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Lea's home was a dirty white trailer with a rusty tin roof and windows that were stained and cracked. Two vehicles sat at the very back edge of his driveway, one of them a light blue van and the other a rusty red truck. The grass on either side of his driveway was uneven, long on the left and short on the right.

The house to the left of Lea's was on top of a small hill, and there was a small little wooden fence not even a foot tall jutting out of the ground to separate Lea's driveway and the entire field in between and in front of the house next to it. The neighbor must have not wanted Lea's family to go beyond that fence. I don't see how anybody can be kept out of their yard with a foot-tall fence, but it sure kept the Kasais from chopping down the forest they call a yard.

The house on the right side was a nice little house with clean-cut grass and a gazebo in the center of the yard. They had a few small Paopu trees planted in a beautifully symmetrical garden. Flowers of all colors and sizes were growing throughout the yard.

Looking at both of the yards on either side of Lea's driveway, I somewhat felt bad for his family. They didn't even have a yard of their own. The neighbors on the left kept their entire yard "boarded" up, and the neighbors on the right had their entire yard decorated to their liking. Lea and his family had a driveway. Just a driveway. Granted, it was a pretty wide driveway, but still.

I stood at the end of Lea's driveway. I had to beg my Grandma Lydia not to drive all the way down. That would have given me such anxiety. So instead I had her drive only a few feet into the driveway so I could get out the door, tell her goodbye, and then walk the rest of the way. I looked back to see my grandmother looking intently at me. She wasn't going to leave the driveway until she saw someone open the front door for me. I wanted to tell her something, but I didn't want to be rude. I swallowed my anxiety and just walked away from her silver P.T. Cruiser, not wanting to waste a second more standing in this blistering heat.

It was nine minutes after four o'clock in the afternoon. My stomach was full from the plate of fried fish Grandma Lydia had cooked for us. It really didn't take much to fill my stomach. A plate of fish and a glass and a half of Sprite did the trick. I was wearing a light blue t-shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts, my usual boring attire. I didn't feel the need to dress up. I did put some deodorant under my arms and brushed my teeth beforehand, but besides slipping into these comfortable clothes, that was all the preparing I had to do. My cell phone was tucked away safely in my pocket.

I wiped the sweat off of my forehead as I climbed up the few steps leading up to the porch at the top. On the porch were two benches. Just ahead of me was the front door to the trailer. My heart was pounding rapidly against my chest. I could feel my fingers shaking. I had to grab onto my phone inside of my pocket, as if that would somehow make me feel safer. I looked over my shoulder at the vehicle that had still not left the driveway.

Damn it Lydia.

I raised a fist in preparation to knock on the door. My heart nearly leapt into my throat. I don't think I've ever had to knock on a door before in my life.

Come on Isa, just do it.

I looked back to my grandmother who was looking at me with worried eyes. I couldn't keep her waiting in the driveway. I had to get the courage to knock. Before I could talk myself out of it my knuckles lightly tapped on the dull white door three times. I didn't think that was loud enough for anybody inside to hear. I was debating whether or not I should knock again or just turn away and go back home.

The door knob jiggled. I froze in place. The door opened half-way. Standing there was woman in her early forties. She was a big woman; not obese but not in any way skinny. Her curly dark red hair fell to just below her shoulders. I assumed that this woman was Lea's mother. She didn't look like the devil Lea described her as. In fact, her bright green eyes were filled with kindness. She smiled at me and said, "Hey there, you're Isa, right?" I nodded. She looked me up and down, examining every inch of me as if she were trying to tell what kind of person I was just from how I looked.

"Yes ma'am," I told her. I could feel my heart rate slow tremendously. I was great with adults, more than I was with people my own age. I think that was because I had a stronger mentality than most of the teenagers of this generation. I gently pressed two of my fingers on my neck, studying how with every passing millisecond my heart beat slowed.

"Lea hasn't said much about you," Lea's mother said, holding a hand out. I eagerly took her hand in mine. "I'm Lea's mom, obviously. You can call me Kristi. Lea's in his room. Be quiet coming inside, his grandpa's asleep." Lea had never told me his grandfather was living with his family. I wonder why that was? Kristi moved away from the entrance, quietly saying, "Come inside, make yourself at home."

