Ten years later.

Hermione leant back in her chair, admiring the ivory invitation in her hands. The invitation had arrived in her morning post, and it was for the twenty years reunion for her Hogwarts class. True to his word, Ernie had organised another class reunion, ten years after their first one. He'd gone for the same weekend idea, only this time the hotel was an exclusive boutique hotel on its own private island just off the southern coast of England.

Hermione had been wondering for the last few weeks if the invitation would arrive as the anniversary of their first reunion had crept closer. Now it was here, Hermione was filled with anticipation. Already she was thinking about how free her diary was, and how much work would be involved in making sure she could get to the reunion.

Pressing a buzzer on her desk, Hermione summed her P.A, Debbie. Within seconds her bright efficient personal assistant entered her office, her ever present smile on her face.

"Can I have my diary, Debbie," Hermione said. "I want to check next month."

"Of course Minister," Debbie replied as she rushed back out of the room.

As she always did when someone called her Minister, Hermione felt a tingle of pleasure. She'd officially been sworn in as Minister of Magic a little over a year ago, and so far Hermione was loving the job. It was more work than she'd initially thought, but that was partly because she now had to balance her work life with her private life. As much as Hermione loved her job, she would give it all up in an instant if she thought it was affecting her family in a negative way.

"Here we go," Debbie announced, re-entering the room. "Next month's diary. What exactly are you looking for?"

"I want to check the weekend of the twenty first," Hermione replied as she flicked to the correct page in the book her assistant had brought her. "I need the weekend off."

"You don't have a lot of weekend duties, so if there is something scheduled it'll be easy to rearrange it," Debbie said, moving around Hermione's desk so she could help her boss.

Five minutes later the one appointment Hermione did have over that weekend had been switched, and Hermione had officially put the weekend in as a holiday, so barring an emergency, she would be free. Now all she had to do was arrange childcare for her two children.

At the thought of her children, Hermione's eyes fell to the picture of them on her desk. Her eldest was a week off being six, and he was as mischievous as they came. He was also the most lovable and caring little boy Hermione could wish for, and he was an amazing big brother to his little sister, who had just turned three. Hermione affectionately stroked the picture of her two children, thankful that she eventually had the family she'd always wanted.

Deciding to get everything sorted straight away, Hermione connected her floo network and placed a call to her mother-in-law. Of course her mother-in-law was thrilled with the idea of looking after her grandchildren for the weekend, and she promised Hermione that she and her husband would make it a weekend to remember for the children. Satisfied that everything was in hand, Hermione returned to her work, already looking forward to the reunion and what the weekend would bring.

Draco swished his firewhisky around in the crystal tumbler, his eyes flicking around the crowded ballroom in search of one witch. Of course he knew she would turn up, he'd already seen her several times over the weekend, but tonight was the night she'd promised to save him a dance ten years ago.

Draco shook his head as he considered the fact that it had been ten years since their last reunion. It really didn't seem like that long ago at all, but maybe that was because his entire life had changed over the course of the last ten years. Or rather his personal life had all changed, professionally he was still in business with Blaise and things were going better than ever. However, on a personal level things had improved dramatically and over the last ten years he'd gotten married and he now had two wonderful children.

"Are you going to stand there all evening, or are you going to join in the fun?" Blaise asked, coming up beside his best friend.

"I'm waiting for the fun to begin," Draco replied.

Blaise rolled his eyes as he grabbed two drinks from the bar, one for him and one for Daphne. "Well, when you're ready to join us, we'll be over beside the window."

Draco nodded and idly glanced over to where his friends were sitting. Blaise and Daphne had settled themselves at a large table which held a wide range of people from the reunion. At a glance Draco could see other Slytherins, some Gryffindors, a couple of Ravenclaws and a few Hufflepuffs. Draco watched as Blaise slid back into the chair next to Daphne, before re-focusing on his efforts to find Hermione.

Then all of a sudden he spotted her entering the room, an absolute vision in a stunning red dress. The red material clung to her body like a second skin, and Draco let out a low groan as she moved and he spotted there was a daring split up her right side which showcased her toned legs when she moved, and gave a flash of her incredibly high heeled shoes. Her brunette hair had been left loose and it hung around her face in soft curls. Her make-up was the natural minimal look she favoured, and the only jewellery she wore aside from her engagement and wedding ring were a pair of small ruby earrings and a matching ruby heart necklace.

Drowning his drink, Draco straightened himself as he strode over to Hermione. From the look on her face she'd seen him coming, and she greeted him with a slow smile.


"Granger," Draco returned. "You look amazing. If it's possible you're hotter than ten years ago."

"Right back at you," Hermione replied with a smile. "You get better with age, Malfoy."

"So my wife says," Draco said.

"Ah yes, the wife," Hermione said. "And where is she tonight?"

