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Vongola X Wizards Squad chapter 1

(None's POV)

"Please welcome the new transfer student from Vongola, Tsunayoshi Sawada…" Dumbledore said making everybody turned to the huge door to see. He also continued to introduce the other transfer students. But Hermione stopped listening to him as she was frozen at the first name she heard.

'Tsunayoshi Sawada.'

Hermione couldn't believe what she heard, Dumbledore couldn't have said that name. It was basically impossible. He couldn't be involved in their world. He was just his normal pen pal friend from Japan.

The two of them met once when they were 12 years old when her family want to Japan to visit. She had fun with him especially when he tried to speak English. He was so cute. She still hoped he was but also hoped it wasn't him.

He was supposed to a bullied boy who had made friends recently because of his sadic tutor based on one of the last letter he wrote. He was just an innocent boy who love his mother and didn't know the dark side of this world.

She looked at the entrance of the room and waited to see if her fear was true. Her two friends were wondering what was happening with their friend. Normally she would have complained about not knowing about what was happening. She was silent which was weird for her.

Harry, well, Harriet Rose Potter, and Ron Weasley were clearly wondering if she was alright. Harry was already preoccupied by Voldemort's return but could still see that her friend was worried about the new students.

The two of them still worried about their friend turned their head towards the door to see the new transfer student.

A young boy about 15 years old appeared first in front of everybody. That boy seemed weak, he could easily become the favorite victim of Slytherin. He had brown hair and seemed to be scared of the slight thing glancing everywhere at every student for a reason.

But when he met the eyes of their best friend. He stopped looking around, smiled and waved at her. Everybody then turned to Hermione to see if she knew him. She didn't know what to do, it was truly him. Why was he involve with her school?

She quickly heard Draco whispered/said a little too loud to make sure everyone heard what he said.

"That boy must be a mud-blood to know that mud-blood." He laughed with his friend.

Before Hermione had time to say anything, Draco has a trident aimed at his throat.

"Did you just insult Bossu?" A girl with purple hair which resembled to a pineapple threatened who was holding the trident.

"I think he did." A boy with black hair coming out of the door with a scary smile said.

"Just let me bombard him for his insolence, Jyuudaïme!" A silver hair boy said as he also walked into the room with dynamite? In his hands.

"EXTREME punishment for that!" A white hair teen with a scar right over his left eye yelled making some students deaf.

"She has really become protective of Vongola, isn't she Skylark?" Another pineapple came along with a smile at the scene in front of them.

"Hn." Another black hair boy came but had a scolding face with deadly silver eyes.

"Chrome, I don't think Tsuna-kun would like it if you did that." A girl with orange hair said who seemed to make a lot of boys blush at her beauty.

"Haru thinks so too." A girl with brown hair said.

"I agree with them." A boy with black hair holding a bamboo sword said. "Boss wouldn't like that you guys kill someone right off the bat."

"Ryohei, if you don't stop being loud, I am dumping you." Another girl came along with black hair glaring at the loud teen who seemed to have went into an emo corner at what she said.

"But if they didn't do that, they wouldn't be Tsuna's overprotective guardians." A small girl who seemed to about 13 years said smiling at the scene in front of them.

Then a baby arrived and kicked the brown hair boy hard, making him fall his head first on the ground.

"You can greet your friend after you greet the ones who hold the power of this place and accepted you in the first place at this school." The baby said scolding the teenager making people sweatdropped at the scene in front of them.

"There is no need to do that, the young Vongola wanted to greet his old friend. I don't see the problem." Dumbledore laughed at the scene in front of him as if it was normal. "it has been a long time Reborn, hasn't it?"

"Yes, but I don't really miss it." The baby said at Dumbledore impolitely with him just laughing it off.

"And this is the young Vongola, I presume. Tsunayoshi Sawada." Dumbledore said bowing in respect at the kid who was getting up. "Nice to meet you."

Frankly people were beginning to wondered who was this kid that Dumbledore politely bowed in front as if he was a superior in term of power.

"No, it's my pleasure, Headmaster." Tsuna bowed as well just like his Japanese custom taught him too.

Tsuna greeted the great wizard politely. Before he could get back up, the baby kicked him another time telling him to keep his stupid guardians in check.

