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Chapter 3- Making a "Friend"


After waiting in the rafters above Junior's office for (THREE FREAKING HOURS!), Naruto made it a habit to check his Dropbox every five. He didn't know how long it would take for Junior to have a job set up for him, but had a feeling that whatever it was would be something interesting. Junior was a smart man, and Naruto had been sure to show him just enough skill to peak his interest.

He was going to test him to get a better gage of his skills, of The Grimm's skills. Though Naruto didn't know if the man would set up a job himself so he could monitor it personally or simple something with a bit of difficulty to see if he could do it. Depending on which he chooses would tell Naruto a lot about him and the way he thought.

If he set up a fake job himself it meant he liked to be in complete control and was meticulous and shrewd, something you would expect from a man who specialised in information. However, if he sent Naruto on a real job to test his limits, it would mean he was a man that relied on his own instincts and intuition.

It would defiantly effect the way Naruto would act with him in the future, though he was sure Junior would send him on a few low class jobs first so as to try and catch him unaware.

For four days he waited, always making sure no one was around before even approaching the Box to check, only to frown when he saw it empty. Naruto knew it would take time, but he was getting restless.

He spent hours tuning and practicing Hidden Shadow, making sure it was in peak condition and that he was confident in his skill with it. Nights spent making and experimenting with different dust combinations to add to his arrows for different effects. Naruto would be ready when the time came, he just wished it would hurry up and get there.

Then finally, on the fifth day he opened the box to find a card inside.


It turned out his first job was an assassination mission.

Some guy working for a big company had found something he shouldn't and was trying to blackmail the higher ups and said higher ups didn't like it, so they wanted him both destroy the evidence and send a message with the man's death. His public death, in front of his co-workers who knew what he was doing.

Simple enough, his target didn't even have his Aura unlocked and was just some civilian pencil pusher.

Said target was a middle aged man with short greying brown hair, thick glasses that made his eyes look huge, and a bad taste in fashion based on the dull brown and white suit he seemed to always wear. The despite his outward appearance the man was arrogant and walked around like he owned the place, though given his current blackmail deal he technically did.

The evidence was also known to be kept on a memory stick that held everything he had on the company, though the target was smart enough not to tell anyone where it was. Unfortunately for him Naruto had spent the last two days following him and watching his every movement, and knew for a fact that said memory stick was kept in the inside left breast pocket of his jacket.

At the moment Naruto was sat atop the skyscraper across from the one his target worked in, looking down at the floor the man's office cubical was. There were no windows into the office space, but from the information he had been given for the mission Naruto knew his target's desk was right on the other side of the wall.

In fact, thanks to his mask, Naruto could actually see his targets sealed Aura through the brick, giving him an outline. His mask verified that the man was his target with a white outline marking around his dull blue Aura, a picture of his face appearing next to it. It also locked onto the memory stick in the man's pocket, the technology also outlined in white.

Unfolding Hidden Shadow from his arm, Naruto shifted his cloak to the side so he could reach the brown leather quiver on his back without it getting in the way. His fingers soon found the arrow he wanted and a second later he was taking aim.

The arrow Naruto was using was made from a black and heavy metal, and had been infused with Lightening Dust. The arrow head was also cut into the shape of the symbol of the Hidden Leaf, and the whole arrow was as long as the space between the tips of his fingers and his elbow. The black metal was covered in light blue spots where the dust had fused with the metal. Then of course there was the little insurance he added to the arrowhead, a little overbroad maybe for such a simple target but it was the same for all his arrows designed to kill. If there was one thing he learned from The Elemental Nations, it was there is no such things as too much when insuring your target is killed when you can't confirm it up close.

A little poison of his own creation coated the Arrowhead, made from a plant that he found in this world that no one ever really took the time to study called a Blood Lilly. The poison was fairly fast acting and would cause hallucinations while increasing the bodies temperature to dangerous levels until the victim eventually died, though it took a while to leave the blood after death so it was easy to trance even if no one could figure out what it was made from to produce an antidote.