"Around," Draco answered with a vague wave of his hand. "Right now you're the only woman I'm interested in talking to."

"Won't your wife be jealous?" Hermione asked.

"She's very understanding," Draco replied. "Besides, I love her more than anything so she knows she's got nothing to worry about. Plus she knows how important tonight is to me."

"And why is tonight so important?" Hermione questioned with a teasing smile.

"It's the night I get to dance with the woman who changed my life," Draco returned. "So what do you say, Granger. A dance for old times' sake?"

Hermione laughed lightly as she took hold of Draco's hand and let him lead her onto the dance floor. "Has anyone ever told you that you're a charmer, Malfoy?"

"It has been remarked upon," Draco said as he took Hermione in his arms and they began to move to the music. "So Granger, how are you? How's life as Minister treating you?"

"I can't complain," Hermione replied. "It's hard work but I love it."

"It must be time consuming," Draco remarked. "I bet your husband never sees you."

"I always make time for my husband and children," Hermione answered seriously.

"Children? How many?"

Hermione rolled her eyes slightly at the question but she answered it anyway. "Two."

"Snap, I have two as well," Draco replied.

"Now that's a coincidence," Hermione said with an amused smile. "I have a boy and a girl, what do you have?"

"A boy and a girl," Draco chuckled. "You'd love my son, he's exactly like me."

"You mean, more trouble than he's worth," Hermione teased.

"No, I mean charming and devastatingly handsome," Draco returned.

"Let's hope he hasn't inherited your ego," Hermione laughed.

"There's enough of his mother in him to keep him grounded," Draco said. "What about your children, what are they like?"

"My daughter's a little bookworm like me and she's only three," Hermione answered, glowing as she spoke about the children she loved so much.

"A mini Granger, how cute," Draco said with a smile. "And your son?"

"He's a terror," Hermione said in mock seriousness. "Nothing but trouble, just like his father."

"Now, now, Granger, calling a six year old a terror is a bit harsh," Draco laughed.

"I never said he was six," Hermione said, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Are you sure?" Draco frowned.

"I'm sure," Hermione replied. "I've never mention it since we started talking."

"I read it in the papers," Draco offered.

"Nice try, but I'm the Minister for Magic, I can keep my family out of the papers," Hermione retorted.

"Bollocks, and I was doing so well," Draco muttered, shaking his head as they stopped dancing and wandered out of the middle of the room.

"Very convincing," Hermione laughed. "You almost had me fooled that I hadn't seen you in ten years."

"Really?" Draco asked, looking pleased with himself.

"No, not really you idiot," Hermione replied, still laughing. "I told you this was a stupid idea."

"Hey, I enjoyed myself," Draco protested. "And it was worth it just to see you walk into the room looking so sexy."

"You like the dress then?" Hermione asked, looking down at the daring red number she'd chosen for the evening. She'd chosen the dress in order to impress Draco, and she'd refused to let him see it beforehand.

"I love it," Draco confirmed.

"It's not too tight?" Hermione checked, smoothing down the clingy material.

"No, it's not too tight," Draco said, slipping his arm around Hermione's waist.

"It was too clingy for underwear," Hermione whispered in Draco's ear.

"Are you saying you're knicker-less?" Draco whispered back, his grey eyes roving Hermione's body.

"I am, just like last time," Hermione returned. "So Malfoy, do you fancy a walk?"

"That sounds great, Granger," Draco replied.

"You can drop the Granger thing now," Hermione said with a chuckle as they made their way across the room towards the door that led out into the hotel grounds, waving to friends as they passed. "I haven't been Granger in a long time."

"Seven years, two months and fifteen days," Draco replied.

"Wow, you know exactly when I stopped being a Granger," Hermione laughed.

"Of course I do," Draco said, bringing Hermione to a stop as they entered the lush grounds the hotel was situated in. "The day you became a Malfoy is etched into my mind forever."

"Mine too," Hermione replied with a smile. "And just think, it would never have happened if it wasn't for that reunion ten years ago."

"We might have to thank Ernie and his wife," Draco said. "In a way, they brought us together."

"And I'm glad they did," Hermione said, wrapping her arms around her husband. "I love you, Draco Malfoy."

"And I love you, Hermione Malfoy," Draco returned in a quiet voice as he pressed his lips against his wife's in a soft, loving kiss.

"Come on, let's go and recreate the rest of the reunion," Hermione suggested when they finally separated.

Hand in hand the couple wandered into the grounds of the hotel, looking for the perfect place to replicate the night of ten years ago. As they did so, both of them couldn't help but being grateful, both for the reunion ten years ago and the friends that had persuaded them to attend. It had been the weekend that had changed the course of their lives. The weekend that brought them together and helped them find what they'd each been searching for their entire lives – each other.

The End.

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