It had only been an hour since the James-Younger Gang had left the small town, but the girls' disappearance hadn't gone unnoticed. A man around fifty paced back and forth in the Sheriff's office, a worried expression crossed on his face. He looked as though he hadn't slept all night.

"Now, Mr. Capulet. You say that when you got back to the saloon this morning, there were no traces of your girls anywhere?" The sheriff asked, his feet propped up on his desk as he thought this over.

Mr. Capulet looked at him, "Yes! We've been over this a million times! What do you not understand about this, Rigbee?!"

Sheriff Rigbee scowled a bit. "I'm tryin' to get the facts straight. There was word that the Jesse James and his posse came into town for a drink last night. Seein' is that you own the only bar in town, I figure they went there."

"You sayin' that those damn outlaws kidnapped my little girls?"

"That's exactly what I'm sayin', Charles. "

Sighing heavily as he sat down in a chair, Charles Capulet stared at the ground. Rigbee sat forward, clasping his hands together. "I'll tell you what. You want your girls back and I want me a fine reward for helping in the capture of Jesse James. Gimme the money to hire the best tracker there is and I'll make sure the James-Younger Gang gets what's comin' to them."

"You have yourself a deal," Charles said and held out his hand to shake on the bargain.

Sheriff Rigbee smiled in a sly manner and took Charles' hand, shaking it firmly. "I'll send a telegram to all the nearby towns. Don't you worry. Brooke and Blythe is as good as rescued."