Sinister's Last Stand Part 1

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Author's note:
This IS the story Shattered Souls. I yanked it off because I had inspiration for one hell of a twist in the story and it called for a plot change. I figure there is enough stories out there with Gambit feeling guilty over Rogue's death, so I changed it and added a lot more detail so there wouldn't be confusion later in the story and also it makes for a better story. I changed the name because I didn't like it and yet I don't like this one either but oh well. If I caused any confusion I apologize. I didn't think it mattered but apparently it does. I promise I won't do that again.

This one is gonna have everything angst, smut, violence, everything except Smurfs. Enjoy.

It was a Sunday afternoon; everything was quiet and peaceful in the mansion for once. The only people in the mansion were Rogue and Warren. Ororo and Betsy went to the local mall for a little shopping spree. Logan and Remy were proving who had the better machine by racing their motorcycles against each other, they had been arguing for over a week about whose bike was better. Scott and Jean had taken off for a long overdue romantic getaway. Warren was stuck monitoring the grounds, just in case one of their enemies tried anything.

Rogue emerged from her bathroom in her robe, feeling better than she had in awhile; she had been in the danger room earlier, trying out a new program and had needed a shower badly. She put her hair back into a ponytail; walking over to her dresser she grabbed a green T-shirt and a pair of jeans and put them on. Rogue sat on the edge of her bed and sighed in boredom. Rogue glanced over to her bookshelf; she smiled to herself and walked over to grab a book.

"Ah guess this day is a total right off," thought Rogue, "I should have gone shopping with the girls, but at least I can catch up on some reading."

Rogue laid on her bed and was about to start reading when a portal opened by her closet.

"What the hell," said Rogue, jumping up from her bed.

Rogue wasn't surprised when Sinister stepped through. Rogue vaguely wondered why the alarms weren't going off.

Sinister glanced around Rogue's room, his eyes landing on a picture of Rogue and Remy beside her bed.

"I'm glad to see you two are still pining after each other," he said in disgust.

Rogue turned the picture face down and said, "what do ya want Sinister, you got 2 seconds before everyone breaks in here."

Sinister just laughed, "No one is here my dear, except you, me and Mr. Worthington. Let me assure you he will be no help to you at this moment."

Rogue was about to remove Sinister from her room with a backhand, when he held up a mask in one hand and a trenchcoat in the other.

"I assume you know whom these belong too," Sinister said, throwing the articles of clothing on her bed.

The mask was yellow and black with points on the top and the worn trenchcoat was obviously Remy's

"Yeah, you have Wolvie and Remy's stuff, so what?" said Rogue, ready to defend herself against Sinister.

"I have more than a couple of their personal belongings, my dear," said Sinister dangerously.

"Yeah, you and what army captured them," said Rogue skeptically.

"No army, if you don't believe me then look," said Sinister gesturing towards the wall.

Rogue gasped at what she saw. A picture of Logan and Remy was on her wall; they were in full battle gear. They were both on their knees with their arms behind their backs. Scrambler and Prism were holding what appeared to be an unconscious Logan and Remy by their hair.

"Well that little trick is new," Rogue turned to Sinister, "What do you want?"

"I want you to come with me," said Sinister walking towards the portal.

Rogue crossed her arms over her chest and stood her ground, "I know for a fact they went out as Logan and Remy today, not Wolverine and Gambit."

" They were on their motorcycles when we found them Rogue," Sinister paused, he could tell she wasn't buying his explanation,
" How am I suppose to know how they changed so fast, or why they would be wearing their uniforms, when the author of this story can't even thinking of a plausible explanation. Just go with it."

"Oh ok then," said Rogue shrugging her shoulders

"Let's go," said Sinister walking through the portal, "Now Rogue."

Rogue sighed and went with Sinister, she was confident whatever game Essex was up to she could use it to her advantage. As she walked through the portal, it closed behind her. When she saw her friends, Rogue froze. It was apparent that they both had been beaten. Blood was trickling down Logan's forehead from a injury she couldn't see. Rogue shuddered as she looked at his right arm, it was obviously broken, the bone in his forearm was protruding through his skin, and his leg was at a odd angle. Remy's face looked like it was used as a punching bag, his eyes were black and blue and swollen shut. He also had blood oozing from his ear. Rogue had enough experience around Hank to know that was not a good sign.

