AN: And the sequel to Desiderium arrives! I asked people on Tumblr for advice on how to continue the story, but no one said anything, so… right now, this is what you're getting. (Also, side note – THIS IS WHY FEEDBACK MATTERS.) Ah, little update – one person said something, and it was greatly appreciated.

Title: Marcidum

Summary: Bakugou is back, All For One is in prison, and, for a moment, it seems like everything will be okay. (Sequel to Desiderium)

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, mentions of others (more to come later)

Warnings: Implications of really nasty stuff happening to a minor, everybody being horribly traumatized, intentionally creepy writing, etc.

Extra Note: This one will have multiple chapters, and it will look at different characters' thoughts on the situation. That said, there will also be a fair amount of story, so it won't just be a bunch of semi-connected oneshots. Also? When I write creepy, I write really fucking creepy. I also tend to keep the creep (hey, that rhymes!) in italics. If it makes you uncomfortable (or, well, more uncomfortable than it's meant to make you), please feel free to just skip it. I'm traumatizing Bakugou, not you guys.

Chapter One: Kishi Kaisei

The world fades in and out of focus as Bakugou tries to pay attention to what the doctors outside his room are saying. He's gotten so used to not thinking about anything that trying to focus is close to painful. He doesn't want to talk to them, anyway. Talking still hurts, although he isn't sure why–

"Shut the fuck up, you piece of shit!" Fire, burning, pain, screams– knives and "You look so cute today, Katsuki-chan! Toga wants to play a game~" "Watch it, Toga. If you cut another tendon, Golem might actually strangle you" fire sharp stop hurts stop stop stop it please

"–nly spoke to one of his classmates so far," one of the doctors is saying to Bakugou's parents. "He seems aware when people are speaking to him, and he's not incapable of communicating; seems to prefer nodding or shaking his head, so we're limited to yes or no questions."

"Which one?" he hears his father say. "I assume it's not Izuku-kun. They haven't had a great relationship in a while."

"Kirishima Eijirou-kun," another doctor – Recovery Girl, Bakugou thinks, although he isn't sure – tells them. "Those two are pretty good friends, it seems."

"I thought only family was allowed in," Bakugou's mother says. She's quieter than usual, not yelling at all, no swearing, and she sounds more surprised than annoyed.

"He let himself in," the first doctor says, sounding a little embarrassed. "Recovery Girl thought it would be fine, and All Might agreed, so–"

All Might, fighting, punching, training, class failure losing to Deku USJ attacked villains– villains villains villainsvillainsvillainsvillainsvillains "Join the League" "Take the piece" "COME!" Reaching reaching reaching a tug falling falling falling blackness tugging screams "We have to go!" run run run away before they get you they'll kill you don't die please don't die just run leave leave now just go go go please go please

((please don't leave me here))

He blinks, and the hour hand on the clock has moved over several spaces. The sounds outside of his door have stopped, but Bakugou thinks he can hear footsteps. A knock sounds at the door.

"Blasty?" a voice – no, no, no; it's Kirishima, that's important – calls. "Can I come in?" Bakugou tries to say something, but his throat is dry (he's been staring at a blank wall for… a while, apparently, and he's only know realizing how thirsty he is), so all that comes out is a weird mix between a sigh and a squeak. "Okay, I'm coming in!" Kirishima says, and the door swings open. Bakugou's throat is still dry, so he just waves. Kirishima grins at him. "I brought you some water," he says, and it's really amazing how good he is at this, whatever this is. Bakugou nods, accepts the cup, and drinks it.

"Hi," he says, hoarsely. Kirishima beams at him. "You, uh–" he forgets what he wants to say, and bites his lip. "Um."

"So the doctors say you aren't talking to anyone but me," Kirishima notes, throwing the empty cup away. "What's that about?" Bakugou shrugs.

"Too hard to focus," he replies. Kirishima laughs.

"But not with me?" He asks.

"Not with you," Bakugou agrees (and it's true – there's no distractions when Kirishima is there, and talking doesn't hurt as much as usual). Kirishima blinks, taken aback by the honesty. The surprise is quickly replaced by cheeks tinted slightly pink and a happy grin.

"Anyway," Kirishima quickly changes the subject, because it feels like the right thing to do, "I'm the only one the hospital is letting in, but the others wanted me to say hi for them."

"The others?" Bakugou repeats, and Kirishima nods.

"Yeah, everyone, basically," he says. "In Class 1-A, I mean. Class 1-B says hi too, but I only have Kendou's word for it. Uraraka said to tell you that she hopes you'll get better soon – even said she'd kick my butt if I forgot to bring it up." It takes Bakugou a minute to remember who Uraraka is (round face, determined eyes, floating), but Kendou escapes him entirely. "Midoriya's mom dropped by as well, I heard, but you were sleeping. Midoriya said to tell you that his mom's gonna make the best mapo tofu you've ever had in your life once you're outta here, so–"

"Out?" Bakugou interrupts, frowning. Something about that isn't right, but he's not sure what.

