Danny slowly opened his eyes with his head throbbing in pain, which was a bit confusing to him. What caused him to black out? Why was his head throbbing? And where was he? As his eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness, right away he knew where he was and what happened.


It was late at night and Danny was up in his room trying to complete some last minute homework. The last few days, he had been busy fighting ghost after ghost trying to protect his town with barely any time to relax or finish any homework. But fate wasn't on his side for his Ghost Sense went off altering him to a ghost that was near by for what felt like over the nine thousandth time. "Can't they give me a break for once?" Danny grunted in annoyance as he glared at his unfinished homework that was due the next day, "I just hope that it is just the Box Ghost." Not wanting to wake his family or alert them to the ghost, he summoned the glowing rings without doing his battle cry, transforming him into Phantom and flew out the window.

Once outside, Danny floated in mid air to take in his surroundings to locate the ghost. But before he could take in he whole area, something hit him in the back of his head hard enough to knock him out.

Flashback End

Danny looked himself over and saw that he had reverted back to human and was strapped to a strange looking chair with glowing green straps. But before he had a chance to try escape, a voice stopped him in his tracks, "Don't even try to escape Little Badger, that chair and restraints were specially designed for you not to escape."

"Vlad," Danny growled knowing that voice anywhere, "What is your reason for kidnapping me this time? Don't you have anyone else to brother this late at night."

"I would be trying to take out the buffoon you call a father, but I may end up hurting dear sweet Maddie in the process," Vlad answered as he walked into sight, "Plus this will make sure that you will stay out of my hair for a while."

"Keeping me in a chair is your plan?" Danny asked amused, this wasn't the worst thing that Fruitloop done, but at the same time, it didn't seem to have the Vlad flare.

"No, it is where the chair is going to take you," Vlad answered with an evil glare and smirk.

"What? To some kind of dentist? Or to some kind of office?"

"That would never work, you just find some way to escape," Vlad growled, "No, it will take you to a land that only is mentioned in legends."


"No! It is a land that is located beneath our feet!" Vlad sneered, "It been believed that it been around before even Atlantis was created and now a forgotten legend and spoken myth."

"If it is just a legend, what makes you think its real?"

"From a lot of research my dear boy," Vlad answered as he went over to the computer and bought up some files on the monitor that showed different pictures and text, "You see, the legend says the in ancient times both worlds knew of each other's existence. But something happened that caused them to become independent of each other and through out time, each world thought that the other was only a myth. Though to this day, there are only a certain group of people that know about it and is said they are able to travel to and from it."

"So how did you come across it?" Danny asked trying to figure out how the Fruitloop came across something that seems to have been forgotten as time went on.

"From some convincing ghost in the Zone," Vlad answered as if it was obvious, "So with some research, I found a way to create a one way ticket down there."

"Aren't you worried that I will just be able to fly out?" Danny asked not seeing a reason to the plan. Or did he have something else in mind to add to the trip?

"Not really," Vlad answered as he made his way over to a certain set of buttons, "If my plan works, you will be stuck down there until my plan success. Now, good-bye Daniel."

With a push of a button, Danny went plummeting down into the earth unsure what will awaited him at his destination. All he knew was that he was heading to the world beneath his feet.

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