He called the poison Red Nightmare.

Luckily Naruto found that he was just as immune to poisons as he was back when he had chakra so he didn't have to worry about killing himself by accident, though he still kept a vial of it on him when on missions.

As he slowly pulled the arrow back Naruto added a little of his Aura into it, making tiny light blue sparks start to jump along the surface.

Honestly Naruto was both shocked and disappointed in the people of this worlds lack of imagination when it came to manipulating the elements, at least when compared to his own. They hadn't even discovered the nature of the five basic elements yet for crying out loud!

Earth and stones properties made it good for defensive manipulation, the harder you made it the stronger it became. Wind was for cutting, clean and fast that couldn't be seen and almost impossible to block. Water was a blunt force that when used right could crush almost any defence that tried to stand against it, and given enough time would weather down even those that could. Fire was for destruction, simple and powerful it would eat at whatever it touched until nothing was left. Finally, was Lightening, the element that was best used to pierce through anything.

These people had only figured out two of the five, being Fire and Earth, while seeming to just skirt around the others without even realising that they were not using them to their true potential.

Still at least it made his job easier.

Taking in a deep breath, Naruto held it for a second along with the drawn back arrow, before letting both go at the same time. The arrow shot off faster than most eyes would be able to follow, sparks still dancing along it. There was a slight whistling sound as it cut through the air, but that stopped when the arrow reached the wall across from him and pierced through it like a hot knife through butter.

Naruto watched the Aura outline his masked showed him of his target suddenly stiffen as the arrow went straight through his back and out his chest at the front, hitting both his heart and the memory stick before stopping with the arrow still in his chest. He watched for a moment as other Aura outlines started moving around in a frenzy, some moving to his now dead target and shaking him.

Naruto didn't stick around after confirming his target was dead, Hidden Shadow once again folded up and attached to his arm, before walking over to the other side of the building and running down the wall. It had taken a lot of trial and error to learn how to use Aura copy the Chakra Wall Walking and Water Walking Skills, but in the end it was similar to using a muscle in a slightly different way. Different enough that he needed to figure it out, but once he did it came as easy as walking again.


Glynda Goodwitch was a beautiful woman in his mid-twenties, with light blond hair and glasses over her pale green eyes. She was well known for both her skills as a Huntress, and her stern personality that could make a man twice her size feel like a schoolboy.

Right now she was frowning as she looked over where the body of one Markus Fond had been, an accountant for a large corporation that had been killed not even an hour ago. Normally such a matter would be handles by the police, but the way in which the man had been killed meant it fell into the Hunter and Huntresses jurisdiction.

The fact was that the murderer had clearly used both Dust and Aura, meaning that they were most likely a Hunter/Huntress. But even then the skill involved with this particular murder spoke of someone that would be in the higher levels of skill even by their standards. Not a job for the regular authorities, who mostly dealt with crimes between civilians.

The killer had not only killed Mr Fond with an arrow through the heart, but also through a two-foot-thick stone wall without windows. It was clear that Fond was the intended target, the shot had been too perfect to have been random or an accident. But it was an impossible shot, there was no logical way for the arrow to have been able to pierce the wall and Mr Fond's chest. How it was even aimed in the first place she couldn't understand, but Glynda suspected a Semblance had been involved.

Then there was the arrow itself, which had been sent back to Beacon to be examined and studied.

The metal was common enough, though not usually used for arrows seeing as it was so heavy. But what wasn't common was the shape of the arrow head, an odd swirling leaf design. Of course that was only the start, seeing as the metal had been infused with Lightening Dust of all things. Lightening Dust was used for many things, though rarely in weapons. It was mostly used as a power source, or if actually used in a weapon at low levels to act as a stun feature. Why someone would take the time to infuse it into an arrow that was aimed to kill instantly was a mystery.

