

5: My bodyguard (Who is not coming with us on our honeymoon. But he did make sure that there is a security force at every place we plan to visit. He was getting along surprisingly well with one of the caterers at the Plaza yesterday. Danced with her all night.)

6: My cat

7: My perfect honeymoon

8: My perfect wedding

9: My diary

10: My fairytale ending

And all I have to say is that I plan to live happily ever after.  The End.


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