The choice we make



Chapter One

Doctor's assessment

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AUTHOR NOTE: I don't know what inspired me to make this fic cause I haven't even watched DBZ for ages even though my room is still plastered in drawings my friend did and poster but who cares. I'm sure that it has been done to death the plot line but who cares the old ones are the best after all. Anyway enjoy.

            How could this of happened just as life seemed to be getting perfect, it truly was at first Bulma had thought her life was over, Trunks, her little baby you little ray of hope, was 2 when her  husband Vegeta had pushed her just that inch too far. He hadn't hit her, people often thought he did, had stared into his cruel face and even crueler eyes and had assumed that he was a woman beater, Vegeta had never even raised his fist to her even though she knew that she had pushed him beyond all endurance on occasions. He hurt her mentally, scars running so deep that they seemed to have reached her soul and tainted it, but all the blame couldn't be laid on just him, if Bulma Briefs was anything she was honest and she knew in her heart that she had provoked him for two reasons, one to see how far she could take him before he cracked under the pressure of it and secondly because she loved the way he looked when he was angry, a light inside him, which had nothing to do with the fact that he was a SuperSaiyan or anything, came, his deadly black eyes blazed in this light and she loved looking into them and losing herself wishing the same light could explode from her, his hair was as wild as he was and as black as his eyes and his soul, or some people who didn't know him as well as she did. Something was bound to happen from this bouts and it did, she lost it and attacked him and left him, she could still remember the abandonment she felt as she pounded him crying and screaming as she did, it didn't hurt him and no emotion showed on his hard face but he made no effort to stop her or even hit him back, so she did was she regretted ever since, in a blaze of passion she left taking with him the only thing  he cared about though he would of died before he admitted it, she took his precious son, the heir to his people away from him. She didn't know whether he came looking for her or not and after a while she stopped waiting and focused her energy on the last thing she had left. Trunks.

            He looked like his father but then again he didn't, the hair that littered his well poised head was soft and straight falling in a curtain style over his forehead, the colour being the soft lavender colour that he shared with his granddad, eyes the colour of sapphires looked out on the world in a face that was his fathers, the same features but in a softer mould, he was small but was going to be tall and slim. He kept her going half the time when everything got on top of her, she'd just go home and he'd be there with the same cocky smile as her own and his fathers, without Vegeta's influence he had grown to be different. Then it had happened.

            She had come home after work to see Trunks lying on the floor struggling to breathe as he clawed at the carpet , she had turned him over o see his face red and his eyes full of pain and fear. She hadn't waited and called the ambulance, they had come and taken them to the hospital where she was now, waiting just like she had been doing for the past 3 hours, Nurses had been kind and answered the questions of the distraught woman the best they could but there was nothing else they could do, she had attracted some looks as she sat there, alone fingers clasped so tightly together that the knuckles had turned white. The looks were no surprise since Bulma was a very attractive woman, short teal coloured hair covered her hair in a fashionable style, he skin was pale, paler now then it usually was, her features were delicate but good, full lips, straight nose, high cheekbones she could of become a model, eyes of sapphire the same as her son stared worriedly in front of her and her baggy clothes that she had brought with her with Trunks's bag did nothing to show the willowness of her figure.

            "Miss Briefs?" a voice said, she looked up to see a youngish looking man wearing a white coat in front of her, he looked tired but the grey eyes stared alertly in hers.

            "Yes that's me" she replied standing up showing off her height "How is Trunks, have you found out what is wrong?" she demanded, he nodded slowly

            "We have but We haven't" he replied, Bulma frowned

            "Meaning?" she said

            "We think there is something wrong with his kidney however his blood type is extremely unusual to the point that it may be unique, without this and a suitable donor we cannot operate and he will have to have another course of action which will cause him discomfort in the future" Bulma sat down sharply her head swimming, the blood type was unique, it wasn't unique she knew, he mind through her back to the conversation she had had when Trunks was 2 months

            "They can't tell what blood type it is" she muttered, Vegeta smirked at her

            "What do you expect he's a Saiyan his blood is exactly the same as mine, it's the way the Saiyan's work, the son is always the same blood type as the father…."

            "Are you ok Miss Briefs?" she nodded at the doctor

            "His blood is the same as his fathers" she said in a voice devoid of life

            "You'd better get in contact with the father soon then, the sooner we operate the better it will be for Trunks" she nodded and he left, Bulma bit her lip she had to do it for Trunks, she had to find Vegeta, the man she had been hiding from for 8 years.

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