Moving over to the wall behind where the body had been, Glynda narrowed her eyes as she examined the hole left by the arrow. It was a cleanly cut, with a dark mark around the edges from the Lightening where it had burned the stone slightly as it passed. Leaning closer Glynda held her eye to the hole and saw that it went straight through at an angle that pointed towards the building across from its roof.

Her thoughts were interrupted when someone cleared their throat behind her to get her attention. "Glynda, I see you have already started without me." Said a voice she knew all too well.

With a sigh Glynda turned around and found herself looking at her employer Ozpin, walking stick in one hand and coffee in the other. Despite his grey hair Ozpin was the same age as Glynda, his own dark glasses covering light brown eyes that seemed to take in everything with a glance.

She gave a curt nod before turning back to the hole, explaining what she knew so far as she did. "I thought it better to get started straight away, the killer is already long gone and the longer we wait to examine the crim scene the more risk of something getting moved by accident. I already had the arrow sent back to Beacon for Barty to have a look at, the arrowhead was shaped into a symbol I am not familiar with and I am hoping he will be able to recognise it. I believe it to be made from Argent Iron infused with Lightening Dust before I sent it away, though I don't know why." Explained Glynda.

Her words got a hum from Ozpin as he took a sip from his coffee before moving to stand next to her. "An odd combination indeed, one I know I certainly have never seen before myself. Yet clearly something about it was very effective, as we are looking at the results. Clearly whoever made it knew something we don't, and assuming it was our Assassin we are surly dealing with a new big player on the board." Said Ozpin before taking another sip.

At the word 'Assassin', Glynda turned her attention away from the wall and back to Ozpin with a frown. "Don't you think it is a little far to say an Assassin did this? Mr Fond was, to put it frankly, a nobody. What reason would someone have to hire an Assassin of this skill to kill him?" she asked sceptically.

Ozpin gave shrug. "Maybe the Assassin is new, and while skilled not well known. From what you have told me about the arrow that killed Mr Fond we would have known about them before now if they had killed before, it does sound distinctive. So this may have been their first official kill." Proposed Ozpin.

Glynda still wasn't convinced however. "It all seems like a stretch to me Ozpin, this was probably just some Hunter or Huntress with a history with Mr Fond. We don't want to cause a panic by announcing some new highly skilled Assassin is running around. Marcus Black is more than enough to get people nervous without more of him." She said.

Ozpin just gave another shrug and took another sip of his coffee, his eyes moving to the floor. "Perhaps you are right Glynda…at least I hope you are anyway." Said Ozpin, unknowingly mirror Glynda's own thoughts as he took note of the small pieces of what looked like a memory stick on the floor.


Glynda frowned as she watched one of her closest friends flit around the room, his speed causing several papers to fly into the air as he passed. The hand holding the coffee cup he was never seen without was shaking more than usual, telling her that the usually over caffeinated Bartholomew Oobleck had been hitting his favourite drink more than usual. His plan white shirt was more ruffled than it normally was, and his spiky green hair wilder and knotted in places. As he passed she could hear him muttering under his breath, but it was too quiet to hear clearly and he was gone again before she could try to understand the words.

On the desk between them was the arrow she had sent him to examine, surrounded by several books open to random pages with different symbols on them.

Stood next to her Ozpin watched on with a mostly indifferent expression, taking the odd sip of his own coffee.

Finally, after appearing next to his bookcase and flipping through another book too fast for anyone but him to be able to see the pages, Barty reappeared behind his desk with a frown. "I'm afraid there is little to nothing I can tell you about the symbol this arrow head is moulded into, other than it is indeed a symbol of some description. I have check and recheck every book and reference I can and it does not appear anywhere in all of Remnants History, not even from those that predate the Founding of the Four Kingdoms. It is too precise to be anything other than a symbol but I cannot tell you where it originates from." He explained without taking a single breath.

