Kagome stared at him for long, breathless minutes. What did she want with him? The multitude of answers that came to mind tangled her tongue and left her speechless.

InuYasha had no such difficulty, however.

"Because I want it all, wench. Everything." His golden eyes bored hard into her blue ones. The power and determination radiating off of him was enormous. He was angry, but his course was set. Whether she chose him or no, he was going to stay.

She carried his babe in her womb, and no way in hell would he walk away from that. He told her as much, too. "It's up to you, Kagome, where we go from here. But know this. There will be no lies, no games and no running. Never again. You face the issues and deal with them head on, or there is no us. Tell me no, and I walk out of your life. But you will never, ever make me leave my child, no matter how hard that may be for you. So, what will it be?"

Kagome found her voice. His declaration firmed her own resolve, and she met his eyes directly.

"I want it all, too."

"All?" he asked. "Because-"

She cut him off, determined to have her own say. "I mean a ring, and a wedding, and a house and a family. I mean forever. I want you, InuYasha, and I want this baby, and all the others we're going to have, too."

He raised a brow. "Others? Are there going to be more, then?"

"Yes," she said firmly, and stood and went into his arms. He took her willingly, and they held one another long moments.

"I'm sorry I ran," she said. "Stupid move."

He chuckled. "Yes it was. Maybe I should get you a leash, you tend to run off and do things impulsively."

She gave a pretty good growl, for a human. "You liked at least one of my impulsive moves," she reminded him, thinking of the test.

"Two, actually," he said, nuzzling her hair, while letting his hands roam.

"Oh, what was the other?" she asked, slightly breathless, realizing where this reunion was going.

"That one night stand, wench," he murmured, apparently fascinated by a spot behind her ear. "That was a pretty good idea. I have another."

"Do you," she panted, only slightly surprised to find her blouse on the floor and her bra being unhooked. 'What is it?"

"It's going to take a while, maybe a long while," he told her, edging her back toward what he assumed was her room.

"Maybe….forever?" she asked, pulling him now, eager to get started.

"Absolutely forever," he said, and neither said much else of coherence after that , for a long while.



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