Run Maggy,run!-Why didn´t you listen, you stupid little girl. Why didn´t you listen to Daryl? FUCK! Why must this crossbow wielding redneck always be right?

The dark haired girl thought.

Why had you go out on your own hunting? Daryl told you there are to many walkers no, you stupid little thing couldn´t bare eating squirrel every day.

Everything went fine at first. The girl took on her old combat boots and trousers, a big hooded pullover hid her body. She braided her long dark red wavy hair into a long french braid and hid the face under her hood. The girl flung her bow over her shoulder and secured the quiver full of arrows on her thight, a machete on the other side and a sharp knife hidden in her left boot.

As silent as possible the young women made her way through camp towards the near forrest to hunt.

An hour later the girl climbed on a little treetrunk to have a better view. But she saw nothing more than an empty forrest.

The noise of breaking wood on her left made her jerk her head. This sudden movement cost her her balance and she slipped of the trunk, hitting her head on an nearby stone.

How long have I been unconcsiouse? Was the first thing that went through her head. The next thing was-FUCK. Where did these fucking walkers came from?

The girl litterly jumped when she heard the grunting sounds of a walker next to her left ear, others came from behind and the right of her.

She started to run. Her back acing, were she had layed on her bow and her head throbbing in pain were she hid her head.

I have to get out of here. Why must these fuckers always come in packs?

The engery left her body fast and Maggy started to stumble more then running.

This treebranches are to high to climb. Fuck! I have to hide!

The girl stopped to look for an safe escape route. But there was none.

Think Maggy, think. Remember the map, Daryl had shown you.

She breathed heavily. A distand noise slid in her ears. The sound of water.

The River! When I reach it I can escape.

That was her last hope, so she made a run for it.

Maggy looked around to see how near the enemy was. And it was near.

It took her just seconds to reach the river but what the girl saw made her stop emediatly. In front of her was a ravin, almost ten meters deep and there on the bottom of it was her river.

Fuck this. I won´t becomer walkers food today.

With this thought Maggy jumped, less than a second later she broke threw the waters.

The waves crushed over her body, Cut her from the badly needed air. The next moment she hid her head and the world went black again.

Water waved over her legs und lower back when she awoke. Her ears twitched to the silent noises of singing birds and whisteling leafes.

She growled in confusion.

How long was I asleep? And where am I?

She tried to sid up. Her back was still acing and her head spun like hell, but the girl needed to look around. To look if there were any walkers near by.

Thank god I am alone. And thank god I am wearig my sport bikini-top. At least it will dry fast.

She sigded.

It took her some minutes to get herself together and be able to stand up. She checked her weapons: her Bow was still on her back. The empty quiver was secured on her hip as was her machete. But her knife and arrows were missing.

Great, now I can´t hunt. Except the animals are dump enough to stand next to me.

Get yourself togehter Maggy! It is already afternoon. You need to keep going! Find something to eat and rest. You can try to go back to camp later!

She told herself.

When dawn broke, Maggy hat found six of her tenty arrows and secured them in her quiver.

Two hours ago the girl had reached a waterfall and had to go into the forrest.

Strange there weren´t even a track of walkers this whole time.

The night fell quickly and she hadn´t find any food jet, so she decided to climb a tree, as soon as she would found one suitable one, when she heard voices from beneath the trees.

"Fee I am hungry and tired. Can´t we rest?"

"Yes Kee. Listen. I will make camp and start a fire and you will get the food ready."

Two male voices said to each other.

Are they crazy? Speaking so loud will attract damn walkers. These two have a death wish!

But curiosity kills the cat.

So Maggy tipped toed threw the bushes to get a better look onto them. The older one had long blond hair and a mustache, the other one had dark brown.

What the fuck are they wearing?

The girl thought eying the medieval clothes and weapons the men are wearing.

Not sure what to do she hid in the bushes and looked at them, trying to get a hint if they were friend or foe.

Their booming voices and laughter hurt her ears. Never in the last months she had met somone so joyable and loud outside of secured camps. Usually everyone was quiet and alerted when hunting or camping in the wilds.

What are they up to.


There it was. A sound her ears were trained to hear in every situation. Something approached slowly making next to no noise. It came from behind the two, still laughing, mens backs.

I have to warn them! My chance to survive will be better with them. If they can be quiet.

But the girl frowned. The noises that were approaching doesn´t belong to a walker, nor to another men. It sounded more like a mix between.

When she saw the bush on the other side of the camp move she stood up, put an arrow to the bow and aimed at the approaching enemy.

The moment she stood, th elaughter died and the men draw her weapons. The blond one his twin swords the other a bow and he aqimed right for the young womens heart.

Maggy wanted to warn them about the thing behind them when it jumped out of it, wielding a rusty sword.

The women released her arrow embading it in her targets left eye, killing it that instance. But bevor she could react, the arrow of the dark haired man hit her in her shoulder and made her flinch. The blond one wanted to jump towards her when the arm of the thing hit him on the shoulder.

Both men turned around with a start, but frozed the moment they saw the arrow in its head, the girl used this split second of confusion to disappear without a noise , trying to leave no tracks, just as Daryl had taught her.

The last thing she heard was the blond one screaming for her to wait. But there was no way she would wait for them to catch up and attack her again.

Run, !