I followed her lead into the trailer. Cold air hit my face. The sweat on my forehead and on my neck and arms began to cool and disappear due to the air-conditioning. The place definitely looked larger on the inside than it seemed on the outside. As Kristi closed the door behind me, I began walking into the living room.

There was a flat screen television on a table against the wall. Facing the TV was a long couch. To the left of the couch was a smaller couch and to the right, a recliner. I noticed the air-conditioner by the window to the side of the TV. The temperature was set to 67, which was a pretty cold temperature but I sure wasn't complaining. I noticed a socked foot hanging off of one side of the couch in front of me. Walking passed it and towards the kitchen, I was able to see who was laying on it.

It was a man in his mid-sixties. He was fast asleep. The top of his head was bald, but towards the back and on either side was a mix of white and gray hair. He had a small beard that was dark red but was fading to white. A small pair of spectacles hung off of his nose. I could hear him snoring.

I looked to the right of the living room to a small hallway leading to what looked to be a bathroom on the right and a bedroom at the very end of the hall. To the left of the living room was the kitchen. A stove, the sink, and the refrigerator were lined up on one wall, and on the adjacent wall on the left was a counter, with shelves above and below. In the center of the kitchen was a table covered in a fiery red cloth with an orange swirled pattern.

Kristi caught up to me and pointed towards a small hallway passed the kitchen. "That's Lea's room." I assumed she meant the bedroom with the door wide open. "Don't worry, he's already finished his chores for now so you don't have to worry about waiting for him. I just got home myself. Now I have to go outside and wait for the last kid to get home." Kristi left me and walked to the front door.

Oh yeah, now I remembered. While Lea and I leave our high school at 2:15, elementary schools let out at 3:30 and middle schools at 4:00. The middle child should have been getting home soon.

I walked down the small hallway that wasn't even really a hallway. To my left was a door partway open which lead to another bathroom. On the side of it was another door which must have been his sisters' bedroom due to the numerous drawings all over the wooden door as well as the sheet of paper with two names written on it in orange and purple markers: Lenora and Leann. To my right was a door that was closed, but judging by the sounds coming from inside, there must have been a washing machine in there.

I took a few steps forward until I was staring into the room that was wide open. Lea's room. The carpet was a dull brown that looked to be covered in dust and dirt. I stepped into the room and looked around in wonder. It was definitely nothing like my room. My room was neat and organized with a well-made bed. This room was...the opposite.

The walls were plastered with an assortment of posters of band members and football players. The paint on the walls was old and peeling off. There was a large box-shaped TV in the corner of the room, and surrounding it were various gaming systems such as the Play Station III and an X-Box One and a Gamecube. I didn't think Lea was much of a gamer. There were articles of clothing strewn about his floor, ranging from T-shirts to basketball shorts to dirty socks to old shoes. That's also something he had a lot of: shoes.

The room smelled like cheap deodorant and sweat. It nearly choked me. I looked to the bed in the center on the far wall of the room. It was extremely messy, the black-and-red checkerboard patterned blanket half-way onto the carpet and most of the red and black pillows also tossed onto the floor. There was one pillow remaining on the bed, however. And that pillow happened to be holding Lea's head.

Lea was laying down on the bed, his head on the pillow and against the headboard, one arm over his chest and the other to his side, one leg out in front of him and the other hanging off of the bed. He was still dressed in his school uniform. His eyes were closed. Was he sleeping?

My heart began to beat at an irregular pace once again. My lips trembled and my fingers fidgeted with my pockets awkwardly. This was just perfect. He was asleep. I hate waking people up. They're always so startled that they have to gasp or jump which is enough to give me a heart attack. I took a few more steps towards his bed. The carpet was enough to muffle the sounds of my footsteps.

Lea's mouth was half-open. He was breathing really hard. It was hard to tell how long ago he had fallen asleep. It couldn't have been that long. I kneeled down beside his bed. I honestly didn't know what to do next. I was here. But he was asleep. The thought of waking him up myself was somewhat terrifying. Why the hell was I so scared? I bottled up my fear and anxiety and pressed a hand onto the bed by his leg. I was hoping he would feel the movement of his mattress being pressed downward, but he didn't even flinch.