His words only made Glynda's frown deepen, her eyes narrowing at the arrow behind he glasses. "I see. Is there anything you can tell us about the arrow itself?" she asked.

Barty gave a nod and picked the arrow up, turning it in his hands as he spoke. "Yes actually, whoever designed it is both very skilled and very knowable. Again nothing like it can be found in history, so I can only assume that the person who fired it was also the one to craft it. The entire arrow was moulded from a single piece of Argent Steel like you assumed Glynda, and I think I know why." Said Barty, before he paused here to take another sip of his coffee before continuing. "While true Argent Steel is normally too heavy to be used for something such as arrows, I believe it was used to compensate for the Dust that was infused into it when being moulded. Any other metal would have been torn apart when the Lightening Dust was activated, but using this particular metal allowed it to keep its shape. For reasons I do not fully understand the Lighting Dust increased the 'piercing' power of the arrow, allowing it to cut through the brick wall like a hot knife through butter." Barty explained.

However, before she could comment, the green haired historian continued and pointed to the arrow head again. "You may also like to know that I found traces of an unknown poison on the arrowhead itself, very fatal and again nothing I have ever seen before. However, this arrow was aimed, the person who fired it undoubtable intended for them to die." He said, laying the arrow back on the desk.

Glynda was more than a little shocked. "All this just to kill Mr Fond…it doesn't make any sense. He was no one important, but an average man working for a company. This is just overkill!" she exclaimed at the end.

"Indeed it is, but also telling." Said Ozpin, getting their attention. "Based what you are telling me Barty, we ae indeed dealing with an Assassin. But not just any Assassin, a highly skilled one with a strong work ethic for what he does. Like you said Glynda, it was overkill. They used a special arrow never before seen infused with Lightening Dust used in a way never seen before, coated in a new unheard of poison, and that pierced his heart dead centre. The Assassin wanted to make sure Mr Fond would be dead, compensating I would assume for not being able to confirm the kill up close. They were making sure that whoever hired him would be getting what they paid for. They are methodical, skilled and probably care only about completing the job regardless of how much 'overkill' it may take." Said Ozpin in a deadly serious tone.

The way he described this person sent a shiver down Glynda's back. She knew that Ozpin was an expert in Psychology, he could read a person simple from looking at their bookcase if he wanted, so she had little doubt his assumptions were accurate.

Though she really wished he was wrong, because the person he was describing would surely be a very serious threat…one she wasn't sure they would be able to face.


Word soon got around about his supposedly impossible kill, at least around the Underground. It turned out that something that would be considered as just good planning back home was very impressive in Remnant. Over the last few months Junior had more than enough jobs for him and with success the name The Grimm was being spread, and his price was increased.

From Assassinations to breaking into 'secure' Atlas Military bases to steal plans and designs for new robots, Naruto had done a variety of jobs and so far, had never failed. The Atlas job had actually been from Junior himself, the man's test to see just how skilled Naruto was. From the shocked expression on his face when The Grimm dropped a pile of files and designs on his desk, Naruto was confident he had not only passed but exceeded the man's expectations.

There had been one issue when a client that hired him to steal some information on the Schnee, but he had made sure to send a message. Junior had not been happy to have a Severed Head left in the Dropbox for him to find, but it was the last time anyone had tried to double-cross him. When you single handily take out an ambush team of 21 Hunter-Dropouts turned Hired thugs it makes people hesitate to try it themselves.

Junior had mostly been annoyed by the blood staining his desk, but had quickly cheered up when he found out that Naruto had manged to get his pay anyway. Apparently the person that hired him had planned to try and pay him off if the ambush failed, thinking that a little extra money would squire thing up. If nothing else, it helped Naruto to not hold a grudge after cutting off his head.

With the money had was making Naruto was able to buy a decent sized flat in Vale, along with a few other smaller ones in the other Kingdoms to use as Boltholes should the need ever arise. He also rented out a warehouse to keep all his equipment, along with a small workshop/lab to make his arrows and poison. The warehouse itself was in a secluded area on the edge of Vale where few people bothered to go, so there was no one around to asked questions.

