Annabeth Chase, July 12th read the label.

The tiny baby inside the hospital cot could have been called beautiful. She was small, round and pink. Her little fists flailed in the air, clasping and unclasping as they reached for nothing in particular. Her head bobbed slightly, bouncing the tiny curls that grew there. But she looked like a normal baby. The only difference between her and the other newborns around were her eyes. From the first time her eyes opened, she did not cry. She simply surveyed the world that whirled around her. Her parents marveled at her big round eyes.

"Such a beautiful color," crooned her father. "So grey, like the sea on a stormy day," he glanced over at his wife. "Just like yours."

She smiled at him, and glanced back down at her tiny baby. "Her eyes hold the wisdom of a hundred men. Look! She isn't just seeing, she is observing. It seems so silly, but I really think that she can understand the world around her."

The baby's father nodded in agreement. "She's going be a genius. I can tell already."

The couple stared lovingly through the glass at their tiny miracle, arm in arm.

Inside the cot, the tiny baby's hands clenched and unclenched, as her big grey eyes observed the world. Soft, wispy blond curls crowned her little head, bobbing slightly as she turned. She didn't understand why she had been so suddenly pulled from her warm wet bed, and placed in this cold, cruel world. But she didn't cry, she simply observed. This was her life now.

Annabeth Chase.

"I'm in labor," the woman calmly told the assistant at the front desk.

She was immediately rushed into an examination room, where she was soon whisked away to a maternity room in a hospital gown that was far too big. Her husband followed, unsure if he should be delighted or terrified.

He held her hand through the hours, whispering words of reassurance as the contractions wracked her body. Soon the tearful young parents were holding their new baby in their arms.

"He's beautiful," the new mother whispered in wonder, stroking the screaming baby's tiny face.

"He looks like a prune," said his father in a joking tone.

"A very beautiful prune!" he added hurriedly at the murderous look on his wife's face.

She laughed, punching him lightly on the arm. "Shut up!"

He laughed along with her for a moment, but quickly glanced back at the baby in his arms. "He really is beautiful, though."

His wife scoffed disbelievingly.

"I'm serious!" he said. "Look at that hair! Jet black. And so perfectly messy."

She sighed. "Yeah, I'm sure that'll give me trouble when he gets older. What should we name him?"

His father frowned in concentration. "How about… Perseus?"

"Perseus?" asked his mother incredulously.

His father blushed, but held his ground. "Yes, Perseus! Like in Greek mythology. We could call him Percy for short."

"Percy Jackson," marveled his mother. "I like it. It fits."

"Percy Jackson, August 17th," noted the nurse whose existence had been forgotten by the happy couple. She checked her watch and smiled tiredly. "Make that August 18th."

The tiny baby chose this moment to open his eyes, revealing bright, curious, sea green irises. His parents gasped, marveling at their baby's bright eyes as they scanned the world around them with amazement.

"Beautiful," whispered his mother in wonder. "Percy Jackson, welcome to the world."

A/N: Cheers to beautiful prunes! So, if you're wondering, for the first probably 5-10ish chapters, this will be little moments as Percy and Annabeth grow up. Mostly fluffy, but also dramatic. Then the plot will pick up. I already have a few chapters of this ready. And if you're not sure: This story is ALL HUMAN. Nobody is a god/demigod. Please review/follow/favourite!