Sinister's Last Stand Epilogue

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EPILOGUE: 1year Later

"I'll be the air that you breathe

I'll give the strength you need

I'll be the light in your eyes

When hope becomes hard to see

I'll be your shining star

To guide you wherever you are

Always you and I"

Rogue walked down the hallway, trying to avoid Remy. She had been complaining of a backache for the last 24 hours and Remy wanted her to stay in bed.

"Typical man," thought Rogue.

As Rogue neared the briefing room, she heard laughter coming from the room. She walked in and saw Logan and Remy sitting at the table laughing, but as soon as they saw Rogue, they stopped.

"What are you doing out of bed Rogue?" asked Logan, immediately putting out his cigar.

"What the hell does it look like?" said Rogue standing in the doorway holding her back.

"Chere, you know what Hank said," said Remy standing up and walking over to Rogue.

Rogue marched in the opposite direction of Gambit, sidestepping him. When Rogue turned around she just glared at him.

"Ah'm not talking to you," Rogue spat out, with one hand on her hip and the other on her back.

"Again or still," asked Logan, trying hard not to laugh.

"Shut up Wolvie," Rogue yelled, walking over to the table to sit down.

As Rogue approached the table, she got a real severe cramp in her stomach. She tried not to cry out but Logan and Remy saw the look of agony on her face. She took a deep breath and turned to face the men.

"Chere you should go back t' bed," said Remy, starting to get worried.

"Oh leave me alone," said Rogue, leaning against the table, willing the cramps to go away.

Just as the cramp subsided and Rogue thought she was clear of pain, a gush of liquid fell at Rogues feet. A very startled Remy and Logan looked at the puddle, then at each other, then to Rogue.

"Really Rogue was that necessary?" asked Logan with his eyebrow raised.

"My water broke ya morons," screamed Rogue, now clutching her belly.

Remy and Logan looked at each other terrified. Logan immediately started running down the hall yelling, 'the baby is coming, the baby is coming,' while his arms flailed above his head.

Remy started to panic and headed for the door, but realizing he was missing something, he turned around. Rogue was not amused watching Remy becoming unglued.

"Get lost, I'll do it myself," said Rogue, about to move, until another cramp hit.

"ARRGGHHH, I'm never letting you touch me again," screamed Rogue, her face contorted in agony.

"Ah come on chere, " said Remy walking towards Rogue, his arms outstretched. He had forgotten about the puddle, as soon as he stepped in it he slipped and fell on his back.

"Merde, dat hurt. I t'ink I put my back out," said Remy, rolling on the floor in pain.

Rogue just glared at Remy, "You're a big help, ya know that."

Remy turned and stared at Rogue. He knew if he didn't get up, he would never hear the end of it. He sat up slowly making sure nothing went numb. Nothing did, so he stood up, taking care that he didn't slip again.

Ororo and Jean ran into the room, both women grabbed one of Rogue's arms and help her into the hallway. All three women discussing how men were useless in a time of crisis and Remy followed them defending the honor of all the men in world.

13 hrs later.

Ororo, Jean, and Scott occupied the couch outside of the med. Lab, all three of them were thinking about what joy Rogue and Remy's baby would bring to the mansion. Logan was talking to the wall about 'what was taking so damn long' and Bobby kept telling everyone, "I'm not babysitting'.

Warren and Betsy had made an appearance, but after the injuries they both had suffered, they were taking an extended vacation in Europe for a year. Everyone knew they probably wouldn't be back to rejoin the team. Betsy never regained full use of her voice after her throat was cut, she could talk in a whisper but she chose to talk telepathically most of the time. She was also seeing a psychatrist to help her deal with the loss. Warren's face and shoulder had needed reconstructive surgery. They left with tears in their eyes and promises they would be back in a couple of months to see Rogue and the baby.

Suddenly Hank came out of the med. lab to talk to everyone. Everyone jumped to his or her feet anxiously waiting for the news.

"How is mother and child," asked Ororo impatiently.

"Mother and," Hank paused, enjoying the anticipation on everyone's faces, "daughter are fine."

"It's a girl," yelled Jean wrapping her arms around Scott who was smiling also.

"Can we see them," asked Storm, the weather outside reflecting her happiness.

"When Remy gets his hand back, he will bring his daughter out for a moment," said Hank, grinning from ear to ear.

"Get his hand back? Didn't Rogue have the bracelet you made for her on?" asked Storm.