At the moment Naruto found himself in the Club as himself, being able to enjoy a rare night off where Junior didn't have any jobs for him. Funnily enough said man was also the one serving him dinks at the moment, having no idea that Naruto was The Grimm.

Dressed in casual cloths, Naruto sat at the bar in a pair of plain blue jeans, a black sleeveless and a burnt orange jacket. His hair was slightly longer now as well, reaching to cover the tops of his eyes. A few people had almost mistaken him for a Faunus more than once, only to realised that his whisker marks were just that, marks and not actual whiskers.

The Club was as busy as ever, the Bear headed DJ nodding along as he played his music while people danced. Naruto still wasn't used to the flashing lights, but he felt a kind of loyalty to the Club that made him keep coming back.

It didn't hurt that there were always a few good looking ladies around. Oddly enough it was just as this thought came to him that a woman took the seat at the bar a few away from his, quickly getting Junior's attention and ordering a Strawberry Sunrise with a little umbrella.

The woman looked to be in her twenties, but the way she carried herself told Naruto that she may be older then she looked. Pale white skin that shone in the flashing lights, with long wild black hair and blood red eyes. She was dressed in red and black themed cloths that hugged her body and showed a lot of leg, with what looked like an overly large Katana strapped to her hip if the size of the sheath was anything to go on.

Her drink was quickly place on the bar in front of her, only for it to be downed in one go before she ordered a second. The surprised expression on Junior's face an as he turned to get her another drink forced a chuckle out of Naruto's throat, drawing the woman's eyes to him for the first time since she sat down. Her eyes moved up and down his form for a moment before moving back to his face and sending him a slight smirk, winking a moment later as her next dink was put in front of her.

Naruto retuned the gesture with a nod of his head and holding up his own drink in a mock toast, before downing the glass of vodka in one without flinching. Junior was already standing in front of him when he out the glass down ready to refill it.

When his glass was filled again Naruto gave a nod to Junior before turning back to the woman, only to find that she was moved to the sat next to him. The sound of their glasses clinking as she touched her to his own was drowned out by the music, her smirk never leaving her lips.

"Raven Branwen." She introduced herself before taking a sip of her drink this time, eyes looking at him expectantly.

Naruto smiled. "Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet you Raven." Returned Naruto before taking a sip of his own dink.

Raven's eyes once again moved over his form for a moment as her smirk turned into a grin, before returning to his face with a predatory look. "I'll be the judge of that, Whiskers." She almost purred at him, bringing a smirk to his own lips.


Three Days Later


Naruto was panting from exhaustion, a new experience for him to be sure. He was laying on his bed with sweat poring off his skin, face red and hair even messier than usual. Next to him on bed, face equally red and breaths coming in pants, was Raven Branwen. Oh, and of course both were naked as the day they were borne, the sheet kicked off at some point during there…activity.

Three day's straight, after leaving the Club together they had come back to his apartment and hadn't left the bed in three days. Naruto wasn't sure how they did it, but he had never been so tired in his life.

Still trying to catch her breath, Raven turned over to face him and lay a hand on his chest. "Maybe I should…start calling you…Tiger instead of…Whiskers." Panted Raven with a large grin on her face before rolling back onto her back.

Naruto didn't answer and just rolled his eyes, sitting up and getting to his feet. He took two steps before turning to look at Raven over his shoulder. "I'm getting a drink do you want anything?" he asked.

"Water would be good." Called Raven as he left the room and headed to the kitchen. He came back a moment later with a glass of water in one hand and Orange Juice in the other, Raven sitting up and taking her glass from him before tipping it back in one.

Shaking his head, Naruto moved to sit on the end of his bed to drink his Juice. "So what exactly are we? Because I'm not even sure how we ended up here in the first place." Asked Naruto as he reached for a pair of pants on the floor.

