This story is defiantly a one-off. I've said that before, and I ended up creating the Phoenix Rising story, but this time I mean it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Davion Palace Avalon City, New Avalon Crucis March Federated Suns 20 April 3067

Katrina Morgan Steiner-Davion looked out at the battlefield from the supposed safety of the throne-room balcony. Below her the final battle of the civil war ragged. Victor's Allied forces tightened their grip on the palace, cutting of her only line of retreat.

As she looked on, a company of the Twenty-second Avalon regiment threw themselves at Victor's Daishi. A Templar tried to intercede and sacrifice its self for Victor, but it was too late: the once proud Clan OmniMech shock as it faced that full fury of its attackers. Its arms blew clear, and the Mech fell to its knees. Still the Twenty-second continued to fire upon the helpless Daishi. Armour fell like rain around it. The Mech seemed to glow for a second, and then the un-controlled fury of a catastrophic reactor-failure blasted the OmniMech into a billion pieces.

The battlefield fell silent.

Katrina wondered for a second if she might still win, but a Centurion stepped forwards from the Allied lines, and raising its right arm, fired a Gauss Rifle slug at the lead Mech in the Twenty-second's battle line. The Allied forces seconded this by unleashing a stream of fire upon the Loyalist forces so grate that Mech's seemed to vanish in the smoke and fire. The Centurion started forwards at a slow walk, matched by the rest of the Allied Mech's.

Katrina's forces fell like flies before the onslaught, un-able to react in an ever-decreasing field of movement. Allied Mech's fell, but more took their place. Loyalist pilots started to eject from their Mech's rather than face the maelstrom of fire before them.

For the first time in her life, Katrina knew fear: before now, she would have faced a trail for the crimes she had committed, but she would have been banished at worst. Now, she held no such hope for her future.

As the last Loyalist Mech fell, she climbed up upon the balcony railings and jumped.