"Don't worry. It isn't like they are going to kill that guy, right?" He asked but seeing the baby's face, he got his answer as he added: "Guys, let him go. He didn't know better."

The teens who were glaring at Draco stopped and turned their face to the shy boy. The people didn't understand, who this kid was. He controlled the others teens and had the respect of Dumbledore but was beaten up by a baby.

"No, I must apologize for my student, as he didn't know better. He doesn't know your positon in the world." Dumbledore said looking sorry for the student who was angering the new transfer students. But it kind of had the opposite effect on the transfer students who got angrier at the last sentence.

Draco, not knowing when to shut up continue to talk as if he was a prince of the most powerful family in the world, "Like I care if he counts in the muggle world, he is nothing among us pureblood and can't even compare to me." He laughed at the ridiculous thing that Dumbledore was saying.

Some other Slytherin began to laugh with Malfoy. Blaise and some of his friends didn't as if they knew and understood that this kid was something not to mess around with, especially since Dumbledore made sure to apologize for Draco not to anger the new kid. They must be a reason.

The Slytherin who laughed were immediately glared at by the new students who were emitting a deadly aura even if some were still smiling.

A lot of the students thought so to as well as the golden trio with Harry who seemed intrigued in more ways than one about that kid. He was her age and was emitting a powerful aura that made Harry want to protect him.

Also she was intrigued in the way Hermione knew him. She didn't know a lot of wizards that they didn't know. She had never before spoken of him. There must be a reason. He should be involved with her muggle life which she doesn't really talk about.

Dumbledore then glared at the Slytherin, really glared at them, which was surprising for the students as he rarely or never did it in front of all of them.

"Draco Malfoy, I will let you know that Sawada is more powerful than your father in many ways. His family has been supporting some of the pureblood family when they were ever in the need. Know that your great-great-grandfather owns his power and life to the Vongola family as well as the Blacks, the Potters, the Weasleys as well as many others and even the minister."

What Dumbledore left most of the student dumbfound as well as some of the teachers. That kid was from a family that supported the minister. 'Who was he? How powerful can he be?'

"He is after all the Vongola Don." The baby said as he walked towards Dumbledore and then turned towards all the student.

"I am Reborn, your new teacher." The baby said and was quickly interrupted by murmurs of a lot of kids who thought that it could only be a joke. A gun fire quickly shut them up as they looked at the baby who was holding a green gun which was aimed at the celling.

"Shut up when I am talking. As I was saying I am your new teacher, and I will be teaching you guys how to fight, the muggle way."

That created another uproar especially from the Draco Malfoy who was foolish and arrogant enough to say. "We don't need to know how to fight the Muggles way, we can fight with our spells-"

He was quickly interrupted by a bullet who missed his face by less than inch.

"I said shut up when I am talking. I don't like being interrupted. I will get rid of that behavior during my lessons." He said smirking. "Anyway, you may think you can fight but you wouldn't last a second against a Mafioso especially if you can't use any of your spells in front of Muggles."

"I am also recruiting for Dame-Tsuna family. Whoever is strong enough to join Vongola would be tested. And the first one that would be tested to join would be you," Reborn as he looked directly at Hermione, "Hermione Granger as you have already been friends with Dame-Tsuna for a long time and based on your academic skills, you are a powerful magician. If you succeeded the test, you will be taking care of recruiting the best wizards of this school. At Vongola, we don't care where you came from or what history you have as long as you get result by protecting your family."

Hermione was surprised by what the baby was saying. Just because she was friend with Tsuna, she was going to be able to pass a test to be part of a family that could influence the Magic World. She was really wondering who was her pen pal from Japan.

"Another warning, don't ever try to insult Dame-Tsuna or worst his family if you want to live to see your parents one last time." Reborn said seriously as the other students looked at the Vongola to see the teens smiling proudly as if it was natural for them to hear that warning.

One thought pop up again in their mind: 'Who are those kids and that baby?'

Dumbledore laughed at the last statement, "Don't worry, I am sure my students can be civil when they want to. So why don't each of you introduced themselves as we will sort you in one of the four houses?"

Reborn smirked and said: "Good idea. Dame-Tsuna, hurry up and do it. A boss must make an example for his family to follow." He said as he fired a gun at Tsuna which missed, but Harry had the feelings that he moved his head slightly to dodge it.