He could hear Raven groaning as she stretched, before moving to sit next to him and start grabbing her own cloths. "If I remember correctly it had something to do with alcohol, dancing and the promise of a foot massage." Comment Raven with a smirk as she pulled on her boots.

Naruto blinked for a moment before smiling. "Oh yeah…that really was a good massage by the way." Said Naruto.

Raven's smirk only grew. "Right back at you." Raven said with a wink. "But as for what we are…how's Fuck-buddy sound to you?" she asked as she stood up to pull her panties up, seeming to take longer than needed and shacking her arse in his face while doing so.

Naruto shook his head with a chuckle. "Sound good to me." He replied.

Raven sent him a look over her shoulder, before turning away as she buttoned up her shirt. "Good. Got to admit I never thought The Grimm would be such an animal in the sake, it would be a shame to end it here." She said absently, her back still too him.

If she had been facing him, Raven would have seen Naruto's entire body freeze. His eyes widening as his face lost all colourer, before they narrowed. His lips set into a firm line Naruto slowly reached under the end of his mattress for his knife, only to growl when Raven turned around and lifted her hand up to show she had it.

He watched as she walked around the room slowly, flipping the orange blade open and closed absently as she did. "Looking for this? I found it the first night." She said as Naruto let out another growl. "Carful Whiskers, keep growling at me like that and we'll end up going another few rounds. I don't know about you but I'm still a little sore, so let's try and avoid that for now." Raven said with another wink at the end.

Naruto's hands clenched at his sides. "If you know who I am, you know I don't need a knife." Said Naruto, his voice emotionless and colder then ice.

If she noticed the tone, Raven didn't care. "Now, now don't be like that Whiskers, we had a good time these last few days. Had some laughs, rutted like animal in heat…let's not spoil it by trying to kill each other." Said Raven in a playful tone, before adding. "Plus if I wanted to kill you do you think I would have spent the last three days straight doing the sideways monster smash with you only to tip you off before making a move?" she asked innocently.

Naruto wasn't fooled for a second. "Seduction is a useful tool, and you might just be arrogant enough to think you can win anyway." He said, his tone still cold.

Raven seemed to actually think his words over for a moment before giving a small shrug. "Both true, and I could beat you with an arm behind my back, however you seemed to have forgotten one simple thing…" pausing mid-sentence, the dark haired woman gave him another smirk before folding her arms under her chest. "You're a freaking animal in the sac Whiskers, even if I wanted to kill you I'm too tired to bother. Plus, after the last three days I can honestly say it would be a waste." Explained Raven, smirk never slipping an inch.

If the situation wasn't so tense, Naruto might have face planted at her words. If nothing else it did help ease it a little, enough for Naruto's mind to clean enough to think. "My Godfather would kill me if her were alive for falling for your Seduction, I never let him live it down when it happened to him. I don't know if your psychotic or just insane Rave, and I don't really care. I do however know that you are wrong about one thing." Said Naruto as he leaned back on his bed, suddenly seeming very relaxed.

He watched as Raven stiffened at his sudden change of attitude, he instincts sending a warning to her brain that something wasn't right. "Oh really, and what might that be?" she asked, unfolding her arms.

Instead of answering Naruto smiled at her, and then the walls started to glow gold as the same spiral symbol of the Uzumaki clan appeared all over it. A second later chains shot out of each symbol like bullets, wrapping around Raven's arms, legs, body and even her neck. His knife fell to the ground were another chain shot forward and grabbed it, dropping the blade in his hand a moment later.

This was a skill Naruto and learned back when he was living in 'Grimm Country', though it took him a while to fully understand it. By placing a little of his Aura into something else through his hand Naruto could leave a mark where his chains could appear from outside his body. In a way his Semblance was a mix of his Mothers Chakra Chains and his Fathers Hiraishin Jutsu, and like his Mothers Chakra Chains Naruto's own were more than they appeared.

