Here is a short, funny little fic I wrote about the Espa Roba brothers, and how they tried to help their sick brother out.

No Thanks, Dr. Roba!

Joey heard that his old friend Espa Roba had fallen sick, so he decided to call Espa Roba from a phone at the place he was staying.

"Hello, oh hi Espa! How ya' feelin'?" Joey asked to see if Espa was doing any better. Espa was talking back to Joey, but his voice sounded weak and congested.

"I'm burning up with a fever and I have a huge headache. " Espa Roba replied.

"Man, it sounds to me like you're really sick Espa." Joey replied to Espa. " A couple of other duelists have came down ill also, it must be a bug that has been going around."

"This is bad, great duelists loose a battle with a tiny little flu bug." Espa told Joey.

"Well, not all of us are sick, those brothers of yours seem to be healthy, up and around! I saw them earlier. " Joey told Espa, with high hopes his brothers would soon cheer him up.

"Brothers?" Espa replied, a little uncertainty in his voice. The truth of the matter was, sometimes Roba's other brothers were really clumsy and things never seemed to get done without him around to run things.

"You hoo! " One of his brothers called, coming in the door, happy eyed and ready to cause Espa some sort of drama.

"Good morning, Espa! Just thought I'd come to see how you were!" He called out to Espa.

"Oh, no..." Espa said faintly, expecting his torture to be at hand.

"I heard you were sick, so here I am!" He said with glee.

Meanwhile, Joey was on the other line. He heard all of the commotion. " Well, I guess it's Espa's turn to get the treatment. The Espa brother's thought they'd be helpful and make me lunch. They ended up totally annihilating my room." Joey said as he looked around at the chaos that was once his room.

Espa was placed in bed and his three brothers began to weave their tangled web. The first of the three brought a bowl of soup to Espa, who was laying in the bed.

"Here is your soup I hope it's hot enough this time." He said.

"This time? What does he mean by that?" Espa asked his youngest brother.

"He made soup several times for Joey. First it was like glue and then it was way too cold." The youngest Espa told him, as he began to put the lollipop he was carrying back into his mouth.

"So I made some mistakes but I think trying counts. Anyway, it should be just right this time. Here!" He said as he sat the bowl before Espa.

"Gee.." Espa said, with very little enthusiasm, " You shouldn't have.." * I hope I don't regret this!* Espa thought as he took a mouth full of soup. Suddenly, Espa let out a loud yell, as if he were breathing fire and the very flames seemed to shoot out of his mouth. Espa began to heave and breathe hard.

"Oh, brother! Are you ok?" The Roba said as he went to aid his older brother.

The youngest brother takes the lollipop out of his mouth to taste the soup and he nearly chokes. " Ugh! It's way too spicy!" He exclaimed with tears in his eyes.

"Maybe you can eat it with ice water? I just want to help! Oh, please give me a chance!" the Roba pleaded his brother, as if he were pleading Mokuba to keep him in the duel at Battle City.

" I really don't know if we can survive a chance." The youngest Roba said quietly to himself.

"Please," Espa said, looking rather ill. " I just want to sleep now."

"You need rest!" He said happily. " Ok! Just let me get this hot soup out of your way!"

The Roba brother tries to take the soup away, but it slipped out of his hands and dumped all over Espa. Both of the Robas let out a scream as the hot soup poured all over Espa and all over his bed.

"He's a disaster!" The youngest Roba told his older brother.

"Espa, let me make you more comfortable." He replied, trying to make up for his slip up. " Let me straighten your bedsheets. " The brother ripped off the sheet to change it and dumped both Espa and the youngest brother right off of the bed, and all of the bed covers down with them.

"Poor Espa..Try not to get too upset with the King of Klutziness, he really does mean well." The younger brother implied.

"He does, does he?" Espa asked, slightly agitated with his response. " With friends like him, who needs competition in Battle City?"

"Ok Espa, your bed is all ready for you!" The clumsy brother replied as the bed looked like new with clean sheets and it was nicely made. " Now you can have your rest!"

Espa climbs into the bed and rolls over to sleep.

"Ah ha!" The klutz said with intrigue as he spied a CD. " I've got this great Sounds of the Sea CD. This will really calm your nerves and help you to relax."

The bumbling brother walked over to the CD player, but it seemed he had no idea of how it worked, since he stared at it with a blank expression.

"Now let's see.." He said, trying to diagnose his problem. " How does this thingymajigger work? Where's the switch?" The Roba brother began trying every switch he could to have it work.

"What does this do? What's this button for? Uh, maybe it's here...Nope, it's gotta be this one. it's got to be here! Ah ha! " He exclaimed as he pushed the on button the stereo blasted the loudest Japanese rock music that Espa has ever heard. Espa let out a scream as his eardrums were being pounded on by the monstrosity of the song.

"Hey, that doesn't sound like my sea tape!!" The Roba brother shouted over the loud music as he plugged his ears. He started pushing random buttons and finally the CD player got over loaded and exploded, covering the Roba in black suit. the Roba began to laugh innocently and hold up his CD.

"Wow, it's a good thing my CD is ok! Wow!" He said, looking very guilty but trying to hide it behind his mask of happiness.

* He's trying to kill me! I know he is! * Espa thought to himself, beginning to grow very, very angry.

"GET OUT!" Espa shouts as he boots his brother out and locks the door.

The klutzy brother sat on the ground for a while. " So I made a small mess at Joey's house. I thought I'd have more luck trying to help Espa out. "

"Hey there." Espa's other brother came up to his fallen comrade. "What's up?"

"Espa kicked me out. He's really sick and he needs some help."

"Sure, I'll go in and help Espa. He sounded really sick the other day, no doubt he's gotten worse, and I am just the guy to do it!" He said, looking rather heroic as he put his hand to his chest and knocked on the door.

That is the end of chapter one. Chapter two should be up! ^_^