Chapter 2: Dr. Roba to the rescue!

Espa found himself at peace, by himself with no one around but his youngest brother who was more interested in his lollipop then bothering him. Espa picked up the phone to call Joey back and apologize for leaving so soon.

"What!?!?! They were at your house too!" Espa exclaimed, hearing about how the Robas tried to fix Joey lunch.

"Just warning ya, Roba. I thought I'd tell ya' to be prepared." Joey said to Espa.

"I'm prepared this time!" Espa said.

"You should just not let them in." Joey said to Espa. " Just lock the doors and save yourself, believe me, yo'd be doing yourself a huge favor."

"Maybe my other brother can help with the smallest and the baby. They're not sick."

Suddenly, the younger Roba screamed.

"My brother just screamed so I have to go and check on him. Bye Joey." Espa says s he hung up the phone and ran into the laundry room where there are suds everywhere and the little Roba falls off his stool. Espa catches him before he falls into the washer and turns the washer off.

"What did I tell you?!" Espa yelled at his younger sibling. " I told you not to help me with the laundry! Now go outside and play, ok?"

"Oh," sighed the younger Roba. " But I wanna help! You just go and rest and I'll do everything myself, ok?"

"As if you can really do laundry. Since when did you become Mr. Helpful?" Espa asked, he was not having a very good day.

"Well, that's not very nice to say, and talk about being useless." The younger Roba snapped back.

"What!?! Me!?!" Espa said, looking rather insulted. " You almost fell into the washer, much less loosing a sheet. Now, can you please keep it down, I have a killer headache."

"If I can't do the laundry, can I make meals instead? Please let me do something! I can do lots!" The little Espa pleaded.

" Ooooh, isn't there someone I can dump him on until I get better?" Espa asked.

"There's me!" Called out the other brother, who was just as clumsy as the previous one.

"How'd you get in? I locked the front door." Espa said.

"I came in the back way." He said with a smile. " Not only can I leap tall balconies in a single bound, but I can take care of my brothers and.....I can nurse you back to perfect health!" He proceeded to say in a heroic voice filled with confidence.

"Oh get out of here," Espa said. " You taking care of the others would be a miracle enough for me."

"Come on Espa!" The brother replied. " Hup...Two...Three...Four..March your but back to bed!"

"But I.." Espa began to say, but it was cut off by his violent coughs.

"What are you waiting for?" The younger Roba asked. "I'll look after everything!"

"But I am ok, really. I am almost over the flu, so you don't have to worry." Espa tried to make an excuse.

"No, you must be very careful or you might catch another cold or worse, you could end up with pneumonia, now back to bed with you!"

"Uhhh...." Espa said with a groggy voice. He knew that it was going to be a long dragging day.

"It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if he happened to catch it himself." The younger Espa told his brother. " You feelin' all right bro?"

"No," Espa said. " I am feeling tired, sick, and gloomy and I envy you."

"Huh?" Said the youngest, looking rather confused.

"You know what they say, a fool never catches a cold." Espa said with a faint smile.

"Espa!" The little one shouted.

Espa laughs a bit at the face the smaller Roba made. The smaller Roba was called into the next room by his sibling. Finally, Espa had his silence, or so he thought.

Suddenly, the two Robas came in and seemed to be dressed as doctors. Espa made a face of exasperation. He proceeded to stare at them as if they were on drugs.

"Here we are and we will nurse you back to health!" The older of the two demanded.

"Huh?" Espa said, still making the same face as when they first came into the room.

"Hello, how are we feeling today?" he asked. Espa let out a moan.

"Great! Now, hand me the thermometer, if you please?" he said, holding his hand out to the other Roba as he handed him his thermometer.

"Thanks, nurse Roba. Now, let's take your temperature. " He said, sticking the thermometer into Espa's mouth. " There, that should do it!" He said as they waited a few minuets. The timer on the thermometer goes off and the older Roba checks it.

"Goodness grief!" He exclaimed. " Hey, the battery must be broken! Piece of crap!" He said as he began violently slinging the thermometer.

"Whoa!" He yelled as it slipped out of his hand and busted a hole through Espa's window. The other Espa screams as he tried to catch it, but to no avail.