"I assure you my dear Wolverines healing factor has a lot of damage to repair before he wakes up," said Sinister enjoying the look of horror on her face.

"What do ya want me for," said Rogue turning to Sinister.

"I will let these two live," Sinister paused, "If you put this on."

He held up a Genoshian collar. Rogue looked at him with disgust.

"Over my dead body Sinister," said Rogue.

"How about there's," said Sinister pointing to her teammates. He then gestured to Prism.

Prism let go of Logan and he dropped to the floor with a thud. Prism pulled out a pistol and aimed it for Logan's head.

"Well?" said Sinister.

Rogue hesitated for a second. Sinister nodded to Prism, who pulled the trigger with a loud bang. Rogue snapped her eyes shut tightly and bit her lip to stop herself from crying out. Rogue felt something-liquid splatter on her. When she looked down, she saw tiny droplets of blood on her T-shirt. She stared at the floor, not wanting to see if they had indeed killed Logan.

"Look at him Rogue," yelled Sinister.

" No, no, no," Rogue kept saying over and over again, shaking her head in disbelief, "this isn't happening."

Sinister walked over to Rogue, grabbing her by her ponytail and pushed her towards the body.

"I said look at him," Sinister whispered in her ear.

Rogue slowly lifted her eyes and looked at her friend, he had a blood-soaked towel over his face.

"I guess he doesn't need a healing factor now," Sinister said laughing as he let go of Rogue's hair, pushing her to the floor.

"You bastard," said Rogue with tears running down her face.

"I'll ask you again," Sinister motioned to Scrambler, who let go of Remy, took the gun from Prism, and held it to Remy's head.

Sinister held the collar out to Rogue and said, "Well?"

Rogue stood up, grabbed the collar from him, and snapped it into place, "There, let him go home."

"LeBeau will go home alright," said Sinister signaling to Scrambler, "in a body bag."

Rogue started towards Sinister when she realized what he was about to do, but Arclight and Riptide were waiting in the shadows. They grabbed Rogue by the arms, and held her back as she struggled to stop Sinister.

Rogue was furious; "No you can't, let him go," she screamed.

"My dear I can do anything I want and I've waited for years for this," said Sinister, enjoying Rogue's anguish.

Rogue wouldn't stop kicking and screaming to get loose from the Marauders; she didn't see Arclight pull out a device that looked like a taser, till it was too late. Rogue felt the excruciating pain as the electricity flowed through her. The Marauders immediately let go of her, so they didn't get electrocuted themselves. Rogue felt another severe pain when she fell and her head connected to the cement floor.

When Rogue stopped convulsing, she watched in horror as she fought to stay conscious. Scrambler, who was standing over Gambits form, fired a shot, point blank into his skull. She tried to scream, but it only came out as a whimper. Then her world went black.

"Don't worry Rogue, the voltage wasn't enough to kill you, it was just excruciatingly painful," Sinister laughed as he stood over Rogue's unconscious body.

He picked her up and laid her down on one of his many examining tables. Sinister grabbed a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut Rogue's shirt from her body. He then made an incision with a scalpel, on the palm of her hand, cutting from thumb to pinky; blood immediately started to pour out. He then picked up her T-shirt and massaged the blood into it. When he was satisfied, it was bloody enough; he held it up in the air examining it.

"That should get a reaction," said Sinister turning to Prism, handing the Marauder the shirt, "take this and put it on Rogues bed and get back here."

Sinister made Prism a portal which he went through, a moment later Prism came back grinning.

"Done," was all Prism said.

Sinister closed the portal and scowled at Scrambler who was leering at Rogue's body.

"I suggest you take that sneer off your face before I wipe it off," said Sinister covering up Rogue's body with a blanket.

Scrambler shook his head and said, " What do you want done with the bodies?"

"Get rid of them, they are only shapeshifters. They have no importance to me," said Sinister leaving the room, "get to work, we don't have much time before the battalion will show up."

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