Trucy slowly paced around her office. Well, it wasn't technically her office, it was her father's, but she was certainly a part of it. She was currently waiting to meet with a magician who was looking to work together with her as a full time job.

Nervousness flowed throughout Trucy's body. While she was friends with the person she was meeting with, she had never actually had a full job interview with anyone. The only person who had worked alongside her was her father, and he joined by default. It was nerve wracking, the idea of hiring someone. And perhaps the big thing Trucy was nervous about, the fact was that the person she was meeting with was coming secretly. Yes, that person was sneaking about under the nose of her sister. Her twin that is.

Before Trucy had more time to think she heard a knock on the door. Taking a deep breath, she gathered herself up and slowly strode over to the door. Her hand, shaking, gripped the doorknob and slowly pushed the door open.

Please go right. Please go right.

The first thing Trucy saw was the purple hair, affirming her that the person at the door was her, "client." She noted that the person in front of her was wearing her usual stage get up; she was certainly looking the part. After a quick glance at the person in front of her, Trucy finally spoke up.

"Bonny! How are you doing?"

Bonny, the girl whom now stood in front of her, smiled before responding, "I'm doing great!"

Trucy nodded before showing her in. Bonny took note of the overall look of the office. It was filled to the brim with magic props of all shapes and sizes. She also took note of the desks that were located behind the couch, just along the lines of the last set of props.

That's right, Trucy mentioned this was also her father's law office.

Trucy looked over at her friends sleepy-eyed faced as it scanned the office, as if checking to see if anything would jump out at her.

"Sorry, the place is such a mess," Trucy apologized, "I never really got around to cleaning the place up."

Bonny, retaining a smile, shook her head, "Oh, it's no problem at all. If anything, it adds to the whole experience."

Trucy, hearing this, smirked; at least she knew that she wouldn't have to clean up the place if Bonny decided to take the job. But before she got to head of herself with ideas, Trucy asked one of the question's she should have asked immediately.

"Does Betty know you're here?"

Bonny's face turned into a combination of relief as well as confident.

"Thankfully, yes. I gave her the slip this morning; it was a perfect disappearing act!"

Betty, Bonny's older twin sister, was not a fan of Trucy, literally. She despised her success as well as the idea of working for her. She made it a point to tell Bonny not to even think about going to Trucy's agency in order to get some work. But, Bonny knew what she wanted to do, and due to her finally beginning to stand up for herself, decided to schedule a meeting with Trucy on her joining in secret.

Trucy's face mimicked Bonny's after hearing this news, "Well that's a relief. No offense, it's just that your sister really dislikes me and-"

She was cut off by Bonny waving her hands frantically with a worried look on her face.

"Don't worry, none taken. I've dealt with her for nineteen years, I know better than anyone that she can be a little bit of a handful."

Trucy smirked hearing this, "Well whaddya know? Looks like someone has something to say behind her sister's back."

Bonny, realizing what she said, clasped her hands over her mouth, "Oh god, please don't tell Betty I said that! If she found out then she'd-"

She was interrupted by a hand reassuringly patting her on the back. Turning, she saw a look of reassurance on her fellow magicians face.

"Don't worry about it, Bonny. I think it's great your standing up for yourself. Believe me, I would never throw one of my best friends under the bus like that."

Bonny could feel a small, pink-tinted blush creep up onto her face upon hearing the word, "best friends."

"I don't feel I deserve that kind of praise."

Trucy, who was walking over to her spaghetti prop, turned to look at Bonny.

"What do you mean? What praise?" she asked confused.

Staring, at the ground, Bonny weakly stuttered, "It's nothing, don't worry about it."

Frowning, Trucy put her hands on her hips.

"Bonny, I know that's not true. As soon as you said the word, "nothing," you gripped your cane."

Realizing she was practically strangling the cane she held in her hand, Bonny eased up. Sighing she looked back up at Trucy.

"I don't think I deserve to be one of your best friends, or even just one of your friends. I ruined your show, and I got you accused of murder. What kind of friend am I?"

It hit Trucy hard hearing that. She never liked seeing people feel down, especially people whom she had taken a liking towards. And she could see the tears starting to form in her fellow performer's eyes. Knowing that it was up to her to cheer the bunny magician up, she walked over until she was not more half a foot away from the one she cared so much about.

Hesitantly, yet assuring, Trucy placed her hands on her friend's shoulders, causing the latter, whom had gone back to staring at her feet, to look back up again with a slightly surprised expression.

"I don't care what happened, it wasn't your fault. But, what I did care about was that you believed in me. Even when all the evidence pointed, you thought I was innocent, and that means more to me than anything in the world."

Bonny was left speechless, her eyes wide in shock.

Okay Trucy thought it's now or never!

"Look, Bonny, I like you a lot, I've haven't ever had someone get as invested in me or my shows as much as you. You somehow make me smile even when I'm down, and you're a motivation to become the best person I can. To tell you the truth, I lo-"

Before she could even finish, Trucy felt Bonny's arms fling around her around her as the purple haired magician began sobbing into her shoulder. Slowly, Trucy rubbed her fellow magician's back, softly whispering, "It's okay, your fine," into her ear.

It didn't matter what happened in the past, it didn't what happened in the future, it didn't matter that they had yet to properly discuss business, or that they would have to face the bunny magician's sister. As long as they were by each other's side, their whole world was their stage.

And they were going to take it by storm.