AN: Soooo... I know I should be uploading The Untitled Song, don't worry, I'm working on it.

I was looking at Big Hero 6 fan arts for inspiration and I stumbled upon 'uponagraydawn' SingleDad!Tadashi AU drawings and it's so beautiful I felt tears running down my face and it shouldn't be possible to felt like that for a drawing. What is my life?

If you haven't seen them, look it up! If someone knows if he/she has another tumblr account or a deviantart or even a twitter account, please let me know, so I could thank that beautiful person for making such an art.

So yeah my fingers slipped...

You could think of this as a series of oneshots.

Tadashi is 17

Hiro is 5

Haru is 16 (looks exactly like in my other story, only that he doesn't need his wheelchair)

Chapter 1-In the Mall

He was going to head to the cashier when he noticed a little kid standing among a crowd, holding a plush tightly to his chest, looking lost. Haru looked around trying to see if there was someone looking for him but the mall was too crowded.

The kid almost crashed into a shopping cart and the owner gave him dirty looks.

He quickly interceded placing himself in front of him. "I'm so sorry. He is just a kid." He started.

"Make sure to keep him on a leash." He grunted passing by.

"How nice." He mumbled, scowling after him.

He turned back to the kid and kneeled in front of him, inspecting that he was alright.

"Hey, you okay?" He asked softly. "Did come here with your family?"

The kid nodded hesitantly, shyly looking up from behind his hair, hugging his plush tightly.

He smiled reassuringly. "My name is Haru. What is your name?"

"Hiro…" He said quietly and stared suddenly at him. "My brother said that I shouldn't talk with strangers."

Haru chuckled. "And your brother is right. You should be careful."

"How course he is! He is the bestest!" He exclaimed happily.

'Oh my God! He's so cute!'

Haru laughed. "I'm sure. Now, let's go and find him."

"Where did you saw him last?"

"Um, I-I don't know." He mumbled and his eyes became glossy.

He could already see the upcoming bawl.

"It's okay. We'll find him." He assured him quickly. "I promise."

"Pinky promise?" He asked, holding his pinky finger up.

"Of course." He said seriously. "I never back down from a promise. Especially from a pinky one." He said, intertwining their pinky fingers.

"Cool! Come on! Come on!" Hiro insisted, pulling from his shirt.

"Hey, wait up!" He requested standing up.

"Where do you think he could be?" He asked.

"Um, in… the food section? We have no cereal."

"Cereal…" He trailed off looking for the right path. "Come." He said walking forward, pushing his cart.

When Hiro stayed in the same place he stared at him worriedly. "Hiro? What is it?"

"Can- can I hold your hand?" He asked quietly staring at him with wide eyes.

"U-uh. Of course." He smiled softly. 'God, he's adorable!'

As they headed to the cereal aisle they observed the buyers.

"Do you see him?"

"No." He mumbled quietly.

"Hey. It's going to be alright. We are going to find him."

Hiro nodded.

"What was he wearing? Was he wearing a shirt of a certain color?"

He looked thoughtfully. "A white shirt. With a ninja." His eyes lightened up. "And a baseball cap!"

"A baseball cap? I think I just saw someone… this way."

He took Hiro to the other end of the aisle and saw a teenager looking around frantically.

"Have you seen a little child?" He asked the passing buyers but many just ignored him. "Please, I'm looking for my brother!" He begged, crestfallen.

Hiro rushed towards him exclaiming, losing his grip on his plush, dropping it. "'Dashi!" He promptly crashed into him, hugging his legs.

"Hiro!" He called, relieved, kneeling and hugging him close. "There you are! I told you to stay close." He said.

"I'm sorry! There was a mean lady and I didn't like her." Hiro replied and hugged him tightly.

"Thank God you are alright." He mumbled quietly, holding him close.

Haru reached for the plush and held it on his arms, looking at the reunited brothers and smiled, glad that everything was okay.

"'Dashi! Come! I want you to meet Haru!" Hiro insisted, pulling his hand.

Tadashi smiled and let Hiro pull him to where Haru was, stopping right in front of him.

"Hello." He greeted.


"He is the one that helped me!" Hiro exclaimed happily.

"Thank you." He smiled at him.

'That's it. I'm dead. It was a nice life.'

"If there is something-" Tadashi started.

He shook his head, blushing. "It's okay, really. You have a cute brother." He smiled and brushed his hair behind his ear, looking up from his fringe.

Tadashi blushed and smiled.

Hiro looked between them curiously.

"Are you going to invite him dinner?" He asked suddenly.

"What?! Hiro!" Tadashi exclaimed embarrassed.

"That's a no?" Hiro asked innocently.

Haru laughed.

His phone started ringing startling them.

"Oh, excuse me." He said picking his phone, he looked at the caller ID and sighed. "Hello?... Yes, I'm still at the mall… what? But-" He trailed off listening to the other end of the line. "Why didn't you told me sooner? Alright, I will make sure to buy them… okay, see you later." He said ending the call.

"Um, well, I should… go, now." Haru said, looking at them.

"Yeah, uh, thanks again."

"Really. It was no problem at all." He smiled warmly; he looked at his arms and noticed that he was hugging Hiro's plush. "Oh! I'm sorry." He said blushing slightly, returning it to Hiro.

"Bye Hiro!" He waved. "Be careful!"

Hiro waved back happily. "Bye bye!"

They saw him leaving.

"You can't keep running away." Tadashi said, looking seriously at him, when they were alone.

"Why didn't you invite him over?" Hiro asked innocently.

"Hiro, I'm talking."

"Really, why not?" Hiro ignored him. "Is it because he is a boy?" He asked tilting his head.

"Hiro." Tadashi warned.

"I don't see any problem with that. I like him. He's nice and he has pretty eyes."

"It's not because he is a boy." Tadashi informed him. "And yes, he has pretty eyes. Really pretty." He said distractedly and quickly shook his head clearing his throat.

"Then what is it?"

"I don't know him. And that's it." Tadashi argued. "And I probably won't see him again, so just drop it."

"Yeah, but you'd like to." Hiro grinned at him teasingly, Tadashi glared at him.

"I saw how you looked at him. You like him!" He exclaimed happily. "You like him! You lik-!"

Tadashi's hand shot out to cover his mouth, face red.

Hiro licked his palm.

"Urgh!" Tadashi grunted and let go.

Hiro grinned at him.

"We are going to have a serious talk when we get back home." He glared at him.