She woke up to bright light and chirping birds...and the feel of strong arms wrapped around her, a body snuggled against her back. 'How cliché,' She mused, 'but how nice.' She smiled and stretched, feeling a bit sore and gross from the dried sweat on her body. 'A shower sounds nice.' She heard soft breathing in her ear and grinned. 'But I wouldn't want to wake him up just to have one.' She became aware of every inch of skin that connected and his arms around her chest. She blushed, grinning like an idiot when she remembered last night. God, was that a DREAM?? If she weren't lying naked behind an equally naked Duo Maxwell...then she would've attributed it to one of her wild fantasies!

Her back arched against him in the stretch, feeling better than she had in a long time. That felt so right, why did they bother sleeping in their own beds?? From now on, she was going to sleep in HIS room every night if she could help it! Either that, or he was staying in hers. All she knew in this moment was, NEITHER of them were sleeping alone again.

"If you knew what was good for'd stop that." He mumbled in her ear, fighting a yawn and the conscious that pulled at him. Though extremely tired, his body warmth mingled with hers and he snuggled against her a little more.

A blush crept up on her face, but she grinned like a Cheshire cat. "Do what?" She innocently asked, the smile in her voice giving her away. He tiredly chuckled and she allowed herself to giggle. "I was just stretching before I got a shower. I'm all icky from...last night." She softly finished, timidly pressing her lips together.

"Sounds like a plan." He nuzzled against her one last time and kissed her ear before grabbing the sheets. Feeling the air hit his body, both of them sat up and she turned to him.

"Good morning sleepy head." She giggled, grinning evilly. He raised a brow and tilted his head, but couldn't keep his eyes on just her face. He roamed across her body, wondering if last night was a dream. If the proof wasn't facing him, stripped in all her glory, he wouldn't have believe it.

"Hilde, about last night-" He paused, than decided to voice his query. What could it hurt? "Was that a dream?"

She kindly smiled and ran a hand across his chest. Who knew? They thought the same thing. Maybe making love for the first time between them really WAS that great... "I don't know." She playfully said, looking at her hand. "It didn't feel like it to ME." She wryly looked up into his eyes. Somehow, she felt bolder than the entire night last night. Being naked in front of him wasn't such the big deal she made it to be... He blushed and she grinned, leaning forward. "I'll tell you what it FELT like though." She was inches from his face, having his undivided attention.

"What?" He whispered, eyes stuck on the movement her lips were making.

She quickly kissed him and pulled back to talk against his lips. "It felt like HEAVEN...if there IS such a place for what you made me feel last night."

He captured her lips with his, his arms tightly keeping her to him. 'If that isn't a compliment...' He thought. 'AND an ego booster!' He broke away grinning like a mad man. She used that time to get off the bed and walk in the direction of the bathroom. She didn't bother to hide anything because now there WAS nothing to hide. He didn't seem uncomfortable being naked in front of her, so why should she? The old, headstrong behavior she held onto in the past reared up as she did everything but saunter through the doorway. He watched her hips and legs move and slid off the bed quickly, unable to take his eyes off the ravishing creature in front of him. When she rounded the corner, she gained altitude as he swept her up in his arms to carry her to the bathroom.

"You LIKE carrying me to places that I can just as easily WALK to, don't you?" She retorted as he set her down.

"Yup." He grinned. She impulsively hugged him, holding him before pulling back to kiss his collarbone, before she pulled back completely. "That was a GOOD and BAD idea." He joked, heat trailing through his body. She giggled and stepped towards the shower to turn it on.