Chapter One

Times have changed, Tiana's dreams have come true at last, she's a successful owner of her restaurant, she still lives in New Orleans, only this time, she lives with her new husband, and their three kids. She's grown past wishing on a star, and never once did she believe in fairy tales, that for was when she was little. She has never ever told anyone of her time with Prince Naveen, she hardly now thinks of him or of their time in the forest, however, she would sometimes remember Ray and Louis. But not of Naveen, whom she hasn't seen ever since that day.

Prince Naveen, who is now King, has also moved on, he's married to another royal, and he too has three kids. He had everything that he's wanted, and he doesn't want to change that, no matter what. However, he would sometimes find himself thinking of Tiana, Louis, Ray, and their time together in the forest, he still sometimes wonders if she still lives in New Orleans, and he often thinks about the last night that they both shared together as frogs.

Louis, on the other hand, not only has found his love, but he's also got children of his own, he still talks to Ray, who also has moved on, they both still live in the forest, not once did they thought out about the past.

However, something happens, something that forces the gang back together once again, only this time, they're on their own, which mean, either they stay frogs forever, or they have to marry one another.

Can two heart be brought back together after many years apart? Or will they both forever be frogs once more? And will everything be the same once they've turned human? Or will everything finally come to light after all these years?