He watched silently as Raven struggled for several minutes, trying and failing to break the chains holding her with Aura enhanced strength. However, when that didn't work and a red aura started to form around her body as it…for lack of a better word Flickered. But even then no she still reappeared each time back in his chains. "What the hell is going on, why isn't my Aura or Semblance working?!" Shouted Raven at last, clearly starting to panic at not being able to escape.

It was Naruto's turn to smirk now. "Because those chains suppress both to an extent, at the moment we are in a battle of wills. My will is stronger than yours so you can't use your Aura or Semblance to get free. That's my Semblance. Though I have to admit I am curious what yours is, what with the flickering and all!" asked Naruto, watching as Raven finally seemed to calm down enough to return to her easy going attitude.

"If you let me go I can show you." She offered, getting a roll of his eyes. The chains got a little tighter to make a point, though this time the smirk didn't leave Raven's lips. "Kinky." She choked out with a slight chuckle when he loosened them again. "So this is an interesting Semblance, why have I never seen or heard of The Grimm using chains before now. Seems like a useful Semblance." Asked Raven.

This was definitely turning into one of the weirdest conisations Naruto had ever had, at least what with him holding his three-night stand/possible assassin/who the hell knew anymore with chains while she calmly asked him questions. If Raven suddenly grew caterpillar eyebrows and screamed about youth Naruto's head was going to explode.

However, on the outside all he did was shrug his shoulders seemingly without a care. "Useful, unique…easy to remember. It would be two easy to identify me through my Semblance, just like my Mask and cloak would identify me as The Grimm. This way I don't run the risk of incriminating Naruto Uzumaki, helps keep the double lives separate." Explained Naruto absently, before turning serious again. "How did you find out anyway?" he asked.

Raven rolled her eyes at the question. "My Semblance lets me teleport and open portals to other places I've been before. Not that hard to follow you once I found you, and you needed to take the mask off eventually. Got to admit I was expecting someone older considering your reputation. What are you 19…20?" she asked.

"16" answered Naruto.

For the next ten seconds Raven stared at him with a blank expression, blinking slowly as she looked him up and down. "Dam…now I feel like a cradle robber." Raven said.

Naruto let out a small bark of laughter. "Well how old you then?" asked Naruto back, getting a frown in return.

"You know its rude to ask a lady her age right?" asked Raven with an unimpressed look.

Naruto couldn't resist. "You're not a Lady you're a Cougar Raven." Shot back Naruto, getting pout for his trouble mixed with a death glare.

Though the glare was soon replaced by a smile as she chuckled. "Ok I admit, that was a nice shot Whiskers." Said Raven, before looking to the chains binding her and gesturing to them with her head. "Do you think you could let me go now, while I'm all up for experimentation in the bedroom I'm starting to lose feeling in my arms." She added.

Thinking it over for a moment, Naruto eventually let out a say and with a wave of his hands the chains faded away and the marks on the walls soon followed. "Fine but if you try anything they come back, and next time they'll be a lot tighter." Said Naruto.

Raven took a moment to massage her wrists before looking to Naruto with a large grin. "Is that a promise Whiskers, because I might just have to take you up on it later." She said, adding a wink at the end.

Naruto groaned and rolled his eyes. "I'm going to have to think over every single word I say before speaking around you aren't I? you have the dirtiest mind I have ever seen, and I was trained by a man that peek on women and wrote porn for a living!" said Naruto, ending in a frustrated shout as he threw his hands in the air. "I know you have something to do with this you old pervert! I swear when I die the first thing I am going to do his kick your arse so hard you'll come back to life!" he shouted to the Heavens, imagining Jiraiya looking down at him while sat on a cloud giggling as he wrote in a notebook.

Off to the side Raven laughed at the blonde's craziness as he continued to shout at nothing, ranting about old perverts and how life was out to get him. "I think this is going to be the start of a very funny friendship." She said, leaning against the wall and just watching Naruto in silence.


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