"Come on," I whispered. I looked at him, wondering if he had just heard me. "Lea," I said in a louder voice. Again, there was no reaction. "Lea?" This time I was using my normal voice. But he didn't seem to respond. "Don't make me push you." If anything, he just started to breathe harder!

I paced around his room, not sure what to do. I was thinking of anything I could do to wake him up that didn't involve shaking him. What if he woke up and asked why I was here? What if he wasn't expecting me? What if it was foolish to come here? We didn't even talk anytime after the ride home. For all I know he could have changed his mind. As I was pacing his room I heard him shift in his bed.

I snapped my head in his direction. His arms were now both on top of his chest, and his eyes were lazily opened. "Oh, sup." Sup. His one and only way of greeting people. He sat up in his bed, stretching his arms behind his head as he let out a long yawn. "How long have you been here?" His eyes still made him look half-asleep.

"Just a few minutes," I told him. " was your sleep?"

Lea let out a small chuckle. "Not long enough." He put his other leg over the edge of his bed. "So how do you like my room? Messy, huh?"

"It's different," I gave him the honest truth. "Definitely the polar opposite of my own."

"Clean freak?" he asked me, jumping off of his bed and approaching me with his hand out. I awkwardly took his hand. I was going for a formal, soft shake of his hand but he grabbed my hand with such force that I felt my knuckles crack. He took his hand back and combed his hair upward with his fingers. "You met my mom?" I nodded. "Don't let her nice act fool you. She's Satan in women's clothing."

I smiled. Here I was, in someone else's room. In Lea's room. I've never thought I'd ever enter his messy domain. But here I was.

"What have you been doing since you got home?" I asked him. I figured I should start a simple conversation. Being here was awkward.

"When I got home I went right to work with washing the dishes," Lea answered. "After that I cleaned my room a bit." Did he really? I looked around the room but it looked as if he hadn't cleaned the place in months. "I laid down and watched some TV and fell asleep. Guess my mom turned the TV off. When I woke up, here you were."

"I see you never got dressed yet," I told him, pointing to his green shirt and khaki pants. Lea just shrugged. "So...what's on the agenda?" I was still confused as to what we would be doing over here. I'm not used to doing things with other people that aren't Naminé or Ienzo.

"How 'bout...we go outside and toss the football?" My shoulders fell when he said that. I absolutely did not want to go outside, tossing a football and getting all hot and sweaty. That was on the very bottom of the list of things I'd ever want to do in my lifetime. "We can talk about life and shit." His suggestion barely lifted my spirits. Sure, I loved to talk about stuff, but would that really be enough to not bore me out there? "We don't have to be out there long. I just wanna toss it for a few minutes." Okay, good. A few minutes was good. "I have to change first. These clothes are uncomfortable." He tugged at his belt and threw it to the floor.

"Uh, I can leave the room if you want," I said. Being in the room with him as he changed would have been awkward. I remembered in middle school, when gym class was mandatory, the coach had forced us to dress into our gym clothes in front of one another, and I've always been embarrassed to do so. I was really insecure with my pasty-white body. And I hated getting accused of staring at a lot of the boys.

In high school I had managed to skip out on getting dressed for the only two years of gym I had. I'd sit in the corner of the locker room, turning away from all of the guys as they revealed their bare chests and calves. You'd think being gay in a boy's locker room as every single boy is dressing out would be extremely lucky, but it was amazing how fast someone caught on to a boy deliberately staring at another guy's body.

"You don't have to leave, this'll only take a second," Lea told me as he grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head, flinging it onto his bed. I had told myself I wouldn't stare, but it was impossible. His chest was pale but it wasn't as white as mine. His chest looked smooth and flat. His nipples looked pretty small. His arms revealed that he had quite a few muscles. Not enough to be considered "buff" but it was just the right amount to make any straight girl or gay guy go crazy. He didn't have too much fat on his bones, so from a distance if you weren't paying attention to his muscles, he'd look like a toothpick.

He walked over to his closet, opening the door and shuffling through the multitude of shirts hanging on a rack. Finally he did pick out a plain orange and gray muscle shirt which he quickly threw over his head. After putting his shirt on, he slipped out of his shorts without taking his shoes off. I was tempted to look away as soon as more of his legs began to show, but I couldn't help but to keep looking.

