Welcome to Fazbear's Fright,
I know you'll like it here,
Why else you've come tonite.
Whom have you to FEARRR?

I know It to be true,
For DEATH is coming for someone new.
This's a warning u can't undo.
We need some living company,
a certain phantom is hungary.

I'm never going to go away,
Cause I'm here to stay till our revenge has passed our way.
I'm a fowl who loves to eat,
I'm the girl with the treat.

A new guard has just arrived,
We tried to warn the others,
None of them survived.

Guess who will catch fire,
We're lighting the funeral pyer.
We have a quarrel with a certain man,
This isn't a dream; so run if you can.

When he catches you,
We'll be there to say thank u.
I'm still looking for something to eat,
have you seen my cupcake?, without it I'm incomplete.

Before we say adieu,
Let's be friends who are loyal and true.
When we are set free,
I hope he is stopped before he comes for thee.

It's coming true,
For Death is coming for him or you.
Come and stay at Fazbear's Fright,
You'll love it here; So don't put up a fight.
I'm done with pizza and cupcakes,
how about some fresh meat,
So let'ss EEeat!