Chapter 1:

Violet fingered the lace on her wedding dress very fidgety. She had imagined this day a few times when she was younger before her parents had unfortunately perished in a fire that scorched the mansion and left Violet, Klaus, and Sunny with a large fortune. The next time she imagined her wedding was in her nightmares just before she was to wed the orphans' nemesis, Count Olaf. The scam to get their fortune was thwarted by her brother, Klaus's, immense knowledge and reading skills. Ah, Klaus. Violet faintly remembered her siblings. Sunny, her little sister, was just an infant at the time of their parents' death. She had loved to bite things, but it turned out she was a master chef. Not that it did them good on their run from Count Olaf. Klaus was a livid reader and was twelve when he became an orphan. He was extremely intelligent and was loyal to his sisters. Finally, there was Violet. The inventor was a growing age of fourteen when they got the morbid message at Briny Beach of the loss of their family. For several years, they had fought and ran away from Count Olaf and his troupe of misfits all the while learning more and more of the organization called V.F.D. that their parents - and many of their relatives and enemies - were in. They also met Kit Snicket and took in her newborn daughter before her untimely death. Beatrice was named for the Baudelaires' mother. Then they proceeded to run from Olaf for even longer. Violet was now a grown woman with flowing, dark hair that fell down her back even in its worn, blue ribbon. Her teary, gray eyes searched the horizon as the car zoomed by. She was no longer the adolescent she once was. Since she was to be eighteen, that made Klaus sixteen. Violet hazily remembered how strong and masculine he had become from years of running and working to protect his sisters. He still had glasses to aid his dark brown eyes in their sight and resembled Bertrand Baudelaire identically. But Sunny and Beatrice's characteristics touched Violet even heavier. Sunny had grown into her teeth as a four year old and grown long, golden curls to match her baby blue irises. She still held her hair together by the pink ribbon given to her by Violet prior to the fire, but it too had faded and been singed. Beatrice was still a wee toddler with chestnut brown hair and had the same blue eyes as her namesake and Sunny. Violet had to recall this from a year past. That was how long she'd been in Olaf's clutches like a pig for slaughter. He was waiting until she was eighteen so she had consent rights to marry him. But she wasn't exactly in his clutches, per se. Per se here is a phrase that means 'Violet wasn't in Olaf's clutches technically because she had chosen to abandon her promise to her parents to protect her siblings and gave herself up for Olaf therefore resulting in him keeping her captive for a year until her eighteenth birthday.' So now she rode along in her pretty wedding dress to walk down the aisle to meet Harris Harrison. She would see Mr. Poe once again since Olaf had cleared her name on the false murder charge of Jacques Snicket. She dreaded all of it. Fernald - the hook handed man - was driving her to her demise and she couldn't even cry. Her makeup wasn't to be smeared per Olaf. She just tried to ignore the horseradish smell that permeated the air. The depressed young lady didn't even realize that the car had stopped when it had. Fernald roughly grabbed her with his handicaps and pulled her out of the car. He shuffled her across a courtyard into a little Tudor home. She saw people bustling in and out but it finally settled down as Fernald sternly instructed, "You'll go down that aisle and you'll say 'I do.' You won't run, you won't pull any funny business, you won't-" "God! Shut up! I gave myself up! You think I'm going to do something now? It's a little late for that," she muttered a few moments after her previous outburst. Fernald stared at her hard before throwing the fanciful doors open and shoving her out into the courtyard. Violet smiled and started her matrimonial stroll. Olaf was at the end of the aisle in his new disguise. His usual distinguishing factors had disappeared for his final win. His one eyebrow and grimy self was gone. He clearly had two eyebrows and had washed thoroughly. Violet knew he still had a tattoo of an eye on his ankle and his eyes continued to shine at her as she gracefully walked down the aisle. He was wearing a different, more elegant suit than his normal, but it was his wedding, after all. Violet eventually pulled herself out of the clouds and realized where she was at. It was her time to say the magic words. With no hesitation, funny business, or regret, she announced, "I do." Olaf sighed slightly out of relief. He said the same and placed a simple silver ring on her finger. He made her place an identical gold one on his. To prove he is superior in the relationship, I suppose, Violet thought. Then the dreaded came. He smushed his lips against hers to mark the end of Violet's freedom and the beginning of Olaf's vast wealth. Violet was shocked that they were warm and welcoming instead of slimy and disgusting as she had hoped. It made her realize that he was human too. It made her remember that he was an orphan just like her.