A/N: I'm not sure why, but the story flowed out in this format. Each chapter will have two sections: first the present and then a flasback, always separated by lines. I hope you anjoy it and don'tget lost! Thanks.

The ball was in full swing as Luna and her husband arrived. They always arrived about 30-45 minutes late, trying to sneak in under the radar. Even five years after the war and some people were very slow to forgive and forget. She smiled serenely at him as he pulled out the chair for her, seating them at a table that was mostly full of his old school mates.

Her husband took the seat next to her and seemed to relax just enough to take her hand. These events were a challenge for him, and she always offered for them to remain at home, but he said he needed to show his face. At lease he wasn't the only former Slytherin attempting to rebuild his name. Beside them sat Blaise Zabini and his wife Daphne, nee Greengrass. They too looked a little stiff, but trying to put their best foot forward. On their other side sat Pansy Parkinson and her fiancé from France that Luna could never remember the name of. And across the table from them were Theo Nott and his wife, another name that Luna could never remember.

The staring and whispering had begun as soon as they had entered the ballroom. It had been nearly six years since she had married her husband, but many in the Wizarding world seemed to offer no sympathy for her situation. It wasn't as if she had hidden away or not talked about what had happened to her. At her husband's trial, while she was under Vertiserum, she explained in painful detail what had happened in the year before Harry was able to defeat Voldemort. Even having Harry testify, didn't completely sway those that mattered that she had had no choice. At least Harry had believed her and now most seemed to have moved on, not willing to bother about Luna and her family.

Shaking her head at the silly situation, she rubbed her very pregnant belly and let her mind wander to the start of all this fuss.

Luna was sitting serenely in the dungeon watching a few spiders diligently weave webs in various corners. She had been taken from the train to Hogwarts over a week ago with no explanation. She knew she was in Malfoy Manor, as one Death Eater had told her on her second day, but she had not seen either of the elder Malfoy's. She was given three meals a day and whoever brought her dinner did a quick Scourgify over her body and in the cell. She was grateful for the one kindness.

The start of the second week in captivity brought about a change that would affect the rest of her life. She was taken from the dungeon sometime after lunch and escorted to a beautiful sitting room where an equally beautiful women was standing, staring out the windows into a well manicured garden.

She was brought to a set of chairs with a full tea service on the table in front of it. Luna looked over her clothes and then the crisp, clean chairs and was reluctant to sit. She hadn't noticed that she was left in the room with the other women until she heard the small click of the door being closed and was startled when the women, whom she thought was Mrs. Malfoy, began talking to her.

"Miss Lovegood, please have a seat. Do not fuss over the furniture." Luna took a seat, but remained sitting on the edge of the chair. Mrs. Malfoy came and took the seat next to her and began fussing with the tea service. The delicate clink of china and small sips of tea were all that were heard for several minutes. Finally, after what Luna guessed was Mrs. Malfoy gathering her thoughts, she spoke.

"As you may have guessed, I am Narcissa Malfoy. Please call me Narcissa. May I call you Luna?" Luna gave her a nod and a small smile. Narcissa seemed to relax a bit more after the introductions. "I'm sorry that you have been brought here under these circumstances. I would like you to know that we, the Malfoy's, were not aware that you were here until yesterday. Nor were we aware of the purpose for bringing you here until this morning." She took a fortifying sip of tea before continuing.

"The Dark Lord has decided to punish my husband, and by extension Draco and myself, for various things not going his way. One way of punishment was to move into the Manor, along with his followers." Luna noticed the shiver that ran through Narcissa at the thought of all those people freely running about her house. "He has imposed various other punishments, especially upon Lucius. I will not go into detail. However, he has now targeted Draco. It seems that you are part of that plan and for that I am truly sorry."

Luna placed her half drunken tea on the table and folded her hands in her lap. She had no idea as to how she could be needed to punish Draco. Thinking on him from last year, he already looked as though he was being punished. She was not blind and could see that he was very handsome, but the last year he had begun to look rather sickly and on edge all the time. She had noticed that any loud noise in the great hall at meal times would always startle him.

"The Dark Lord wants to secure families for the future that he is planning. He is encouraging parents to marry off their children that are of age, wanting those new couples to start a family as soon as possible. Because of my husband's failings, Draco was selected to set the example to his friends. He is to be married in a month. To you, Luna" And with that Luna felt all the air leave her lungs, thus nothing came out of her working mouth. Clearly a protest would have been in order.

She tried to focus as Narcissa was continuing. "I believe that you were chosen for a few reasons. Your father was causing a fuss with his paper. Once he was informed of your whereabouts, he has ceased to print about the Dark Lord. I also believe that you were chosen because you are friends with Harry Potter. This marriage would be seen as a blow to his cause, assuming the Dark Lord can paint it in a positive light. Lastly, you are a pure-blood." Luna nodded. Yes those did sound like good reasons she was chosen.

Narcissa put her cup down, having finished with the news, and waited for what she assumed would be a copious amount of questions, refusals, tears or a combination of all three. All that Luna could think of asking was not what Narcissa thought she would ask. "Do you have The Mark?" Narcissa sighed and rolled up her sleeve. Smooth, pale skin. She had always wondered why it was never asked of her to get it, but she was not going to push the issue. It was hideous and so beneath any self respecting pure-blood.

Luna sighed with relief, not really sure why she had asked and why the answer delighted her. She tried to order her questions and hoped that Narcissa was ready for them. "Does Draco know about his? What is this wedding going to be like? How are we to conduct ourselves? Will I be able to return to school? How long before we have to have a child?" That last one caused her the most distress. It seemed very wrong to bring a child up in their current situation.

Narcissa nodded at all of her valid questions and knew that it was just the beginning. "Draco is not aware of the situation, yet. He will be coming home on the weekend and everything will be explained to him then. I will be planning the wedding. Draco is my only child and this will be the only wedding the two of you will be allowed to have. The Dark Lord, in all his infinite wisdom, has chosen the strongest bonding he could find. I will explain more a bit later. I'm still researching this. For the next month I will be teaching you how to act amongst the pure-bloods in the Dark Lord's service. How you act alone or with Draco is none of my concern. This is a terrible situation and I wish for you to remain sane and as the same person you always were while in private. Even with me, when we are alone, you may act as yourself."

The next questions were rather difficult. "I believe that you will be able to return to school, however, it will be hard to adjust and explain to those who do not or are unable to understand, plus you may not be safe at the school. Draco will have to let us know of the atmosphere after the wedding. As for children, it will be required that you begin trying as soon as possible. I know that the Dark Lord will being giving Draco a potion that is supposed to make him more…amorous for the evening. However," she paused and glanced around the room, plus cast a few spells to make sure their conversation was absolutely private. "However, I will be supplying you with the same potion; I do not wish for you to think my son a monster and would want you to enjoy yourself as well. Plus Severus has agreed to secretly acquire Muggle contraception so that the Dark Lord will be none the wiser."

Luna felt her eyebrows hit her hairline. Children right away and giving Draco a potion to help with that. She could feel tears beginning to pool in her eyes. She was startled when Narcissa took her hand. "I am so very sorry. I will do everything I can to make this easier on you. All I ask is that you please give Draco a chance. If you are angry, please be angry with me or Lucius." Luna nodded, but a few tears still escaped when she closed her eyes and her body felt so very numb. She did not realize that she was being led to a room just down the hall from Narcissa until the door closed and she was alone. Just wanting to wake up from the strange dream, she flung herself on the bed and cried herself to sleep.