"Well, I made a little...tiny hole in...your window.....but....don't worry...Your temperature....It's not that important anyway!" Said the Roba, trying not to look guilty.

"Uh...Espa.." He said looking at the worn out duelist, who had looked like he had been hit by a semi truck.

" He bungles as much as the last one." Espa said in a very tired voice.

"What these eyes haven't seen." Replied the smaller Roba.

The Roba brother tapes a piece of paper over the window.

"Now I fixed the window so there won't be any wind. Espa, I bet your hungry maybe some hot soup, or tea, or oatmeal?" he suggested.

"No! No! No! No! " Espa yelled as he suggested the items of food. *If he makes something I'm in trouble* Espa thought to himself.

"No? " The Roba asked. "You sure?"

"No! That's ok!" Espa yelled.

" I know! I'll put on some nice music for you!"

"AHHHH!!!" The youngest screamed.

"Boy, your such party poopers! Nobody gives me any credit when I am around!" Roba sighed.

"I want to help!" the youngest said afterwards.

"Oh no!" Espa said, trying to look happy. " Why don't you go see Joey, I am sure he'll have something for you to do!"

"I know, let's clean the house!"


Espa lets out a sigh and lays down into his bed. He hears a scream and some rumbles. The older Roba fell down the stairs.

"I'm such a goofball!" He said, looking happy and putting his hand behind his head.

The two Roba's go to the kitchen. They tried with their hearts to help Espa by cleaning the house while he was bed ridden.

First, they tried to do the dishes, but the oldest Roba dropped some and they smashed to pieces. Then, they tried to vacuum. The younger one ended up being pulled by it and the older one tripped over the cord.

Then they try to set the table and the older Espa drops some flowers in a vase and the vase shatters. They tried to do the laundry, but the younger Espa put the whole box of soap in and the suds were everywhere. The older brother accidentally put bleach in the wash.

"Hey, Stop this crazy thing!" the older Espa shouted. They preceded to try and hang the wash outside, but the wash blew all over the yard because it was windy. They started mopping the floor and the youngest Roba started slipping on it.

"Whoa! I'M SLIPPING!! HELP!!" He said as he slid around on the floor. Espa came into the room.

"Why can't they go away?" Espa asked himself. " Well, looks like I have to go and stop them before they kill themselves."

Espa takes a few steps forward, suddenly everything starts to spin and Espa gets dizzy.

"Why do I feel so dizzy and light headed?..ugh.." Espa said as he stumbled around and fainted on the floor.

"Oh no! Espa!" The other two shouted as they ran to help him.

Espa woke up in bed with a wet towel on his forehead. He woke up to the younger Espa staring at him.

"How do you feel? I was just putting a wet towel on your forehead. I'm really glad you finally woke up, Espa." His sibling said in a kind voice.

Espa looked over at the younger Espa who was asleep in a chair. " You mean you managed to take care of everything by yourself? " Espa asked.

"Yeah, but it's no big deal. The little one helped out quite a bit."

"Hey, why are you so helpful though your so bad at it?" Espa asked.

"Well, I know I am bad at it, but I feel I should take care of my brothers, especially you, Espa Roba."

"So your caring for me because I protect you from bullies at school?" Espa asked.

"No, I just like who you are. Your really mean sometimes, but you make everyone around you feel like their special. Your one of a kind, though we don't know what kind, and I just can't ignore you when you need help." The Roba brother replied.

The younger Roba woke up from the chair and rubbed his eye. He saw the Espa looked rather content and well rested.

"Is your fever almost gone now?" He asked.

"Yes, and thank you for all of your help assisting. You did a very good job!" The older Roba replied happily.

"He did? " Espa asked.

"I liked helping! It was fun! " The youngest said in glee. " Hey, do you think it's time to go and get that medicine now?"

"Well, do you think you'll be all right here by yourself, Espa?" The older asked Espa.

"Oh yeah. I'll be fine." Espa old the two Robas as they got ready to go.

"Ok! Let's go!"


"Amazing, they actually helped." Espa said to himself.

Finally Espa laid down to sleep and got the rest he so willfully deserved.

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