His boxer shorts underneath were gray with white stripes. I looked to his legs which looked pretty nice. Before looking at anything else, I quickly turned my head. I couldn't keep staring at him! It was extremely creepy on my part, and if he noticed at all it'd be very much awkward. When I looked back he was pulling up a bright orange pair of basketball shorts. That was definitely some getup. The perfect outfit to wear on the road in the dead of night so cars didn't run you over. It was that bright. I think it burned my eyes.

"Alright, let's go," Lea said, and the two of us walked towards his bedroom door. As we were walking out, he stopped me and stared into my eyes. "So tell me. How did my body look when you were oh so busy staring at me get undressed." I was speechless. My heart had literally stopped. I tried to formulate an apology but nothing escaped my lips other than a few uhs. Lea cracked a smile. "It's fine, man. You're gay, I'm hot, I get it. I'm so flattered." He chuckled at my still expressionless face, patting me on the shoulder and walking through the door before me.

I can't believe he noticed. If there was one thing I loved about Lea, it was that he was pretty open-minded, and didn't care if a gay guy stared at him as he got dressed. He took it as a compliment and went on with his life. I was still extremely embarrassed though. It took me a few moments to register that he had left the room, and I followed him.

We hadn't even gotten past the table in the kitchen when I heard Lea's mother say, "Where are you two off to?" Lea and I both looked to the direction of the sink, where his mother Kristi stood drinking a glass of water.

"Going throw the football," Lea replied.

"Supper will be done in an hour and a half," Kristi replied. Supper? I had already eaten right before I came here. If I stayed here long enough, did that mean I had to eat dinner here as well? She looked to me and asked, "I hope you like pork because that's what we're having." I didn't mind pork. At least she was fixing something I'd be able to stomach, as opposed to Naminé's grandmother fixing vegan-only food every time I went there. No wonder Naminé always had such an appetite every time she came to school.

"I'd love pork," I said politely.

Lea left me to go to the front door. On the side of the door by an electronic fireplace that I didn't notice was there before, were three school bags, one a bright pink, another a dull orange, and the last a dark red. He took his football out and opened the front door quietly, looking back to his grandpa to see if he had woke up. Thankfully, the old man was still asleep. I was getting the impression from both him and his mom that I wouldn't like that man very much.

I followed in Lea's direction when I heard a voice behind me ask, "Who's that?" It was a young girl's voice. Lea stopped in the doorway and I stopped by the couch, turning around to look at a girl that was either eleven or twelve years old. She had dark skin and dark, thick reddish-brown hair. This must have been the middle child in the family. She looked to Kristi.

"That's Lea's friend, Isa," Kristi answered.

"Hi," she said, a little confused. "I'm Lenora. Lea's sister." I figured that. She exchanged glances between me and Lea. "I didn't think you had any friends." She looked me in the eyes. "Why are you his friend?"

"Okay, time for homework, you," Kristi said, annoyed. "Grab your schoolbag and bring it over here." Lenora sighed and rushed as quietly as possible to the fireplace, grabbing the orange bag and carrying it to the table. She placed it on the tabletop and took out a folder.

I looked back to Lea who was waiting impatiently at the door. "I'm coming, I'm coming," I grumbled to myself, following him out the door. I closed the door softly and walked down the steps right behind him.

"Think fast!" I didn't think fast enough. The football hit me square in the chest, bouncing off and dropping to the cement. "Oh come on, you were supposed to catch it."

"I was barely off the second to last step and you expected me to catch it," I said, bending over to grab the football that had rolled into the grass to the right of me. "I don't know if you know this, but I suck at sports." I threw the football rather poorly at Lea, but he still managed to catch it with one hand. "I don't know how you're so good at it."

"So you admit to watching me at school too," Lea said with a smirk.

"What?" I asked, not sure what he had said at first. Suddenly the realization hit and my eyes went wide. "N-n-no, no, I don't watch you at school. I just occasionally look over and see you playing football with those other guys."

"Uh huh," Lea responded, running backwards with the football in his hand until he reached the center of the driveway in between the road and the trailer. He threw the football. I didn't expect it to go so far. I was surprised it even reached me. It did more than reach me. It soared over my head. I tried jumping to catch it, but it was too high in the air. It landed on the porch at the top of the stairs. I was forced to run up the stairs to grab it. "My bad!" he called to me.

