(Author's Note: I guess I wanted to make another one of these. I'm no longer going to say this is complete because even I don't know if I'll come back to this story. Until that does or doesn't happen, I hope you enjoy this story!)

Trucy looked at the door that she so cautiously stood in front of. She was waiting outside an apartment, one that was owned by two people. One of those people was her girlfriend, but the other one…

"Hates my guts," Trucy said to herself.

In a quick and rigid manner, Trucy knocked on the door, hoping to god that she would be able to survive the encounter she was about to face.

Footsteps could be heard from inside the apartment, they slowly grew in size as a figure approached the opposite side of the door. Looking out through the peephole, the owner of the apartment let out a small grunt before deciding to engage in conversation.

"What do you think you're doing here?"

In a fake surge of confidence, Trucy perked up, "Hey Betty, how are you doing?"

Another grunt could be heard from the apartment. This Betty person was attempting to put a large amount of restraint on her, otherwise snappy, self.

"You didn't answer my question, Trucy Wright. What are you doing here?"

Trucy frowned, "Look…we need to talk…"

"I'm not interested in working for you," Betty reaffirmed.

"This isn't about the job offer," Trucy replied, "Although the offer is still very much open."

Betty, ignoring the last comment, opened the door a crack, looking out at the blue-clothed magician.

"What's so urgent that you would have the guts to come and talk to me about," she asked.

Trucy let a small sigh, "It's about Bonny…"

Betty's eyes narrowed down, "Bonny? Did she get into trouble or something?"

"You could say that," Trucy thought to herself; it seemed weird how unconcerned Betty appeared to be about the wellbeing of her sister, or perhaps she was so used to her sister getting in trouble that she was used to hearing bad news, or perhaps-

"Trucy," Betty spurted out causing the brown-haired magician to come back to reality, "What did my sister do?"

"She didn't do anything," Trucy reassured the purple haired woman, "Can I please come inside?"

Betty's face turned to a combination of confused, shocked, and annoyed.

"Why should I let you in?"

Trucy let out an annoyed groan, "Because I wanted to ask you for advice."

Now Betty's face was only shocked.

"You, Trucy Wright, want to ask me for advice," Betty questioned.

Trucy nodded, "That's right, I need your help."

Betty began contemplating her options. She could slam the door in her "archrival's" face, which would be funny. But she knew that there was little reason to resist talking to her "enemy" at this point. Finally deciding on option, Betty opened her door all the way up.

Trucy remained motionless until hearing Betty coldly request, "Come in."

She complied, strolling into the brightly lit apartment. Across the walls were posters of famous magicians, most likely put up by Bonny. The entire place appeared to have been decorated by Bonny seeing as just about everything was bunny related, with the exception of a few bat themed items.

"Nice place," Trucy complimented as she took in the area.

"You'll have to thank Bonny, she was the one who designed this place."

Trucy nodded, "I thought so when I saw the posters."

"Yep, she went nuts when we first got the place. It was honestly kind of impressive," Betty commented.

The two stood in silence as Trucy continued to examine the room.

"Well," Betty said, "You said you wanted to talk about my sister."

"Oh," Trucy exclaimed, "That's right, I did."

Betty leaned, "Well…what about her?"

Trucy scratched the back of her head, or rather hat, before beginning, "I want to know where to take her for her birthday."

Betty stood in silence which, in turn, made Trucy believe that she was about to killed on the spot. It took around a minute before Betty weakly responded.

"Maybe you outta go to that "Wonder Bar" place. Bonny always went there to watch your shows; she even dragged me along a couple times."

Trucy looked nervously at the person in front of her, "Are you okay?"

Confused, Betty turned to Trucy, "What? Is the Wonder Bar closed or something?"

"No, I'm just surprised you weren't pissed at me for dating your twin sister," Trucy replied.

Bonny let out a sigh, "Look, I may not like you all that much, but I know how much my sister does; she constantly talked about you when she was just starting out as a magician. I'm not surprised she took a liking to you."

Trucy stood still for a few seconds before smiling, "Well I'm glad you're okay with it because, to tell you the truth, I just came to break the news. I was already planning on going to the Wonder Bar, but it's nice to see you agree."

"Yeah? Well just so we're clear, just because you're dating my sister does not mean this rivalry is off, you hear me?"

Trucy was already running for the door in order to begin making preparations, "Oh, believe me, I know."

And just like that, she was off, leaving Betty all alone. She made her was over to her sister's bedroom, one that Trucy had not decided to look at. Betty turned on the light and walked over to a portrait that had tipped her off of her sister's relationship.

"It's weird…perhaps this was fate all along."

In the picture frame was two magicians, both were smiling at what looked to be a circus. They were both so optimistic, it was nearly intoxicating. But most importantly, they were both together. That, in actuality, was all they needed to be happy.

(Author's Note: Well, that's that. Still not sure if I'll write more for this story, maybe in the future.)