Chapter 2: Hermione

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Hermione wasn't exactly a morning person. Of course when one is up until all hours of the night with ones friends or in the library studying until four in the morning that does tend to make the seven o'clock wake up call a tiny bit annoying. Especially when it come in the form of a large lump of orange fur demanding its breakfast. Crookshanks was slightly obsessive when it came to his meal schedule. And when his mistress was not awake to feed him at the appropriate hour he became a bit liberal with the use of his claws.

Hermione jumped in the air when the tiny pin-pricks began needing in to her stomach. When she looked around for the cat that had been thrown off he mewed impatiently next to his bowl. She mumbled something about fuzzy orange slippers and like a good pet owner (aka kitty slave) fed the starving (gluttonous) animal. Outside her window she could see the early quidditich practice out in the field. She really wondered how those boys survived on only an hours sleep. (Of course then she remembered they slept in class.)

Hermione hadn't gotten a thing accomplished the night before. Her books were still lying open on her desk where she'd left them. It was all their fault really.

Harry and Ron had decided they wanted to expand the Marauders Map. They wanted to find places Harry's father (and the Weasly twins) missed in their extensive nighttime wanderings. They had already added the chamber of secrets (Though why they wanted to remember the location of that she would never figure out.) They had sought her out at almost midnight. They thought they knew where they could find Gordric Gryffandor's study. She had tried to refuse them. (Honestly) But they restated their need to have someone to keep them in line and the mother hen in her took over. They had spent the next four and a half hours wandering. They had almost been caught by Filch twice and Snape three times. Luckily the returned to the common room in one piece. (Barely)

Hermione couldn't shake the exhaustion from her bones as she dressed. Her room was blessedly warm and she yet a again was grateful she lived in a tower. (Anywhere but the dungeons really.) Thankfully over the summer she had discovered her salvation. Coffee. Liquid caffeine. Her life saver. She had been very good about not drinking too much this year but there were some mornings when it was the only thing between her and a migraine. And when her room was invaded by a pair of hyper, muddy, sweaty boys she knew this was one of those mornings.

When the wonder twins (as she had taken to calling Harry and Ron in her mind) rejoined her in the common room (after a shower she noted thankfully) they descended to the great hall. This morning of all mornings Harry's arm firmly (and obscenely possessively) around her waist made her want to shove her wand up his nose. (Just like the mountain troll she recalled with a small giggle.) They sat at their table and ordered their breakfasts. She munched on her fruit and bacon (a strange combination even she admitted) somewhat following the boys conversation. She reached for her cup and drank a long swallow. She looked at the cup in disbelief. She had Harry take a drink and when her said "It's tea. So?" she dumped the remainder of the rather hot liquid in to his lap strongly reminding him it was supposed to be coffee not tea. Then came the grand pronouncement from the evil lord Dumbledore. No coffee in Hogwarts. She wanted to cry. He might as well have canceled Christmas or even finals. It was to horrible to even consider. She passed through the day in shock and horror. (And a terrible mood.) She had actually told Neville to 'Sod off.' when he asked for her help in potions. It had to have been the worst day ever. Well except for the two months she spent as a statue. And that day she was put at the bottom of the lake. She didn't even want to study she wanted to go to sleep and pretend this day never happened. And if tomorrow there wasn't coffee she just wouldn't go to class. (Though she doubted that would happen. She'd seen the look on Draco Malfoy's face.) She was vaguely aware of Harry entering her room a while later and telling her he had a present for her.

Then she remembered exactly she loved him so much. He gave her chocolate covered espresso beans.


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