"Yeah, sure," I replied, scooping up the ball with my hands and throwing it back down to him. The ball didn't make it far, landing in front of Lea's feet and bouncing to the left. Lea scrambled to catch it.

For the next several minutes we tossed the football. My arm was starting to ache. As I threw the ball more and more, I began to get the hang of it, but not by much. Sweat dotted my forehead. Even though I hated the heat, it didn't make me sweat nearly as much as some people. Lea, for example, was sweating buckets already, his hair flattened and matted to his forehead, his muscle shirt stained with sweat around the neck and armpits. With every swift movement the boy made, I could see the sweat flying off of his hair that was no longer perfectly spikey.

"So, got your eye on anyone?" Lea asked me. The question was so out of the blue that I almost dropped the football a few seconds after I caught it. I stared at Lea, trying to figure out what he was asking me. "You have a crush on anyone? Someone you wanna date?"

"Nah," I replied, throwing the football to Lea. We were both standing opposite each other in the center of the driveway, this time he was close to the house and I was in the direction of the road. "I mean, I see a lot of guys who are cute and all but I don't think I'd date any of them." It was an honest answer. "What about you?" He threw the ball back to me, which I barely caught with the tips of my fingers.

"I dunno," Lea said, holding his chin with his hand as if deep in thought. I threw the football to him which caught him off-guard, and he ended up dropping it. When he grabbed it again, he didn't throw it back to me. Instead he continued to think. "I hear Kairi's available."

"Don't even go there," I warned him. "Sora's probably going to swoop into her life again like he always does."

"You're right, those two have been an off-and-on thing since fucking elementary school."

"Can't get enough of each other, I suppose," I said. "How about Xion?"

"I heard from someone that she's actually a dude," Lea said, much to my surprise. "Think it's true?"

"I wouldn't listen to the rumors," I told him.

"Yeah, you're right," Lea said, finally throwing the football at me, which I so ungracefully caught in my arms, standing on one foot and trying to keep perfect balance. It failed. I landed on my ass. Lea laughed at me as I stood up on my wobbly legs. "Honesty, I don't know if I like anybody at the moment." I threw the football at Lea. Instead of throwing it back to me, he threw it to the porch, and it landed perfectly on the bench. "My arm's getting tired."

"My arm's been tired since I threw it the first time," I complained, running up to Lea who stood next to the rusty red truck on the right side of the driveway. Lea sat on the back of the truck, patting the spot next to him as a way of asking me to sit down next to him. I took a seat on the side of him. The back of my jeans were probably going to be covered in rust when I sat up. "Whose truck is this for?"

"My Grandpa Lance," Lea said, rubbing the spot next to his leg. "Doesn't even drive this thing. Hasn't in years. Which is a shame. This thing used to look really nice." It was hard to picture it. "Oh, by the way, do you need the WiFi password?" I grabbed my phone through my pocket. That would have been nice to have, in case I had any important messages coming my way. I nodded, taking my phone out. "Lemme see," he said, grabbing it from my hands."


"Mom doesn't like when people know our password," Lea answered, turning on my phone and going to the WiFi setup. He clicked on his home's internet network and typed in a password that took a long time to type in. When he was done, he handed the phone back to me. "All done."

"Good," I said, putting my phone back in my pocket. "Thanks." We sat in silence. It was around twenty minutes to five o'clock. I thought much more time had passed since I arrived, but I guess I was wrong. I swung my feet that hung over the edge of the back of the trunk we sat on. I felt short. Lea somehow managed to keep his feet pretty close to the ground.

Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate. Not just once, either. Twice. Three times. I knew the difference between each of the vibrates on my phone. One of them was long and drawn out, repeating multiple times to signify someone calling me. One of them, the normal texting vibration, was a singe long vibration. A notification sent to me from YouTube to tell me that someone I subscribed to uploaded a new video was two short and quick vibrations. But the vibrations I felt in my pocket were shorter than the normal texting ones, yet longer than the ones from YouTube. So I knew for sure it was definitely coming from my FacePage Messenger app.