"Yes," said Hank trying not to laugh, " but she had a rather firm grip on his hand, he's attempting to restart the circulation."

Logan started to pass out cigars to everyone, even the women. He got strange looks from everyone, which he replied, "What are you flamin' staring at, can't a man be happy for once in his life."

"That's fine Logan, but why would you be so happy about Rogue and Remys baby?" asked Jean.

Logan looked at her like it was obvious, " Because she'll stop yelling at everyone now," Logan paused for effect, "Especially me, so if she yells at me, I can give her a smack upside the head without starting world war 3."

Everyone nodded their agreement; they were actually surprised that the patience Remy had

" Rogue was screaming like a banshee night and day and Gumbo was cool as a cucumber and kept telling everyone it was hormones, " said Logan, thinking back to the last nine months.

" He said he preferred her screaming than her crying bouts, he hated it when she started crying," said Storm.

" Only once had he told Rogue to kiss his ass, when he had lost his temper and Rogue was actually a joy to be around for a week after that," said Bobby with a big smile.

"I remember that too, he felt terrible about what he said," said Storm.

"She was being a witch, why would he feel bad," asked Bobby.

Storm turned to Bobby and explained, "Rogue was pregnant with his child, that is something sacred to him. She was giving him a child and he would walk over glass if she had asked him too and would still do if she asked tomorrow."

"Man that's love," said Bobby.

"Yeah it is," said Storm and Logan at the same time. They looked at each other and laughed.

Remy came out of the med. lab, carrying a tiny baby wrapped in a pink blanket. Everyone forgot about Beast and encircled Remy.

"Dis is Dominique LeBeau," said Remy quietly, as he showed off his daughter.

Dominique was a tiny baby with a tuft of brown hair coming from the top of her head. Her eyes were the same color as all babies just born. As everyone gathered round, she gave a big stretch, then a yawn and stuffed her tiny hand in her mouth a started to suck.

"Oh she's beautiful," said Ororo, taking her finger and placing it beside the babies other hand, the baby immediatly grabbed it.

"Dis is your godmother Stormy, she will teach you ' bout nature and de earth, all de stuff, she could never teach me" said Remy, switching to a baby voice

Remy turned around to see Logan standing there with a huge lopsided grin on his face. Remy sighed, "And dis is your godfather Logan, who is a big grump and de only reason he is your godfather is because he made your momma promise before he would go t' de store and buy her ice cream.Dat is de last time your poopa leves your momma alone when she is having a baby."

Logan just smiled at Remy and said, " she looks at lot like Hank, you sure nothin' funny is going on with your wife."

Remy just glared and said, "I'll be watching you, if you t'ink you'll teach my petite any of your bad habits, t'ink again," then turning his back to Logan; he was faced Scott and Jean.

"Oh she is so cute," said Jean, staring at the little baby.

"Good job, Remy," said Scott, patting him on the back.

"I didn' do de work, I jus' had de fun part," said Remy smiling at Scott, who was turning red.

"And dis is your new babysitter," said Remy, showing Dominique to Bobby.

Bobby stared at the tiny, pink face for a moment and said, " We are gonna have lots of fun, you and I."

Everyone started laughing as Bobby cooed at the baby, "What I'm a sucker for little ladies that are so cute and beautiful."

Hank came back out of the lab saying, "Remy, I think our new mother is a little anxious to see her baby again."

"I'm coming," said Remy, walking to the door.

"Tell Rogue we will come visit after she gets some rest," said Storm, her hand pausing on Remy's shoulder, then she turned to go.

"And that she has the most beautiful baby," said Jean, giving Remy a kiss on the cheek and left with Scott.

Logan and Bobby gave the baby a final once over and Remy was so shocked at what Logan did he nearly dropped the baby.

"Choochie, choochie, coo," said Logan in a baby voice.

Bobby and Remy stared at each other open mouthed. If they hadn't seen it they never would have believed it either, no one was going to believe them.

"Come on Drake, I'll buy you a beer." Logan turned to Remy, " when the baby and the Mrs. are ok for the night, come on over to Harry's my treat."

Bobby and Remy were about to ask this imposter where they hid his body when Logan said, "It's a flamin' special occasion for flamin' sakes. Can't a guy be happy about his goddaughter being born without you too having a heart attack."

Remy just smiled saying, "I'll see you dere," with that said he turned and walked through the doors to his new family.

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