Tsuna sighed and want toward the teachers table to be sorted with the other transfer students following him. As he arrived at that table, he turned to the tables of the four houses with a warm smile and said:

"Hello everybody, my name is Tsunayoshi Sawada. I hope you will all enjoy mine and my family's company and accept me in one of your house."

He then sat down on a chair next to the table of the teachers. Dumbledore then put the sorting hat on his head. The sorting hat and Tsuna seemed to be having a conversation but the golden trio as well as every other student couldn't hear what was being said.

It reminded Harry of the time she was sorted. Maybe that kid could be sorted in different houses. He just hoped he wasn't going to be sorted in Slytherin, that would just mean that he was another arrogant fool just like Malfoy even if he didn't seem to be.

She was snapped out of her thought as she heard a loud "Gryffindor!" which made the Gryffindor cheered at the honor of having such a powerful kid part of their table. Tsuna then went to their table and decided to go near Hermione, as Harry guessed, was only person he knew at the table.

He sat next to her as people quickly let a place for him as they decided he was a big shot not play with and greeted them quickly before he turned to the seat he was in to see the sorting of his friends. Hermione wanted an explanation and was beginning to lose patience at her pen pal as he hasn't explained anything.

And then she lost her patience as he completely ignored her, and Maka-chopped him (* I think got the wrong technique, it may be from a different anime, but it still works, doesn't it? *) which made every student in the room looked at her as if she was insane. That guy was supposed to a big shot and she just hurt him.

"Are you going to explain why are you here?" Hermione demanded in Japanese which earned her a glare from the new group of student.

Harry could see that one of the teen, the silver hair one, was been stop from interfering by the tall athletic one who was smiling at the scene as if it was a familiar scene to see. The rest of Vongola seemed to give the same feeling.

Her two friends were shocked by that and quickly tried to apologize for her action and her mouth, but were stopped by the voice of the boy.

"That hurts, Hermione-san." Tsuna said as if it didn't matter that she hurt him in that way and was used to it.

"That's what you get for not explaining why you are here? I thought you were just innocent boy who didn't involve himself in this world." Hermione said really piss.

"Yeah, but I wanted to see you." The brown haired teen pouted making a lot of girls blush at the cute action but it seemed it didn't work on Hermione who still glared at him. "Fine, I will explain to you later. Just be a little patient, please."

"Fine, but you better explain." Hermione said but to only be interrupted by the boy who responded:

"You too." With a voice that seemed to be more serious and powerful than a teen his age should have. It surprised Hermione that her old friend could produce that voice.

"Let's continue our ceremony, now, if you don't mind Granger." Dumbledore said smiling.

Hermione understood what she had done, and blushed in embarrassment.

"It should be my turn." The silver haired kid said still glaring at Hermione. "As Jyuudaïme's right hand man should always follow his boss."

"Then it should be my turn, as I am Tsuna's best friend and right hand man." The teen who was holding said.

The two of them began to argue illogically at who should follow their boss but where quickly interrupted by a loud: "EXTREME! Hibari is going first!"

Hibari then glared at every student and said: "Kyoya Hibari, break the rules and I will bite you to death."

He then sat on the chair and as soon as the hat was put on his head, it screamed: "Slytherin! And get me off of him!"

Slytherin then cheered for their new member who seemed to be terrifying. Hibari sat on the table where there were almost no people.

Then the girl with purple soon followed as she presented herself with soft "Chrome Dokuro, nice to meet you." Which made some boys definitely interested in her and then sat on the chair, the hat quickly decided on: "Hufflepuff!"

The table in question cheered like the other tables did before.

Then it was the turn of the boy with the same hair as her, who was laughing with a weird laugh at his presentation and said: "My name is Mukuro Rokudo, don't ever hurt my dear Chrome. And let me tell you that Vongola's body is mine."

Tsuna quickly blushed at what he said as everybody didn't understand the true meaning of what he said. A new fan club was born as the school finally understood the meaning of Yaoi in their mind.

Hermione quickly teased the boy, "I didn't know you were into things like that."

Tsuna responded as his head was hitting the table multiple times. "You all misunderstood what he said. He wants to possess my body to govern the world. It has nothing to do with your pervert thoughts."