I took out my phone, turned the screen on, and clicked on the FacePage Messenger app. I had three new messages, each from the same person. Marluxia. Why was he texting me? I clicked on his messages and stared at them. I looked at the times they were sent. The first text came in some time after I left my house but before I arrived here. The second text came when I was still in Lea's bedroom. The third text came in not even a full minute ago.

Marluxia: Hey

Marluxia: What are you doing?

Marluxia: Are you at Lea's house?

That boy was persistent, I'll give him that. I could definitely tell he wasn't at all fond with the idea of me and Lea hanging out outside of school. I didn't see why, though. Marluxia was practically the reason the redhead and I were pushed together in the first place. Maybe he was jealous. Was he still in love with me? Or did he have feelings for Lea? I didn't want to message Marluxia.

Lea noticed the way I was staring at my phone. He put a hand on my shoulder and asked, "Everything alright?"

"Yeah..." I said, though that wasn't the truth, and Lea knew that. I looked at Lea and pushed his hand away from me. "Marluxia's been messaging me. I don't really want to talk to him."

"Then don't," was Lea's simple answer.

He was right. I shouldn't let Marluxia ruin a perfectly good day. I turned off my phone and was about to stuff it in my pocket when I felt another vibration. Part of me wanted to keep it in my pocket and not even look at that message. But another part of me was telling me to open my phone again and read that text. Which I ended up doing.

Marluxia: I can see that you read my texts.

My heart stopped. There was no escaping him. Marluxia hated when I would look at his texts but not respond right away. That was the cause of many of our fights during our relationship. I put my phone on mute and shoved it in my pocket. Marluxia was not going to beat me.

After fifteen to twenty minutes of sitting on the back of his grandfather's truck, Lea and I both decided to go back inside, back into the nice air-conditioned trailer so we could finally cool off. I looked to the clock on the wall in the kitchen, noticing that it was a few minutes after five o'clock. My hair was slightly damp from sweat, and it was quickly cooling off, feeling really nice on my scalp. The air smelled great. Lea's mom stood by the pot on the stove where she was cooking a pork roast.

"It'll be done soon," she said, not looking up from the pot. "I'll give it another ten minutes."

We walked passed the kitchen and back into Lea's room. Lea jumped onto his bed, stretching his arms and legs as far apart as possible as he laid down and relaxed. "That was fun," he said to me, closing his eyes and heaving a sigh.

"Sure, I guess," was my reply. "It definitely got my heart pumping from something other than anxiety." I scratched my head through my blue hair. The sweat was freezing cold to the touch. I was going to tell him how I was afraid to come here at first, but then I quickly decided against it. What would be the point? He would have taken it as if I were saying I didn't want to hang out with him, which was partially correct, but in his mind I might have sounded mean.

Lea kicked his feet, his shoes easily slipping off and flying across the room, slamming into the wall, barely missing his television. He was wearing bright orange socks with darker orange stripes towards the top. The bottoms of his socks were definitely worn out, looking dark from the amount his feet probably sweat in those shoes. The smell added to the room from all of the sweat and the fact Lea just took his shoes off wasn't pleasant. I guess this is what any normal teenage boy's room smelled like. Not like freshly sprayed air freshener like my room did.

I decided to follow his lead, sitting down and slipping out of my shoes. I wore white socks underneath which were way too hot on my feet so I decided to take those off as well, stuffing them inside of my shoes and pushing my shoes against the wall next to Lea's. The carpet felt good underneath my soles.

"I'm so hungry," Lea grumbled. "Mom, is it almost done?" He was just loud enough so Kristi could hear in the kitchen.

"Shh," his mom said back, which didn't make sense because that was just as loud as Lea was. "It's almost finished. Come help set the table."


"Say but again, boy," his mom snapped, sounding just a tad bit menacing.

"Ugh," Lea growled, hopping out of bed. He silently cursed to himself and limped towards the door. Did he hurt he foot coming out of bed? He left the doorway to go and fix the table for us all to eat.

I was going to be eating dinner in Lea Kasai's house. This was different.

I walked out of the room.


Did you enjoy this chapter? I enjoyed writing in it. Not much happened. Isa arrived at Lea's house, he met Lea's mom and one of his sisters, they threw the football around (and I'm referring to the American-version of football), and Marluxia was somewhat harassing Lea through text...what's going to happen over dinner with Lea's family? Find out next time!