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Draco hated mornings. They were reasonably bearable at home. When he woke up (The morning was typically more than half over by this time.) he was in his warm room, in his warm bed with a nice hot cup of strong, black coffee waiting for him. School was a differently matter entirely.

The dungeons at Hogwarts weren't exactly the driest place in the castle and even when it was sweltering outside they stayed at between 50 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit, much lower in the winter. Which was a good thing in August when the rest of the castle was experiencing heatstroke. (Particularly Gryffandor tower to the joy of the Slytherin house.) In January, however, they weren't the nicest place to be. There were actually stories of little Slyths getting frostbite in their sleep. No one had ever seen this of course.

So when Draco pulled himself from bed one January morning (at the ungodly hour of 7 a.m.) in his almost frozen bed in his damp, musty, frigid dorm room all he could think of was a hot shower and a cup of coffee.

For some reason the castle deemed it fit to further mock its dungeon residents. There was never, repeat never hot water in the bathrooms. The prefects bathroom could occasionally muster luke-warm. Today though was not one of those rare occasions. So after his ice cold shower Voldemort's young heir escaped into the warmth of the great hall for breakfast. Today the glorious smells of another perfectly cooked meal almost made him ill. He flopped gracelessly on to a bench and stared at the empty plate before him. "Coffee." he whispered. A cup and saucer appeared and he took a large sip without even looking at the contents. He promptly spit the entire contents of his mouth out. The fact that all of it landed in Pansy's face almost made up for the fact that there was not a drop of coffee in the cup. He quickly sent it away and ordered another. And again received nothing but tea. Draco began to notice that he wasn't the only student distressed in the change of beverages. It was then that Dumbledore called their attention. He informed the students that he and Madam Pomfrey had decided that the amount of coffee being consumed was unhealthy and that particular beverage would not be served anymore. Draco sat in shock. It was impossible. That bizarre old man was even more evil than the dark lord could ever imagine. Something needed to be done.

He ran quickly from the hall. Jotting a note as he made his way up to the owlery.


Dumbledore has lost his bloody mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEND ME

COFFEE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up in the tower he quickly tied the not to his owls leg and unceremoniously tossed it out the window.

Forgiving that he hadn't had any coffee the day wasn't that bad. It seemed the headmaster had banned the life-giving nectar from the staff as well. They were almost as snarky and lethargic as he was. That day went down in the record books as the largest one day cumulative loss of house points in school history. 532 from Ravenclaw, 563 from Hufflepuff, 782 from Slytherin, and 836 from Gryffandor. (The 300 Snape took off for Neville's botched potion gave them the most.) For a grand total of 2713 points. There had also been very little work. So when Draco dragged himself down to the igloo he slept in and found a small package oh his bed he almost did a dance. Only after he pulled the curtains of the bed closed and cast every legal (and illegal) locking spell he could think of on them did he dare crack the seal. He read:


Here's the coffee you asked for. Your preferred brand I

believe. I will speak with the governor's tomorrow.

He hugged the package of pre-ground, slow roasted heaven to his chest. He configured a press out of his quill and filled it with the grounds. He poured himself a cup and inhaled deeply the divine aroma. Tomorrow would be a very good day.