"Well, yeah, duh," Kirishima says. "They're not keeping you here forever, Blasty, that's not actually legal." Whatever was concerning about Kirishima's previous statement vanishes, and Bakugou's frown becomes a scowl.

"Of course it's legal, Hair-For-Brains," he grumbles. "Do you even know how hospitals work?"

"Not really," Kirishima admits. "There's probably still a limit to how long they can keep you once you've healed up, though." The unease returns, full-force. 'Healed up', he says. No, that's not right. That's not right at all, but Bakugou can't for the life of him figure out why–

"You heal quickly, although that's probably not a good thing in this place." "Go to hell." "I'm the closest thing you've got to a friend here, kid. Don't forget that." Scarred arms, gentle, gentle, gentle, stitches and calm, soothing words, warmth, and "He's just a kid, you know." "So what?" "…No, never mind." Calloused but soft fingers, holding him steady while he throws up "take it easy, kid; it's vomit, not war" slightly sad eyes watching him go, help please help please don't let them take me please help me

"Bakugou!" Bakugou blinks, and he's back in the hospital. Kirishima's eyes are wide, and his arms fervently grip Bakugou's shoulders. "What was that?"

"I… what?" Bakugou manages eloquently. Kirishima frowns.

"You zoned out for a moment," he says softly. "You kinda freaked a little, too."

"Oh," it takes a moment for that to register. "Uh, sorry." Kirishima flinches slightly at the apology (because it's Bakugou and apologizing and other words that aren't supposed to end up in the same sentence).

"Don't worry about it," Kirishima says, and then immediately realizes what he's said. "I mean, y'know, do worry about it, because it's a problem, but don't apologize or anything. It's not your fault. None of this is your fault." Bakugou doesn't say anything for a moment, just looks down at his (ugly, scarred, broken, disgusting) hands.

"Mm." He says eventually. There's no conviction behind it, and Kirishima frowns.

"Dude," he begins. "You know it's not your fault, right?" Bakugou still can't bring himself to meet Kirishima's eyes, can't even manage to look up a little. "Bakugou. Listen to me, please. This isn't your fault. I mean it."

"Yeah," Bakugou says. "Okay." Kirishima opens his mouth to say something, but thinks better of it. Instead, he pulls back from Bakugou's shoulders and holds his hands instead. He doesn't harden the skin, and Bakugou can't tell if it's out of trust or something else entirely.

"I'm glad you're here," Kirishima tells him softly. "We all are, you know. I thought– we were – I was – so close, and then–" He squeezes his eyes shut, gritting his teeth together. "I almost had you," he whispers. "If I'd been just a little faster, then–"

"You came," Bakugou remembers. "You reached for me." But Shigaraki had reached for him too, and his arms were longer than Kirishima's, and–

Burning pain in his leg, cracked skin and agony, Kirishima's horrified face, Deku wailing in- in- in something, maybe fear or anger or both, swirling purple-black mist his Quirk is gone no it's not it's back no it's gone again what the fuck explosions sparks nothing explosions laughter what the fuck

"But I didn't," Kirishima interrupts the memory (memories; plural, maybe). The grip on Bakugou's hands tightens slightly. "I didn't make it. I failed. Again." Bakugou wants to say something, to make it – whatever 'it' is – better somehow, but he can't.

"It's not your fault," he says, feeling a bit like a parrot. Kirishima laughs wetly.

"That's my line," he mumbles. He takes a deep breath, and grins sheepishly. "I'm being such a baby right now. I mean, you were– this is– I just–" he stops, takes another breath, and continues. "This isn't about me," he says. Bakugou looks down at their hands, fingers still intertwined (I'm still here he's still here we're still here this is real I'm back I'm home I'm safe).

"It kinda is," he tells him. Kirishima looks up. "About you, I mean."

"Never thought I'd hear that from you," Kirishima jokes. Bakugou feels something bubbling in his chest (laughter?), but it doesn't come out. He doesn't reply, though, a wave of exhaustion washing over him. "Tired?" Kirishima asks. He doesn't need a response; it's pretty obvious. "I'll go, then." He squeezes Bakugou's hands once more, and steps back. "I'll visit tomorrow, too." Bakugou nods, and Kirishima leaves, sending him one last smile before he goes.

When Bakugou falls asleep, he doesn't dream.

AN: And that's chapter one! The chapter title is "Kishi Kaisei", as you can see, which literally means "Wake from death and return to life". There's more to it than that, but… I'm not telling~ If you really want to know, you can look it up, or you can just have faith that everything will make sense eventually. Maybe. Well, it's me, after all, so I guess I can't blame you either way… Anyhow, thanks for reading, lemme know what you thought, and I'll see you next time. Kitty out.