The train whistle blared loudly, causing 6 year old Orion to cover his ears. Eight year old Caelum was holding his father's hand but trying to squirm away. He didn't see what the big fuss was about seeing Scorpius off to school. He would still be back in a few months. It wasn't like he was leaving forever. Parents understood nothing.

"Please write to us and tell us about the sorting. Remember what we told you about the Malfoy name, but don't let that stop you for being yourself. We are very proud of you. I'm sure your mother will write to you often. Take care of Rory. And we love you." Draco gave his son hug and then handed him off to a tearful Luna. Luna hugged him for a long moment until Rory gave a loud screech.

"Okay. See you in a few months. Mom, don't cry. I love you." He waved and then ran to the train. They saw him enter an empty compartment and wave at them through the window. "I hope he makes friends." Luna gave Draco's hand a squeeze. He had been terribly worried about how he would be treated because he was a Malfoy. Because they had had him so young, he really had no other magical children his age he was friends with. They watched as a sandy-haired boy entered his compartment and they started talking. Just as the train was pulling away, Scorpius smiled and waved again before turning back to the other boy.

Luna was sure everything was going to be alright. They managed to make it to almost 12 years of marriage, with a multitude of bumps just fine. She was sure they could weather sending the boys off to school. As long as they were together.