Growing up , Donna never had a best friend. All the children at school thought she was slightly odd, and she had been taunted about her ginger hair.

Even after she left school, and started working as a temp, she really didn't have a best friend either. Sure, she got on well with her co workers, and a few other women that she had became acquainted with, but she never had a friend that just got her. Someone to have fun with, to laugh with, to cry with. Someone who you could disclose your secrets with.

Everywhere she went, she noticed friends paired up. She always had that tinge of jealously at the back of her mind.

Until she met the Doctor again, at Adipose Industries , and she started travelling in that blue box with him.

Suddenly she had everything she expected best friends were.

And a lot more. She may tease him , but she knew he would always have her back , protecting her from harm from those daft aliens they came across every second day.

And she would always have his, especially the times she had crawled into his bed, when he screamed in his sleep , comforting him after a nightmare.

That Time Lord gave her the universe. And Donna would know she would never give all of this up, and go back to her old life. Why would she?

He wasn't only her best friend, he was her soulmate. The tall, gangly, skinny Time Boy wearing a pin striped suit and Converse on his feet. The one who entertained her hours on end. Sometimes, she closed her eyes, so she could just immerse herself with the rise and fall of his voice as he rambled on a useless fact, like a warm blanket bundled around her.

That daft Spaceman, she smiled, as he yelled out her name for the umpteenth time.

He would so be getting the biggest hug.

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