Harry felt herself sigh in relief for a reason she didn't understood. The thought of that boy being gay made her worry.

"Don't say things like that perverted pineapple! People would misunderstand your relationship with Jyuudaïme!" The silver haired kid yelled at the purple hair teen.

"Yeah, plus if you want his body, you will have to fight us first for it. It would be a fun game." Yamamoto said making the situation weirder. Student began to hear louder bangs at the Gryffindor table

"No, Baseball idiot. That makes even weirder!" Gokudera yelled at him. "Pineapple, you will have to pass through my body before possessing Jyuudaïme's body."

"That could be arrange!" Mukuro responded making a trident appear in his hands, cue to louder bangs.

A "Hn!" was heard from the Slytherin table as Hibari got up and pulled out tonfas.

"EXTREME FIGHT!" The white hair teen screamed.

Harry saw that the other transfer students were looking at Tsuna for a reason, as if they were waiting him to react or to snap.

"BANG!" Tsuna's hand hit the table making a dent in it, Harry remarked, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Tsuna yelled as he snapped at the scene in front of him. "THE NEXT PERSON WHO SAYS SOMETHING WILL DO MY PAPERWORK FOR A MONTH! WORRY BECAUSE I WILL MAKE IT WORST THAN LAST TIME" He continued with a smile a little too wild

That stupid threat made the young wizards want to laugh but at the sight of their new classmate, it wasn't an empty or a ridiculous punishment. It seemed for them, it was the worst punishment imaginable. They apparently haven't met the three curses.

"Good then Mukuro hurry up and go at Slytherin and don't cause any trouble with Hibari or else." Tsuna said which made Mukuro walked to the Slytherin.

"But Sawada, his sorting hasn't been decided yet." Minerva McGonagall told the student but Dumbledore quickly said:

"It's alright. You should trust his intuition. It is never wrong, a sign of his pureblood heritage."

"Gokudera! Hurry up and present yourself so the others can go!" Tsuna said still pissed at the silver haired teen who looked like a delinquent.

"Yes, Jyuudaïme!" He saluted as the rest of the student swore they could see a tail and dog's ear, but it seemed to have dissappear when Tsuna did a quick glare at Mukuro.

"I am Hayato Gokudera, Jyuudaïme right hand man. If you have any problem with Jyuudaïme, you will have to go through me." He said glaring at the students making him some new fangirls.

The sorting hat quickly said: "Ravenclaw!" who cheered at a new roommate.

Then it was the turn of the tall athletic, "Hi, mina. I am Takeshi Yamamoto. Hope we can all be friends." He said as he waved

"Hufflepuff!" and then a cheer

Then it was the turn of the loud teen: "I AM EXTREME RYOHEI SASAGAWA! NICE TO MEET YOU!"

"Gryffindor!" It quickly said.

It was the turn of the last male of the group, "I am Kensuke Mochida, nice to meet you." He bowed politely as if he was the only normal polite male of the group.

"Ravenclaw." The sorting hat said a little more relaxed and hesitated a little.

A girl with orange hair walked towards the seat, and said "My name is Kyoko Sasagawa, hope we can all be friends." Finished with a cute smile making a lot of boys falling in love with her.

"Hufflepuff!" The cheer was bigger this time which was made by mostly the male of the Hufflepuff table.

The next girl was a girl with brown hair, "Haru is Haru Muira, hope we can all enjoy our time together!" She also earned some fanboys.

"Ravenclaw!" A big cheer was also heard from the males there.

The girl after was a tall black haired girl, "I am Hana Kurokawa, hope you aren't all monkeys and some of you can become my friends."

"Slytherin!" Which earned a cheer but not as loud as the previous cheers.

The last girl, finally walked toward the seat, she was smaller than the other transfer student but was cute, Harry noticed a lot of her friends looking at her with weird eyes. "I am Yuni Nero, I am technically not part of Vongola but our two family are equal and allies that swore to help each other even if it meant our death. So hope you can all still accept me."

"Gryffindor!" Which earned another cheer but bigger at the thought of having such a cute girl part of their house.

"Then, now that everyone is sorted. Please all enjoy your food and properly introduce yourself with the new students!" Dumbledore said as the baby and him went to eat at the teacher's table.

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