Hi there fellow Amourshippers! With the leaks of the new titles for the remaining episodes of XYZ, I'm pretty sure most of us are aware that Serena is about to leave in just 2 episodes. And of course, many of us are saddened by this. While the titles are known to lie a few times like the Dance Episode and the Kalos League Victory episode, the title for the upcoming last Serena episode title just screams 'Serena's Goodbye' to me. To lighten up my mood, I decided to write a story set 2 years after XYZ and Ash's journey through Alola. Since it's my first fanfic ever, expect some grammatical error here and there but still I hope you guys like it. Has Amourshipping and Laserbladeshipping.

Chapter 1 Prologue

Lumiose City Showcase

Lights were flashing everywhere from the audience. Ranging from the audience to the stage lights itself focusing to a 14-year old honey blonde girl named Serena, who just ended her stunning performance with her three partners: Braixen, Pancham and Sylveon. Watching her in the audience were two yellow haired siblings: A 15-year old boy named Clemont, and a 9-year old girl named Bonnie. Her former travelling companions 2 years ago. So much has happened between them in the past 2 years. Clemont has been widely regarded as one of the strongest gym leaders in Kalos after vowing to improve his battling skills much further. On, the other hand, Bonnie was set to choose her starter Pokemon and start her own Pokemon journey with her brother's Dedenne the next day, which is her 10th birthday. Unbeknownst to her fans and the siblings, it was also her last performance in her career and is set to start another dream, to be together with her former travelling companion and childhood sweetheart from Kanto, Ash Ketchum.

It has been 2 years since Serena ended her journey with Ash and hasn't kept in with him touch ever since. Ever since Ash left, Serena began focusing her mind and soul to her goal of becoming Kalos Queen. She managed to gain the title after defeating Aria in the Master Class Showcase held in Courmarine, which was the city where Serena debuted and started her career as a Performer. Her debut didn't end in grand fashion as her Braixen, who was still a Fennekin at the time, tripped from one of its ribbons Serena has decorated her with that lead her to be eliminated in the first round. Devastated by the loss, she went out in the docks the next day and cut her hair as a symbol of a fresh start. Ever since that day, Serena was determined to work hard in order to achieve her dream, while carrying Ash's motto "Never give until the end!". Because of her stunning performances she gained attention from a certain old lady named Palermo, former Kalos Queen and mentor of Aria.

Palermo has guided Serena throughout her journey of becoming Kalos Queen. Their first week of training however, didn't work out so well. Palermo was pressuring Serena under a strict schedule in which she didn't liked as it reminded her of her mother, during her time training in Rhyhorn racing.

Serena's relationship with Palermo was strained from the start but they were able to straight everything out after she told the former Performer that she wants to do her things in her own way and doesn't want her training to be forced. Palermo was initially sceptical about this, but decided to let her do it in her own way. Ever since then, Palermo provided her with advice in improving her performances that lead her to Aria's defeat and winning the Kalos Queen title.

Serena has defended her title of Kalos Queen for the next two years until she decided to vacate it in her last Showcase as she feels that she has reached her dream and that two years holding the title is enough for her be contented. Palermo, although skeptical at first, accepted Serena's decision to leave performing seeing how happy and content she was in the past 2 years and that she feels that there's no point in defending it much longer now that she has achieved her dream.

After Serena's performance, the voting has started to determine the winner of the Lumiose Master Class Pokemon Showcase. People in the stadium held glow sticks up high while people watching on TV send their votes via SMS as they give votes to the performers on who they think gave the best performance.