The choice we make

By Hannio

Chapter Nine

Trunks and Veggie bonding?

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            Trunks looked around with him with large blue eyes. The place was huge. It had been half an hour when his mother had sent him out of the room they had been sitting in to explore the grounds. She had smiled at him and told him that if he looked carefully enough he'd find a lot of interesting things that she found when she was a child. Then she had to turned to his granddad and looked serious, matching the expression on the older man's face. Trunks had been tempted to stay, he wasn't sure he trusted the man even though he was his mum father. Where was he when they needed him? He wasn't around then and they didn't need him around now.

After a brief hesitation he left the room, he was quicker then all the boys in his class so he was sure that he could get back to her if she needed him, that and she had aroused his curiosity with the hints of things in the house and so he had gone looking.

            So far he had found nothing. His mother still hadn't come looking for him and he was beginning to get bored out of his mind.  The place was huge but all the corridors seemed the same, they even had doors in the same places and the rooms he had glanced in had looked the same as well, he felt like a mouse in a maze.

            He glanced casually down a corridor to the right of the one he was walking down before turning away. He had gone a few more steps when he suddenly stopped and took a few steps back, staring down the corridor in surprise. Well that was certainly different. At the end of the corridor was a portion that seemed it had been built later then the rest of the house. Not recently but it was still clearly new. The door was in steel and a light was above it. A bright green light. Without realising he was doing it Trunks began walking towards it, watching it suspiciously the entire time as if he expected it to suddenly get up and move.

            When it didn't he stopped in front of it and looked curious, definitely a metal but looking at it this close he had the feeling it was a lot stronger then steel maybe platinum, his mum had told him once that platinum was stronger then most things, more expensive but worth it. Of course she had been talking about rings then but surely the same thing applied to doors.

Above the door just below the green light was a sign stating Gravity room. Trunks frowned in confusion. Gravity was what kept everyone grounded and sticking to the floor so what did a gravity room do? He looked thoughtful even as his interest grew. A quick glance around him told him that he was alone in the hall way and the door seemed inviting. The green light seemed to be beckoning him to find out. Trunks grinned and he would! His mother after all had told him to explore and she hadn't said anything was off limits to him.

            It decided he pushed against the door expecting it to fly open. It didn't. His smile faltered slightly as he pushed harder again nothing happened, his smile completely gone he pushed against it with all his body weight but for all the affect it had he might have well done nothing. Looking round him in frustration he noticed something that he hadn't done before. To the left hand side of the door was a panel. The kind of panel that Trunks had seen before when to gain entry to the place you had to put your hand against it. He shrugged it was worth a try he went on tiptoe placed his hand on it. A second later a warmth shot up his hand into his arm and he could here the sound of scanning the feeling making him want to laugh as if he was being tickled. Finally it stopped and a female computer voice spoke.

            "Welcome Trunks Vegeta Briefs. You may enter" Trunks looked at it in amazement. How the hell did the computer know who he was? And what was with the name Vegeta Briefs? He was Trunks Briefs no more and no less. He shook his head and banished the thought as he saw the door open slightly, with a deep breath he pushed it open and stepped in.

            The room was done completely in the same material as the door was and gave the impression of cleanness. In the middle of the room was a huge master computer that met the ceiling; there were a few robots around the place, lying motionless on the floor. As Trunks looked around him, there was a loud banging sound and he swung round in time to see the door slam shut and disappear. A feeling of alarm went through him as he scanned the surface with both his eyes and fingers but neither of them could detect anything. Trunks rolled his eyes.

            "Bloody typical" he muttered to himself, since he was locked in he decided to look at the computer. He hoisted himself onto the single chair that was bolted to the floor and looked at it with interest. It was pretty easy enough to understand and from the look of it a Gravity room meant the user could control the gravity in the area to suit themselves. Trunks tilted his head slightly as he stared at the control. Since he was going to be in there a long time, he couldn't see the harm in trying it out slightly, just to see if his theory was right.

            He grinned as he pressed a button and typed in 10. A buzzing sound occurred and then he felt it, it was as if he was back at the fair, him and his mum, went to last year when they went on a roller coaster and were just going down the steepest drop and his stomach had been left at the top. He jumped lightly off the chair and was surprised by how hard he actually fell. He began walking round slightly but was disappointed to see that after the first minutes he was use to it. He made his way back to the machine and typed in 50.

            He gasped as the buzzing increased and he automatically found himself on one knee. He frowned slightly, he could manage it, it was just harder than he thought. The computer voice suddenly spoke

            "Level one training has been activated." Trunks eyes widened as the robots that had been on the floor rose into the air and became active. Red eyes stared at him as they spoke

            "Target acquired attack" Trunks's stomach plummeted again, this time in fear. Did they just say attack? He was giving his answer a second later as a blast appeared, hurling straight towards him. He dived out of the way just in time, hitting the ground hard. He managed to roll and come to his feet only to dive again to miss another blast. He hit the chair dazing himself and watched groggily as one of the robots came towards him, the gun out. Before he knew what he was doing Trunks felt a rage course through him, there was no way he was going to go out like that. He held his hand out and watched in fascination as a blue light grew in the palm of his hand, growing with each second, he threw it at the robot and watched it make contact. The robot exploded. Trunks looked at his hand in amazement and shock. How the hell did he do that? Two robots came charging but before they could do anything they exploded in much the same fashion as the first one had.

            Trunks blinked in surprise before he got to his feet and looked towards the door, his eyes widening before they narrowed into slits. Standing there by the door leaning against it, black eyes trained on him was his father. It had been him who had destroyed the two robots. A heavy silence reigned in the room as they both looked at each other. Finally Vegeta spoke

            "What are you doing in here?" he demanded roughly, Trunks frowned and stood to his full height, his head coming slightly up and his eyes glinting

            "Looking round" he replied coldly

            "Don't come in here again, it's not for a child like you" Trunks eyebrow rose at that.

            "Well the computer seemed happy to let me in" he replied proudly

            "It's a machine it doesn't know what it does" Trunks flushed slightly at the scorn in the older man's voice but ignored it. He stalked towards the door barely noticing the fact that it was still plus 50 gravity. As he reached it his Dad suddenly spoke "It was an energy blast" Trunks stopped and frowned at him

            "What?" he demanded rudely. God he hated the arrogant man in front of him, his fist curled into a fist. If he did one thing to his mother, just one then he'd kill him personally.

            "The blue light you produced it's called a energy blast" Trunks looked surprised ignoring the fact his Dad was talking to him as if he was a stupid idiot

            "So?" Trunks challenged, "There's nothing special about that," he said acting as if he knew what he was talking about. One of Vegeta's eyebrow rose as he looked at the boy

            "Yours wasn't true" Trunks flushed again but remain silent "But it could be. You have potential, I could show you what it truly means to be powerful" Trunks opened his mouth to tell him to get stuffed but no words came out and he found himself considering it. He had liked the feeling of destroying the robot with his own power and if he mastered it, then his mother would be safe. The only sacrifice would be having to learn it from the man, but his mother had said his father was a great fighter.

            "Maybe" he found himself saying. Vegeta smirked

            "See you tomorrow, 5 in the morning and if you know what's good for you, you won't be late"

            "Whatever" Trunks replied and left the room before he could change his mind. Vegeta closed the door smirking to himself. Well that had been easier than he thought.

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